Eddie Williams

On August 28, 2002, James Thomas Mitchell (33) and Matthew Weghorst (29) were arrested for the murder of Eddie Williams. The charges were ultimately dismissed, following which the plaintiffs filed an action seeking to recover damages for what they contend was an unlawful arrest and detention; intentional and/or negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Their claim for damages failed, however we note that they got off on the murder charge.  Did they get away with murder?

We can undertake a forensic astrology enquiry as it is a pseudo science and not accepted in any court of law.  The most we can do is interpret the tension, according to astrology guidelines, between planets orbiting in the heavens given points in time.  We use computer software and classic texts from the public record for our interpretation.

The totality of the facts and circumstances known to LE at the time of plaintiffs’ arrest are these: Shortly after 3:00 a.m. on August 28, 2002, the police department received a 911 call reporting a car on fire in the City of Jackson, Mississippi. When police and fire department personnel arrived, they discovered a car engulfed in flames and a dead, burned body in the passenger seat of the vehicle. The victim was later identified as Eddie Williams.

While on the scene, police officers learned that the burning vehicle, a 1993 Porsche, belonged to plaintiff James Mitchell, who had arrived on the scene, along with Matthew Weghorst, shortly before emergency personnel. Defendant Vernon Hughes, an investigator with the Jackson Police Department’s Arson Unit, determined that the vehicle had been set on fire with some type of accelerant and an arson dog alerted to both Mitchell and Weghorst for some type of accelerant on their clothing.

With this information, Officer Daniels took Mitchell and Weghorst to the police station for questioning. The two men told officers that they had been out drinking that night at a local bar with a friend, Eddie Williams, who was at that time believed (though not yet confirmed) to have been the deceased occupant of the vehicle. Plaintiffs told the officers that when they left Fenian’s, heading to another bar, Time Out Sports Bar, Mitchell rode with Weghorst in Williams’ vehicle and Williams drove Mitchell’s car (the Porsche) because Mitchell was too drunk to drive.

Mitchell and Weghorst stated that after arriving at Time Out, they waited for Williams, but he never arrived. When they finally left Time Out around 3:3am, they headed toward Williams’ apartment looking for him, and saw the burning car as they turned onto Williams’ street. They denied any knowledge of or involvement in the fire and Williams’ death and maintained they had last seen him when they left Fenian’s.

Per the autopsy – Eddie was alive when the car was set on fire. He had suffered an injury to his neck that would have left him paralyzed from the neck down.

As we do not have the birth times of any persons in this enquiry we view their natal horoscope through the perspective of the event, the 9-1-1- call at 3:12am 28th August 2002 – method.  All birth dates come from the public record.  Noon birth time is used to obtain a mid-range Moon placement in the natal horoscopes.

  • Victim:  Edward L “Eddie” Williams DOB 17 December 1971
  • Persons of interest to us:
    • Richard W. Hartung DOB 9 February 1956 (owner of Time Out Sports Bar)
    • Lindsay May Johnson DOB 28 October 1977 (ex-fiancee of Eddie Williams)
    • Jan M. McKinley DOB 16 December 1971 (worked at Time Out and later married James Mitchell)
    • James Thomas Mitchell DOB 9 August 1968 (cleared of murder in the courts)
    • Matthew Weghorst DOB 17 July 1972 (cleared of murder in the courts)

With people drinking outside of bar hours; behind closed doors, we cannot expect any cooperation from those whom may have been present.  It is enough to say that all those above were most likely together.

I don’t buy the Eddie wasn’t there story.  We’ll ask the heavens and form our own opinion from the forensic astrology interpretation.

We know that in Eddie Williams natal horoscope that the asteroid Edward#16019 is at 11°Aries, so when we check what was in the heavens on 28th August 2002, we can see that Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee was exact  11°Aries; opportunity for mastery of a personal weakness at the mid-heaven/MC of the event.  It certainly doesn’t look like he took the opportunity, or if he did he failed.

Edward “Eddie” Williams:

312-EddieWilliamsclick on charts for full size

Our first chart reveals a possible message from the grave; our victim. Venus at the angle; opposed to the ascendant (Eddie’s physical body). The coroner heard you Eddie, as do we.

Natal Venus (pink) 23°Capricorn is at the cusp, in the 7th house – e.g. life-partners. Eddie’s ex-fiancee (acknowledged potential life-partner) was present during those early hours of 28th August; drinking after-hours.  Is Eddie indicating that we ask Lindsay May Johnson what happened that night?

Eddie also has Black Moon Lilith; a natal weak point at the feared 22°Libra… Note the tension building with this murderous degree – transiting Venus is at 20:41°Libra in the heavens.  We could suggest that his choice of females, was a risky enterprise at the best of times, let alone now.  Eddie’s natal Mars is also at 24°Pisces, which is not particularly strong in the romance stakes, particularly so when squared by his Sun-Moon conjunction (the night a New Moon).

Mentally and physically this Sun-Moon mix at 25°Sagittarius gives us a highly opinionated, hair-trigger, rapid-fire type of personality. Eddie’s nervous energy sees challenges in abstract ideals and he would live by his own stern judgmental approach – expecting others to conform to his standards; lacking sensitivity. He could even appear as pompous triggering anyone with pride issues in their own horoscopes. There is much desire for leadership in this placement and when others don’t adhere to his lead, Eddie would be very quick to express his righteous indignation.

The only water element in his chart is Mars at 24°Pisces, so if his fire is to be quelled, it needs to be by himself. Excessive intoxication of alcohol would certainly not help things if he were to get in a quarrel.  Natal asteroid Malus#11309 is conjunct natal Mercury at 14°Sagittarius – there’s a nasty malicious tongue in this man.

  • tr Sun (orange) in the inner wheel identifies the date on the calendar square Neptune (turquoise) – he’s well tanked after a boys night out at the Irish pub.  Topping up after-hours was not a wise choice.
  • tr Mercury (yellow) in the inner wheel conjunct natal Pluto – communication and power together creates argumentative behaviour
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) – ditto PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis in tension with natal Mercury (yellow) – arguments leading to a physical reaction; i.e. violence.  PLUS
  • tr Moon (blue) – already inflated by tr Jupiter (green) is square natal Lunar nodal axis – more of the same
  • tr Saturn opposite natal Sun-Moon conjunction – difficult concerns in relationships is the focus of the whole event.
  • tr Jupiter (green) conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – inflating the trauma.
  • Midpoint of tr Moon/Saturn = natal Saturn – grim reaper wearing both hats; lack of self-control and time’s up, Eddie.  Both highly emotive events as well as fulfilling personal needs.

Richard W. Hartung:

312-RichardHartungAs the owner of Time-Out, was this man on the scene for the after-hours drinking session?

When we turn to the asteroids, Richard#3972 in Eddie Williams’ natal horoscope is at 9:26°Sagittarius; midpoint of Eddie’s Neptune/Mercury = reminding Eddie to think before he acts.

Fortunately for the bar-owner, his namesake asteroid is also the midpoint of his natal Mars/Saturn = action plus self-control well in hand; he’s the boss.  However something got very out of hand that night.

  • Natal Moon (blue) is at the descendant, with his personal needs being ignored; likely a bar-room brawl, I would suggest
  • tr Pluto-Lunar South Node is right on top of this man’s natal Lunar north node.  He’s bound to have been in the mix. Considering this is in the 5th house, he is more likely endeavouring to keep the peace.
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Jupiter-Pluto (green-red) in 2nd house of personal assets (the bar) – confirmation of damage to property
  • tr Moon (blue in the inner wheel -10th house = career) opposite natal Neptune – a cover-up; self protection of his liquor-licence most likely.  “Get him out of here.”
  • tr Saturn square natal Venus (pink) – restitution for damages made.
  • tr Sun (orange) quindecile natal Sun (orange in the outer wheel) – obsessively pushing for “Keep me out of this.”

Lindsay May Johnson:

312-LindsayMayJohnsonTransiting in the heavens, the asteroid Lindsay#22794 was conjunct Eddie Williams natal Sun on the date he died.  So we can suggest that Lindsay May Johnson was on the scene as well.  She is Eddie’s ex-fiancee and apparently known for ‘physical releases’ where Eddie was concerned.

This woman has every forensic indicator in the action. It’s rather interesting that her reaction is in the 4th house (home), although one’s home is where the heart is, they tell us. Had her previous relationship with Eddie perhaps been co-dependent; more-so than a love match?  Their synastry chart appears to be caught up in lies and deception.

  • Midpoint transiting Uranus/Pluto=Descendant – an active force in one’s environment affects them all. PLUS
  • Midpoint Lunar South Node/Pluto=natal Neptune (turquoise) in 5th house of entertainment.  This identifies the power of the half-truth; deception as a tool; win at any cost.  This is an ultimate forensic indicator that more than a slinging of words is in progress between this woman and Eddie Williams.  This is a physical altercation.
  • Transiting Moon is opposite natal Sun – needs and wants tugging this way and that; similar to a Full-Moon.  Wants will win on this occasion.
  • tr Sun/Saturn=natal Mars – her energies would have been running hot and cold and now in the 1st house, her ego is involved.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Saturn – brings the lack of self-control and the grim reaper into the room with her personal assets (2nd house) under threat.  What is it… an exposure of a boob-job, or something equally ridiculous?

Jan M. McKinley:

312-JanMcKinleyWas the boss behind the bar, as Jan sat drinking with ‘the boys’ after her shift finished?  Did she back Lindsay up?  It sure looks like it with natal Venus at the descendant (pink).

Jan McKinley’s birthday is just one day off Eddie’s and so much of the tension will be similar.  We will interpret the variances of aspects considering these circumstances.

  • transiting Saturn is quindecile natal Moon – generating an obsessive emotive reaction to the goings on that she would have been in the midst of and likely participating in raising the roof at ‘Time Out’, as well as ripping up the floor.
  • Midpoint transiting Uranus/Pluto=Venus – a conquest for love.  This is interesting as Jan later married James Mitchell. Was she putting on a show for her boyfriend?

We note that the marriage to James did no survive; she is now on the West Coast, I hear; or is it Monroe?.

James Thomas Mitchell and Matthew Weghorst:

So what of the boys whom got off on a murder charge despite the fact that fire-accelerant was found on their clothes.  I’ve purposefully put their bi-wheels side by side in order to share the lack of emotive reaction in Matthew Weghorst’s chart, whereas James Mitchell carries the emotional scars to this day, I am sure.

An asteroid transiting at 12:53°Sagittarius was conjunct Lunar south Node (karma) and Pluto (power struggle).  It transited above as Eddie Williams suffocated; conjunct his natal Mercury as well as Eddie’s natal Malus#11309 (malicious intent).  There was a score to be settled this night.  The asteroid’s name; Fireman#4231.

312-WeghorstandMitchellAs far as Matthew Weghorst’s astrology interpretation  is concerned, Asteroid Matthew#24188 transiting in the heavens that night at 26:05°Aquarius was exact conjunct transiting Uranus generating the buzz in the atmosphere as well as the man.

  • Matthew (the man) was likely feeding his ego (natal Sun at the ascendant) from this energy. Do you like lighting fires, or just watching them, Matthew?
  • Midpoint of transiting Mars/North Node= ascendant – this identifies teamwork and most likely the “fire-lighter”  PLUS
  • Transiting Sun (orange in the inner wheel) square natl Neptune (turquoise) – a pact is made with a friend.
  • tr Venus (pink) conjunct natal mid-range Moon (blue) – A peer group needing his input, plus likely money, and/or career prospects gained from his actions.  A mercenary act.
  • tr Mercury square natal Jupiter (green) – were your peers impressed Matthre Weghorst?
  • tr Pluto/Lunar nodal axis= natal Saturn (5th/11th house axis) – the end of relationships as a result of traumatic actions.  Well this is no surprise to us.  It was a cold-blooded act.

This brings us to James Thomas Mitchell, Weghorst’s co-accused in front of the dock. We have the natal Lunar nodal axis at the MC/IC axis; highly traumatised and likely frozen, when it came to the action that the decision had been made as to what had to go down. It was his car that Eddie had been put into; his car that was torched

  • Transiting asteroid Phaeton#3200 (a vehicle) is conjunct his natal Moon and opposite natal Venus (pink) – a personal asset put to the torch.
  • Transiting Mars at 29°Leo – dictates that it is his car entombs Eddie Williams; his supposed friend.
  • Transiting Sun (orange in the inner wheel) adds its lunacy, by being opposite to James Mitchell’s mid range Moon.
  • tr Moon (blue) square natal Mars – emotionally scarred.
  • transiting Saturn is the final forensic indicator square natal Uranus.  He is as guilty as if he lit the match himself.

The astrology would suggest that Lindsay May Johnson is responsible for the attack that paralysed Eddie Williams and that Matthew Weghorst is likely responsible for the purposefully lit fire that took Eddie’s life plus all the rest of them accessories before/during, or after the crime.

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