Steven Koecher

30-year-old Steven Koecher was tired of the gloomy Salt Lake City winters and working the graveyard shift. He left a job at the Salt Lake Tribune to pursue employment in warmer climes. Koecher found a religious community of his faith ready to take him in. He settled into St George, Utah but he had a hard time looking for a job according to family.

“There were hundreds of people applying for the same jobs he was applying for,” said his mother.

stevenkoecherposterFrom April until December 2009 all appears quiet in his life, although he told friends that he was planning to move to Sacramento.  That would be what confused people as to what happened; when, just four days later, he disappeared.

Steven Koecher had been on the move during that time. All told, he had driven at least 1,200 miles in those three days – from Utah to Nevada and back again according to his credit card purchases; back and forth more than twice. He was back at his home base in St George on the night of the 12th, as witnessed by a neighbour; then on the 13th December he was caught on video in Sun City Anthem in Henderson, Nevada by noon.   He had skipped out on his church service in St George, saying on his cellphone that he was in Nevada.

This is the basic information that we were given when we were requested to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry some 5 years later.  Be aware that forensic astrology enquiries are based on a pseudo-science.  None of the interpretation is accepted in a court of law.  We recommend that it is viewed with a decent dose of skepticism.  We’re not on a mission to convert anyone.

  • Missing person: Steven Thell Koecher DOB 1 November 1979
  • Last sighting: 12:00:43 (midday) 13th December 2009 – a midday appointment perhaps.
  • Location of vehicle : 2600 Savannah Springs Avenue, Henderson, Nevada.

In forensic astrology we looks for the weaknesses in a character as they will reveal the emotional tension in an astrology chart.  They work with us astrologers.  Unfortunately the good traits of this man will need to be read elsewhere.

Steven Koecher has a Scorpio Sun and an Aries Moon. The Sun represents one’s wants and the Moon his personal needs.  An Aries Moon man is always needing to be the best at what he does; lead the way, an entrepeneur if you will.

Ambition is strongly marked in this natural blend of Scorpio and Aries, with little feeling for right, or wrong, justice, philosophy, or other intangibles unless they touch him directly. Ethics and morals can go out the window when it comes to himself and his life.  He would be independent and tend towards being highly impulsive.  A shrewd and hard-headed demeanor is more likely to describe his individuality.

With a bubbly personality and good sense, this may keep him from clashing too often with friends, although when aroused he would be capable of voluble and forceful resentments. This mix reveals someone whom would be demanding and exacting of others if in a personal relationship, but not necessarily willing to be imposed upon in return. With a rash, dominant temperament, Steven would be admired by others for strong definite opinions that he would never hesitate to put into practice although he would lack diplomacy; not allow anything to stand in the way of him reaching his personal goals; a self-absorbed individual.

event-Koecherclick on charts for full size

We generate a bi-wheel (method). Due to the fact that we do not have the time of birth for this man we therefore view his emotive reaction through the perspective of the timed event; walking away from his car – noon 13th December 2009.

The Inner wheel is generated from this time and the outer wheel is his natal horoscope automatically lined up to the zodiac by our computer software.

We immediately note the hidden zodiac signs of Aries and Libra in this bi-wheel.  The ruling planet will hide a mask in both his personality (1st house) and others (7th house) he will come in contact with.  The appearance of Neptunian nature; an actor playing a role perhaps for Steven himself. He also has his natal Moon (blue) in this house indicating heightened emotions and nervousness.

Note that natal Jupiter conjunct the Lunar nodal axis – highly inflated indicator for a overly close relationship with his mother.

  • tr Saturn opposite natal Moon – grim reaper is in the house of relationships and fulfilling the personal needs of an Aries mid-range Moon in the 1st house. This is the first of the forensic indicators.  We are not going to be the bearers of good tidings to this mans friends and family.
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Saturn – this will be our locator angle, but first the interpretation – Both planets in this opposition are indicating death with sudden changes coming from the person whom he is likely meeting with and the ultimate loss of self-control; death, is identified by the position of natal Saturn. Being in the 6th house. we have morals and ethics on the agenda – both of which we touched on above where he has a weakness in his Sun-Moon mix.
  • tr Sun (orange) in the inner wheel is also square natal Saturn.  By identifying the date on the calendar (transiting Sun) this appointment was prearranged and not a spontaneous meeting.
  • tr Moon (blue) in the inner wheel is conjunct natal Uranus – creating sudden changes in his day; likely the cancelling of his church meeting.
  • tr Moon is also square natal Mars at 21°Leo – change of action PLUS
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Mars – a male on male meeting most likely.

There is a midpoint of particular interest as well.  It appears that Steven has foregone his church meeting (9th house matters) for a job bringing money as Venus (pink) is symbolic of money; although Sun-Venus conjunction is usually symbolic of a romantic meeting.

  • Sun/Venus=Neptune (turquoise) – unfortunately this midpoint’s classic interpretation is that of over-indulgences of all kinds for ego-gratification; self deception.

Before we lift the veil of maya and go to a deeper level with our interpretation, we can generate a map of where Steven was last seen and begin our astrology conversation with Google maps (method).

MAP#1-Koecherclick on map for full size

Basically we flip this bi-wheel and centre it over the location of the last sighting of Steven.

As we explained above, the locator angle in this case is straight through the chart of transiting Uranus opposite natal Saturn.  When we continue this line onto the map of the land, we have a direction to follow in an effort to locate this missing man.  We trust that this is of assistance in locating Steven and returning him to his family.  We can only provide a direction, not the distance from where he was last seen.

The asteroids:

From here for those whom want the inner story behind Steven’s demise, continue reading.  We must give notice to those whom do continue with this enquiry, that we do not intend any personal offense, or judgement of this man’s lifestyle. Just as Mercury is the cup bearer to the Greco/Roman gods, we are the messengers of the same mythology; Mount Olympus.

In forensic astrology we seek out weakness that a perpetrator might take advantage of. Asteroids that impact this enquiry follow.

  • Atropos #273 – cutting of ties with an earthly life (see Myth of Er)
  • Ceres #1 – food; sustenance
  • Eros #433 – erotica flag
  • Ganymede #1036 – male homosexual indicator
  • Moira #638 – the fates
  • Molly #20472 – chemical drug-use indicator
  • Mony #7782 – money
  • Sphinx #896 – paradox; mystery

This next chart shows the asteroid positions.  The inner circle in black print reveals the asteroid positions against the backdrop of the zodiac on the day that Steven was born whereas the green print on the outside reveals the transiting asteroid positions on the day that he disappeared.  It’s a reverse of our bi-wheel above if you will.

web-StevenKoecherHouse positions and angles in THIS chart cannot be interpreted, however when we take the asteroids out and relate back to the bi-wheel we can include them in our story through the perspective of the event; noon on 13th December 2009.

It is easy to see with this chart that everything is directed by the natal mid-range Moon 05°Aries  (at the bottom of the chart); Steven’s personal needs with asteroid Ceres tucked up close at 07°Aries.

  • It’s probably either a feast, or a famine for Steven when it comes to keeping food on the table.  He works at it though, as we can see all the action at the top of the chart, plus we know that this was happening in the 1st house; his primary needs on 13th December.
  • Interpreting from left to right in the upper hemisphere of this chart;  the natal asteroid (the inner wheel in black writing), Moira (that which is fated) is at 27°Scorpio; conjunct the natal planet Venus.  Venus in a natal chart usually refers to money.  This supports the Moon-Ceres conjunction interpretation. When we look at what else was transiting at this point on the same day we find transiting Ceres (in green) at 27°Scorpio.

On the day Steven disappeared Moira was in the 8th house of death/transformation; he was out earning money to put food on the table in an effort to transform his current situation.

  • Asteroids – Mony (money), Ganymede (bisexual/homosexual), Molly (chemical drugs; legal, or illegal), Sphinx (paradox/mystery) are all around the natal planet Pluto.  Pluto basically represents power, or the other side of the coin powerlessness.  In forensic astrology, Pluto indicates ones power base that can be taken away; death.  On 13th December all of this stellium were in the 7th house; a public partnership. Steven was not alone, plus he was in male company.
  • Transiting overhead is the Asteroid Ganymede again exact conjunct the point in his natal chart – 18°Libra.   I don’t think I need to interpret at this point do I?

His particular religious faith’s doctrinal position is clear: Sexual activity should only occur between a man and a woman who are married. However, that should never be used as justification for unkindness. Let’s not have families exclude, or be disrespectful of those who choose a different lifestyle as a result of their feelings about their own gender.

  • Steven’s natal Mars is 21°Leo exact conjunct transiting Mars on 13th December together with Atropos; the cutting of the ties to his human life.  This is in the 6th house that suggests that it is the result of a consensual action; something gone wrong perhaps.  We would need the birth data of his partner to check further in this regard.

There is much more to this story, however I leave that for others to interpret.  My job is done as far a the possibility of a crime is concerned.

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4 thoughts on “Steven Koecher”

  1. This was one of my & Tuba’s (others too) cases. Tuba went so far as to get the papers from the court clerk on the time the house she suspected he visited, was registered of a family on the street. All hush, hush though – she didn’t share the address, just the time. Of course there was no evidence that Steven had gone to that house – but no other house fit. Thanks for looking into it.

  2. Dear Misst, I think you are very gifted. Perhaps if you have some time could you please look into the Garnett-Paul Spears case? I find it so very sad and disturbing. I cannot believe an apparently doting mother would poison her child. It is really horrible.

  3. This method I use requires emotive reaction in the charts, Catherine.

    Lacey Elizabeth Spears poisoned her child over his entire life. After five years, there was no emotive reaction to interpret in Lacey Spears chart. She was and remains a mentally damaged individual. The most I can tell you is that she has a Leo Moon (needing attention) — using her child to fulfil the excessive need in herself for attention.

    There is no rational answer when endeavouring to reason a psychosis.


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