Carey Mae Parker

Her younger sister was the person whom filed a “Welfare Check” with police some four months after Carey Mae Parker’s disappearance. It appears that no-one in her social group, or other family members thought it relevant enough to follow through as to why nothing was happening; least of all if any search had been undertaken for Carey. Whatever the reason,  the heavens have a way of working through things. We have no need to sit in judgement.

careymaeIt may have taken her sister some years to grieve, before finding her way to our door, however she’s here now; the time is right and we will do what we can to resolve this case.  There will be reasons that will become obvious as we progress with a forensic astrology enquiry.

Please note that astrology is a pseudo-science and not accepted in any court of law. It is best for a reasoned mind to view our interpretation with a skeptic’s eye, however rest assured that we use classic texts to interpret all tension in the horoscopes and horary charts.

  • Missing person:  Carey Mae Parker DOB 12 May 1967
  • Report to Law Enforcement by sister: 9:34am 16th July 1991
  • Location: Terrell, Texas

We generate bi-wheels (method) by combining snapshots of the planets overhead at two particular times; two individual horoscopes lined up according to the astrology zodiac.  The computer software does this for us.

In this case, the individual times are the time of the filing of the welfare report, which will give us the LE perspective together with the tension observed in the person filing the report.  Plus secondly the reverse situation – as we have the birth time and DOB of the person whom filed the report (available by verified request).

Little Sister:

MPR-duoWe are not usually so lucky to have both, so this is a good study for those whom are students of forensic astrology.

click on charts for full size

So with our policeman’s hat on our heads, we interpret the tension in the first chart on the LHS. The inner wheel is the perspective of Law Enforcement in relation to the filing of the report by a member of the public.  The outer wheel is whom we will refer to as ‘Little Sister’.  There’s less than two years between their ages.

Angles always take precedence in a chart interpretation and we have two in this first bi-wheel.  We interpret as the astrology leads us.

  • Natal Sun (orange in the outer wheel) at the horizon line; cusp of the 7th house of public relationships – an overly large presence by this person whom has contacted us.  Hint: not the way to approach someone in public office when you want assistance
  • natal Mars conjunct Neptune (red and turquoise in the outer chart) – observation of this person is assessed correctly immediately (Mars conjunct Neptune). We have no wish to interpret.
  • Transiting Mars is at the ascendant with Venus (pink) in the opening degrees of the first house – LE are paying attention plus Venus, as a female, represents the missing person – Carey Mae Parker.
  • Transiting Mercury and Jupiter in the 12th house – LE are making their mental evaluation of the situation in front of them.

Astrology notes: I find it very difficult to accept that LE filled out a Welfare Check form by mistake instead of a Missing Person report as is claimed was lodged.  Did she need to sign anything; read it before signing?

Also we have highlighted the 4th and 10th houses in this first chart.  This will be a continuing theme with all charts that are viewed through the same perspective in this enquiry.  An opinion is formed due to the residential circumstances of each person and also their employment.  In this particular case this is done by LE as they are in direct contact with ‘Little Sister’, however it is also for us to observe as we continue with our enquiry. 

That said it is best that we now change our focus to the second chart on the RHS of the duo and give a full interpretation of the tension therein.  We now note that the hidden zodiac signs are now in the 1/7 axis. This explains why the quandry in relation to the projection by Little Sister of herself.

Ascendant is in Aquarius, however the true ego is that of a Pisces, plus the interaction with public officials appears ‘sunny’ (Leo), when in fact it is a ‘critical’ eye of a Virgo.  First appearances likely deceive.  This is not purposeful in an effort to deceive; it’s the nature of Little Sister.

This chart has the natal chart of Little Sister on the inside and the filing of the report on the outside; a reverse of the first bi-wheel.  We have the same tension, just seen through different eyes (houses of the natal wheel).

  • The angle at the Descendant is Mercury (yellow) – Little Sister is communicating (Mercury represents communication)
  • natal Sun (orange) in the 1st house – a strong projection of self   PLUS
  • natal Sun opposite Venus (pink) – focus on the descriptive details of her sister  PLUS
  • natal Sun quindecile Jupiter (green in the outer chart) in 6th house – appearance of annoyance at LE not listening to her; agitation.  Has her voice become insistent?
  • Natal Moon (blue in the inner wheel) quindecile natal Pluto – obsessive, emotive response that her sister has come to harm and not to be taken as voluntary missing. PLUS
  • Natal Moon square Saturn – belief that her sister does not have control of her situation.
  • Natal Saturn square Sun – self-control is needed in the interview; likely held back from what she wanted to say.  Well that is the best approach Little Sister.  When you want someone to do something, you need to relinquish your power.

There’s much more to these charts, however I leave that to others.  We have a long journey before us.

The nexMPR-friends-triot set of charts are again from the perspective of the LE report only this time we have the birth data of a trio of Carey Parker’s social circle – no birth times are available and so noon is used in order to achieve a mid-range Moon for the individual horoscopes.  We view their emotive reactions through the lens of the clock on the wall at the police station.

They may not be at the counter at the police station, however it’s as good as, I can assure you. These are their individual emotive reactions to the event of the disappearance of Carey Mae Parker

Ronnie Lee Foust  – DOB 11 July 1955:

The first chart appears to have a strong emotive reaction particularly in relation to Neptune; likely drugs. 

  • South node conjunct Mercury (yellow in the outer wheel) in the natal chart – that should bring him undone with all the changes to his storyquindecile by transiting Uranus.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise in the inner wheel)  quindecile Mars – is he a drug peddler?  PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis opposite natal Sun (orange in the outer wheel) from the 5th – recreational drugs sold in public.  PLUS
  • tr Sun is illuminating all of the above PLUS
  • tr Sun square natal Neptune – deception utilised; probably scrambled to get an alibi.  This is suggestive that when he last saw Carey she was using drugs provided by him. He likely fears that she overdosed and he will be held responsible.
  • tr Moon (blue) square natal Mercury – reacts emotionally to the event, rather than rationally.

Vonda Elaine Noland – DOB 27 August 1962:

We have action at the ascendant.  This woman was likely in the company of Carey just before she disappeared.  She would know whom Carey was with.  Needs to be questioned LE. … as follows

  • tr Mars conjunct Uranus plus ascendant = getting involved in arguments about whom was where and when probably
  • tr Venus (pink); Carey conjunct natal Sun (orange in the outer wheel) – confirms that they were together.
  • re Moon (blue in the inner wheel) conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) –
  • tr Saturn opposite natal mid-range Moon –
  • tr Sun (date on the calendar) quindecile natal Saturn plus Lunar South node – was Vonda somewhere she was not supposed to be when she was with Carey?

Joseph Kent Cotten – DOB 10 February 1963:

  • tr Jupiter-Mercury opposite natal Sun (orange) – this indicates to me that this person was contacted by LE.  They have not over-reacted.
  • tr Sun (orange) opposite natal Mercury (yellow) – I would suggest that LE have on file when this person last communicated with Carey.
  • tr Venus (pink) conjunct natal Uranus – he would have likely reported her instability.

If only…

Apart from these three members of Carey’s social group, we have been given the data of five male relatives whom may possibly be of interest to us.  We have learned that one of these male persons made a sexual assault on Carey when she was fifteen years-old. This was not reported to LE. A father let his little girl down.

If something like this is not reported to police, how can we expect law enforcement to help us when something else goes wrong.  When a child is raped within an extended family, the rapist will harbor that emotional sensation of being ‘in-control’ for years and given the opportunity, he will offend again. The victim is led to carry a burden of guilt and in this case turning to drugs as an adult, do I need to say more?  We are not in the dark ages, for heaven’s sake.

Knowledge of this crime does, however, draw our attention to three family members in particular and so we include their charts in our enquiry; Carey’s uncle and two cousins. The two boys were eleven and twelve when Carey was raped. Did they witness their mentor giving an example of acceptable male behaviour?

Jason Parker; DOB 9 January 1970, was 21 years-old when his cousin disappeared.  They had continued to keep company through their teenage years.  Even though he was not blood-kin, he was still mentored by Leon Parker.  About to turn 45, Jason is our first person of interest.

MPR-JasonParkerWith natal Neptune (turquoise) at the IC and transiting Neptune conjunct Venus (pink) we have strong astrology suggestion that family secrets are going to bubble to the surface.

Also note that the majority of the tension is in the lower half of the chart; hidden.  Jason is very nervous about being interviewed by LE with his natal Moon (blue in the outer wheel) in the mix.

He no doubt has his ‘ideas’ about what happened to his cousin.  Mean apogee/Black Moon Lilith is at 3°Leo conjunct transiting Venus; Carey.  If this is his weak point, then we can suggest that he was fond of her.

  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Sun (orange in the outer wheel) – likely traumatised by what ‘possibly’ happened to Carey.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) conjunct Venus (pink) – this suggests keeping the secret in the family.  Note – Venus represents a peer group and Neptune; subterfuge.
  • Neptune at the IC – I suggest this is a low point in his life plus also being on the cusp of the 4th house (home) again this is an indicator of ‘keeping it in the family’.
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Pluto – family upheavals.

Summary:  Jason Parker may be an un-cooperative witness if interviewed by LE as to what happened to Carey, however his chart does not indicate that he was involved in her demise.

Kurk Parker; DOB 23 March 1971 is the biological son of Leon Parker and first cousin to Carey. He might be 43 now, but I’m sure he can recall the memories of when he was a younger.  A cursory glance at his natal horoscope indicates that he’d not stray far from the nest.

Kurk Parker would cling to family at all costs particularly as his natal mid-range Moon is conjunct his father’s natal Mars at 20:42°Aquarius. Kurk also has the traumatic childhood flag of insecurity in his natal horoscope of Venus-Lunar nodal axis; exact at 23°Aquarius.

MPR-KurkParkerSimilarly to Jason we note that the majority of the tension is in the lower half of the chart; hidden.  Kurk is also very nervous about being interviewed by LE with his natal Moon (blue in the outer wheel) in the mix close to Jason’s.  He has the following aspects in common with Jason as well.

  • tr Moon conjunct natal Pluto – family upheavals PLUS
  • Neptune close to the IC in the 4th house –  ‘keeping it in the family’.

Also in range of his natal Moon, together with his challenging ‘security issues’, in his natal horoscope are the asteroids Damocles#5335 and Icarus #1566 at 21°Aquarius.  The astrology suggests that this individual would be advised to not go any plane flights.  That aside, we interpret his bi-wheel from the perspective of our time and date of July 1991.

  • tr Venus (pink in the inner wheel) representing Carey is square natal Neptune (turquoise) – indicating involvement in her disappearance.
  • tr Pluto square natal Moon – that’s a double whammy with the reverse also happening – emotions, families and power.  These young males are powerless; have no authority in the family dynamic.
  • tr Uranus square Uranus – agitation, mental aberration, sudden changes; highly unpredictable behaviour likely
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Mercury (yellow) in the 8th house of death and transformation. … see as follows

Kurk Parker would shout from the rooftops, if LE threatened to take away his security blanket, I would imagine.  There are more natal asteroids that will have input to the story.

  • Mean apogee/Black Moon Lilith at 22°Virgo in his horoscope is conjunct Lachesis #120 together with his father’s Lunar South node.  These pair have karma to work through (past lives) – in relation to death and cowardice I would suggest and connected to the island we know of as Cyprus.
  • Ixion (murder, treachery in anyone’s language) is at 5°Scorpio in his natal horoscope – conjunct to Carey’s Lunar South Node.  Alarm bells should be starting to ring right about now, folks.

Kurk Parker is reliant on his father for security and so it would be no stretch to suggest that he was likely involved, at least in the aftermath of the demise of his cousin Carey Mae Parker, if not part of a murder.

Leon Parker is the man accused of a sexual assault against Carey Mae Parker; his niece, when she was just 15 year-old.  Did he trap her again nine years later?  The astrology appears to confirm our suspicions.  Firstly by his actions (Mars).  Let me explain.

We know from Carey’s natal horoscope that her asteroids, Nemesis#128, Damocles#5335 and Isis#42 are exact conjunct Leon Parker’s natal Mars.  An astrologer would have told her to keep well out of range of this man’s radar.

Not only is he her arch-enemy (Nemesis) whom will bring her down; she will always be in imminent danger in his company (Damocles).  The only reprieve for her family is that the Goddess Isis, in her role of Protector of the Dead, will watch over Carey Mae Parker for eternity if need be.

MPR-LeonParkerAs for Leon Parker’s natal chart, I’ll deliver the interpretation straight from the text-books.  Transiting Sun is not in the action and so I would suggest that this is a crime of opportunity.

  • Asteroid Ixion in this man’s natal horoscope is 16°Libra conjunct Carey’s natal Mars. Ixion identifies murderous intent, adultery and treachery of the worst kind.
  • Just as his boys had transiting Moon conjunct Pluto, this man has the transiting Moon conjunct natal Saturn; he is the controller.  The grim-reaper walks by his side.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Sun (orange) and square natal Neptune (turquoise).  Apart from the fact that this man lives and breathes subterfuge, Leon Parker was out-and-about when Carey was trapped.
  • the Lunar south nodal (karmic element) is absolutely obsessional for this man; pay-back time for Carey in his mind – quindecile natal Venus and quindecile natal Mercury (yellow).  Likely an MCP (‘a male chauvenistic pig’ to those not of my generation), his word is LAW…

I elect to go no further with this case, I don’t have the taste for it. We have our perpetrator, Leon Parker.


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  1. As always…impressive work, MM!! For little sister it probably confirms a suspicion. I was wondering whether you could recommend some books for those of us studying FA. 🙂

  2. Anya if you have a handle on the basics of astrology – fly straight to these DVD’s they will accelerate your learning tenfold quicker than a book.. #1 is a must-buy, IMO And/or you can join our Facebook astrology group and learn hands on as we work through cases.

  3. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I will check out the DVD’s. Would love to join your group but am one of the very few left without a Facebook account I guess. ☺ Much appreciated!!


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