Robert Mayer

Robert MayerRob was last seen at Arrow Scrap yard at 2:15 p.m. in West Babylon. He was coming home from working in Brooklyn, New York. He drove to Brooklyn every day, yet his car, a red 2004 Pontiac GTO was found at the Deer Park Train Station.

Rob had no identification on him, as his wallet was found at home. His cell phone was shut down at 2:45 p.m. The family states that Rob had never spent even one night away from home; has been married for 18 years.  He is also a father of two children; a son, 15 and daughter, 11.

Robert Mayer disappeared the Friday before Father’s Day…

From a timeline given to us, it appears evident that he went home after visiting the scrap yard, put his wallet and the $300 for the scrap in a drawer in the garage together with his cellphone which had been turned off, before driving out again – ostensibly to the train station at Deer Park.  There has been much speculation as to his disappearance being a murder and cover-up.

We have two event times, together with Robert Mayer’s birth data, plus that of a person of interest, if we need it.  We can open a forensic astrology enquiry with this information and see where the heavens take us, using classic interpretation and the charts generated by computer software.

  • Event#1: 2:15pm, 14th June 2013 – Arrow Scrap Yard, 83 Kean Street, West Babylon, NY
  • Event#2: 2:41pm less than 30 minutes later at his home.
  • Missing person: Robert Mayer DOB 17th February 1967
  • POI: DOB 22 August 1967

event-duo-Mayerclick on charts for full size

These are snapshots of the planetary positions at the two event times. Robert Mayer is not in our story yet.  We view through the lens of forensic astrology seeking out weaknesses that create changes in behaviours.

At 2:15pm we have a boxed-in effect created by the tension with all angles involved – personal, home, marriage, career.  Thirty minutes later the tension had eased off somewhat, however the quindecile is present in both charts – obsessions come into play.  The compulsive behaviour is between the planet Pluto (power/powerlessness) and Ceres (sustenance; ie a man as a family provider).

  • Pluto is at the cusp of the 4th house (home) plus also square to Uranus at the cusp of the 7th house; restlessness and a desire to change a residence would be the classic interpretation, however I’m sure once we bring Robert into the picture, we will get the full story.
  • Moon (blue) opposite Neptune (turquoise) can be depressing, however it highlights one’s personal needs, with subconscious awareness emerging.
  • The second chart has the added dimension of Mercury (children) and Vesta (keeping the home fires burning) at the mid-heaven.

Our next chart is a bi-wheel (method) from the perspective of the first event when the boxed in event was taking place together with Robert Mayer’s birth chart on the outside.  The angles remain the same as the first chart of the duo above.

The tension is now between these two charts – i.e. the tension put on Robert Mayer by the transiting planets.  But first a comment, or two in relation to Robert Mayer’s natal spread.

215-RobertMayerThis man’s natal horoscope has no planets in the element of fire.  We all need fire to get out of bed in the morning; motivation. Plus the only cardinal planet he has is Neptune; the gaseous planet.  Natal Neptune is exalted in the zodiac of Cancer, however it will bring up issues of security, if put under enough tension.

There is stellium of planets in Pisces; Mercury-Venus-Saturn. I.e. Mercury – communication; Venus – love; Saturn self-control.  Grouped this way with Venus as the midpoint gives us an interpretation of a man whom needs constant reassurance from his life-partner; needy.  Plus – take a look at his photos in the missing poster – head to one side; seeking approval.

This is not an alpha male we are discussing here. The following interpretation reveals a classic psychotic break.  The intensity of the tension, plus strong forensic indicators give us a clear result.

  • tr Sun (orange) in the inner wheel square natal Uranus in 12th house (the mind) – today is the day.  Uranus indicates a rebellious act; instability of his mind.
  • tr Sun square natal Venus (pink) in 6th house (everyday matters) – PLUS
  • tr Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel square Saturn in 6th house – PLUS
  • tr Moon (blue) quindecile natal Mercury (yellow) also in the 6th house – note that all this tension and activity relates to that stellium in his chart – his constant need for reassurance as a husband and fatherHis wants and needs remain unfulfilled (in his mind).
  • tr Pluto quindecile natal Neptune (green) in the 10th house (career) – things are probably not hunky dory at work either.  Is his take home wage insufficient in his expectations for his family’s future?
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) quindecile natal Pluto in 12th house (mental activity) – a sense of deep depression; powerless to change things (in his mind)
  • tr Lunar South Node quindecile natal Mars in 1st house  – a karmic event compulsively undertaken by this man.  As Mars is in the 1st house – he is in control of his actions.


The prescribed medication that Robert Mayer was taking was Oxycontin – an opioid analgesic that works by dulling the pain receptors in the brain. This dulls all pain receptors, so when mental alertness is needed for emotional pain, things can get very foggy.

Also, from my experience as an observer of human behaviour, Robert Mayer appears to have been tying up loose ends on that last day as a provider for his family. Sold his scrap metal, took his earnings home to his family; cleared messages and turned off his phone before driving to the train station. Where he was going, he would not need any of those materialistic items.

We have no need to check the astrology of the POI.  Also there is NO locator angle in our astrology charts and so we are unable to suggest a direction his train ticket may have taken him, plus with no ID on him, he would become just another John Doe on the statistics, unfortunately.  I suggest that was his intent when he left his personal possessions at home.

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