North to Alaska

As is our want to do, we follow the FBI lead more so than ‘he-said’ or ‘she-said’… particularly so when we note that their lead is different on this occasion than the general consensus. Perhaps this means little to others, however I don’t dismiss a gift-horse in the mouth, readily.

FBIWe are forensic astrologers after all, mere pseudo-scientists and amateurs in the eyes of the law; not accepted in any court of the land.  So we call our results as the heavens see it; often out of line with the herd and popular opinion.

As a result, we ask that all read and consider this enquiry from a skeptic’s point of view. That said, some may not agree with the approach I will take, however rest assured that the decision has been made by an experienced academic whom has evaluated the available research material.  We’ll now put our tin foil hats on and proceed to share the journey.

Missing persons:

  • Brandon Lee Jividen DOB 27 January 1977
  • Rebecca Christine Adams DOB 8 October 1991
  • Michelle Hundley DOB withheld (aged 5)
  • Jaracca Hundley DOB withheld (aged 3)

Event and location:

  • CCTV last seen – 25th May 2014 – Kenai, Alaska, USA

Persons of interest:

  • Lisa Marie Hundley DOB 20 January 1968
  • James Pryor Clarke DOB 16 July 1960

The heaven’s perspective:

kenai-alaskaclick on charts for full size

Our first chart is a snapshot of the planetary positions above Kenai, Alaska at noon on 25th May 2014; the day that Rebecca Adams was identified on CCTV, presumably; in town.  We are not aware of the time of this video footage and so mid-range Moon is used. House placements cannot be interpreted.

The Sun (orange) identifies the date on the calendar and when we see that the Sun is in quindecile aspect with Saturn, this is indeed ominous to a forensic astrologer as The Grim Reaper often walks in Saturn’s shoes. That plus the Sun square aspect to Neptune (turquoise) is nefarious indeed with either subterfuge, kidnapping, addictive substances, or possibly all of the above; on the agenda.

The stellium of Moon-LunarSouthNode-Venus-Uranus are all in Aries revealing a rather entrepreneurial venture. Has someone been a tad too entrepreneurial; over-stepped the mark?  It would have to have been an illegal activity if it resulted in this apparent crime.

Rebecca Christine Adams in Kenai, Alaska

Rebecca is the mother of the two girls, Michelle and Jaracca. She had apparently separated from the girl’s biological father prior to his death in a motor-cycle accident; May 2012.  They were no longer living together and he died intestate.

CCTV-RebeccaAdamsWe suggest there was likely an insurance payout as a result of Jaramiah Hundley’s accidental-death (I’m even suspicious of that event, when I checked the charts), plus an estate to settle, as there was a dispute between his mother and Rebecca (acting on behalf of her children) in relation to the monies from his estate.

This court matter was not finally resolved by the time of the disappearance of Rebecca and her daughters and so it has been suggested that this may have been the motive for their disappearance, but first Rebecca’s emotive reaction in the immediate lead-up to their disappearance.

In the chart (method) we can see that Rebecca is already boxed-in with little room to get out.  There’s a tiny gap with transiting Jupiter, however that would be relying on ‘lady luck’. With transiting Sun (orange in the inner wheel) in the action, we know that this identifies the date on the calendar in the action, so it’s likely too late to get out now.

  • tr Sun (orange) square natal Jupiter (green in the outer wheel) – the classic meaning is usually being rewarded for what one has done. Is this what the trip out of the house is about when she was caught on CCTV?
  • tr Jupiter square natal Mercury (yellow) – legal issues on her mind probably, or even getting away from Kenai.  Jupiter symbolism can differ according to the house that is located in and we are not privy to a clock time in this case so we can’t call the aspect clearly.
  • tr Moon (blue) opposite natal Moon – heightened emotions; personal needs under pressure.
  • tr Lunar south node-Venus (pink) opposite natal Mars together with mid-range Moon – caught up in a karmic matter in relation to Venus symbolism – money, family, peer group.  Highly emotional as a result.
  • tr Uranus square natal Lunar nodal axis –   PLUS
  • tr Uranus square natal Neptune (turquoise) – there is a heavy dose of fantasizing in this woman’s natal horoscope. Did her female nurturer read too many fantasy stories to her as a child?  This aspect would likely create a ‘worry-wart’ as a result.  I do hope that the Neptune influence did not lead her to ingest psychotropic substances as well.
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Pluto – the classic alarm bells for a forensic astrologer.  It relates to self-control and power; both of which can be taken away so quickly.  PLUS
  • tr Pluto intersects natal Lunar nodal axis – ditto
  • tr Pluto square natal Sun (orange) – blanket over a hand grenade

Summary from this is that Rebecca is not likely going to get away; the energy of her future is already set on the Memorial Day weekend.  We know that Rebecca was not with Brandon Jividen on 25th May when she and the girls were caught on CCTV.

Did Rebecca and the girls go out again without Jividen on the morning of the 28th?

Two young girls as beneficiaries of their father’s estate:

CCTV-HundleygirlsThe children are just five and three years old and so we cannot expect too much from their charts, although I would expect the elder child to reveal some emotive reaction to their disappearance, due to her independent nature.

Michelle’s chart has natal Saturn square the transiting Sun (date on the calendar) plus tr Saturn square her natal lunar nodal axis – her immediate future appointment with the grim reaper is pre-determined by the heavens.

  • tr asteroid Damocles#5535 is conjunct natal Neptune – she was aware of imminent danger  PLUS
  • tr Mollypetit #2042 also conjunct natal Neptune, this is suggestive that Michelle was likely subdued with drugs by her kidnapper.

Jaracca at the age of three is less agitated.  Having a stellium of planets in her natal chart, she would ‘roll with the punches’.  The dear little one has a quindecile natal Venus (pink) – clinging to family.

  • tr asteroid Nessus#7066 conjunct natal Neptune – indication is that a predator kidnapped her; this is not a voluntary missing situation.

Brandon Lee Jividen in Kenai, Alaska:

CCTV-JividenWe know that Brandon Lee Jividen had been in Rebecca Adams life for about two years; that he had worked on the oil rigs in Alaska and was currently in Kenai living with Rebecca and the girls at the time that the family disappeared.

The date on the calendar is not circled, by this man, at least.  For a man whom has military training in the US Air Forces, he has a highly emotive reaction to this event.  This is very close to home; nothing random.

  • tr Jupiter (green) opposite natal Mars – the energy drives his need to take action.  Was he in a hurry and left the storage shed unlocked. That’s where he kept his hunting rifles.  Or did someone use his keys to help themselves; a thief perhaps.
  • tr Mars quindecile natal Venus (pink) – obsessively driven to seek out his family would be the classic interpretation of this tension.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – traumatised and outside of home.  This is also a forensic indicator that all is not well.  PLUS
  • tr Lunar North node quindecil natal mid-range Moon (blue in the outer wheel) – highly emotive; likely out of control panicked emotional response.
  • tr Moon (blue in the inner wheel) intersects his Lunar nodal axis – an emotional contact with extended family members.  I’m sure that phone records would likely explain this interaction, or attempted interaction.
  • tr Pluto square natal Pluto – explosive communicative struggle in relation to power/powerlessness. PLUS
  • tr Pluto square natal Mercury (yellow) – this is the blanket over the hand-grenade again; normally passive, this man could explode verbally without an obvious reason to others.  Perhaps this is why he didn’t communicate with Becca’s mom when she came on a welfare check; stared at the wall.
  • tr Venus (pink in the inner wheel) quindecile natal Uranus – this is a troubling aspect, as it appears to relate to obsession, money and possibly moving.

With this action all directed to the 8th house and his natal Venus, suggests it may be connected to the crime.  When we check the asteroids on the date that Jividen was born, we find Montefiore#782 at this point conjunct Venus.  He is the financial provider; the banker.  Is all this tension in his chart in relation to their disappearance related to him as the source of money?

The ex “mother-in-law” with a drug record:

Lisa Marie Hundley was arrested in Tennessee and will no doubt be returned to Alaska to answer LE questions in relation to the disappearance of the family; not as a POI they were hasty to add.

Lisa Hundley is a drug user with a previous criminal record.  Her claim on her son’s estate; court action would likely be to finance her drug habit, more-so than to deny her grand-daughters their inheritance.  Addiction leads people to take drastic measures.

CCTV-LisaHundleyThe deeper we look, the more horrific this case is becoming. Lisa Hundley’s ‘boyfriend’ is a registered sex-offender; James Pryor Clarke. The two of them were arrested cooking meth in Soldotna previously.  Clarke has additional arrest records in Kenai and Fairbanks.

But before we go off on his tail, we need to interpret Lisa Hundley’s natal horoscope, from the perspective of the FBI information of 25th May 2014.  This woman’s senses are dulled to the point that there is little emotive tension, although the heavens will have their input.  We are not aware of her whereabouts at that time.

  • tr Neptune (turquoise) conjunct Mars and quindecile natal Pluto.  This woman is obsessed with power; has ‘a devil may care’ attitude, plus a selfish pursuit of her own objectives.  Is the presence of Neptune in the heavens indicating drugs, kidnapping, or both?
  • tr Sun (orange) square natal Jupiter (green) – inflated sense of self; an irresponsible attitude.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal square natal Sun (orange) – she’d be under the FBI microscope, I’m sure.

James Pryor Clarke and the Hundley family:

James Clarke and Lisa Hundley (grandmother of Michelle and Jaracca) were both charged with sexually interfering with a 14 year-old girl in 2010 (together with other charges). This teenager was also apparently keeping company with Jaramiah Hundley at the time when he was killed in the motor-cycle accident two years later; May 2012; a small gene pool perhaps.

We are not aware of James Clarke’s whereabouts at the time of the disappearance of our little family, however I have checked the synastry between this man and Rebecca, plus her daughter Michelle.  There is extreme tension in the charts; to put it mildly.  If he is not involved in this disappearance, then the three definitely have an earlier history.

CCTV-ClarkeEvery forensic indicator in this man’s horoscope is involved in our case.  I have every confidence that he is involved.  The tension is basic and raw, which leads me to check the location of the drug flag I use in such cases, asteroid Mollypetit#20472.

We are not disappointed.  On the day James Clarke was born, this asteroid was conjunct his Sun-Mercury at 23:55°Cancer.  He was born to be a drug-addict and cook meth.

The astrology is already set for his actions that would have followed.

  • tr Sun square Pluto – blanket over a hand grenade; explosive action to fulfil power needs
  • tr Venus (pink) square natal Sun-Mercury – making financial demands. What hold would this man have, in order to make such demands?
  • tr Uranus square natal Saturn – out of control of self; intense forensic indications.
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Saturn – ditto
  • tr Saturn opposite Mars – the grim reaper is fulfilling his need to take action
  • tr Saturn square Uranus – wherever the crime, drugs are involved; irrational action.

The asteroid story:

It is when we seriously turn to the asteroids, we learn what the astrology suggests, likely happened.

  • On 8th October 1991, the day that Rebecca Adams was born, transiting in the heavens were the asteroids – Montefiore#782 and Mony#7782; bankers and money.

This could be suggestive of a money, or lack of; motive.  We check further.

  • We know that on the day that Brandon Jividen was born, Montefiore#782 was conjunct his natal Venus.  He is the financial provider; the banker.
  • The asteroid James#2335 identifies James Clarke. On the day he was born his namesake asteroid was transiting at 26:07°Libra – in conjunction with Rebecca Adam’s Moon and Brandon Jividen’s Lunar North Node.  We have his connection to both persons.
  • Transiting in the heavens over the time period when the family disappeared, transiting  Mony#7782 was at 18:51°Scorpio exact to the minute it seems, conjunct Saturn in the heavens; the grim reaper. Mony#7782 was also conjunct Rebecca Adams’ natal Pluto  This apparent ‘kidnapping’ is about to become a murder.

As to how it turned to murder; we cannot provide the details, however we do have plenty of indications. Ixion#28978 identifies treachery in astrology.

Once the bodies are found an autopsy will tell the truth…

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  1. Mountain regards to a post on William Tyrell…Williams name is being’s William Tyrrell..I don’t know if this makes a difference in your readings or not. Also info on Margaret Spedding..She had knee surgery in Sept.2012.not Sept. 2014. There are pictured on older grandsons page with dates on them.


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