Kyron Horman

We explore the weaknesses in a situation as well as the character of all persons in a forensic astrology enquiry.  This helps us to see where vulnerability to changes in behaviour, that are out of the ordinary, exist.  Please remain skeptical of all that follows as astrology is not recognised by the law of the land, or any court in the western world.

  • kyron-posterMissing person: Kyron HORMAN: 12:26am, 9 September 2002 (birth data provided by family)
  • Event: 9-1-1 phone call at 3:46pm, 4 June 2010 (placed by school secretary)
  • Location: 15725 NW Sheltered Nook Rd, Portland, Oregon USA (Kyron’s home)

Persons of interest (as provided):

  • Terri Moulton Horman: 14 March 1970 (step-mother)
  • Kaine Horman: 9 February 1974 (father)
  • DeDe Spicher: 12 September 1966 (friend of step-mother)

We follow our tried and true method, by checking the general atmosphere in the heavens over Kyron’s corner of the world, when it was noticed that this 7 year-old was not on the school-bus. A phone call was made to the school and the alarm was raised.  This becomes what we call ‘our event’ for this enquiry.

This horary chart for the 9-1-1 phone-call is immediately of interest to an astrologer, because Mercury is not under any tension; an anomaly, given that this is a report to LE.  Mercury represents both ‘a child’, as well as ‘communication’ in forensic astrology.  We then recognise why – the focus of this chart is on the ‘part of fortune’ instead.  This is more about the ‘lots’ drawn by the characters; their destiny, rather than a missing child.

POFNote:  The Part of Fortune is a mathematical point created out of the longitudes of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant and therefore is composed out of the three of the most important places in a chart (only the midheaven outside of these three is as important).  As a result it becomes as important as they are. In ancient astrology the Ascendant is the primary indicator of the physical body. In forensic astrology, we know that the Moon is where our ‘driving needs’ are located and the Sun our ‘wants’ so this point in time at 3:46pm when the 9-1-1 call was made, is a focus on personal wants, needs and the physical body; Kyron’s.

The other symbolism for this point in a chart represents the ‘lot’ that a soul draws when they sit before the fates in the heavens (Plato’s Myth of Er). So symbolically we can interpret that this position in the horary chart is a very important part of any soul’s journey; not just Kyron.

Any wonder this case has drawn so many to follow the original investigation and the aftermath.  In a way, we are witnessing souls’ journeys (POF) under tension; square the ascendant plus the descendant – a universal message. Therefore I would expect that these points in the zodiac will likely reveal a story that will aid us to unravel this case and lessons for us all.  So 16° of any of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will likely hold significance for us.

The 9-1-1 event; a freeze-frame in time

346-Horman-eventclick on charts for full size

The next point we are drawn to, after generating the tension in the chart, is that of the 3rd house (communication) and it’s occupants – Ceres, Pluto and the Lunar nodal axis.

All three are in quindecile aspect with transiting Venus 18:55°Cancer, Juno 27:46°Gemini and POF/’our lot’ 16°Cancer.

Key: Venus = peer groups/family; Juno = communication needed to sustain relationships; plus a POF = soul’s journey under tension… and obsessions in all three at the same time – phew…

  • Venus quindecile Pluto 4°Capricorn – compulsiveness accompanied by obsession of keeping emotions under control.
  • Juno quindecile Lunar north node 12°Capricorn – obsessive focus on self-control when communicating in public.
  • POF/lot quindecile Ceres (harvest) 00°Capricorn – formal traditions of the harvest; respect for conventions.  Note: the significance of this will come out during individual interpretations, no doubt.  One of our characters will be a stickler for tradition, I am sure.  Others will enlighten us as to whom, I trust.

The other tension we must comment on – Juno square Saturn 27°Virgo; more of the same.  Plus the is the 5/11 house axis:

  • Vesta opposite Chiron (pale blue) – family dynamic has unresolved open wounds; a falling-out.
  • Mars opposite Neptune (turquoise) – changes in a course of action; subterfuge connected to the family dynamic.
  • Moon (blue) quindecile Mars – disruption; ‘let-it-fly’ attitude.

We could say that all is not well in this little corner of the world and we would be understating the obvious – much obsession and compulsive action has taken place.

Transiting asteroids at 3:46pm 4 June 2010

  • Medusa #149 – 17:58°Aries conjunct descendant – in need of Perseus to fight the gorgon.
  • Ophelia #171 – 18:33°Cancer conjunct Venus – appeal for help ; feeling insecure
  • Oceania #224 – 19:24°Cancer conjunct Venus – catastrophic fears
  • Orpheus #3361 – 13:49°Capricorn conjunct Lunar North Node – publicising a tragic outcome
  • Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee – 27:24°Aquarius conjunct Neptune – worse case scenario; abduction
  • Carlova #360 – 14:14°Pisces conjunct Moon – suggestive of possible entry into a car willingly
  • Klotho #97 – 29:53°Pisces conjunct Jupiter – Klotho represents the present time so plus the inflation by Jupiter – impressing a sense of emergency

Kyron Horman – natal horoscope

Again we immediately see Ceres heavily in the mix and I mean heavily, plus in the 5/11 house axis.  Kyron has Ceres at that 16°Aries (see above) – we are surely heading into a likely motive for his demise (Kyron’s part in it anyway).

Ceres in Aries people like Kyron, tend to use food not so much for nurturing, but for gaining a competitive advantage, as well as acceptance and increased popularity, with their family or social group by selective sharing. Generally speaking, Ceres in Aries people are highly active and likely feel trapped at the dinner table, probably preferring to eat on the go.

Mealtime is not really a focal point of their lives, therefore, they are happy eating fast food just to get full so they can quickly move on to more exciting things.  Note: I betcha he threw his food around when he was in a high chair.  Step-mom would not have been impressed.

Individuals with this placement may also be extremely spoiled and impatient. They want their food and they want it now! They may want to eat their dessert before finishing their peas; if they don’t get their way, they’ll likely throw a temper tantrum: even when they’re all grown-up.

Kyron-natal-HormanSo what are the heavy-duty aspects with all this food etiquette not being observed by Kyron? (Note: remember I was talking about traditions and conventions in the event chart above)

  • Venus (pink) quindecile Ceres (orange) in 11th house – PLUS
  • Moon opposite Ceres – PLUS
  • Juno (pale blue) quindecile Ceres PLUS

Does this child have an eating disorder, or food allergies? All this tension is certainly indicative of A.D.D. in relation to food.  Has he developed ‘rituals’ involving his food intake?

We have serious aspects relating to Pluto in this natal horoscope as well:

  • Sun square Pluto (blanket over a hand-grenade) – can go off (angry) at any time once a trigger is pulled.  No-one sees it coming.  This is also indicative of Asperger’s syndrome (a form of ADD).
  • Saturn quindecile Pluto – potential self-harming indication triggered by self-control-powerlessness situations.  

Oh there is lots more to interpret in this natal horoscope.  I could go on and on with his weaknesses, however I leave that to others. This 7 year-old is an extremely difficult child and I can understand his father’s and step-mom’s frustration with him.  

So what boiled over on 4th June?  Did he throw his lunch box out the window?

Kyron Horman and the 9-1-1 call

We can see that the day has been very difficult for this little boy, even before we start any interpretation. We’ve generated two bi-wheels (method) for the 9-1-1 phone-call and Kyron. The first is from the child’s perspective of the event and the second chart is the event’s perspective of Kyron.

The point in making the two charts is to take note of the changes in houses within the wheels.  We will primarily interpret the first chart then add the significant parts from the second that vary the story.

Kyron Horman-duoKyron’s Sun is in the 4th house (home) and opposite the transiting Moon, giving him the equivalent of a full moon of emotions. A Pisces Moon (transiting) for an adult, is when they need respect from their peers; something a child of 7 is not even aware exists, on a conscious level.

We are not aware of what Kyron’s situation was at this time, so we just call the aspects traditionally. What isn’t on these bi-wheels are the major asteroids and so I’ll include, where relevant, when I get a chance.  Am just getting the basics down first..

  • Child’s Sun square tr Sun (orange in outer wheel) at 14°Gemini  – off-siding his ego by its illumination; he’ll not get away with anything this week.
  • Child’s Mercury (yellow) square tr Lunar nodal axis – the 9-1-1 call is a proxy for the child’s voice – eg public call for help.
  • Natal Moon (blue) square tr Venus (pink) – child’s needs are broadcast to his peer group/community.
  • Natal Moon (blue) square the transiting mid-heaven – his needs are a priority (as a result of the 9-1-1- call)

Note his natal Moon is conjunct the transiting ascendant – 16°Libra (note the cardinal 16° we picked out above).  Child’s driving needs are a priority.

  • Child’s Lunar nodal axis conjunct tr Sun – illuminating a traumatic situation for the child
  • Child’s Lunar nodal axis square tr Moon (blue) – the public announcement highlights the potential of a traumatic event
  • Child’s Pluto opposite tr Sun – illuminates his power needs
  • Child’s descendant (opposite the ascendant) is conjunct by tr Pluto – forensic indicator of the loss of power/death.

In the first bi-wheel we have transiting Mercury at the cusp of the 11th house at the dreaded Serbian 22°Taurus, that does not augur well for the child (Mercury) as it is another death indicator.  Plus before we leave this first bi-wheel there are midpoints of considerable significance.

  • natal Venus/Saturn = transiting Mars; i.e. focus is on transiting Mars affecting his Venus/Saturn midpoint of the tug of war between family and self-control
  • transiting Jupiter/Saturn = natal Saturn i.e. a 7 year-old boy is expected to understand the adult construct of self-control.  Saturn also very much relates to his male mentor; his father.  All this is muddled up together.

The second bi-wheel is the clock-on-the wall’s-perspective of Kyron’s situation.

  • tr Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee conjunct Neptune in the heavens at the same time would indicate the risk of abduction; hidden matters
  • tr Black Moon Lilith is also conjunct Kyron’s natal Uranus – his rebellious behaviour would be his weakest trait.
  • tr Great Attractor conjunct natal Pluto would create an atmosphere that Kyron thought he was invincible; all-powerful.

Kaine Horman and the 9-1-1 call

Kaine-Horman-duoIn the first chart you will notice that I haven’t filled in the connections between the planets of Neptune and Mercury as well as a quindecile to the ascendant.  The reason for this is because we do not know Kaine Horman’s birth time and so the angles cannot be taken into consideration, nor the house placements in the natal chart. I have crossed out the ascendant for that reason

  • Fixed star Algol quindecile Neptune, plus a further square to Mercury… obsession with the case – goes round and round in his head. If he were a POI. I would be paying him a lot of attention.  PLUS
  • Natal Chiron (pale blue) in the first chart is at 17°Aries – his open wounds are staring him in the face, so…
  • The second chart; bi-wheel – we ask ourselves where is 17°Aries?  Exact conjunct the descendant.  This man did not fulfill his karmic lesson.

Putting that together is why I was immediately on Kaine’s tail in this enquiry when I first saw his chart. To discover that he has a strong alibi for the day of 4th June is certainly lucky for him, I would suggest, or I would be hauling him in for questioning.

  • Kaine Horman has a Saturn Rx in his natal chart conjunct Lunar south node.  That tells us there were serious and I mean serious issues with his nurturing as a young child; that he lacked male mentoring of the significance of male-female relationships, plus when we see that transiting Juno (nurturing) is conjunct this natal aspect – the astrology suggests that this man has not been the right person to parent young Kyron.  PLUS
  • tr Lunar north node quindecile this damaged natal aspect creates an obsessional, very isolated position for Kaine Horman – there is nothing that he can do now.  He has failed his son.  PLUS
  • tr Saturn is square this position – self-control would be severely tested PLUS
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal mid-range Moon – emotional about his lack of self-control; fear of death PLUS
  • tr Jupiter (green) opposite natal mid-range Moon – an emotional breakdown is highly likely; remembering his own childhood traumas.
  • tr Moon quindecile natal mid-range-Moon – more of the same; this man is a basket-case, however it relates to himself more-so than the loss of his son, although I suggest that he would likely hide behind the event of his son’s disappearance than be seen to be, ‘weak’.
  • tr Sun (orange) is opposite natal Neptune (turquoise) – likely appears to be remote; befuddled.  How did he cope?  Did he turn to alcohol to ease his self-torment?
  • tr Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Mars – highly nervous and likely communicating rashly.

Kaine Horman’s natal Sun is at 20°Aquarius, transited by the asteroid Damocles#5335 and Nessus#3180 on 4th June 2010.  This indicates that he was aware of imminent danger and poisonous words; lies.  He obviously denied his intuition and turned within; a coward.

DeDe Spicher and the 9-1-1 call

346-DedeSpicherThis friend of Kyron’s step-mother apparently has times where she was unaccounted for on 4 June 2010.

This is a bi-wheel of her reaction to the event with her natal chart as the outer chart with the rather big red highlight of planets.  This indicates that Dede has a stellium of planets; all muddled up.

She would attract attention from the public and sleuths in particular in such circumstances due to her reaction appearing ‘different’ from the norm.  Well she is – different from the norm that is, however there is absolutely nothing in this chart that we can consider to be suspicious in relation to the disappearance of our 7 year-old.

I shall leave others to discuss the detail of her horoscope, as we have addressed similar situations in other cases.

Terri Moulton Horman and the 9-1-1 call

Terri-Horman-duoCeres is in the mix again as the midpoint of Sun/Mercury bringing the fantasy element of food to the table in her natal horoscope. Apart from cockles and mussels alive, alive oh… this indicates a very basic common sense approach to food.  She could be a cook, but never a chef.

As for other items of interest to us in her natal chart, Chiron is exact conjunct Venus 5°Aries and directly opposite Uranus; an electric prod to her open wound/Chiron, likely connected to the family dynamic.

Then we have Mars conjunct Saturn – that’s running hot and cold on the money front, particularly in relation to ambition. This is further aggravated by Jupiter in opposition inflating any chance of finding a warm mix; pushing the individual person’s concentration levels and intensity, even deeper.

  • Mid-range Moon at 22°Aries Gemini is square natal Sun.  This aspect most often indicates that the parents of Terri were at odds during the mother’s pregnancy.  If a child is told they were unwanted, this leaves a serious emotional scar with the child for life; seriously damaging their sense of self-worth. There will undoubtedly be self-protection measures in place when we dig deeper.
  • Moon square Pluto – intensifies emotional intensity PLUS
  • Pluto quindecile North Node – the imposition of their will upon others can be compulsive even to the point of obsessional.  This is a dangerous aspect in the chart of a POI.

We must check the asteroids transiting on the day that she was born before we move on to the bi-wheel of the 3:46pm 9-1-1 call.

Terri Moulton Horman natal asteroids:

  • Black Moon Lilith/Mean apogee 10:51°Leo – conjunct Vesta – likely producing claustrophobia.  If you want her to spill the beans, put her in a straight-jacket in a dark room for a while,…
  • Karma #3811 4:34°Aries – conjunct Venus and Chiron – those weeping wounds will get her in the end.  Cause and effect…
  • Lova #868 24:53°Virgo – conjunct Pluto – did Terri take lovers?
  • Moira #638 6:28°Libra – conjunct Uranus – the fates  reveal this planets input by the tension in the charts
  • Phaeton #3200 6:40°Taurus – conjunct Saturn – possible alarm bells for a vehicle and the grim reaper connection, although the classic interpretation would be feeling in control when behind the wheel of a vehicle.
  • Salome #562 20:3°Pisces – conjunct Ceres – serving a head on a platter; metaphorically of course.
  • Megaira#464 29°Pisces – a jealous, spiteful woman

The next planetary tension interpretation is that of the second chart above; bi-wheel of Terri’s emotive reaction to the 3:46pm 9-1-1 call.  This will also reveal anything obviously untoward during the day, leading up to this point in time.

A cursory check does not reveal forensic indicators involved other than transiting Saturn conjunct her natal Pluto – intense self-control.  On the opposite side of the bi-wheel transiting Jupiter is inflating this need.  Transiting Jupiter is also within the illumination of Terri’s natal Sun inflating her sense of self, but not OTT.

  • tr Sun (orange in the inner wheel) is square natal Lunar nodal axis in the 5-11 house axis indicates the tramatic event of Kyron’s disappearance as well as the public interaction.
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) in 5th house – thinking with one’s feelings is the classic interpretation, however Mercury also represents a child highlighting the emotional aspect of the child’s disappearance.
  • tr Uranus-Jupiter conjunct natal asteroid Megaira #464 at 29:9°Pisces –  Megaira is indicative of a shrew; jealous woman (thanks Marcy)  PLUS 
  • tr Saturn opposite natal asteroid Megaira #464 at 29:9°Pisces – envious anger is highlighted by the furies.

Transiting asteroids that relate to Terri Moulton Horman’s natal horoscope:

  • Cybele #65  5:25°Taurus conjunct natal Mars and Pluto – Cybele drives a chariot and so I have brought her in due to the Phaeton (vehicle use) input in the natal chart. 

In Greek mythology, Cybele arrived on ‘the scene’ from an unknown background and attracted those of lessor morals very quickly.  Favoured for her provision of good times to the accompaniment of wild music, wine, she had a disorderly, ecstatic following.  Symbolically I would suggest that Terri preferred the freedom of her single days, than being step-mom to a hyper-active child and likely projected her lack of self-control onto the child.

  • Pallas (warrior) 5:38°Scorpio conjunct natal Jupiter – inflated sense of self as a warrior.  This would be the body builder obsession that apparently consumed her at some stage.
  • House #4950 15:38°Pisces conjunct natal Mercury in the 5th house…

This position of the last asteroid, ‘House’ is particularly curious when we look at this in FA terms, as it would appear to indicate that if Terri is indeed responsible for the demise of Kyron, the child would be in the region of a house.

As for the possibility of getting a locator angle as to where Kyron could possibly lie, we don’t have a definitive angle that we can use. I would suggest that he was likely moved after he was killed.

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