Dan Nerstrom

missing-NorstromWhen we started this case, those in the northern hemisphere were on the eve of the winter solstice; the shortest day of the year in Libertyville, Illinois.  A military veteran was missing from his family, having left home on foot; 1st December 2014.  He was last seen around 4pm by a neighbour.

With the responsibility of undertaking  a forensic astrology enquiry, we must inform any reader of this post that our method of working is pseudo scientific in origin; not accepted in any court of law and I would not expect the military to have a different opinion other than that of a healthy skeptic.  That said, we continue.

As we do not have an accurate clock time for our event, we have to be cautious as we can only provide a general direction, however it should not be out by very much.  We have the information we need to make a basic enquiry.

  • Event 4pm 1st December 2014
  • Missing Person Dan Nerstrom, DOB 26 February 1984 (mid-range Moon used)
  • Missing from a location known to us in Libertyville, Illinois, USA

Apart from noting that the natal planets in this horoscope are heavily weighted on one side of the hemisphere; needing a balance in his life, we explore his Pisces Sun and Capricorn Moon combination:

A pleasant, sweet-tempered outlook most of the time, this blend of Sun and Moon is a mixture of the emotional sensitivity and intuitive perception of Pisces, with the conservatism, deep ambition and prudence of Capricorn.

The Pisces personality is naturally shy and sensitive; Capricorn is a natural introvert. Yet when combined, Capricorn tends to provide a degree of confidence, drive, and strength of purpose, without being overly materialistic and shallow. Having his feet planted solidly on the ground, Dan’s sensitivity and capacity for sympathy would enable him to avoid materialism, however not at the price of not wanting to get somewhere in life; more so without appearing pushy, or too determined.

A Capricorn Moon makes a good military man as they are task orientated and with their talent for leadership, their call sign is “I know how to proceed”.

Subtlety would be his style; subtlety and method. When I mention method, I mean he would be practical, realistic, objective and persevering; that combined with integrity. Organisational skills would be high on the list, although the fine details may prove a challenge.  He would be  keenly aware of duties and responsibilities.

Financial affairs may play an important role in his life and progress through life can depend on sound handling of financial affairs and avoiding the insecurities of indebtedness. I expect this will play a large part in our interpretation.

With that Pisces Sun, he would also have a tendency to under-rate himself and worry much too much, but then he was already struggling with PTSD so we will probably share what is already known by family  Nevertheless we shall interpret the tension in the chart according to classic texts.

4pm-Nerstromclick on image for full size

This chart is commonly called a bi-wheel (method). The inner wheel is a snapshot of the heavens over Libertyville, Illinois at 4pm on 1 December, 2014.  The outer wheel is equally a snapshot of the position of the planets on the day that Dan Nerstrom was born.

With our astrology software the two charts are aligned by their zodiac positions and we interpret the tension between the planets.  That, together with where they are located in the chart, tells us his story; his emotive reaction to that tension.

Please note that due to my not being in the US, I am unfamiliar with the support; financial or otherwise, provided for returning veterans and their families.


The primary focus of any event chart is the midpoint of the Sun and Moon; where their tension is equal in the tug of war of personal wants and needs for us all. At 4pm in Libertyville in Illinois that afternoon, the focus was exact the mid-heaven and cusp of his future career; 10°Aquarius.  Note the circle highlighted in pink; the midheaven.

  • We can suggest that this was the time when Dan was likely contemplating his future i.e. possibility of his future in the workforce.
  • Natal Venus (from his birth horoscope) is also exact this position at 9°Aquarius.  Venus symbolically represents money, peer groups and family. I would therefore add this to the story – that he was contemplating the financial burden that faced his friends and family; i.e. his inability to provide financially for his family in the future.  This may of course be completely unrealistic, however we can suggest that he was not in his rational mind as a result of the other tension in this chart.

The descendant (highlight in yellow on the RHS) is the midpoint for transiting Sun/Saturn – this is the midpoint suggesting that his intention was clear as to what lay ahead at the time he left home; aware of his responsibilities.  With all the planets focused on this side of the bi-wheel together with all the tension, we know that his focus was on others, not himself.

The next midpoint is at the cusp of the 8th house (death and transformation)  at 28°Sagittarius; a tendency to a rather morbid outlook with the fixed star, Acumen exact this position in the zodiac.  Transiting Mars/Saturn = this cusp indicates failing; at a stalemate.

Planetary tension:

  • tr Sun (orange in the inner wheel) conjunct Lunar South Node-Uranus conjunction – the date on the calendar will bring a traumatic situation for this man; a karmic event related to his past as a child, most likely.
  • tr Mercury (yellow) conjunct Descendant and automatically opposed to the Ascendant  – Mercury identifies a communication of some kind.  Was a letter left for his family of his intentions?
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal mid-range Moon (blue) – emotionally feeling powerless; an intensity of emotions.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) conjunct natal Sun (orange in the outer wheel) – depression likely PLUS
  • tr Jupiter (green) inflates whatever it touches so with quindecile his natal Sun (that is already depressed), this man is highly inflated and to the point of obsessional in the depth of depression.
  • tr Moon and Uranus (mental instability at its highest point of the month) square natal Moon – highly mentally unstable and even likely a psychotic break.
  • tr Saturn square natal Mercury – this likely relates to the manner of his departure.  Saturn represents the grim reaper (loss of self-control) in tension with the planet representing communication. His voice stilled.  I will say no more in this regard.

Other cosmic tension as provided by astrologer Deb Hawkins:

A very sensitive Pisces man with his Sun tight orb to the Black Moon Lilith, creates someone prone to PTSD. BML is square to Uranus, the extreme planet. Transiting Neptune stressing him out with possible delusions went over his natal Sun when he disappeared undermining him, as an ultra-sensitive Pisces.

Transiting Pluto over his Moon. Transiting Venus over his natal Uranus. And more worrisome was transiting Mercury and the Sun over his natal Moira/Uranus . With the transit of Saturn over his natal Mars having passed it awhile ago, it appears with the 21st degree of Mars (I call this a definite loss degree), he did end the suffering. He was born with Mars conjunct Saturn, two serious malefics.

Celestial navigation:

MAP#1_Nerstromclick on map for full size

This is where astrology communicates with our maps (method) We use this same bi-wheel – flip it vertically and superimpose it over the precise address when Dan was last seen at 4pm on the afternoon of our event.

Please note that this locator angle can only provide a general direction to follow.

13th March 2015 – body of Dan was recovered today.  RIP a good military man, husband and father.

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One thought on “Dan Nerstrom”

  1. Married to a US Army Veteran whom also spent a significant amount of time deployed in Iraq. In my opinion, may not be other people’s experience, to be blunt is that the Army sucks them in & spits them out. We visited the US recently & hubby always wore his hat identifying the Unit he served in (it has taken him a few years to even acknowledge having any ties to the Army, but he now proudly wears his cap & has a ‘Iraq Combat Veteran’ sticker on his car). I saw that he was touched when random strangers would say to him ‘thank you for your service’. The general population are wonderful towards Vets. The American Govt is very different. As a presently serving soldier or retiree (having completed 20 years in military) then the sun shines out of your buttocks. As a Veteran, your nothing, done the time, bye.
    Veterans Affairs pay disability pension on a scale, depending on how ‘wounded’ a veteran is depends on how much pension they receive. Loss of limb is one amount, loss of two limbs another amount. PTSD, personally I wouldn’t put myself through the trauma of trying to prove an invisible illness to Veterans Affairs to receive a meagre pension.
    Hubby will have his education paid for, he’s happy with that. A new beginning for hubby.

    I hope that Dan finds peace wherever he might be. Thank you sincerely, for your service Dan.


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