Joshua Easley

When we undertake a forensic astrology enquiry, we only work with the weaknesses in someone’s character – where they will let themselves and their defenses down.  That is how FA works. The heavens tell us how it is, without any coating of sugar or spice.  No matter what we are told by those whom ask us for help, we interpret what the astrology reveals.

Please be aware that astrology is a pseudo science and as such is not accepted in a court of law. Our interpretation is from classic texts.  Please remain skeptical of all that follows.

  • Event: 1pm, 21st April 2014 – phone call between mother and son
  • Missing person: Joshua EASLEY – born 5:30pm 26th July 1988
  • MPR – 4:40pm 29th April 2014
  • Location: Ogden, Utah

event1-JoshEasleyclick on charts for full size

When we are contacted to look into a case, our first port of call once we get our first data is to generate an astrology bi-wheel (method) to see if the missing person is in danger of losing their life.

This is our first bi-wheel we produced, by request.  The inner wheel is the time that Joshua Easley was in known contact with anyone; his mother.   The outer wheel is the natal chart for Joshua with birth time provided by family.

Note: We allow leeway for interpretation of the ascendant to swing a few minutes either way, as a time provided ‘on the hour’ is rarely precise plus I’m sure the call would have likely been over several minutes duration – when a boy talks to his mom.

  • Natal Sun (orange) in the outer wheel is at the ascendant – conversation is about himself; his wants, NOT his needs.  Note the Sun identifies what one’s ego wants and the Moon the driving needs.
  • transiting Moon (blue in the inner wheel) is opposite natal Mercury (yellow) PLUS
  • transiting Mercury is also square natal Mercury – the 26 year-old is speaking with his nurturer (mother) represented by the transiting Moon on this occasion.  The entire conversation is likely to be about himself and what he ‘thinks’.
  • Sun/Moon midpoint (primary focus of the phonecall) = 13°Pisces conjunct natal North Node at IC (opposite 10th house); his future career prospects.

We note that NO serious forensic indicators are present to indicate tension that may identify that Joshua Easley is at risk of loss of life. We then proceed to generate more bi-wheels with a similar outcome; car ‘abandoned’ – similar outcome; car reported missing etc.  Our feedback was what the charts revealed that there did not appear to be any imminent danger.

While we now await the clock-time for the Missing Person’s report in order to generate further charts to uncover this mystery, we proceed to see why this disappearance remains unsolved with no supposed persons of interest during the intervening 8 months. Is it a voluntary missing situation?

event1EasleycaseThose familiar with this blog know my next step already.  What is the general atmosphere and focus of this phone call?

Firstly scroll up to the above chart then back here… We can see immediately that there is a lot going on at the time, however Joshua is not reacting emotively in the first chart – why?.  His is focused on his WANTS; me, me, me – that’s why.

This second chart is what is known as an Horary chart. I call it an ‘event’ chart for simplicity.  It is a snapshot of the planetary positions in their orbit above Ogden at the time when the phone conversation is taking place. This chart will tell us what is really going on and what the conversation is about.

Immediately we note the boxed-in effect between Mars-Jupiter-Uranus and Pluto; I.e. action plus over-inflated plus the buzz-effect plus power.  We know that Joshua is talking about himself, so he’s talking about what he’s going to do in an over-inflated way, plus the power/powerlessness of his situation.

Note: He is locked-in/boxed-in to his perception of his future career prospects are BUT he is not being emotive about it (there is not emotive reaction in the first chart), probably because he is sure of himself and that he will get what he wants.

Sun/Moon midpoint referred to in the first chart; his career prospects are revealed once we start looking at the asteroids. Look to the 8th house (his potential downfall) – we have Venus (pink) Chiron (blue) and Neptune (turquoise) all hanging around together over the top of and around 13°Pisces – likely money management is the open wound 

As for the asteroids transiting on 21 March that will affect the natal chart interpretation:

  • Natal Atropos #273 at 22:2°Scorpio  – Atropos is where we cut the cut the ties of life; relinquish self-control to the grim reaper.
  • Narcissus #37117 at 19:43°Scorpio – vanity will trigger the above
  • Mollypetit #20472 at 5:54°Pisces – drug indicator

There are two quindeciles in this chart as well, indicating obsessional behaviour – Mars and Lunar south node; the karmic element. Plus Uranus and Lunar north node; together, the adrenaline rush most likely.

Summary:  Putting those two charts together, we know that there is a lot of Mercury focus in that first chart.  Mercury represents communication and so we know there was a conversation.  However when we consider the second chart we know that this has to do with career prospects.  Must be some money in the conversation, if he’s this verbose.

Communication can be someone going on the ‘speaker’s circuit’ but we’re working in the realm of fear and criminal activity so the second chart reveals a possible Neptune connection. This 26 year-old male is possibly leaving on the night of the 22nd April (as per his mom’s comments).

Now if his mom knew this, she would have also asked, “When will you be back?” Would she not?

So following this line of enquiry from the astrology results, I would suggest that our original feedback that Joshua Easley was not in danger by others on 21 April 2014 would be accurate.  He left town of his own volition.

What we do have is the 26 year-old man’s birth data and so we can check his character – remembering that we are looking for weaknesses rather than his attributes.  We mean no offense by this; it is the manner in which we work focusing on the weaknesses in a character.

This chart is the natal horoscope for Joshua Easley on the date he was born.  We have the birth time and so this is an accurate snapshot of the position of the planets in the heavens as they orbit within our solar system at the time of his birth.

Joshua EasleyNote the stellium of planets in the 1st house (ego).  His personal needs (Moon) are driven from the perspective of himself; self-interest.  

We are also immediately made aware of the open wound, mentioned above (Chiron).  I’ve highlighted both in blue. Juno is there as well plus both are in the zodiac sign of Cancer (security).  Plus they are in the 7th house of public relationships. So we know that he has a weakness of entering into relationships that can be a security risk – for his welfare or whatever.

What is particularly revealing to us is that he has an asteroid in his natal chart at this point in his horoscope – Lie #26955 at 2:59°Cancer exact conjunct natal Chiron and opposite his natal Moon.  This reveals that he is susceptible to lies and tells them himself; his life is likely a litany of lies and that is his lesson to overcome, I would suggest.  

Other aspects reveal that he sees his career as being in the public realm and is highly obsessive about his image. Plus there is always the ascendant point of 15°Sagittarius to consider.  This is the point in the heavens where the fixed star Ras Algethi rises above the horizon to influence this life. Also note the position of Mars (exact the IC) before continuing.

rasalgethiThe forehead of the kneeling Hercules, possesses a character of Mars-Venus with a slight blend of Mercury. If in good aspect, it is supposed to give much enjoyment and favors from women. However, if unconnected with helpful planets, it is said to cause much irritation, especially in connection with the female sex. But, by its very Mars nature, Ras Algethi corresponds to boldness and a drive to gain power. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.72.]

If Rising: The star Ras Algethi presages both the good and bad sides of Saturn. When rising it can mean a wise and clever man, but can also indicate an individual trained in various tricks, a liar who deceives with different kinds of plots. Aspects of the horoscope (Ascendant) by Mars when Ras Algethi is rising is indicative of an aggressive personality who always displays an unbridled hostility to those he comes in contact with. [Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.11-12.]

Don’t forget those asteroids we mentioned above that are in his natal chart.  They now come into play with the planetary positions transiting on 21 March:

  • Natal Atropos #273 at 22:2°Scorpio  – Atropos is where we cut the cut the ties of life; relinquish self-control to the grim reaper.  This is now conjunct transiting Saturn – interpretation is self-explanatory
  • Narcissus #37117 at 19:43°Scorpio – vanity will trigger the above; i.e. his vanity will be behind the reason for his demise
  • Mollypetit #20472 at 5:54°Pisces – drug indicator is conjunct transiting Neptune

When we consider the asteroids transiting on 21st April 2014 that relate back to his natal planetary spread, we can interpret the aspects that that create tension in the nature of the man.

  • BML at 5:23°Leo (conjunct natal Sun) – Black Moon Lilith is the weakest link in the chain of events
  • Hades # at 2:2°Cancer (conj natal asteroids Lie and Chiron) – telling lies only leads to hell
  • Karma #3811 27:16°Sagittarius (conj natal Saturn and Uranus) – what you put out comes back to bite you
  • Mollypetit #20472 at 14:51°Aquarius (conj tr Chiron) – drugs leave an open wound to fester
  • Narcissus #37117 at 18:2°Capricorn (conj Moon/Pluto midpoint) – vanity is not to be confused with power
  • Atropos #273 27:10°Leo (nudging post tr Pallas) – no matter how good a warrior one may think they are, in the end we all die.

MPR-JEasleyWith the Missing Person Report data to hand, we can generate a final bi-wheel.  The inner wheel is the time of the report and the outer wheel the natal horoscope as used above.

  • Natal Saturn is at the IC – on some level, mom knows that he’s not coming home.
  • tr Venus (pink) is at the Descendant – opposite the rising sign of Virgo; money ‘down the drain’.
  • tr Venus is also square natal Saturn-Uranus conjunction  – this will cost him his life.
  • tr Sun (orange) represents the date on the calendar and opposite to natal Pluto – belief in self as all-powerful; holding the aces.
  • tr Uranus/Pluto midpoint = cusp 6th house and transiting asteroid Nessus#7066 – betrayed trust of a friend; whom is not a friend. 

As to where his remains are, I do not know.  He was living in his car at the time so on the move from ‘friend to friend’; nowhere for us to ground the bi-wheel.

Note: Edited following the recovery of Joshua’s remains in November 2015.

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