Vicki Prokopovitz Pt.2

prokopovitz-posterLast seen in public at a medical appointment in Green Bay, Wisconsin around 3-3:30pm, 25th April 2013. Vicki’s domestic situation for the rest of the day was uneventful according to those whom she lived with.

Vicki shared dinner with her husband and son before 34 year-old Wesley went out for the evening around 7pm.  Her husband (step-father of Wesley) retired at 8:30pm and it wasn’t until around 3am the next morning when Vicki’s husband, Jim arose to prepare to go to work that he found her missing. Wesley was still not home – he pulled into their driveway around 4am.

In Part 1 we explored the general atmosphere in the heavens that night, together with Vicki Prokopovitz’s emotive reaction according to the astrology tension in her natal horoscope.  There did not appear to be anything to indicate a possible suicide and our natural instincts of suspicion were aroused.  We returned to the person whom originally requested that we make this enquiry and asked our question again.

“There is an awful lot of Venus in these charts, what’s going on?  Were there financial pressures?  Whom would benefit financially from this woman’s death?”

Again there was no significant reply and we were given the birth data of the persons whom lived in the house with Vicki; her husband and her biological son. Astrology is a pseudo-science and not recognised in any court of law and so we shall disguise the identities of all persons of interest.


Sixty-eight year-old Curly, is a person of interest to us. For the sake of consistency in this forensic astrology enquiry we shall stay with our 3am perspective for the inner wheel; with Curly’s natal horoscope on the outside.  This is what we call a bi-wheel (method).

When we consider this man’s natal chart, we notice the Sun-Pluto exact conjunction in Leo together with a Moon in Taurus. Any tension between Sun and Pluto reveals a person whom can explode unpredictably, with a need to control; a power-tripster.; even a tyrant at times.

Marrying a man with this combination sure is a vow of ‘for better, or worse‘. Never the diplomat, this Sun-Moon mix require those around them to give their complete devotion, eternal love, infinite admiration and constant sympathy.   This man demands that he be king in his own castle. Apart from taking things far too personally, Curly would let you know where you stand pretty quickly; preferably on your knees and at his feet.

3am-curlyPropokovitzOne clue with handling these people whom live and breathe the master/slave relationship – that without the slave, there is no master.  In reality, it is the slave whom holds the balance of power, but never let the master know this.  Keep that between us, okay.

Again we have natal Venus in the mix with a quindecile from transiting Pluto.  I would suggest that this man is obsessive about controlling the money and how he spends it; being the financial controller in the family.

  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Jupiter (green) – boundless optimism in the 2nd house (money/assets); is this an argument about whom would retain the house should the marriage be dissolved?  “Don’t bother me with the details”, he says.  PLUS
  • tr Jupiter (green in the inner wheel) conjunct natal Uranus in 4th house – the same tension in reverse can indicate optimism that he can do whatever he wants in his castle/home, irrespective of any consideration for others.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal mid-range Moon (blue) in 3rd house – highly emotional when communicating about a traumatic situation, although we note the tension on the 1st cusp; himself. He demands the attention be on him, not the missing person; his wife.
  • natal Mars is conjunct the IC, cusp of the 4th house; his castle.  Action has been taken by this man in his home.
  • tr Pluto square natal Sun-Pluto – self-control in tension with the master; Sun-Jupiter aspect.  Did this man lose his self-control?

Summary of Curly’s bi-wheel:  We have the three main forensic astrology indicators transiting in the heavens in tension together with natal Sun-Pluto and Moon – that’s his primary wants and needs on the agenda; Jupiter inflating his actions; Uranus generating sudden changes in behaviour and natal Mars delivering the action. 

This is not the emotive reaction we would expect to see of a man’s reaction to the disappearance of his wife.  But then again this man’s personality would likely react in this manner.

Would a tyrant react emotively when his chief cook and bottle washer walked out on him?  I doubt it, unless he had a banquet planned.  Did he have a backup cook in the wings?

There may have been little to share in Vicki’s chart for us.  She likely thought she could talk her way through a situation and was not reacting emotively, whereas this man’s chart has told us a different story. All was not as peaceful in that household on the night of 25th April 2013 as those left behind would have us believe.

  • If there is any saving grace, ‘Curly’ has the asteroid Victoria#12 conjunct Amor#1221 (love) in his natal chart.  Their marriage was originally a love match.
  • Curly‘ also has the asteroid Dionysus#3671 (alcohol) conjunct his weak point; Mean Apogee/Black Moon Lilith in his natal chart at 29°Libra.  How does this man handle his drink when he is in a social (Libra) situation?  Does he drink and drive?

He claims to have left home when he learned that Vicki was missing and searched for her for an hour.  Was this trip something more nefarious?

The house and vehicles were likely not treated as being possible crime scenes in the beginning, with a voluntary disappearance being accepted by the investigation. It is good to learn that a later examination of Curly’s work truck was undertaken, however the house would be of more interest to me.


3am-moeOur next person of interest shares his emotive reaction to the event of his mother’s disappearance. We have been asked to include Moe in our enquiry.

Natal Moon in the late degrees of Cancer rather than this mid-range of zero Leo at noon, Moe needs the support of close, personal and sympathetic relationships. He’d stick close to home for his base.

The tension in this chart does not reveal any forensic indications that he was involved in his bio-mother’s disappearance.  The asteroids may, however, tell us a little more, but first the basics…

  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Uranus
  • tr Uranus conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis
  • tr Pluto square natal Lunar nodal axis
  • tr Moon (blue) conjunct natal Uranus
  • tr Jupiter (green) opposite natal Neptune (turquoise)

This man was traumatised (lunar nodes) and befuddled (Neptune) by the disappearance of his mother. His need for security likely kept him living at home with his step-father following Vicki’s disappearance.

  • Sun/Moon midpoint transiting overhead at our event time = two natal asteroids in Moe’s horoscope – Victoria#12 (his mother) and Ixion#28978 (adultery, treachery and murder).  In Greek mythology, Ixion was chained to a fiery wheel and cast out of Olympus for eternity for his actions on Mount Olympus.

I would suggest that, on some unconscious level, Moe would know what happened to his mother, although he may not allow the knowledge into his consciousness in order to support his need for security.

  • tr Pluto on the night of Vicki’s disappearance was conjunct Moe’s asteroid Apophis#99942 – the God of Chaos.
  • tr asteroid James#2335 was conjunct Moe’s natal Sphinx#896 at 29°Pisces – the man Curly is a paradox in Moe’s eyes; not consistent.
  • tr Mars was conjunct Moe’s natal asteroid Sedna#90377. Sedna is a goddess in Inuit mythology and relates to food supplies (another security symbol). I trust that the metaphor is self explanatory as to the significance to Vicki’s story.

Fearing for his life, the father throws Sedna overboard into the cold sea in the hopes of placating the birdman, or his relatives so that the father might live. Sedna tries to crawl back in the kayak to escape the cold water, but as she grabs the edge of the kayak, her father cuts off her fingers one by one so that she cannot grasp the boat, and she sinks into the frigid Arctic ocean and drowns. As her severed fingers sink into the sea, one finger becomes the fish, another the seals, another the walrus, and another the whales. Sedna’s father escapes death in the battle, but later dies of grief over what had happened.


The third of our set of males is another of the masculine order, the duke in Curly’s fiefdom; his bio-son. In his late forties, Larry does not live with Curly and Moe.  He has a life of his own. I have no hesitation in absolving him of any possible participation in the event of Vicki’s demise.  This is the least complicated of the three stooges, in relation to the disappearance of Vicki.

event-LarryHe does have a challenging aspect in his natal horoscope, born with a Moon-Uranus-Pluto line-up.  He likely has strong emotional convictions, believing that changes can be forced to be made;  likely a rebellious nature.

From experience at looking at charts, this male is more likely to be in fear of giving ‘the game’ away than anything else when we consider the bi-wheel.  If he is avoiding anyone that would be why.  The astrology explains…

  • tr Mars quindecile natal Neptune (turquoise) – obsessively wanting to find Vicki in the initial stages, I would suggest PLUS
  • tr Pluto quindecile natal Mercury (yellow) likely needing to talk about it incessantly in order to be able to make sense of it in his own mind.  Note Mercury is in Cancer – so he needs to communicate his way through a traumatic situation.
  • tr Uranus square natal Jupiter (green in the outer wheel) – likely very shaken about the disappearance.
  • tr Jupiter (green in the inner wheel) square Uranus-Pluto – enormous potential for success; optimistic.
  • tr Neptune opposite mid-range Moon – subconscious awareness will emerge as he unravels the ball of wool.

The asteroids tells us what his unconscious knows.  The unconscious is always ahead of reasoning minds.

  • asteroid James#2335 in his natal chart is conjunct Curly’s Neptune at 4°Libra – Curly holds the key to the mystery
  • asteroid Kathy#4711 at 15°Virgo in his natal chart is conjunct his own natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction – lateral thinking required here ‘Larry’

Finally we get the information we need, Curly had a bit on the side.  Someone he had reconnected with from many years previously.  Heaven’s above, you’d think that we would connect the dots by now wouldn’t you.


We have yet another chart to add to this mix, Venus; the Roman name for the Greek Aphrodite.  In the Greco/Roman mythology, Venus wasn’t sugar and spice and all things nice.  As a married woman herself, Venus-Aphrodite had affairs all over the place; an adulteress with no conscience.

Oh and she never married Mars, you know; he was just one of her lovers. Women prayed to Aphrodite to give them the sexual power to ensnare a male provider; an Aphrodisiac.

3am-VenusSo this is the bi-wheel of our Venus at 3am on 26th April 2013.  Our Venus isn’t curled up in bed with the cat. If she isn’t having a nightmare in her sleep, then she sure is in the real world; experiencing a living nightmare.

We are told that there is no history of violence with this woman and yet this chart yells from the rooftops.  Every natal planet is involved.  She is pulling out all stops; nothing will hold her back.

  • tr Sun (orange in the inner wheel) identifies the date on the calendar at 6°Taurus opposite natal Mars – vigorous application of energy; intensified by the Sun’s illumination; ‘today is the day’
  • tr Mercury (yellow in the inner wheel) is conjunct natal Mercury – this actually an ideal time for communication; getting a message across convincingly.  HOWEVER
  • tr Mercury is opposite natal Neptune (turquoise) – a private agenda is going on here with this communication; likely subversive, manipulative particularly when we discover Neptune’s worst traits in the natal horoscope.  Our Venus has Mercury opposite Neptune in her natal horoscope.  This is her natural self amplified.
  • tr Uranus is opposite natal Saturn Rxlikely struggling with containing her self-control.  With her natal Saturn in retrograde, we have one angry woman likely projecting onto a male parent (Saturn) any responsibility for her actions at this time.   PLUS
  • tr Uranus is quindecile a mid-range natal Moon (blue) – highly emotive; mood swings.
  • tr Pluto opposite natal Uranus – tremendous intensification of ego awareness
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Sun (orange in the outer wheel).  This woman is certainly not at home with this aspect.
  • Midpoint of Jupiter/Saturn = 27°Leo  exact her natal Lunar south node – her actions will certainly be her undoing; karmic point noted.  Jupiter inflates what it touches and Saturn is a loss of self control; in company with the grim reaper in forensic astrology terms is the interpretation of this midpoint.
  • Mean apogee/Black Moon Lilith in her natal horoscope at 4:53°Leo is conjunct the asteroids Victoria#12 (Vicki) and Iris#5 (the messenger).

This is the damning aspect in this bi-wheel; both Vicki and I, the messenger, point the finger at this woman as being involved in the disappearance of Vicki Prokopovitz according to the heavens.  Oh and one more thing, in her natal horoscope, our femme fatale has the asteroid Kathy#4711 at 11°Scorpio.  On the night that Vicki disappeared this was the midpoint of Moon/Saturn = creating a separation in a relationship.

I would certainly encourage local law enforcement to enquire into this woman’s past history of relationships in relation to violence; or even assisted passage. Venus-Aphrodite continues to have her assignations with Curly on a regular basis, I believe.

Missing person report:

MPR-VickiAs we are now privy to the time of the missing person report, we can generate a chart in an effort to locate Vicki Prokopovitz;  12:30pm 26th April, 2013.  Surprise, surprise – well not really to this cynical astrologer… with an ascendant at 13:50°Leo, we see straight away that Vicki has natal Venus at that exact point of the wheel.

My math could be out, but I figure those odds are at least 21,600 to one; i.e. not a coincidence.  Look out Venus-Aphrodite, Victoria Prokopovitz has your number.

From this bi-wheel we have a very weak locator angle in the search for Vicki and so it is probably best that we don’t make a suggestion as to where she may be located.  I think Vicki is more interested in Venus not escaping the responsibility for her actions, rather than what happens to her mortal remains, don’t you?

7th May 2015 update:

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  1. Wow, explosive stuff right there. Fascinating as always. I always enjoy the narratives you weave throughout your readings, Misst. Out of interest, do you do private readings?


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