Vicki Prokopovitz Pt.1

When a daughter contacts a forensic astrologer for help, we know that a case is not going to be easy. The second Christmas has passed since 59 year-old Victoria Lynn Prokopovitz disappeared without a trace.

prokopovitz-posterLast seen in public at a medical appointment in Green Bay around 3-3:30pm, 25th April 2013. Vicki’s domestic situation for the rest of the day was uneventful according to those whom she lived with.

Vicki shared dinner with her husband and son before 34 year-old Wesley went out for the evening around 7pm.  Her husband (step-father of Wesley) retired at 8:30pm and it wasn’t until around 3am the next morning when Vicki’s husband, Jim arose to prepare to go to work that he found her missing. Wesley was still not home – he pulled into their driveway around 4am.

We are in Pittsfield, a rural area between Pulaski and Green Bay in Brown County, Wisconsin.

Vicki didn’t drive; she apparently suffered from depression, but there is no reason to believe that she was suicidal. Her surface appeared to be un-ruffled, however from past experience we have learned that this is not necessarily reliable, as it depends on the observation skills of the company that she was in.

She is a daughter, a sister, a niece, an aunt, a mother and a grandmother. She had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. We have so many questions and not a single answer… Is she alive? Is she out there cold? Did she choose this or was it chosen for her?

The birth data we need to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry has been provided to us, however we elect to keep this information private, although it can be made available to those whom are making a study of this case. No birth times are known and so a mid-range Moon is used for all natal charts.

Please be aware that astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law.  We also suggest that all whom read this do so from a skeptic’s point of view.

The first thing I said to Vicki’s family was, “There is an awful lot of Venus in these charts, what’s going on?”

eventPropopovitzclick on charts for full size

With the family not forthcoming with a satisfactory reply, we commenced our forensic astrology enquiry knowing that the heavens would tell us the answer.

A snapshot of the planets at 3am on 26th April 2013 reveals what was in orbit overhead when Jim Prokoprovitz awoke to find his wife gone. Immediately we can see that this is not a propitious time to disappear.

Transiting Saturn, in the company of the Moon in the heavens, is holding the handle of a fan of planets on the opposite side of the chart, plus Pluto is off-sided that entire night.  Note also that it is a full moon – the time when the tension between the two luminaries is at it’s greatest; a tug of war.

In the realm of forensic astrology, we have come to learn that those whom don’t come home, or are victims of crime usually comes down to the basics – that someone’s desires are not being met by either the person whom leaves voluntarily, or the person behind their disappearance; a perpetrator.

In this horary chart, we have an agenda of Sun (orange) and Moon (blue) – wants and needs;  Uranus (red) – unstable behaviour; Venus (pink)- possibly money, although could be other Venus symbolism, i.e. another woman, or family matters; Saturn – self-control, or lack of, plus Pluto – a power struggle.

Due to the latitude of Wisconsin and time of year, the 1-7 house axis is unusually wide, focusing on personal and relationship houses. The first house incorporates all of Pisces i.e. hidden issues and the 7th contains all of Virgo – focus on the details.  

Note: When we have these indications, this often reveals that it is what someone is not saying, or not doing that will hold the greatest relevance. This could be our interaction with the family, or their stories as to what happened.

Allow me to explain the significance of this – the cusp of an astrology house usually has a sign on the door of what will be behind this particular door i.e. in the following house (we travel anti-clockwise).  We therefore expect that what follows will match the sign, right?  If the sign on the door says that they sell fresh fish then when you get inside there is one fresh fish and the rest are frozen, you feel conned, do you not.  But I digress…

Refer to the cusp of the first house and on the LHS at the horizon line intersecting the chart is the entry point to the 1st house (anti-clockwise) is 18°Aquarius. 18degrees is ominious in the Serbian School of Astrology.  With Aquarius on the cusp, we would expect intellectual matters; a buzz, on the agenda because Uranus is the primary ruling planet of Aquarius.

Travelling to the opposite side of the chart, the cusp of the 7th house is 18°Leo, so we  would expect public relationships (marriage included) to be sunny (the Sun is the planet ruling Leo).  So knowing that there are hidden issues ‘within’ the intellectual matters, plus all appearing sunny when the detail will likely reveal something different; ie ‘the devil is in the detail’, we are on our guard before we even begin to interpret the chart.

We can interact with the detail as we progress with the enquiry though generating bi-wheels (method).  We commence with the horoscope of the missing person, viewing from the perspective of this time we have selected, 3am.  We do not have a time that Vicki actually left, or met with her demise and so we view through a nominated event time.


3am-VickiProkopovitzThe inner wheel is the same as the first chart above with the outer wheel being the natal horoscope for Vicki Prokopovitz.  There is not a great number of planets generating tension, or rather that Vicki is not overly reactive; in a panic.

These planets would have been in similar positions all night and so we can generalise that this is a constant ‘given’ for their positions.  Only the transiting Moon will have moved; at most, a couple of degrees and the houses of course will have been different during the night, so we elect to ignore their input.

  • tr Venus (pink in the inner wheel) square natal Venus – money is certainly on the agenda; money and family.  PLUS
  • tr Moon (blue in the inner wheel) square natal Venus – the need for money raises an emotive reaction.  Is the money brought up as Curly’s spending his money on that other Venusian symbol; another woman?
  • tr Uranus opposite natal mid-range Moon – intensification of awareness of personal needs  PLUS
  •  tr Uranus quindecile natal Saturn (self-control) – obsessionally needing to maintain self-control.  This can also indicate a separation considered to maintain self-control as an individual entity.
  • tr Jupiter (green) square natal Sun – inflation of personal wants; desire to put self first i.e. deserves to be rewarded; she is his ‘wife’.

Vicki’s Mean apogee/Black Moon Lilith; the weakest point in her natal chart in my opinion, is conjunct the asteroid Cupido#763 at 28°Virgo revealing – the romantic. She’d be a soft touch, seeing the best in everyone most likely with those ‘rose-tinted glasses’ that she views the world through. Did she think to remove them on this night?

This chart is not giving me any indication that Vicki Prokopovitz went walkabout and certainly not a chart of a potential suicide.  I have a distinct feeling that all is not right in ‘Denmark’…  I mean Wisconsin.

I am certainly not going to fall into the trap of dismissing this case as just another missing woman.  We need to look into the astrology of those around her.  I return to the family for further information.

…continues  Part 2

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