Augie Vogeler

AugieVogelerThis 21 year-old was given the name of August Kirby Caleb Vogeler by his parents, however friends called him ‘Augie’.  When his body was recovered  a month following his disappearance, it appeared that he had been moved more than twice following his death.

Someone obviously didn’t want it to be known where he had died.  That and a second person whom wanted his body to lie in hallowed ground, not lie in the trash where he had originally been dumped.

This suggests to me that he at least didn’t die alone, which is some compensation, however it doesn’t supply answers for those whom loved him. We have been asked to make a forensic astrology enquiry into his death.  If we can bring any enlightenment, we will.

Forensic astrology is a pseudo science and can only be considered to be opinion.  We allow the heavens to have their input by interpreting interplanetary tension between the transiting planets at a given point in time together with the natal chart of a victim.

August Kirby Caleb Vogeler had a mouthful of a name; friends called him Augie. Californian by birth and Texan by life experience, Augie was born on 19th June 1990.  He was last seen in San Antonio at 4pm 1st February 2012.  That is our event time.

An autopsy on his body suggested his death as having occurred on 29th February and that date is inscribed as that of his passing, however we can view his death through our lens, particularly so as we have a clock-time to work with.

Our first chart is his nativity; natal horoscope.  Even though we are not privy to his time of birth we can view the chart in a general sense particularly as we do not know anything about this 21 year-old; his life, or the circumstances of his death; or any aftermath of the event.

We seek out weaknesses due to planetary placements at the time of his birth; anything that may enlighten circumstances that may have led to his demise. The house placements and angles cannot be interpreted without a time of birth.  Natal Moon is mid-range (noon).

August Vogelerclick on chart for full size

This chart is a variance on our usual method as we have elected to include some asteroids with our computer software layout. Don’t ask me, why I’ve prepared an ‘aspect with asteroids’ chart on this occasion. You get a feel for this line of work that leads to us following our intuition/gut instinct.

When we look at the aspects under tension, the first thing that attracts us is the Lunar nodal axis forming a square when we include asteroid Vesta and asteroid Juno on the date of his birth.

  • Vesta is at 6°Taurus and Taurus is ruled by Venus so think in terms of ‘vestal virgins’
  • Juno is at 9°Scorpio. Juno is about one’s preferences in a partner and Scorpio is about sex so ‘hot in the bedroom’ would be his preference.

Vestal virgins and hot sex = an oxymoron.  So let’s put that together with a Lunar nodal axis and we have a ‘boxed-in’ aspect for this young man in relation to sexual performance.  From this, I can suggest that at the least we have a homosexual young male, whom probably has even more complicated issues in relation to his sexuality. The Vesta aspect may even indicate a potential trans-sexual on this occasion; a girl in a boy’s body.  Whatever his preferences, there is considerable conflict in his sexuality.

His natal Mars in 14°Aries square to Neptune, indicates a strong need for subterfuge of his maleness/lack-of, together with a likely dose of addictive substances to support the quandary, or as Deb suggests ‘a bit rough’.

We have barely scratched the surface and we are already thinking, ‘Where is the asteroid Ganymede in this chart?’  The ancient Greeks were big on male homosexuality and Ganymede (the myth) is the archetypal beautiful young human male in Greco/Roman mythology. The asteroid Ganymede #1036 is at 29:45°Gemini conjunct his natal Sun.  Is anyone surprised?  I doubt it.

  • Sun (orange) quindecile Neptune (turquoise) – obsession with hiding his true self.
  • Saturn quindecile Lunar South Node – self-control in public is hinted at, however this is the South node so we know that this is a karmic situation.
  • Venus (pink) quindecile Juno – likely supporting the trans-sexual theory
  • Jupiter (green) is exact conjunct Chiron – indicating those open wounds of excess; possibly drug abuse as well, when we consider these aspects together.
  • Venus (pink) is conjunct the fixed star Algol – this does not bode well either as it brings in the Greek myth of Perseus killing the gorgon, Medusa.  Symbolically – losing one’s head.

The next chart takes us to interpretation of a bi-wheel (method) pulling together the natal chart with a specific point in time.

events-vogelerWe know that Augie’s last known sighting was at 4pm on 1st February 2012 so we can generate a bi-wheel from the 4pm perspective. We can also generate a bi-wheel for the official date of death as per the autopsy.  It will add to the story and hopefully give us some finality.

We have three house cusps in the mix immediately with natal Jupiter (green) at the ascendant and Lunar nodal axis at the 2-8th house cusps. His demise is already set when he went out that afternoon. I would even go so far as to say that the ‘drama queen’ said he was going to kill himself, however he would have likely pulled this stunt before and no-one believed him.

  • Jupiter conjunct ascendant – inflated sense of self
  • Lunar nodal axis conjunct 8th house cusp (death and transformation) – bodes a traumatic death ahead particular so because…
  • natal Mercury (yellow) is in conjunction as well – ‘he said so’ (Mercury represents communication)
  • tr Saturn quindecile natal Mars – grim reaper activated;  likely obsession with death
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Uranus – tremendous intensification of ego awareness

The second bi-wheel brings the asteroid Ganymede from Augie’s natal chart into our interpretation.  When he was born, the position of Ganymede in the heavens was 29:45°Gemini conjunct his Sun.  We then learn that on the official date of his death transiting Mercury (communication) was off-sided. It is appropriate that this date is honored. Augie Vogeler’s voice was not to be heard again.

The rest of the aspects in this second chart add to the story, however I leave that for others to interpret if they wish. Let your troubled soul rest in peace, Augie.

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5 thoughts on “Augie Vogeler”

  1. Are you indicating that he did take his own life? Strange about him having been moved twice if that is what happened.

  2. His intention was to take his life when he left home, Jane. As to how his demise unfolded, I for one, don’t really need to know. A lot can happen in four weeks as we know, so our chart cannot be considered ‘eventful’.

    Also, our event chart is far removed from when he officially died, so all I can really say is that he achieved what he wanted. 🙂

  3. Hi, this link was sent to me by someone who came across it. Augie and I were extremely close and as you can imagine, the lack of any sufficient answers about the majority of things surrounding his disappearance and death is extremely difficult to wrap my head around, much less accept for what it is and begin to move forward and heal. There are many theories people have come up with to explain his death. i found this interesting and also the fact that he was cared about by so many and we all need to come to some sort of conclusion that would make sense in order to begin that long road of healing. First off Id like to say thank you to whoever took the time to do this. I would love to know who you are and speak with you more regarding Augie. I am his sister. Also, Im not sure how greatly the day he died affects the results of this but i would imagine it would have a huge affect. I can tell you he did not die on Feb. 29th. Thats just the day he was found. Ive done an extensive amount of investigating and research into finding out the truth about Augie and Ive gathered alot of info in all areas. Respectfully speaking, I strongly believe that Augie didnt kill himself. However because we still havent uncovered the truth, I cant rule it out 100%. Either way, If you would like to talk more, I would love to hear from you. feel free to email me and we can go from there.
    Also, I want to let you know how amazing it feels to come across things like this, or basically just to know that he was loved and cared about by many who still think about him all the time and are trying to find ways to keep his memory alive, honor him, and search for truth and answers. As his sister, it really touches my heart because its so easy to think that everyone has just forgotten him. 🙂 so thank you. [edited personal info]

  4. Lovo, I thank you for your input and feedback, however I prefer not to involve myself with families as the emotional involvement would impair my ability to remain detached from cases.

    I would then be no use to anyone further. Peace be with you; in time.


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