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Crystal Dawn Morrison, 31, was last seen on August 23, 2012 shortly after she called an elderly friend at 12:41pm to pick her up from her customer services job at Connexions in Concord, North Carolina; saying she felt sick. We learned that Crystal had ‘loaned’ her car and cellphone to her boyfriend; that he had dropped her off at work for a noon start.

MAP-CrystalMorrisonBut before the friend (not the boyfriend) arrived to collect her 20 minutes later, Crystal had left on her own and on foot apparently without telling anyone in the office that she was leaving.

A co-worker later told police they had seen Crystal at about 1:00pm, walking on the road leading away from their workplace, though where she may have been headed remained unclear. We learned that she wasn’t in regular walking shoes, but high heels.

Two years later a ten year-old boy is still unable to come to terms with the fact that his mother is gone and without saying goodbye. Crystal remains missing.

We embark on an astrology enquiry notifying our readers that astrology is a pseudo science, is not accepted in a court of law and must be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism.

1241-ConcordNCclick on charts for full size

Electing to use the timed event of the phone call as it was logged by her employer; 12:41pm, we have our event time.

The first chart gives us the atmosphere at the time she called her friend to come get her.  Note the square aspect in red; boxed in. This is not the time to be negotiating with anyone.

The ‘box’ is made up of the Sun, Neptune and Lunar Nodal axis.  That alone tells us a story; Crystal’s looking for a way out.

  • Sun (orange) is at zero degrees 00° Virgo in 10th house (career) – raw, gritty energy indicating bickering at work.
  • Neptune 01° Pisces in 4th house (home) – raw energy, likely addictive substances at home (does Crystal’s homelife involve drug use?)
  • Lunar Nodal axis in 1st-7th house axis (personal and private relationship with live-in boyfriend) – a traumatic event involving Crystal and her boyfriend will likely be our outcome, however we keep an open mind.

Note: Four of the house cusps are at 22°.  That, together with four cosmic bodies at zero degrees does not bode well for a positive outcome for anything that went down in Concord, NC at 12:41pm on 23rd August 2012.

  • Lunar south node is quindecile the ascendant – karma is waiting to be fulfilled: NOW.
  • Moon (blue) just past the ascendant square Mercury (yellow) – personal needs are on the agenda – making a phone call to come get ME.
  • Uranus square Pluto – overturning the status quo; eg walking away from her job.

Our first bi-wheel (method) is from the perspective of the event nominated and the outer wheel is the natal horoscope for Crystal Dawn Morrison (married name Prentice) born 5 May 1981; birth time unknown so mid-range moon is used. Crystal also has two natal planets at 22° – Venus and Pluto. That is not propitious.

However the most dangerous aspect shared with us, is natal Mercury (yellow in the outer wheel) exact conjunct the fixed star, Algol at 24°Taurus. I.e. the Greco/Roman myth where Perseus cuts off the gorgon Medusa’s head. So apart from the likelihood that Crystal loses her head and says things (Mercury) off the top of her head, given the circumstances, she will likely meet with a violent death.

1241-CrystalMorrisonFrom this bi-wheel we can see that a considerable amount of compulsive emotive response is present.  Far too much to be reacting to someone bickering at work.

She appears to be highly erratic. Neptune is not featuring strongly in this chart, however we have to ask if there is a mental aberration as a result of abuse by addictive substances.  That and there is likely trouble in her relationship with her partner.  Crystal is totally focused on herself and her personal needs; ME.  Her child does not come into the equation in this bi-wheel.

  • Natal Sun/Mercury midpoint = Descendant – thinking about new ways to get out of her current situation.
  • tr Mercury ( yellow in the inner wheel) square natal Sun – phone call to her friend to come get ME.
  • tr Jupiter (green) quindecile natal Uranus – inflating the compulsive action and sudden change by leaving on foot without waiting for her ride; an irresponsible act.
  • tr Mars quindecile natal Sun – compulsive act; temperamental action
  • tr Lunar node quindecile natal Sun – out into the world.

We just know that this is not going to end well, however her chart does not give us a locator angle, or direction to follow.  The most we can do now is check her boyfriend’s chart.

Her partner is Matthew Philip Moller born 10 June 1976; birth time unknown so mid-range moon is used.  I have a very nice mug-shot in front of me for this male; booked in Cabarrus County, NC in July 2014. Well, well, well – we are not surprised, are we. Charge is ‘Possessing methamphetamine’; $100,000 bond. That’s a dealer in my text-book. Then there is another charge the previous year – 17 March 2013; ‘Possession of stolen goods’.

So it’s not much of a stretch for us to get ahead of ourselves and consider that he possibly took control of Crystal’s car and phone that morning as collateral in a drug deal – transiting Mars is square natal Saturn.  If he did, Crystal would have known that she wouldn’t see them again.

12-41-MattMollerThis bi-wheel is also from the perspective of 12:41pm that afternoon and has all the focus onto the 11th house (friends and enemies).  With natal Pluto present we can expect he is presenting himself in the ‘power’ position.

We have the subtlety of the midpoints involving him and HIS needs. It sure looks like a ‘power trip’ to me. However in relation to the disappearance of Crystal, we look to the angles first.

  • Natal Jupiter/Lunar South node = descendant – his unpleasantness of character certainly features in her disappearance in a karmic way; that together with transiting Moon in opposition highlighting his selfishness.
  • tr Sun/Moon = natal Pluto – I am macho man  PLUS
  • tr Mercury/Lunar node = Pluto – meeting with others PLUS
  • tr Mercury conjunct Mars – making plans; scheming
  • tr Mars square Saturn – will I, or won’t I. This is also a dangerous aspect in forensic astrology as a loss of self-control
  • tr Mars conjunct Uranus – intense self-awareness urge to take action
  • tr Sun/Pluto – Uranus – rebellion; sudden changes in ego awareness; power shifts.
  • tr Lunar node conjunct mid-range Moon (blue) – needing succor from others as a result of Crystal’s disappearance

There will be those among us whom will ask for my opinion in relation to this astrology result.  I can only follow my experience and instincts.  We know that neither person has a bright future and likely not have good parenting skills.

As to whether Matthew Moller is responsible for the disappearance of Crystal, I cannot unequivocally say that he is, as both persons appear to be totally focused on themselves and their own needs on this date.  We know that he is currently incarcerated in jail and so I leave others to ponder as to what happened to Crystal Morrison.

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2 thoughts on “Crystal Morrison”

  1. Did I read this right, did she die a violent death but we don’t know if her boyfriend is the cause. Great work!

  2. Debbie. Apologies for any confusion. From the astrology, I don’t know when Crystal died or even if she is still alive today. The natal chart (birth horoscope) indicates her future, however the date that she was last seen is inconclusive as to whether that was the date that she died, or even that Matthew Moller was responsible for her disappearance.

    LE at least put him away this year, on other charges…


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