Kayelyn Louder

On a cold and rainy November morning in Salt Lake City, more than 170 volunteers; family and friends wore ponchos and hand warmers as they canvased and searched a one-mile radius in Murray, Utah. GPS technology guided their route in their hope of finding clues that would lead to the discovery of 30 year-old Kayelyn Louder. Kiki had been missing for too many weeks. Their search came up empty.

We were asked to help less than a week ago and so we open our toolkit.  Forensic astrology is a pseudo science and as such can only be considered to be in the realm of opinion.  We ask that all whom read this enquiry do so with a healthy dose of skepticism.

  • KayelynLouderMissing person:  Kayelyn ‘Kiki’ Louder
  • DOB: 21 January 1984
  • Disappearance:  CCTV 5:47pm and sighting reported at the same address around 7pm, 27 September 2014
  • Location: Willows Condominiums, 5518 Willow Lane, Murray, Salt Lake City, Utah

I’m familiar with her Sun-Moon mix and so I can share that her recent behaviour as reported in the media is certainly very out of character for an Aquarian Sun with a Virgo Moon. Natal Sun in Aquarius has the planetary ruler as Uranus and the Moon in Virgo ruling planet is Mercury. That gives us a mix of intellect and communication; a normally rational and reasoned person.

With forensic astrology we look for weaknesses in an astrology horoscope and we can see immediately that the natal (birth) planetary layout is weighted to one side; off-balanced. There are also three major influences at zero degrees; 00°.  This is indicative that the energy is raw therefore somewhat inexperienced, even immature in a character development, to the extent of appearing hyper-active – OTT.

Kayelyn has her natal Sun at 00°Aquarius and then there is a further potentially disharmonious aspect – an exact conjunction; 00°Capricorn Jupiter (inflation) and 00°Capricorn Neptune (fantasy).  This latter pair can be a fantastic asset for a creative and artistic mind, however it also identifies the risk of illusion/delusion when under tension.

547-Louderclick on charts for full size

Our first bi-wheel (method) is generated at 5:47pm and we can immediately see that natal Uranus is exact at the midheaven together with natal Lunar South Node creating the buzz that generates erratic behaviour and sudden changes in a character.  This is the beginning of a karmic event.

We can also see that the transiting planets are all on the same side of the wheel as the natal chart – everything is off-balanced.   It is in the upper hemisphere of the chart and so it is not based on early childhood behaviour, or life experiences.  This is innate behaviour in the character due to nature, rather than nurture.

  • tr Jupiter (green) is inflating the very nature of Kayelyn quindecile her Sun (orange) in the 12th house of the mind – generating obsessive agitation.  PLUS
  • tr Jupiter square natal Saturn in 8th house of death and transformation – inflating the lack of self-control plus the forensic indications   PLUS
  • tr Moon (blue) conjunct natal Saturn – emotional event of a driving need to take one’s life.  Note this also gives us our locator angle for finding her.  She’s not hiding from us.  Speaking from the other side, she wants to be found.
  • tr Sun (orange in the inner wheel) is the date on the calendar square natal Mercury (yellow) – Mercury identifies communication Kayelyn is in communication with her demons.   PLUS the reverse.
  • tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Sun – She just wants the voices to stop.

This bi-wheel (method) has been generated from the perspective of 7pm on the same evening. The wheel has rotated, as has the earth, together with the clock on our wall.

7pm-LouderWhat is now at the mid-heaven is that natal Jupiter-Neptune exact conjunction at 00°Capricorn.  The text-book interpretation of this position is that of the visionary; the potential for all kinds of self-indulgence.

We can certainly suggest that Kiki is likely to be experiencing a delusional episode at this time; a psychotic break. The tension as interpreted above in the first bi-wheel remains in place. Natal Venus has crossed the midheaven and entered the 9th house of higher consciousness.  If I might suggest – a meeting with her higher self/inner guide, or even possibly, an angel.

Celestial Navigation:

In astrology, north is at the bottom of the page, whereas our maps of the land have north at the top, so we flip the astrology charts vertically to prepare for celestial navigation – astrology and cartography in communication.

We identified the locator angle from the first bi-wheel as being the transiting Moon conjunct natal Saturn.  We then have our directional arrows from the two charts as per this image.

locators-LouderNote:  we then flip the charts vertically as per this image. Click on image for full size.

The most southerly arrow/locator angle has been generated from the 5:47pm event and the second arrow/locator angle is slightly more easterly at 7pm (due to the rotation of the earth over the time).

Generating a map from Google Maps, we have the address where Kayelyn left from, so we then superimpose both of our charts – centered over the point of departure.

So the closer to 7pm that Kayelyn left, the further east from the 5:47pm locator angle she will have met with her demise.  If it was after 7pm, then the angle is just a tad more easterly from the 7pm line.

Please note that the area that she may have met her demise can be anywhere from the center of the circle of the chart (the apartments) outwards.  Hopefully this will narrow the search area for her friends and family to find some evidence.

Remember she is barefooted and it is raining, so will not have travelled far. We cannot offer good news.  DO NOT lose sight of the fact that is is a directional locator angle and does NOT identify ‘x’ marks the spot where she will be found.

We leave our enquiry in the hands of the searchers.  I am sorry that we cannot offer good news.  God speed the recovery efforts.

2nd December update:  The remains found in the Jordan River are those of Kayelyn; it would appear that she was swept far from where she met with her demise by the fast flowing waters.  I apologise if I have sent anyone off in the wrong direction.  Our map has been removed out of respect for those left behind whom love her. We do not wish to cause distress.

Astrology notes: From the astrology there are NO indicators that Kiki consciously intended to kill herself, or commit suicide.  IMO, she wanted to stop the voices that she was experiencing; a psychotic break.  Kiki would have been ‘out-of-her-mind’ at the time and did what she felt that she had to do, to end the paranoia.

I ALWAYS call that ‘death by misadventure’ as it is NOT a reasoned suicide.  No matter what is reported; it was not preemptive.  The astrology does NOT indicate that anyone else was involved in her demise.

For those whom need to know and want to check the astrology…

  • Recovery of Kayelyn is at – 3300S 1200W (#171 bridge over the Jordan River).
  • Locator angle to Condo F, 5500 Willow Lane intersects the 7pm bi-wheel and natal Saturn – indicating (according to astrology) that it was a few minutes before 7pm when she likely met with her demise.
  • The angle continues on through to intersect with the corner of Willow Lane and Tonalea Drive. When I check this on Google satellite there are railings on the side of the road/bridge over Little Cottonwood Creek.

If anyone is local, I would appreciate if they would contemplate at that corner for us, wishing Kayelyn peace and an invitation to return home. Thank you and God bless.

RIP Kiki.

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15 thoughts on “Kayelyn Louder”

  1. When you wrote Godspeed with recovery and not good news, does this mean she may not be alive? I am hoping I am understanding this incorrectly. Thank you.

  2. Mountain Misst did say at the beginning: ‘Forensic astrology is a pseudo science and as such can only be considered to be in the realm of opinion. We ask that all whom read this enquiry do so with a healthy dose of skepticism.’

    I hope that Kayelyn will be found, I’m sure she will.

  3. I have Jan. 24th,1984 as her birthday, with her Sun at 3 degrees AQ instead of 00 deg.- and her natal Jupiter at the critical 1 degree Capricorn. (plus about 9 minutes) depending on where exactly she was born. Other than this, I agree, she came to some harm near or on the 27th of September this year.

  4. Now with the 0
    degree Aquarius Sun, we can see when she was born the vitality of the Sun sign was harmed by the square to Mars, and square to Pluto. The important ruler of her Sun, Saturn (from the older days) is vital to her overall health and vitality in life and here it is at birth semi-square to Jupiter which MM mentioned rightly so, was quite critical at the 0-1 degree of the Cardinal sign Capricorn in which Jupiter finds it’s “Fall” (Ptolemy’s debilities) Saturn, (the Sun’s older ruler) is also semi-square to Neptune and is quincunx the NN. All of these vitality markers gave her a natal promise which we see today once the proper direction or catalyst comes about via transits and/or progressions.

  5. Kayelyn had a twin. He is currently in prison, although I don’t know what for (Webslueths info)…She was found about 6 miles from a prison but I don’t know that he is housed there anyway. I was simply thinking of the natal chart and propensity for trouble and if true then it seems both of them found trouble in life, and hers of course the worse of it. People on her facebook believe it was a murder and the roommate was involved making up the whole story about no one bursting in the condo. I doubt that was the case however. Why did she recently lose her job (if anyone knows?)

  6. Hey whoever wrote this Im very intrigued about this and have some questions about something I experienced and was hoping for some answers. Can you please email me? Thanks


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