Anne Josette Hill Pt.2

continuation from Pt.1.

Annie Jo was just sixteen… From all accounts there was no apparent reason for a voluntary missing situation in Edmond, Oklahoma and yet that’s what we were faced with when we first started this enquiry back in April. Friday night 10:21pm, 11th April 2014, Anne Josette Hill exchanged texts with her mother, rang a friend 30 minutes later, then it becomes vague as to what happened next.  What we do know is that her mother never heard from her daughter again.

AnneHillWith no suspects identified and Annie Jo’s social media peer group putting up a wall of silence, we were on alert. Our suspicions that the teens knew something was confirmed when there was a flurry of ‘awol teen’ reports among parents of Annie Jo’s social group.

So many of these teens are minors, we elected to identify the females as ‘Pink A,B,C’ and males as ‘Blue A,B,C’ in our enquiry in the background until one of our minors returned to face the music.

11April2014From the beginning we knew that we were in for trouble with the transiting Sun at 22°Aries, plus Saturn at 22°Scorpio as well as the midpoint for the Neptune-Venus (turquoise-pink) conjunction/Mercury (yellow) = 22°Pisces.  Fire and water does not mix let alone the Serbian warning that 22° of anything is dangerous for all human life.

Transiting Venus conjunct Neptune in the heavens on this April night is symbolic of and very much tied up with drugs and peer groups; money and subterfuge.  That is part of the symbolic meaning for these planets; Venus – money and peer groups and Pisces drugs and subterfuge.  The conjunction of these two planets in the heavens brings this symbolism to a head as the energies merge and become inseparable.  Both planets are at 6° Pisces (Neptune’s realm) and in the 3rd house of communication, plus they are at the IC (lowest point of the day) of the chart when Annie Jo was last heard from.

We knew we were not likely to receive good news.  It took one of the teens to turn themselves in for their part in the crime.  So for the rest of this enquiry we will only include those whom we can name – i.e. have arrest and/or conviction records. There was so much mischief going on I’d love to share, however with the hope that the remainder of this group get mentoring, I’ll respect their space.  But first a little background of the apartment where Annie Jo was partying that night.

The primary resident of the apartment had been arrested that afternoon.  Reginald Joseph Raymond III, a 23 year-old was taken into custody and booked for armed robbery ADW and drug trafficking; 16 charges in all according to the 2pm OCPD booking sheet; the exact same date that Annie Jo disappeared, 11th April, 2014 and so we know that he cannot be directly responsible for anything that might have happened to our missing teen.

It doesn’t take much to realise that those around him would have been rattled by the day’s events and Annie Jo would have known that she was keeping bad company, however Neptune had cast it’s shadowy net already.

Our cast of characters extends to include Reginald Raymond’s 18 year-old brother, Zachary Devereaux aka Zachary Raymond whom has an outstanding arrest warrant in Arkansas, according to media.  Plus he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in January 2014 and again on 8th April in relation to his brother’s crime above.

The charge three days before the disappearance of AnnieJo was for concealing stolen property, however this 18 year-old was not under lock and key on 11th April and it is alleged that he was possibly in AnnieJo’s company at one stage during the evening. Whether he was still with her at 11pm is not known.

Devereaux-Raymondclick on image for full size

We reproduce both bi-wheels here in relation to the timed event of 11pm on the night of 11th April 2014. Firstly Zac Devereaux‘ natal chart reveals a mid-range Moon (we don’t have birth time) at the top of the chart.  Born with a Saturn retrograde opposite natal Moon, this young man is seriously in need of male mentoring before he totally ruins his life; learning self-control a priority.

His current problems are very much bound up in this Saturn retrograde phenomenon. Can a mentor not be found?  Please, let the courts order that this be so.

  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) – Venus (pink) conjunct natal Saturn (red) at the IC and opposite natal Moon (blue) – a driving need to hold a modicum of authority in relation to these illegal activities of his brother. I.e. It’s not too big a step to suggest that he’s following the lead of big brother.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) quindecile natal Jupiter – an inflated sense of ego on this date among friends and peers; he was out on bail – cock-a-hoop.
  • Transiting Sun square natal Neptune and Uranus in the outer wheel – self-opinionated sense of self-worth
  • Transiting Saturn in 12th house creates a midpoint Pluto-Lunar nodal axis – on the cusp of the end of relationships.

His chart remained of interest as we continued with our enquiry.  I have to comment that this teenager is sailing dangerously close to a sorry end no matter what the outcome of our enquiry.

1051-ChadRaymondThe next brother is sixteen year-old Chad Raymond, a chart with troubling aspects at the angles.  As we do not have this teenager’s time of birth, we cannot call the natal Moon being at the descent as a primary indicator, however it is in range of mirroring his ascendant highlighting personal needs and so we shall include the aspect in this interpretation. He was the last known male to be with AnnieJo.

We also must note that this male has natal Mars conjunct South Node which is usually an indication that he will bring about his own downfall.

  • Natal Moon conjunct Descendant, mirroring the Ascendant (self) – this teen is looking out for himself as his primary concern.
  • Natal Mars at the IC conjunct the 4th house and also opposite transiting Moon – this is a very dangerous FA indicator of actions being taken by this male teenager that could have dire consequences.
  • Transiting Venus-Neptune conjunct natal Mars – we suggest that he is likely heavily under the influence of addictive substances
  • Transiting Moon (blue) conjunct Lunar nodal axis – he is out in public/likely involved in a traumatic situation
  • Transiting Moon quindecile natal Jupiter (green) – an inflated emotional outpouring likely
  • Transiting Mars square natal Venus in 2nd house – is often indicative of a strong sexual drive, however being in the 2nd house this can also be tied up with money and self-value.  This aspect requires further consideration as it appears to be particularly sinister.
  • Transiting Saturn opposite natal Moon – self control needed – another very troubling aspect in forensic astrology.

1051-ChloeThomasChanging genders we have seventeen year-old Chloe Thomas.  Chloe was the girlfriend of Reggie Raymond whom had been arrested in the afternoon of 11th April.  She was known to be in the company of Annie Jo when they went to the Raymond apartment late in the evening to ‘party’. With her boyfriend arrested that same day her aim was likely to get pretty-well wasted.  Annie-Jo was along for the ride; well out of her depth.

Chloe Thomas also has the Saturn retrograde phenomenon in her natal horoscope. With natal Saturn opposite her Sun-Mercury conjunction, this tells us that this is a young woman whom likely ‘mouths-off’ far too much to cover up for her emotional insecurities.

Note: This teenager is sadly lacking in the knowledge needed of adult male-female relationship behaviour. Knowledge of boundaries and self-control have not become learned behaviour in her young life. She probably shouted-down anyone whom endeavoured to teach her.

  • Transiting Mars (red) in the 11th house is that big mouth among friends; seeking authority amongst her peers.
  • Transiting Venus-Mercury is square natal Mars – likely imbibing addictive substances
  • Transiting Sun (orange) is mirroring that Sun-Mercury conjunction highlighting that out of control mouth.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) quindecile natal Neptune – over-indulging in addictive substances
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Moon – highlighting her highly emotive state

Just fifteen minutes before 11pm on 11th April 2014 the fixed star Algol (where we can lose our heads) was at the descendant allowing the 7th house to contain the zodiac of Gemini; the twins. This is suggestive that Annie Jo had left the company she was in earlier with someone whom is not whom they appear to be; a friend whom is not a true friend, Chloe Thomas.  From the astrology, we are assured nothing good happened once that event was set in motion.

Following Annie Jo’s disappearance in April, Chad Raymond returned to high school as if nothing had happened and Chloe Thomas went awol, as did another couple of teens.  It wasn’t until six months later, on Friday 10th October, that Chloe Thomas turned herself in to LE and confessed to what went down.

Apparently Chad had strangled Annie Jo and together they disposed of her body and moved her car to lay a false trail.  Following Chloe’s statement, Chad Raymond was arrested at his home and both were charged with the murder of Anne Josette Hill the following day. We also believe that the pair were so wasted at the time of their crime that they have not been able to identify where Annie Jo’s remains are to be located and to date, the body is not yet recovered.

The most we can offer now, is a possible opportunity to locate Anne Josette with the aid of forensic astrology, however we implore that those who read this enquiry remain skeptical for astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted as a traditional method of finding a missing person.

AnnieJo-trioclick on chart for full size

When we put all three bi-wheels side by side we have the common denominator pointing to what we hope will be the recovery of Annie Jo’s remains.  Note the lower right-hand side of each chart.  I’ve highlighted the red arrow of the aspect in common to all three charts; victim and perpetrators.

MAP2-AnnieHillclick on map for full size

When we follow our practice of cartography i.e. astrology and the map of the land communicating (method) we have an angle to work with.  If you look at this map we have a red line extending onto the map in a NE direction. This is an indication of the direction to follow in an effort to recover her remains and bring her home to her family.

We are not able to say exactly where she could be located for a couple of reasons.  We do not know the exact time that Anne Josette Hill was killed.  We have generated this angle from the perspective of 11pm.  Depending on whether her murder was before, or after this time, will determine which way to move the angle.  We can be sure that the general direction will likely be accurate.  We are unfortunately not able to determine the distance from Fink Park.


Chad Raymond did a plea deal and gave up the location of Annie’s remains in April 2015.

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