Connor Trapatsos

  • Who: Connor Trapatsos DOB 25 January 1997Connormissing
  • What: Missing
  • When: 10am, 15th October 2014
  • Where: Brubacher Hall, College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York
  • Why: It’s usually based on an unfulfilled desire – either someone else’s, or their own.  As to which one, a forensic astrology enquiry can attempt to provide an answer.

Please note that astrology is a pseudo science; is not accepted in any court of law and is best read with a skeptic hat firmly planted on one’s head.  We follow the interpretation of classic texts and use computer software to generate our charts from information available on the public record.

We undertake this forensic astrology enquiry on 12th November 2014 knowing that Connor originates from Fairport, New York and so we generate his natal chart accordingly with an unknown birth time so mid-range used (noon).  There are three planets orbiting in the heavens on 15th October 2014 that are at 22degrees. As the Serbian astrologers would say – this is not a ‘good news’ day…

  • Sun – 22°Libra
  • Saturn – 22°Scorpio
  • Mars – 22°Sagittarius

There is one other pattern in the heavens that is of significance to us and that is Venus conjunct the Lunar nodal axis.  This should be a day for a romantic meeting although with those 22 degrees in the mix, I’d plump more for dangerous liaisons. Let’s hope we’re not in for a teenage Shakespearean tragedy.

Media reports are that an attempt to lay a false trail was laid by Connor – catching a bus to Crossgates Common before changing his clothes and catching another bus, supposedly heading back into Albany.  From experience this sounds somewhat paranoid, or at the least melodramatic.  If the former were the case, we would expect Neptune and Uranus to be playing a large part in the planetary tension.

10am-Trapatsosclick on chart for full size

Staying with the time of 10am as being when Connor left Brubacher Hall, we generate our first bi-wheel.  The outer wheel is the teenager’s natal horoscope.

The transiting Sun is not under any tension and so the date on the calendar is not particularly relevant; not identifying something prearranged.  This is more of a case about timing (Saturn) – transiting Saturn is at the cusp of the ascendant.

Connor has natal Mars opposite Saturn – likely runs hot and cold on passions, with lots of ups and downs in life. Fear of failure is probably high on his agenda although he would mask that with his Leo Moon. The Leo Moon gives us someone whom would be rather dramatic, needing attention; recognition.  We can understand why people thought he was perhaps just being melodramatic; doing a disappearing act and would turn up in his own time.

  • Transiting Moon (blue) is driving the action; the desire for emotional security; self-worth on this occasion.
  • With natal Venus (pink) on the opposite side of the chart from the transiting Moon, we have an extreme of sensitivities; peer pressure intersected by transiting Pluto; dis-empowering those senses.
  • tr Pluto is also conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) – feeling that his input is not valued
  • tr Moon is also quindecile natal Uranus – obsessively/compulsively over emotional with an impulse to fulfill personal needs. Likely mentally unstable.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis (plus conjunct Venus) square natal Venus – possible tragic melodrama
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Pluto – loss of frame of reality; delusional.  He is likely experiencing a psychotic episode.

His possible romantic liaison may appear delusional to us, however very real to Connor.  We note also that there is also an internal struggle within his peer group for acceptance.

230-TrapatsosThere was a later sighting of Connor at interchange 22 on the I87 south of Albany in the area of Selkirk.  By this time the transiting Moon has progressed to exact – 22°Cancer.  We can generate a new chart at this point as it appears particularly revealing with all this transiting line-up at 22 degrees.

  • natal Mercury/Jupiter = ascendant – acceptance of spiritual thoughts. His journey is completed.

Our attempt at generating a locator angle for a possible location of Connor’s body has proved fruitless on this occasion.  He will likely be recovered on the natal Mars-Saturn line, however we have no obvious transit to create the tension.

  • As a postscript….

We have one further chart to interpret and that is of a female teen back in Fairport.  Reproduced as an example of a chart to study, the intensity of reaction to a traumatic event is obvious and tells a story of it’s own.  The same perspective as above with the natal chart for Julia Scott as the outer wheel.

10am-JuliaScottSun conjunct Mercury usually gives us someone whom is pretty vocal; often-times likes the sound of their own voice and when we see this conjunction in the zodiac of Cancer, security would be motivating their contribution to the fear for the loss of a member of their peer group.

  • Natal mid-range Moon (blue in the outer wheel) conjunct IC – putting personal needs aside
  • tr Pluto quindecile natal Venus (pink). Venus represents the peer group on this occasion and in the 8th house – likely endeavouring to ‘rally the troops’ to search for Connor.
  • tr Saturn square natal Jupiter – this reveals that the teen’s ego is inflated by the possible death; likely emotionally OTT and possibly unstable.  She would need counseling, if available once the news of his recovery is announced.
  • tr Sun-Venus-Lunar node are all grouped together  opposite natal Saturn – making demands on her self-control.  That’s far too much pressure for a teen to take on-board.   PLUS
  • tr Moon square natal Saturn – I reiterate – this girl needs psychological support – certainly prior to Connor being located.  If there is not a positive outcome and I doubt there will be in this case, she would be particularly vulnerable.

A week later we hear of a body of a male person being recovered from under a railway bridge not far from where Connor was last seen. According to the astrology results, the remains can be expected to be identified as being those of our missing teen – death by misadventure.

PS: Autopsy confirmation – RIP Connor.

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