Hannah Graham

We started what appeared to be a straight-forward enquiry of a missing college girl in Virginia, USA. A sighting of her was caught on CCTV in downtown Charlottesville, together with what appeared to be a male stalker. What we didn’t know at the time was that this was going to be a case that would open the files of many years of unsolved cases in Virginia.

To start at the beginning…

HannahMissing 18 year old University of Virginia student Hannah Elizabeth GRAHAM was born in the UK 25th February 1996 (time unknown)  Her family relocated to Alexandria, Virginia, USA in 2001.  Hannah was aged 5.

Astrology Note:  This information allows us to suggest a possible rectified time of birth of 10:20pm GMT.  We have calculated this time from knowledge of the relocation to the US at the age of 5 years; together with ‘solar-arc’ astrology theory as per Noel Tyl’s method of calculation.  This will suffice for our exercise here, although we won’t rely on exact placement of the Moon for our interpretation. 

That said, the information available in the media gave us enough to undertake an enquiry.  We began this forensic astrology case on 14th September, 2014.

  • Birth data of Hannah Elizabeth Graham – 25 February 1996, UK
  • Our event – CCTV sighting – 1:08am, 13th September, 2014 at 319 E Main Street, Charlottesville

The Sun-Moon mix of character:

Note: Hannah could be a late Taurus or very early Gemini Moon.  Due to what I’ve read in the media of her behaviour and actions, I would suggest that her Moon is likely early Gemini, which takes her to an evening birth confirming our rectification as being reasonable.

With a natal Sun in Pisces and a Gemini Moon we have the personality – the wants and needs of an individual; Hannah Graham.  The Pisces symbol features the fish swimming in opposite directions, while the twins of Gemini are looking in two different directions. Both symbolise the variable nature of this pairing; the tendency to go off in different directions.  She may feel one way, while logic tells her to go another way. Variable, adaptable, changeable and always a bit indecisive, Hannah would appear to be the chameleon; fitting in wherever she is and whatever company she is in.  Pisces Suns are usually easy going.

Strangely, this personality and Sun-Moon mix can alternate between the expression of flexibility and stubbornness; yielding when she would need to be firm and hold her ground when discretion would be wiser than valor. One moment she would be sure of want she wanted; the next moment changing her mind even though she may have already committed herself to the first plan. That’s the telling one story to one group of friends that she was going home and a different to another group that she was off to another party.  It’s not that she lied.  What happened was that time had passed and she had changed her mind.

What must be learned by individuals with this Sun-Moon mix, is that they would be best served by not talking until their mind is made up, but the quickness of mental activity by Gemini gets in the road.  This changeability is a good thing that she would adapt very quickly to changing circumstances, however it appears to have led her astray on this occasion.  Well she is only eighteen after all…

108-HannahGrahamclick on chart for full size

Creating a bi-wheel from the perspective of the last sighting at 1:08am in a mall; downtown Charlottesville, plus the outer wheel – the natal chart for Hannah Graham, we can interpret the planetary tension in the chart at the time of this last video record of her night out.

The first impression is that Hannah is out and about and not aware of any danger; natal Pluto is in the 5th house of entertainment and not apparently under any tension.  However it is natal Saturn that is the focus of this chart.

We also immediately note the closeness in the natal chart of natal Venus and South Node – karmic lessons to learn in relation to stubborness and not letting go in relationships. Has this teenager met up with someone whom she already knows and that she should not be seen with?  This is about ‘you are judged by the company you keep, girl’.

Cusp of the 8th house has to be considered in a missing person case where foul play is suspected. The 8th house represents death and/or transformation of a situation.  The 8th house cusp is at 29°Capricorn (Saturn x 2).  This does not augur well.  This cusp is also the midpoint of natal Uranus/Neptune – amorphous states evident (alcohol or drug induced?)

Uranus/Neptune = Saturn – there is a clash between ambitions and projections; generally a loss of confidence and lack of clarity in projecting boundaries.  Note: This is backed up by the transiting of the same two planets in the inner wheel (Uranus and Neptune) creating a midpoint to Hannah’s natal Saturn at 25°Pisces.  Her control of her life-force; the situation, is under high tension.

  • What is also jumping through the computer screen is that the transiting Lunar nodal axis is also at this point in the chart 19°Aries/Libra axis – trauma in a public place
  • tr Moon (blue) square natal Mercury in 8th house – need to talk herself out of a situation.
  • tr Venus (pink) opposite natal Mars in 9th house – Desdemona and Othello symbolism (see asteroids)
  • tr Sun (orange) opposite natal Saturn – date on the calendar identifies the timing of the grim reaper’s likely presence.
  • Lunar nodal conjunct Lunar node plus natal Venus (pink) – as interpreted earlier
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter (green) in 7th house of relationships with significant other – inflated sense of power; overly optimistic.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) conjunct natal Sun – subterfuge/addictive substances affecting the personality.


  • Hygiea #10 is at 9°Cancer conjunct the ascendant.  We all know that Hygiea is associated with health and hygiene in her role of the Greek myths (link).  This is suggestive that we have a connection to someone in the medical/health field.  Was this a field of study that Hannah was interested in?  Had she met up with one of her academic peers?
  • Desdemona #666 is at 9°Virgo is conjunct transiting Venus and opposite Hannah’s natal Mars. We know that Desdemona eloped with Othello and so this may suggest that Hannah initially left with Othello willingly. Being in the 3rd house of communication, at least confirms the discussion of leaving together having taken place.

JesseMatthewFollowing CCTV evidence and further enquiries with local venues, LE had a person of interest – 32 year-old Jesse Leroy Matthew and issued a search warrant for his premises at Hessian Hills Way, Charlottesville.  Jesse Leroy Matthew was born on 14th December 1981.

We have generated a bi-wheel from the same perspective as above and use his natal chart as the outer wheel.  This is a man with Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Leo; hence the orange-coloured car and the dread-locks; both leonine symbols. A Leo Moon is always roaring – look at me; give me recognition..

108-LJMatthewclick on charts for full size

  • tr Sun square natal Sun – he’s out and about giving the ego a boost; on display.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Saturn – out in public although in a lonely position.
  • tr Venus/Lunar node = natal Mars in 4th house – sexual flirtation (eg let me take you home)
  • tr Sun/Saturn = natal Saturn – ditto; although this is a dangerous move when under an FA microscope
  • tr Saturn/Uranus = natal Venus (pink) – tensions in his romantic life off-again-on again.  Is that why he is hitting on Hannah?

Initially, following this interpretation, I did not consider Jesse Matthew to be responsible for the disappearance of Hannah Graham.  Had I misjudged the situation?  We have to consider that he could be inured to the emotional reaction of carrying out an abduction IF he has a previous, however there is nothing on record; no criminal record of any violence in his history.

  • Jesse Matthew was charged on 24th September 2014 with abduction of Hannah Graham with intention to defile.

If this man is indeed responsible for the demise of Hannah, then judging by the lack of emotion expressed in the chart above, this is likely not to be the first time he would have been down this road of abduction and possible murder.  We must look to his character, as per his natal horoscope.

  • Does he have a personality that reveals a lack of emotive expression?  It doesn’t seem so when he is out and about – according to all SM reports he is quite chatty.  That’s the Sun and Mercury in close company in his natal chart. A weakness for lying is evident by this conjunction as well.
  • Neptune is tucked in there between those two planets (Sun-Mercury).  I would suggest that perhaps a little ‘dutch courage’ provides this ability for social interaction.  Neptune is far too strong in this chart for addictive substances to be excluded from the discussion; drugs or alcohol.
  • The ominous 22 degrees is present – both his Sun and Lunar nodal axis.  This does not bode well for a happy life.  The 22° (Capricorn) brings Saturn into the picture – self-control or lack of self-control – both sides of the coin come into play.
  • Another point of weakness in the natal chart is Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter – Pluto is the midpoint of the outer two planets providing a dramatic thrust of self; need to be in control of a situation.
  • Mars is peregrineunpredicable behaviour; potentially dangerous, depending on planetary tension at any given time.
  • If we consider potential wounds he carries from childhood, natal Saturn is not Rx so that makes a welcome change and Chiron is at a tad under 19°Taurus.

Arrest-MatthewFelony arrest of Jesse Matthew:

This chart is generated at the time that Jesse Matthew was taken into custody – 3:30pm 24th Sept 2014; location – Bolivar Peninsular, Texas. He had done a runner from Virginia and was apprehended in Texas.

The arrest does not appear to have been overly traumatic apart from the Lunar nodal axis at the horizon.  He would have gone quietly.

  • tr Venus square that personality glitch Mercury-Neptune. The lack of emotive reaction is quite bizarre… unless of course there is a history…

After extensive searches both officially and unofficially, on 18th October Hannah’s remains were found on an abandoned farm south of Charlottesville; off the Old Lynchburg Road. She can now be laid to rest and her family live with their grief.  RIP Hannah.

However what followed as result of the abduction and murder of Hannah Graham has been the revelation of Jesse Matthew’s sexual assault history while at two universities, neither of which were on the official record. The net was cast wider to check other cases… Law enforcement now had Matthew’s DNA.

Along with the sleuthing community, we began our own enquiry of further cases that could possibly be attributed to this man. Just today we have official confirmation that there is a match in Fairfax.

Building an FA profile of Jesse Leroy Matthew as a potential serial killer

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