Sabrina Allen

On 1st October 2014, a warrant was issued in Travis County, Texas for the arrest of Dara Marie Llorens; Aggravated Kidnapping – 1st degree felony. She had been arrested the previous day in Mexico after twelve years of moving from place to place in the desperate attempt to keep custody of her child.

Her daughter Sabrina Fair Allen was still only three years-old at the time when Dara’s marriage to Gregory Allen was finally dissolved in December 2000. The courts, in their infinite wisdom, had given sole managing conservation to the child’s father Gregory Allen following the couple’s divorce.

On Friday 19th April 2002 Sabrina was collected for a weekend with her mom, however Dara Llorens did not return Sabrina to her father on the Sunday evening and he appeared to be destined to never see his daughter, or ex-wife, again. This is where the heavens pressed the pause button; the silence was deafening.

As we enter this forensic astrology enquiry; a pseudo science, our first concern as astrologers is for the safety of the child and so before we get too far into this case, we generate bi-wheels (method) to check on her safety and the parent’s statements.  We use classic astrology texts for interpretation and computer software to generate charts.  Names and dates come from the public record.

  • Sabrina Fair Allen was born in Austin, Texas 30th May 1997.  As the time is not known – mid-range Moon is used for our charts.  Click on charts for full size.

#1 The first bi-wheel is at noon on the date of her visitation (actual time unknown).abduction-SabrinaAllen-duo  Sabrina had been living primarily with her father for more than a year. This was to be a weekend with her mom.

If this case were happening in real-time; an amber alert, we would need to quickly assess the emotive reaction of the child; look for forensic indicators.

The indicators are present in the child’s chart, however the grim reaper (Saturn) is not active in the heavens – transiting Saturn is not in tension with any natal planets.  We have no initial fear that she has been killed.

  • tr Sun (orange) in the inner wheel square natal Neptune (turquoise) – indicates the intention was abduction at the time she was collected by her mom.  Note the Sun in the inner wheel represents the date on the calendar and natal Neptune; the subterfuge.
  • tr Venus (pink) square natal Jupiter (green) – suggestive of the excitement by the child by the upcoming visit. (Jupiter inflates what it touches)  Was the child looking forward to spending time with young relatives perhaps?
  • tr Mars opposite natal Pluto – PLUS
  • tr Nodal axis quindecile natal Pluto – these are the worriesome tension aspects as the child has no power over what was to unfold.  There is distress present.
  • tr Moon (blue) square natal Saturn – Saturn likely represents the father in this position and the emotional reaction to their separation.

#2 The second bi-wheel is at the time that the child was due to be returned to her father on the Sunday evening, 6pm 21st April 2002.

Sabrina is now almost 5 years-old so she has some independence of spirit and her chart will reflect this.  Again the transiting Moon is in tension; this time with Jupiter.  She is distressed – a generalised stress likely picked up intuitively from her mother, however not deeply traumatised at this time of 6pm on the Sunday evening.  She had been much more emotive in anticipation of being handed over for the weekend on the Friday.

  • tr North node quindecile natal Pluto adds compulsive, obsessive need for the closeness of relationships.  We have no factual knowledge of what her mom has told her as to why she was not to go back to her father. Sabrina may very well be reacting/afraid that her mother will abandon her.

The next step we must take is to check the tension in the charts of both parents in order to corroborate that this is in fact what happened that Sunday night and not something completely different; or sinister.

  • Sabrina’s mother is Dara Marie Llorens born Fayetteville, NC 19th January 1970.  Again we use a mid-range Moon as time is unknown.

These bi-wheels are calculated from the perspective of  6pm on the Sunday evening when Sabrina was due to be returned.  It will reveal both parents’ emotive reaction to the event of the non return of Sabrina.  Chart #1 of the duo of charts below:

We scan the forensic indicators and note Uranus is featuring strongly along with the Moon  – likely indicating unstable mental activity at this time in Sabrina’s mother.  This is to be expected, considering the desperation action she has undertaken by not returning Sabrina to her father. Transiting Saturn is also raising a red flag for use to note.

We know that Sabrina’s chart is okay for this time period and so the tension is internal for Dara Llorens.  If the grim reaper is whispering in her ear (and he is) then it would likely be self-harm she was considering; if cornered.

6pm-Allenparents-duoThe focus of a point in time is identified by the transiting Sun/Moon midpoint – where their tension meets.  On this occasion it is conjunct the mid-range natal Moon of Sabrina’s mother; Dara Lloren’s personal driving needs.

Her needs come above everything else. When we consider how the following 12 years unfolded, her natal Moon is likely cusp Cancer with security being her uppermost concern.

  • tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal Saturn in 7th house – date on the calendar event in relation to the public relationship/ex-husband PLUS
  • tr Sun opposite natal Jupiter – this is the personal Jupiter receiving the tension so Sabrina’s mother is inflating her self-worth by her control (Saturn) of the relationship; i.e. taking control of their asset (the child).   This non-return of her daughter appears to be more initially about revenge (Scorpio Jupiter) and money (Taurus Saturn) than the child; Sabrina.
  • tr Saturn (grim reaper) is square the Lunar nodal axis – forensic indicator of trauma in a public place.  We do not know where Sabrina and her mother actually were at 6pm that Sunday night, so we are unable to interpret this actual event.
  • tr Jupiter square natal Uranus – inflated tension on the sudden changes in behaviour in this woman; highly erratic.
  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Lunar South Node in 12th house/hidden away – obsession with the need to hide the child leads to meetings with unusual people that pays off.

Gregory Allen was born on 30th October 1968. This man has a Scorpio Sun and Pisces Moon; both water signs.  He has the ego to resist anything becoming stagnant and the drive to go to great depths for his needs. With natal Mars exact conjunct Pluto in Virgo this man was not going to miss any detail in the search for his missing child.

#2 of the duo (from the perspective of 6pm on the Sunday evening):

  • The trigger is the ascendant at 6°Libra – midpoint of natal Mars-Pluto and Mercury (yellow); communication – he would keep the word out there for as long as it took.
  • tr Venus (pink) opposite natal Neptune – identifies the female abductor
  • tr Mars square natal mid-range Moon (blue) – PLUS
  • tr Moon quindecile natal mid-range Moon – strong drive to fulfill needs
  • tr Saturn opposite natal Venus – likely awareness of the threat of the grim reaper
  • tr Jupiter square Lunar nodal axis – inflated traumatic event

It is not for us as astrologers to make comment on which is better for the child, to be returned to her father after 12 years in Mexico, or that she perhaps would have been better off staying with her mother in-hiding.

What we can do, is interpret the emotive reaction in the astrology horoscope of the child with the aid of solar arc progression theory together with an observation of  the transits at the time of her return to the US.  It may appease some of our personal concerns.

SabrinaAllen-SolarArcThis bi-wheel has the inner wheel as the natal chart for Sabrina Allen and the outer chart shows her solar arc progression to the date when she returned to the US in 2014.  We do not have a birth time and so the houses and angles cannot be taken into consideration.

We could attempt a rectification with natal Pluto arc-ing to the ascendant indicating a sharp cut, however I don’t see the point for our FA exercise.  We leave that to other students.

  • SA Sun now conjunct natal Venus (pink) –  accelerated development towards independence; a birthing of the ‘new Sabrina’  PLUS
  • SA Sun now square natal Lunar nodal axis – thrust into the public arena; the public will invariably take sides (squaring)
  • SA Jupiter (green) now square natal Sun (orange) – inflated sense of self will be challenging
  • SA Neptune (turquoise) now square natal Mercury (yellow) – thinking about what to feel; baby steps into communication with others
  • SA Mars (red) now quindecile Lunar South Node (plus natal Moon) – overly compulsive action in relation to getting to know others; finding her feet with her father and family will be a struggle. It’s a long road to recovery.

1Oct2014-SabrinaAllenThe next bi-wheel is from the perspective of Sabrina’s return to the US with a snapshot of the heavens over Texas; transiting on 1st October, 2014.  We have elected to use noon, as is our want to do.  the outer wheel is the natal chart for Sabrina Allen.

The chart is quite strong and lacks a fearful emotive response.  That is good news for Sabrina’s character.  Perhaps she was born in the evening and is more of an Aries Moon-child; self-reliant.  A nice match with that Gemini Sun.

The only three natal planets reacting under the tension in the heavens on the date her mother was arrested are Sun (ego wants), Mercury (voice) and Saturn (control) :

  • tr Mars opposite natal Sun – projecting the personality (ego) onto the stage of life as an autonomous being.
  • tr Jupiter square natal Mercury – inflated need to communicate is tentative.
  • tr Venus quindecile natal Saturn – Venus represents the family (her peer group for now). PLUS
  • tr Mercury quindecile natal Saturn – see note.

SabrinaAllenNote: All Sabrina’s actions have likely been controlled by her mother in the intervening years to the extent that there is now a vacuum in her life.  Fears will naturally arise within Sabrina that her father (also symbolised by Saturn) will replace that control over her.

We trust he treads carefully and the teenager receives all the psychological assistance needed.

Her current photo at the time of her return to the US gives us all hope that she will achieve her goals in life.   Sabrina has a long road ahead before she gains full autonomy.  We wish her the very best in life and can only wonder what an amazing story she will have to tell her grandchildren.

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