Almaz Gebremedhin

Almaz Wondimagen Gebremedhin has been described as the perfect wife and mother by her husband. Caught on her neighbour’s security camera as she left for work early one morning in Wylie, Texas, 42 year-old Almaz and her Chevrolet Ventura minivan have not been seen since.

Almaz, a nursing assistant at Garnet Hill Rehabilitation and Skilled Care, left behind her husband and mother plus a 10year-old son and 8year-old daughter. All are totally at a loss as to what might have happened to her.

wylie_txInitially we were provided with an incorrect event time of the neighbour’s video recording by the media which didn’t help things, however it adds to the story of what the heavens have to say about what might have happened to Almaz.

Please note that astrology is a pseudo-science and can only be taken as opinion.  However we remain within the guidelines of classic texts for interpretation and use computer software to generate our charts.

We might be three-weeks behind, however we can now generate more accurate charts as a result of the delay.  Almaz left home at approximately (according to Wylie Police Department) 5:30am on 2nd October, 2014.  She had a three mile drive to work, however she didn’t arrive…

We generate two charts for our enquiry.  The first is a snapshot of the heavens at 5:30am that morning and the second is a bi-wheel (method) from the same perspective, however with the natal chart for Almaz added as the outer wheel in order to reveal the tension between planets.

Chart #1 reveals the Sun-Moon blend of energies; focus for the day – Libran Sun and Capricorn Moon. The tendencies of these two signs are contradictory to one another as Libra is outgoing and unrestrained, while Capricorn; the great taskmaster, is restrictive and shows a good deal of seriousness. When the two are combined, there is a lesser tendency to direct oneself outwardly and a greater inclination toward self-discipline.

  • That, together with Virgo at the ascendant reveals a planned departure rather than a random decision.
  • Mars is at the cusp of the IC, leaving home and opposite the career house – she left dressed for work in her scrubs.
  • 8th house cusp 11°Aries is foreboding – a possible suicide.

Note:  In numerology terms, the numbers 11 and 22 are considered master numbers.  When we view this point of view through the lens of forensic astrology, we are in agreement with the Serbian astrologers – we have ‘mastery’  i.e. 11= mastery of the ability to take one’s life (suicide) and 22 = mastery of the ability to kill or be killed.  That is why these degrees of 11 and 22 are so ominous when we are viewing a victim or perpetrator’s charts.

Also in the heavens above that morning, when we view through our particular lens:

  • Sun (orange) square Pluto – blanket over a hand-grenade (threat of explosive action)
  • Sun opposite Uranus – an act of rebellion
  • Moon (blue) square Lunar nodal axis – emotional and traumatic situation in a public place likely.
  • Sun/Moon midpoint is at 28°Scorpio conjunct natal asteroid Vesta #4the focus is on ‘keeping the home fires burning’.
  • Sun/Jupiter = Ascendant – enthusiasm to get things happening; on a mission
  • Asteroid Chiron #2060 is at the Descendant – personal psychological wounds to be addressed.

AlmazGebremedhinAlmaz’ natal Sun-Moon blend reveals a somewhat contradictory and confusing woman. The Moon placement suggests that she is sensitive, easily hurt and sometimes very resentful. The Sun, conversely reveals a leaning towards being stubborn although avoiding conflict at all costs. She would rely on diplomacy, making it a little unclear to others exactly where she stood, or what she was thinking. Self-assurance that may seem strong in her nature, is really only skin deep. I doubt anyone even realised that she was in psychological crisis.

Also with this natal mid-range Moon (noon used) for this 17th May 1972 birth date we know that there are nurturing issues and driving needs to be worked through with karma in this lifetime. This leads us to seek out her natal Chiron (wounds) – 15°Aries as we generate the second chart; a bi-wheel.

Chart #2  Note that the astrology planetary symbol for rebellion is Uranus.  That is why Uranus always features strongly in charts where a suicide is present. This is what separates an accidental death from a suicide in FA charts; the rebellion.  We can have an accidental death as a result of rebellious attitude, however a suicide will feature Uranus as the dominant tension in a chart.  We have this here with this bi-wheel.

  • tr Uranus (in 8th house of death and transformation) is conjunct natal Chiron – healing of wounds   PLUS
  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Pluto – obsessed with personal powerlessness  PLUS
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Uranus – instability of personal value; questioning oneself
  • tr Sun (orange) square natal Jupiter –  position in the family highlighted to the extreme
  • tr Moon square natal Uranus – emotion driving need for rebellion
  • tr Venus square Mars-Venus – question in relation to fitting-in with peer group.

There is much more that could be addressed in this chart in relation to the roles of a wife, a mother and a daughter plus the human endeavour to be Super Woman; all things to all people (including in her job probably).

Note:  As a result of this new bi-wheel (above), we have been unable to provide a reliable locator angle to follow.


2Oct2014-GebremedhinWe originally generated a chart at 5am providing a bi-wheel as a basis for our enquiry.  This bi-wheel reveals the same interplanetary tension as 5:30am, however the angles and houses came into play in a major way.

We were able to make suggestions to those on the ground; suggestions that may have proved useful in a search as we had strong indicators in the astrology (not clear in the 5:30am chart).

  • Saturn is usually a body locator and so we flipped the chart (method) and called a southerly direction as a likely locator angle, plus due to the fact that natal Neptune was at the IC; that she may not be located easily.  Both these indicators are the norm in FA interpretation methodology.

When we view this bi-wheel now, weeks later, we can view the 5am interpretation as being in terms of being a crisis point for Almaz, the interpretation still remains relevant as being her likely intent at 5am.  Her intention was to head south and that she not be found.

If she followed her intentions, only time will tell.

Update 9th November:  Apart from learning that both times were inaccurate and that she actually left home at 5:51am…  Almaz’ body was recovered by police divers today – found in her submerged vehicle in Muddy Creek Ponds.  RIP Almaz.

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