William Tyrell

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…  All the states of Australia need to learn from the success of the US system of “Amber Alert”. As far as I know Queensland is the only state that follows the guidelines.  We have another case today where a little 3 year old boy went missing in what is considered a safe environment; a rural setting in New South Wales.

His grandfather died earlier this year and his grandmother needed someone to care for her in the house, so William’s family had travelled from their home in Sydney to stay with her.  William’s grandmother is an active and well-liked member of the tight-knit Kendall community. She had recently been in hospital. 

We begin this enquiry at AEST 11am, 13th October 2014.  It has been one month since this little boy disappeared.  A month, 30 long days later…

WilliamTyrell 10:30am or shortly thereafter, William disappeared from his grandmother’s home in Beneroon Drive, Kendall, NSW on 12th September 2014.  Initially it was thought that he had wandered off into bushland, as he was not familiar with the environment.

Searchers have not been able to find him and now there are those reaching out for help providing us with his birth date – 26th June 2011.  It would be good if we could get his time of birth, but that is unlikely.  We will work with what we’ve got and see what the heavens and three year-old William can tell us.

We generate an astrology  bi-wheel (method) – a snapshot in time of the planets orbiting above at the time of his disappearance and put his natal horoscope beside it to see what tension is in the charts.  This is an effective method that has been accurate many, many times.

Scanning the heavens we look for the asteroids that would identify a predator – Nessus and Phaethon – a vehicle used in an abduction.  They are present; creating obvious tension, so immediately we can confirm that William was likely abducted by a predator in a vehicle.

  • Nessus #3180 is transiting in the heavens at 28°Aquarius on 12th September 2014   – exact conjunct the IC; cusp of the 4th house – home
  • Phaethon #3200 is transiting in the heavens at 23°Gemini on 12th September 2014  – exact conjunct natal Lunar South Node in William’s horoscope
  • Hygeia #10 – conjunct the cusp of the 8th house 9°Cancer on 12th September – death and transformation

An hour later we were able to give feedback.  We knew immediately that, with natal Neptune (turquoise) exact the angle/IC searchers would be stymied.  Neptune at the angle is not a fortuitous indication of finding a missing person quickly; if at all.

With the Lunar nodal axis close to the horizon this tells us several things. Apart from a traumatic situation in a public place, someone has likely slipped the noose of suspicion and not received the attention that they should have in the beginning of the enquiry. I mean no direct criticism by that; more as a nudge to re-check perhaps.

We endeavour to interpret what is in the heavens, without judgement. However, it would appear that the situation and/or persons of interest have been underestimated by those in authority. Astrology is a pseudo science and can only taken as opinion.  Please be aware that a forensic astrology enquiry is not accepted evidence in any Australian court.

When we turn to other transiting asteroids, Nansenia #853 (Nan Senior/grandmother) is exact conjunct William Tyrell’s natal Saturn; 10°Libra. Someone has likely learned of the visit through the grandmother; resident at Beneroon Drive. She may not have even realised it at the time, or was overhead telling someone else of the impending visit.

I mean, what Nan doesn’t share the news of an impending visit by relatives.  With the asteroid Hygeia #10 in the mix (hygiene), I would suggest that if this was the case, then the connection to the predator was possibly in a medical situation, or something similar – related to hygiene.

event-Tyrellclick on image for full size

For those familiar with this blog, you will know from this bi-wheel that we do not have good news; that there is a lot of impulsive, obsessional activity in this bi-wheel. This is not the chart of a child whom has just wandered off.  He is hyper-active.

We also DO NOT have a clear locator angle to share that will help us in locating the boy, plus natal Saturn at 10°Libra (11th house) is NOT under tension to help us in this regard either.  This is not an opportunistic snatch off the street.  We are in a small town and in a dead-end street.  Apart from the residential addresses, there are just bush tracks into the scrub.

Someone was likely watching and waiting.  Would an an off-road vehicle be needed to spirit away this little chap?

A profiler would suggest that a possible abductor would have local connections; within a radius of 20kms (12miles). From what I can see in the charts there is a lot of feminine symbolism. Does this mystery person of interest have a cross-gender conflict?

  • tr Sun/Moon midpoint tells us the focus of the chart.  The midpoint is exact conjunct the cusp of the 8th house; 10°Cancer.  The 8th house is symbolic of death and transformation.

The symbol for a child in forensic astrology is Mercury (yellow).  William has a Sun in Cancer and Moon in either late Aries, or early Taurus. I’ve used a mid-range Moon for the chart (noon). An Aries Moon unfortunately indicates a precociousness; an assertive personality with a need to put self-interests-first.

William would be a fire and water mix with this combination and we all know that fire and water don’t mix well – let alone taking into consideration a demanding 3 year-old’s compulsive drives.  The following is the tension that William experienced according to the planets in orbit in the heavens on that fateful day.

  • tr Sun/Mercury conjunct cusp 11th house at 01°Libra. – new to the community
  • tr Sun square Venus (pink) – at odds with a female. Was he arguing with his sister?
  • tr Sun quindecile natal Uranus   PLUS
  • tr Lunar north node quindecile natal Uranus in 5th house – attraction to an unusual individual; driven by the need for popularity.
  • tr Mercury square natal Mercury – communication needs intensified
  • tr Lunar north node also quindecile natal Jupiter (green) – inflating the above
  • tr Mercury quindecile tr Moon and also natal mid-range Moon – being new to the community, the child is likely experiencing the need to make friends and communicated openly, which under different circumstances he might not have done.  He has likely been told not to talk to strangers… but that ‘me first’ Aries Moon would overrule.
  • tr Saturn quindecile natal Mars PLUS
  • tr Saturn quindecile natal mid-range Moon – caught in the middle between his needs and his actions – need for friends and play, won.
  • tr Pluto/Uranus midpoint = natal Neptune – sympathetic understanding of others (don’t tell me it’s the lost puppy routine that pedaphiles seem to like using)
  • tr Pluto/Uranus midpoint = IC cusp of 4th house – lured away from home

21st January 2015 – update:

I have failed in our attempt to locate this missing child with astrology.  In hindsight it may have been wiser if we were to decline to indicate a possible direction when we didn’t have a clear locator angle.  That, or he was moved following death.  From experience we have learned that when a body is moved, we are not able to use our method of location.

NSWPOL believe that William was abducted and taken elsewhere.  A search is in progress of a property in Bonny Hills and hopefully his family will know the result soon.

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72 thoughts on “William Tyrell”

  1. This is indeed a very sad situation. Given the fact of where the house is located it does indeed indicate that someone knew the boy would be visiting. A person was mentioned as having been asking directions to their street. Maybe someone got an address from hospital records??

  2. Maybe they need good Detectves who are not so close to the family. They should at least be charged with neglect and gaoled.

  3. A Psychic Detective by the name of Debbie Malone from Sydney … has worked on cases with the police . Lets hope that the parents that are his loving Foster parents
    from the time he was a baby will give permission -along with the police for someone
    like Debbie Malone (psychic detective ) to help . It may help and it may not but I have heard that they can be good and they have to be experienced in the above.

  4. This is very serious information..which could help in finding this baby boy…i’d really like to know if this info has been turned over to “Task Force”Does anyone on this sight reply to questions? If your going to post such information that could be very harmful and hurtful to family members..Don’t you think they and the police should know about this first? Have you informed the family or others of your information..?

  5. Don’t you think you should ask someone first before accusing them of not passing on information to police? For what it is worth, I got my information from a news report: “Police are still investigating a number of tips, including reports that a ‘well-dressed, well-spoken’ man stopped at a local shop on Friday morning to ask directions to Batar Creek Road, which leads to Benaroon Drive where William was last seen.”

  6. Nobody will say it out loud.. and I think it needs to be said.

    I feel the family had something to do with it.

    An accident?

    I’m not judging, it’s just a strong, niggling feeling, that won’t go away.

    I Pray he is found – safe… but a sinking feeling tells me otherwise.

  7. Now that a person of interest has been named in regards to Williams disappearance, I can’t help but wonder if the hygiene factor you mentioned could allude to washing machine repairs rather than a medical environment. Will you be doing more work on this case as more information comes to light? X

  8. I definitely would put a washing machine repairman in the “hygiene” category, Tracey. If we can get a birth date of any possible perpetrator, I will certainly continue with the case.

  9. It sure does if we can pick up her age in one of the articles, Kerrie. Thank you. Husband is 63 so if she’s also born in 1951 then NSWPOL are certainly pressing the right buttons – i.e. am getting a reaction in the astrology charts.

  10. Look him up on Ancestry.com – Do you think it’s coindidence that all his generations are also named William? Is he related to the child?

  11. I get the worst feeling from this man – looking at his photo. Not psychic per se, but highly intuitive and I feel ill looking at him. My stomach is in knots and I am nauseous. I’ve always felt the perpetrator commented on the ‘missing’ FB page and that a blue car was involved.

  12. Very interesting. I did some looking up myself and very creepy. It is best not to say too much more at this point when the police are so close. We are dealing with some very clever and dangerous people here that need to be taken off the streets. The horoscope analysis is very good. Keep up the good work.

  13. I think the police know some of these things already. They knew what they were doing. The problem is they have to have rock solid evidence. People who snatch children are very good at what they do and are often part of a circle of people who know each other. I think we all would agree that creepy people often fall under the radar because they spear very ordinary or in someway deflect suspicion with alter personas. I think the police are getting very close.

  14. I’ve just saw someone posted a link to say the POI apparently was having a coffee at the time William went missing in a town 10ks away and has proof he paid by credit card

  15. Unfortunately, upon checking his fb page, his wife had also been in hospital a few weeks previously (alarms bells went off here), knee reconstruction I think and strangely there was no activity on his page for 2 weeks after posting about William the day after his disappearance :/

  16. He is not a suspect the police said but his property may be linked and there might be persons who had access to those properties . The North Coast is known for its pedophile rings. Someone knew the boy was at the grandma’s house as it does not seem likely it was opportunistic. In small country towns everyone knows everyone and Laurieton is a place things easily fall under the radar given it is mostly coastal with retirees living there. It was the properties that were of interest and linkages the police are investigating.

  17. The POI has not given an accurate account of his where about at the time of the
    incident.there were inconsistencies in what the POI had told police.People he named said they did not remember seeing him on that day .I feel the above astrology is very good ! I see that the Grandmother 4 days before when Mr Spedding was at her place to give a quote …had casually mentioned that her daughter and children would be visiting etc etc on the Friday . I am quite psychic and I always sensed that the criminal was a local to Kendall and Laurieton and surrounding areas.
    I always see two men and a woman involved . I saw he and his wife interviewed on the news tonight and his body and facial expressions …very odd to say the least.!He wiped away an imaginary tear as well. The task force should take note of the Astrology and get that Psychic Detective Debbie Malone …she is the real deal and is very experienced and not a drama queen .

  18. This man of interest thought he had the best cover because of his being a tradesman at the house ! He could enter and leave without to much suspicion,he had the chance to take what he could and he knew it . I sense his wife knows deep down more then she will ever admit .The psychology of this type of wife that turns
    a blind eye to her husbands aberration is in all the psych books. I can see that he being a Pawn man with only mattresses and computer …very weird and I am sure
    something else he is doing undercover for the 2 yrs they have lived in this area.
    He does not add up !!!

  19. Yes I to heard his alibi had inconsistencies !! His Face book entries are to weird .
    May be – maybe not …we all have to wait and see ! If they are not guilty then
    maybe they will sue for defamation !!
    The police and detectives must know something and of course they won’t disclose at the moment . I agree with Sally but we must wait and see as they could be innocent to.

  20. HI There, Am wonder if you had received William Tyrell’s birth date? If so, did it provide any further info?

  21. Sazza – the enquiry is based on William Tyrell’s birth date together with the date of his abduction. That’s how a bi-wheel works. The interpretation is the tension between these two dates.

  22. I just wonder could the man be somehow related to Williams biological family…as no one knows anything about them.

  23. Regarding the cross gender conflict mentioned in this blog, the POI appears to have a son named “Christine”. I personally don’t feel that the POI is involved, but I think that he is linked without being aware. Just my two cents.

  24. Just wondering if you have done a chart for the Wife and William? I keep reading over what you’ve written and I agree with All the things youve said. It all makes sense somehow..but I just have this feeling to keep going in this direction and check the wife’s profile.

  25. Hi,

    I agree with Mae’s comments regarding the wife of Wiliam Spedding & the possible connection to William’s bio family.
    I think a chart for Margaret Spedding would be very interesting indeed.

    Regarding “Christine” this is the POI daughter…

  26. Well team I can’t pluck someone’s birth date out of the air, unfortunately. Astrology is not a psychic phenomenon. If you want me to do a chart – find the birth dates and I’ll be happy to generate the charts.

  27. Oh I didn’t see the ‘sex’ listed on FB, I’ve just assumed based on name.
    I also thought the POI had listed s/he as daughter but can’t find this reference now.
    Check the comments under POI wheel page RE Christine.
    Very interesting!!!

  28. Sorry I thought someone else mentioned her birthday that’s why I just mentioned it. No worries il keep my opinion to myself now.

  29. Ah, someone was on to the Christine thing already. I just noticed the POI wheel. Very fascinating, the astrology. The info is depressing though 😦 There is not one psychic or astrologist I’ve read online who has anything encouraging to say about this case, and most of what I’ve read has been accurate so far. I’m preparing myself for the worst.

  30. I had read that the family’s visit to the grandmother’s house was a SURPRISE visit, so how could the grandmother have mentioned it 4 days earlier to anyone?

  31. MAE – I’m just as frustrated as everyone else that I can’t continue with the astrology. The media has reported that MS is in her 50’s. That’s as close as we have been able to get so far. 😦

  32. G’Day, I read that someone asked for directions to their street the day WIlliam went missing. This is purely speculation but what if that person is involved in his disappearance and perhaps connected to Spedding. Spedding could be involved in a pedo ring in some way. He gets a call out to fix the grandma’s washing machine and either WIlliam is there already or grandma chats, as we women do, about the impending visit (I hadn’t heard the story about the visit being a surprise). He passes this knowledge onto another member of the ring and is told it is a great place for a snatch, surrounded by bushland etc. Police went to Spedding’s after an anonymous tip. To me, there is no smoke without fire. I think it possible that Spedding knows about the disappearance but it wasn’t his hands that got dirty. Anyway, as I said, all speculation on my part.

  33. You could very well be right Ozmo. If the washing machine fixer knew that the snatch was on, that would certainly support Spedding’s busy chart for 10:30am when William was taken.

  34. Great work Astrology in Crime on William Tyrell !!
    I do hope the detectives on this case have heard about you and are taking notice.
    So far your spot on in more ways then one and well before the incidents come to air !!
    I have heard that a Celebrity psychic has offered her help to NSW police on the William Tyrell case .Please be warned… Lizzy is a celebrity psychic plus into the witch craft side of things and she is not very suitable !!
    A celebrity and her work not- is not outstanding !
    There are many Psychic Detectives that are great and are not on the huge celeb side of things and have proven results .
    They usually don’t offer and are approached ,Thank you Astrology in Crime -have a huge respect for your work and the science of what you do on such limited information .
    WAKE up Australia -you should look into this Forensic Astrology and take notice !!

  35. Have a look at Christine Speddings Art page… Ive read there was ceoncerns the POI may have gender issues. Im not sure if Christine is a daughter or sister of Bill but its all to freaky for me.

  36. I believe Christine Spedding could be the nephew of Bill and Margaret Spedding..Getting this from comments made on He/she page.

  37. Cristine Spedding is a female and is with her own Web sight about her ART.
    Cristine admits to Gender issues and if looked at -she is standing next to one of her paintings and she is looking like a male .
    She is an artist in the Northern Rivers NSW. Not that far from mid-north coast.eg Kendall ,Laurieton,etc.
    I am sure she is a daughter ,but maybe wrong and she is a niece ?
    Yes it is spooky when you see what she has said about her issues !
    I am not being mean or judging her at all.
    Very good artist though some paintings show a lot about her mental issues.
    Just google ‘Cristine Spedding Northern Rivers Artist .
    This all may be wrong and she has no connection to William Spedding .
    Someone said about her Twitter name and gave it ? Well if you go to that as above the same twitter name appears . Sure its the right Cristine Spedding related to William Spedding,

  38. In reference to Margaret Spedding showing possible knee surgery was not done in 2014 as stated in previous reports.Pictures show with dates that surgery was done in 2012 of sept…not prior to William disappearing .Can her prior name by Myers?

  39. I know this sounds strange im no professional but I truely listen to my physic intuition i have a strong feeling that there is a female involved and they have noticed this boy at either a day care or a local shops and was stalked for a few days these people may have even known this family from there Sydney location and I know that these people that took him are long gone I feel that he is alive and well and we must stop looking at if he is past away because his not but I have a feeling his in a box or small metal container this lady she has salt and pepper hair and curly I felt this feeling like she owns him like she thinks he is hers but has a male influence my thoughts are blurry but I’m focusing all my energy into this boy I pray that his family find him! I don’t know where else to write this im scared I call crime stoppers and they laugh at me but hopefully someone sees what I see

  40. I have seen a reading on another blog that mentions a strong maternal figure. Could be something in it.

  41. Now foster mum speaking says William loved visting grandma because of the freedom there. Previously they said it was a first visit. Catholic Priest friend of family also wanted his name withheld. They can name innocent POI but not this family. I think this so call foster family should be given lie detector tests. No one ever saw this child at Kendall and where did his dad have to go the same time the child was alleged to have disappeared. Their phones should have been bugged immediately. Police have conflict of interest too friendly with family.

  42. Some rather interesting developments now.. I still think it was a group of local pedophiles who knew the boy was visiting that day. The police are getting close they just need someone to talk. I hope they find out what happened.. My questions would be, what services did grandma get when she left hospital? She lives on a large property so someone must come to mow the lawn, do her shopping and possibly help with house work.

  43. Time for the childs real mother to speak out. No gag should be put on her as this child and his sister were put in the care of this family and she has every right to speak
    and say what she likes. Never known so much money or investigation in regard to a missing child or Police naming POI like they have.

  44. I’m a very over protective mother who lives not far away from where this gorgeous little man went missing, I’ve followed this case from day one and got so upset at the start that I wasn’t sleeping worrying not only over little William but also stressing over my own children and checking on them several times a night…I had to take a step back and stop reading everything on this case as it was doing my head in….Now to hear that there’s a paedophile ring in the area I am absolutely devastated and in terrible fear…..what about “all” the other children involved?? Are they relatives to the sick pedos, Are they home day care workers, local school teachers, bus drivers, police involved in the case???? Who the hell are these dirty cruel people who are more than likely walking past me in the shops??? This is so upsetting:( I’ve just found the link that led me to all of the above and it’s very interesting and I hope it leads police to discovering where William is or what has happened to him, I have always believed everything happens for a reason good & bad and when something like this happens I lose faith and think jeez how could there be any reason for something this terrible to happen…how could it possibly be in this little boys life path/journey that he was meant to be taken away?? But maybe he was taken away in order for the police and local community to discover that this paedophile ring is here right under all our noses (if we discover that is what has happened to little William)…. Maybe little William is the stepping stone to others finding their missing children also? or maybe because we are all looking for him we will discover not only him but also all the other children who are victims and they can be saved from all future harm hopefully when all the pedos are locked away…. Has anymore birthday dates been discovered or have anymore astrology charts been done at this time?

  45. I would not worry one bit if I lived in the area. I have only ever thought from day 1
    the family at Kendall know what is going on. No fence on the house leaving a young child by themselves out the front of the house allegedly and no one seems to know he was there very strange. Also the Catholic Priest wanting his name hidden. Did not upset me in the slightest only ever thought it an inside job for reasons only known to the family. Could not believe so many people went out to look. They did the same for Keisha Abrahams.

  46. I was under the impression Williams family were not the most law abiding citizens and Supt Fehon saying it had nothing to do with either family immediately he was reported missing seemed strange and the length of time before Homicide was on the scene. Never read once where they searched Grannies place or the house at Killara. Grannie seems to be one of those pests that love to run a Country town and knows everyones business. No one really knows if the child was ever at Kendall or what time he really went missing or did he go off with the father that was supposed have gone a message at the same time. It appears Police very friendly with Country family and this is a conflict of interests in my opinion.

  47. This news today is absolutely sickening. Why was he not prosecuted? The victims could be family because Margaret Spedding texted one of them yesterday after her husband’s arrest. Why would she have the phone number of someone he allegedly raped back in the 80’s if not?

  48. I did some visualization and for some reason concrete came into it. Something large like a slab. Not sure why or what its refering to. Could be something to do with a city??? could be nothing.

  49. HOW do you know its a male person? could have been a woman abductee think about quiet surroundings enticed chocolates or sweets or even superman toy.

  50. If you know anything at all about astrology Sandra, you would know the answer to that Q.
    If your comment is Scorpio energy; intending to stir the cauldron, then be careful for the cauldron may overflow and spoil your dancing shoes.

  51. I think he’s their father, which makes it disturbing if he can do it to his own children then William didn’t stand a chance IMO.


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