Christina Morris Pt.2 – on the scent

A month after the disappearance of Christina Morris, there is still no trace of what happened in Plano, Texas. From when we first started with this case in the first week of September until now, the flow of information has trickled in. See Part 1 for the background to this case.

CMMorrisThe knowledge that the content of those last texts sent to her live-in boyfriend Hunter Lee Foster, reveals that Christina appeared to have mislaid her house keys. We know that Foster was not acknowledging her texts as to whether he was at home to open the door for her should she head home.

It is 4am so we have to consider that his not replying is ‘fair enough’. Foster could well have been asleep, however the 23 year-old young woman would have been in a quandary; no doubt, distracted.

The reference to missing keys could also have been a ploy to get recognition from a self-centred partner; a reaction. We are obliged to consider other alternative scenarios of what may have happened at 4am; red herrings, or not.

  • Did Christina decide to ‘kill some time’ elsewhere until she was able to confirm that Foster was home so she could be sure that she’d get let-in to the house?
  • Did Christina’s cell-phone battery go flat after all the cell phone action leading her to seek out another phone to use; again to make sure that Foster was home before she set out for Fort Worth?

Turning our eyes heavenwards, we had discounted the aspect at the mid-heaven initially, where there were astrology indications of a professional recognition having taken place at 4am – transiting Uranus/Node = Midheaven at 17°Aries.

Surely at 4am, a seemingly coincidental meeting with someone she had crossed paths with in her job would not cut any ice with a savvy young woman. Note: Part of Christina’s job was to photograph applicants for a dating agency. Is this possibly what happened?

But before we go off chasing shadows, we must follow that initial testosterone scent; Christina’s ex-boyfriend and best mate of the boyfriend Hunter Lee Foster – Logan Prendergast.

We must reiterate here, that astrology is a pseudo science, is not accepted in a court of law and can only be considered as opinion.  We use computer software to reveal the astrology and are guided by traditional texts for the interpretation.

Aaron Logan Prendergast (Logan) born 16th March 1991 – ex boyfriend from high-school days from Allen; has also lived in Frisco.  Current address is not to hand and birth time unknown (noon used).

357-Prendergastclick on charts for full size

This young man has a Pisces Sun and a late Pisces or early Aries Moon.  I would suggest likely an Aries Moon (similar to Foster). It would appear that Christina likely has a preference for an assertive partner.

This combination of Sun and Moon produces an inner nature that differs greatly from the outer, projected personality. Its hard to strike a balance between a sense of inward peace and reactions that are quite impulsive, active and even aggressive.

With this mix there is generally a strong urge for personal advancement, fame or at least recognition, however the blend results in an individual whom may need greater confidence and inward incentives to realise their needs and desires.

It’s important for this type of person to avoid extremes in their life; understand the value of moderation and self-control. In many ways they would seem to be very assertive, competitive and determined, but in actual fact, they are not really as positive and sure of themselves as they appear. In some ways there is a good bit of bluff in the personality in an effort to support their need for independence.

Our first interpretation of his bi-wheel is that it isn’t jumping through the screen at us for attention. The hemisphere analysis is not indicating self-interest, plus natal Mars and Saturn are not in hard aspect from any of the transiting planets if we were looking for a perpetrator of a crime. However it’s not all roses either. Interpretation is needed.

  • Midpoint tr Moon (blue) = Jupiter/Lunar Node – meeting with others planned; pays off.  This midpoint is difficult to interpret, as the man could be asleep dreaming.  We have to interpret through the eyes of a possible perpetrator; in which case it could be suspicious.
  • tr Pluto quindecile natal Lunar South Node – a karmic obsession involving ethics/morals etc.  What goes around, comes around.  At this stage it is a mental process. in relation to a life-significant relationship.  Again possibly significant.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Pluto in 4th house (home/heart) – the first of the forensic indicators
  • tr Uranus square natal Neptune (turquoise) – sudden changes indicating underhandedness in the realm of ethics and morals.
  • tr Mercury (yellow) opposite natal Sun – communication of personal wants that would support the ego

We need to look deeper into this chart for synchronicities.

  • tr asteroid Cupido #763 at 21°Gemini conjunct natal Mars in 11th house – needing love accentuated (Gemini gives us a hit of a possible liar to get what he wants – in the romance dept)

Family dynamics are always interesting to me and so when I noticed that this Prendergast family appear to be following the non-traditional use of the middle name in everyday use, I explored a little further and found the following members whom also have a story to tell.

Aaron Logan Prendergast has a brother whom is up on a sexual assault charge – arrested 18th October 2013.  His last court appearance was 15th August 2014. His name is Ryan Scott Prendergast (Scott) born 16th December 1989.

357-RSPrendergastThis 24 year-old has a difficult natal chart before we even look to his bi-wheel in relation to this case of Christina Morris’ disappearance.

His mid-range Moon (noon used for calculation) is conjunct his natal Lunar South Node 17°Leo – let’s sit him down and ask about the relationship with his mother. The under-developed emotional child will have lots to tell us, I’m sure.

Another conjunction of particular interest in the natal chart is Mercury-Saturn conjunct at 13°Capricorn. That would weigh heavily on him; cold and analytical together. Natal Chiron is opposite this conjunction at 14°Cancer.

  • tr Moon (blue) in the inner wheel is the midpoint for the Moon-Lunar south node plus natal Mercury-Saturn – driving need; crisis point focus. Splitting this midpoint into individual detail…
  • tr Moon = Lunar South Node/Saturn – showing precocious maturity; qualifying for responsibility PLUS
  • tr Moon = Lunar South Node/Mercury  – emotional impact/driving needs shared
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Pluto in 4th house – primary forensic indicator PLUS
  • tr Saturn square natal Lunar nodal axis – traumatic event in a public venue involving 1-7th house axis – self and a public relationship.
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – again a strong forensic indicator this time in the 6th house of morals and ethics; subterfuge at work and likely drugs involved.

Note: There are two flags we need to raise for further interpretation at some future point, if needed.

  • The new MDMA cocktail of chemicals that the young people are taking; a replacement for E. It is known as Molly.  Asteroid Little Molly/Mollypetit #20472 was transiting on that fateful night, exact by conjunction with this young man’s natal Lunar nodal axis at 17°Aquarius in the 7th house of relationships (not the 5th house of friends) and opposite to his mid-range Moon.
  • We also note that Scott’s natal Venus (pink) is exact that 3°Aquarius we were looking for…

There is another brother to Scott and Logan whom has a rap sheet; marijuana use.  His name is Franklin Pierce Prendergast (Pierce) born 7th July 1994.  Again we have a mid-range natal Moon (noon used).

357-F.PiercePrendergastWith all those 22 degrees in this natal chart we can suggest that this 20 year-old male has an ominous future, if what the Serbian astrologers tell us is correct.

  • tr Venus (pink) square natal Lunar nodal axis is exact the cusp of 5-11 houses; friends and enemies – a get together occasion. (Note siblings would be 3-9 axis)
  • tr Saturn quindecile natal Mars in that 11th house – a primary forensic indicator, however I think he’s possibly elsewhere; up to mischief. 
  • tr Pluto opposite natal Sun in 12th house – sudden prominence lead to changes in lifestyle considered.  PLUS
  • tr Uranus square natal Sun – urge for independence
  • tr Lunar South node (karma) quindecile natal Jupiter (green) – what goes around comes around; ‘chickens are coming home to roost’.
  • tr Jupiter (green) quindecile natal Uranus – moving on the ‘greener’ pastures

From this interpretation, I would suggest that Pierce was not on the scene when Christina disappeared. He is probably living in another city. However the plot thickens…

The father of the Prendergast boys has a record for misdemeanors, so having his data available I’ve checked his chart.  It would appear that he has at least knowledge of what’s going down, or is all of this a co-incidence? We can share his input to our story. Franklin S. Prendergast born 2nd June 1961 (birth time unknown).

357-FranklinPrendergastHow often is it that when we see a number it keeps coming up everywhere.  Am I being distracted by this phenomenon with 3°Aquarius?  I’m there again with this chart. We cannot accept that this man’s natal Moon being exact at 3°Aquarius, however it will be in range of the point of interest.

What is exact is the dangerous midpoint of natal Jupiter and Saturn; excessive control.

I’ve not explored midpoints further, however we have plenty of hard aspects present to explore.  Note that natal Saturn Rx is at the descendant (note Saturn retrograde phenomenon). This descendant is also quindecile natal Mars 14°Leo – has this man descended into depravity?

  • tr Moon (blue) square natal Saturn 29°Capricorn at cusp 7th house – ambition; exit strategies under consideration.
  • tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal Pluto in 2nd house –   need to control uppermost   PLUS
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) is across the other side of the chart opposite natal Pluto – death matters on the agenda; assets being protected.
  • tr Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel square natal Neptune (turquoise) in 4th house/home – rumour and scandal abounds
  • tr Venus conjunct natal Uranus in 2nd house – input appreciated is the classic interpretation for this aspect  PLUS
  • tr Venus quindecile natal Jupiter in 7th house – considering flight is all I can say at this point.

Further notes:

  • Boyfriend Hunter Foster has natal Jupiter in hard aspect opposite 03°Aquarius – inflating the situation
  • Both Christine and Foster have natal Saturn at 03°Aquarius – self-control weaknesses, in common.
  • Fixed star Oculus in the constellation of Capricorn is at 03°Aquarius – what is the ‘sight’ clue?  Are they already under the microscope?  Was the car sighted?
  • tr asteroid Persephone #399 at 3°Aquarius conjunct natal Saturn 7th house – abduction indicator, however we note that Christina also has natal Saturn at this same degree and so we cannot necessarily consider this as identifying Prendergast as an abductor. This is just as well because he is indicating being swept into the dark underworld of drug use when Neptune is in transit  i.e. hanging around to influence him/
  • tr Asteroid Phaeton #3200 at 3°Gemini conjunct natal Mars and trine (working with) that 3°Aquarius – this identifies a vehicle (Phaeton = carriage vehicle) playing a part in this disappearance.

From this point we are stalled, awaiting the heavens to align.  This case continues here  in the inside pages.

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6 thoughts on “Christina Morris Pt.2 – on the scent”

  1. I highly appreciate and thank you for sharing your insights on Christina’s case. I hope the heavens will open with even more, sooner rather than later.

  2. Thank you for staying on this case, Mountain Misst!I don´t know why, but I can´t really stay away from pondering it and still trying to wrap my head around what happened.I´d hate to see this become a cold case.Maybe because there are these vibes surrounding Christina´s missing, that somebody absolutely knows where she is.And now the new info about possibly two (or more ?!) phones in her possession, or maybe it´s just different phone cases ? I find this adds again to the heavy Neptunian character of her missing, `muddy waters´, and the mud doesn´t seem to settle.
    Persephone conjunct that 3´Aqu. = makes me think about underground/tunnels too, looking at it from the mythological angle.So, maybe some Hades-type seducer/abductor.(And her mother is very present (in the media), looking for her daughter,,,phew.) Very interesting, hope to read more about it from you and that Christina will be found.

  3. I forgot to add that it wouldn´t surprise me to hear that she used to have had 2 phones on her.I could see her use one for “business” purposes, and the other one for friends,family,work.Also, not to judge her, but we know that she apparently did initiate a relatonship while still being in another at some point in the past, and people who want to hide an affair might use 2 phones, one official, the other for their hidden connection/relationship…yeah- I´m probably stating the obvious, haha….


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