Christina Marie Morris

It’s the eve of a long weekend; a trip out of town to meet up with old school friends with a planned stay-over. Then during the evening, a dozen text messages exchanged in a relationship spat leads to a change in plans. Everyone around Christina knows what’s going down. The boyfriend is informed that she’s heading back home. She tells friends, I’ll call you when I get there. Then silence – for FOUR days!

CMMorrisIt wasn’t the live-in boyfriend, or her friends, or her family that noticed.  It took her employer to pick up the phone and check on Christina’s whereabouts the following Tuesday when she didn’t turn up for work. Not the boyfriend; not the family, nor any of those whom claim to be so close to her had missed her. This is a vivacious 23 year-old we are talking about, not a remote hermit…

Law enforcement has shared very little; social media and Christina’s peers – even less. As we were on the case early, we were able to observe much of what went down.  It appears that personal agendas came before finding a missing young woman. What her companions had to hide, was well hidden. A facebook page set up to find her, slammed the door on many whom offered to help; a closed group.

The live-in boyfriend took a week to express any sort of remorse, apart from a statement on Christina’s social media account that she was missing. Aside from handing out flyers, even his media interview was supervised by family. This young man is not a teen living at home. He is 23 years old for heavens sake. He immediately goes to the top of the list of suspects in his girlfriend’s disappearance, for any sleuth.

Investigators comment that this live-in boyfriend is not a POI in Christina’s disappearance. In all, it is a sad state of affairs in the ‘Friendship State’ of Texas, as we turn to the heavens in an endeavour to make some sense of this mystery.

We make our usual disclaimer here, that astrology is a pseudo science.; that astrology interpretation is not accepted in a court of law and can only be taken as an opinion. We generate all charts with computer software with times gleaned from the public record and all interpretation is taken from classic texts.

14743512_StillChristina Marie Morris was born on 25th July 1991.  Last seen on CCTV in Plano Texas at 3:57:06am Saturday 30th August 2014.  Her male companion in the video had also parked in the same garage and so they had walked back together from a mutual friend’s party.

Christina didn’t get to unlock her car.  Her companion in the CCTV image? He has also been cleared by the investigation team as not being a person of interest. The circumstances as to why he didn’t escort her to her vehicle?  We do not know.

According to her mother, Christina wasn’t planning to go home that night and was expected to spend the night with friends, however following an argument on the phone with the boyfriend back in Fort Worth, she changed her mind. Christina had decided she wanted to go home and collect her dog.  It doesn’t take much to imagine the conversation – “I’m not going to look after your dog, while you’re off partying.” (or something similar)

It wasn’t until 11:17pm Tuesday evening, 2nd September 2014 that a missing person report was filed with LE. So it took until the fifth day for anything really constructive to get underway – starting interviews; checking CCTV footage; where cars were parked and people’s whereabouts; the when and where. Someone had a very lucky head-start.  We wind back the clock…

357-cmorrisclick on chart for full size

When we turn to the timed event, the first chart that we generate is a bi-wheel (method) from the perspective of the CCTV sighting with the outer wheel being the natal chart for Christina Morris.

Forensic indicators are immediately present.  There is virtually nothing above the horizon line; all action is in the shadows.

  • Transiting Uranus/Lunar South node = Midheaven – sudden relationships; likely indicating that a meeting was not pre-planned; well not too far in advance anyways.
  • Fixed star Aludra in the constellation of Canis Major is exact the ascendant at 28°Cancer.  Aludra is situated on the tail of the dog, so whomever this is they’re likely wagging their tail; indicating ‘happy to see you’ PLUS
  • Asteroid Alma #390 has one step into the 1st house at 0°Leo.  Is this Alma Mater an ex school friend wagging their tail, or has someone offered to take Christina to pick up her dog?

Note: Alma in Latin translates as Soul as well.  Is it someone whom believes that they are a soul mate of Christina’s?

  • Transiting asteroid Harvard #736 is conjunct Alma suggesting a relationship between these two asteroids with Christina herself as they are also conjunct her natal Sun – her physical self.  The reason will come out once we know more about the case.
  • Transiting Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee is conjunct her natal Jupiter, indicating excesses are the weakest point.
  • Transiting asteroid Persephone #399 at 3:13°Aquarius is also conjunct Christina’s natal Saturn.  This will apply to where she will likely be found among trees and leaves and I’ll explain why.

We know the myth of Persephone – she was stolen away from her mother Ceres by Hades.  Ceres was so grief-stricken at the loss of her daughter that she cursed a drought upon the earth.  Once Ceres learned where her daughter was, she did a deal with Hades whom had kidnapped her – that Persephone should spend half the year in the darkness with her husband and be returned to her mother in the Spring allowing all the trees to sprout new leaves.  She would return below the ground at the end of Summer.

  • Ascendant/natal Sun = Alma – testing the identity; recognitionWhomever is waiting for Christina is not a stranger to her.
  • We note both Lunar nodal axis are square each other – boxed in; in a public place; leading to a traumatic situation.
  • tr Sun (orange) is heavily in the mix – date on the calendar is auspicious for this crime; premeditation.
  • tr Sun (orange) in the inner wheel opposite natal Neptune (turquoise) in the 8th house.  Neptune is usually a flag for addictive substances/drugs/alcohol being a part of the crime; not just subterfuge by a perpetrator.  8th house is indicative of death/transformation/other people’s assets.
  • tr Sun conjunct natal Venus-Mars conjunction – strong physical attraction/sex.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) opposite Venus-Mars conjunction – a dangerous liaison.
  • tr Moon (blue) square asteroid Alma plus Christina’s natal Chiron 0°Leo – driving need to heal wounds; smoke the peace pipe.

With hard Chiron-Moon aspects, there is a feeling of awkwardness about expressing one’s emotional needs. Christina has Mars conjunct Venus supporting this aspect.  We can suggest that she would easily tell others “I am really fine”, and then privately resent them when they can’t see the hollowness of that statement… There is a tendency to over-dramatize the emotions.

This can lead to an outpouring of feelings and then feel guilty or awkward about doing so and they then proceed to cover it up and avoid the issue. She may have been more distressed than she let on to her companion.

  • tr Saturn (grim reaper) conjunct natal Pluto 17°Scorpio in 4th house – a death has taken place; likely indoors.
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Uranus in 6th house – sudden changes in power take place with a highlight on an intensification of ego awareness; danger.  This is also a primary forensic indicator.

Note the red line through the chart as a locator angle as we search for the missing person.

MAP-Plano-locatorclick on map for full size

As the priority is to locate Christina, we took the obvious next step (back in that first week in September) to align astrology to cartography (method), so we flipped the chart verticaly and superimposed it over a map of the land centered at the point of her disappearance.

Our locator angle extends onto the map indicating a direction to follow. This method is not intended as an ‘x’ marks the spot; more a direction to follow.  The indications are that she will be north, rather than south (not towards Fort Worth and home).

A week after Christina had disappeared, organised searches by authorities, locals and Texas EquuSearch using horses, feet on the ground and drones filming the region failed to find the missing young woman. We now take our astrology enquiry to the next level and view the two characters whom we have birth data for, prior to fleshing out Christina’s character.

By this, we can then get an idea of the sort of man she might be attracted to; a remote possibility of a dangerous liaison has to be explored.  We do not know if Christina did initially depart willingly, in the company of another male.

We nominate the following persons as persons of interest to our astrology enquiry.  We do not suggest that they are perpetrators of any crime, however we view their charts through the critical lens of forensic astrology looking for potential weaknesses in their astrology horoscope.

Identified in the media, Hunter Lee Foster born 13th April 1991, lives in Forth Worth.  There is a  ‘rap sheet’ on the public record for minor offenses –  marijuana use.  This is the live-in boyfriend of Christina Morris.

This young man has both Sun and Moon in Aries – a double dose of fire and it’s all about ‘me’, to the exclusion of everyone else.  Any wonder he didn’t answer those 15 calls from Christina prior to her disappearance when we know about this Sun-Moon mix.   She was out letting off steam with her friends overnight; partying in Plano.

Every idea put forth in the reading of his Aries Sun sign is intensified by the Aries Moon. Independence and self-confidence may be so intensified that they become a stumbling block in personal relationships. He is an individualist first, last, and always. Being extremely impatient with people, sometimes to the extent of being intolerant is openly expressed. People may view him as hard-boiled because of a tendency for his apparent lack of emotional input and likely judged as too matter-of-fact.

It’s painfully difficult for someone with this mix to listen to and understand the woes of others. Yet they can be demanding of the attention of those around them on those rare occasions when they disclose their personal problems. The need to develop qualities of tact and consideration for the feeling of others can impede progress.

There is a lot compatible in their synastry, however when we view his natal chart through the perspective of the disappearance of Christina Morris, his chart does not reveal any forensic indicators that we can point our finger at; well not direct involvement anyway.  We therefore do not include his chart at this time.

357-MorrisEscortThe other person whom is of interest is the companion whom walked Christina back to her car.  We have been provided with a birth date for Enrique Arochi; 12th March 1990.

We know from the midpoint of the transiting Sun/Moon (3°Libra) that the tension between the focus of the event of the disappearance is highly likely conjunct this young male’s natal Moon. If not exact, then it is absolutely; 100% under tension no matter what time of day or night that this young man was born.  His driving needs are uppermost.

A Pisces Sun and Libra Moon blends the emotional sensitivity and understanding of a Pisces, with the courtesy and friendliness of Libra. There is nothing base, crude, earthy, ugly or terribly heavy about this personality.  They are actually quite weak individuals in a social sense; at worst, cowardly.

Generally, people respond naturally to this mix of Sun and Moon because they freely offer a ready ear and a bright, optimistic outlook and non-threatening demeanor. They’re not known for taking action, but rather for planning and preparing.

A Pisces Moon has the driving need to be accepted for their sensitivity.  This young man is nothing like Christina’s boyfriends, when it comes to being assertive. If Christina had indicated that she was prepared to go her own way, a person with this Sun-Moon mix would have stepped back from any responsibility or assertiveness about insisting that he escort her to her car door.  Unless of course drugs were coursing through his veins; dutch courage.

We do have a synchronicity with the other case players with the gift of hindsight – natal Mars/Venus midpoint = 3°Aquarius.  We interpret this aspect as suggestive of inhibition on this occasion due to the fact that his ‘romantic nature’ is exact conjunct Christina’s natal Saturn. She would have not warmed to any romantic approach by this young man if he had offered it.

  • tr Sun (orange) quindecile natal Sun in 9th house (higher purpose) – transiting Sun identifies the date on the calendar.  The ego is obsessively seeking a higher purpose for his actions (or lack of, depending on your perspective).  PLUS
  • tr Mercury (yellow) opposite natal Sun (in 9th house) – ditto
  • tr Moon square natal Mars at the descendant/7th house of public relationships – driving need to take action.
  • tr Venus (pink) quindecile natal Venus – obsessive peer pressure.
  • natal Mars at the descendant is the most dangerous aspect; cusp of the 7th house of relationships and opposite the ascendant – macho man.

With the original midpoint for the event of the disappearance within range of this young man’s natal Moon, this suggest to me that he may have offered to drive Christina to collect her dog and she declined his offer.  Did Christina have other plans and he insisted?

Back to the asteroids and we note that Arochi’s Lunar nodal axis is also being nudged by Mollypetit #20472 at 17°Aquarius.  Any wonder it is the party drug of choice by this age-group.  This drug along with amphetamines will create trauma for many, I have no doubt, especially considering that the nodal axis is in the mix; creating trauma and anxiety.

CM-natalIf we now address the natal chart of Christina Morris, (updated 17th Oct. as we now have time of birth), you might ask two people to describe her character and get two opposing opinions; such is her chart. The only water element (emotions) planet is Pluto, suggesting that generally, only power or powerlessness likely stirs an emotional response.

The stellium of planets with the Moon (blue) are all in retrograde motion and so we must consider transferring the planets to the opposite side of the chart (symbolically), which then leaves us with the personal driving need of the Capricorn Moon directing all her actions.

Born with Sun in Leo and Moon in Capricorn, Christina appears to have a strong sense of what she expects out of life. There is a hard inner core that may keep her from being as sociable as many of those with the Leo Sun sign, are.  Making every effort to make a good impression by her appearance and demeanor is borne out by the change of clothes to suit the occasion. That’s the Leo Sun, however the Capricorn Moon can be calculating and ambitious.

A cheerful, good-natured exterior that rarely exposes this inner core of hardness and resolve is the face to the world.  She would not be not secretive exactly, but subtle in disclosing her plans and objectives. The public face rarely breaks away from the upbeat mask so if she were depressed, she may not show it. Having a great respect for herself, she would expect others to respect her, as well.

There is a Saturn retrograde present (the phenomenon) indicating an imbalance of paternal mentoring as a child which, in forensic astrology terms, can indicate a weakness in judgement of male character.

There is considerable obsessive/compulsive indications present (quindeciles).  Most of us have areas in our lives that generate such aspects.  It all depends on the interaction and realms that they manifest, whether they are healthy reactions or not.

  • Saturn 03°Aquarius quindecile Lunar South Node – compulsive actions with regard to karmic matters; cause and effect are not taken into consideration in realm of self control/boundaries.  (Note this is also where asteroid ‘Persephone’ is orbiting on the night that she disappeared – was she swept into the dark underworld?)
  • Neptune 14°Capricorn (turquoise) quindecile Chiron (those raw, wounded areas in our lives). This identifies a potentially disruptive intensification of creative, visionary, or escapist drive into drugs.  I.e. not listening to her inner voice.
  • Jupiter (green) 19°Leo quindecile Saturn – compulsively inflating that retrograde phenomenon weakness.

With no disrespect for a victim intended, we include the following for research purposes only.  Other hard aspects of interest to us in a forensic astrology enquiry are:

  • Jupiter as the midpoint of the Venus-Mars conjunction plus the  Sun – this can indicate someone whom enjoys the pleasure of male-female physical relationships without an emotional input/moral conscience.  Again at the price of the Saturn Rx in the natal chart.
  • Jupiter square Pluto – we know that anything square Pluto is reactionary and potentially explosive in nature; a thrust for power.
  • Sun opposite Saturn Rx – ego drives the self-control motor.
  • Natal Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee at 10°Capricorn is conjunct natal Uranus indicating her rebelliousness will likely be her weakest point; being part of the drug generation, her downfall.

It was at this point that we hit the pause button in this enquiry, until we learned that Christina had previously been in a long-standing relationship with Hunter Lee Foster’s best friend and had changed partners.

We are off on the scent of testosterone…  continued Part 2.

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  1. Thank you for your reply.

    That answer, without providing a link to the source, seems like an attempt to be evasive concerning the source.

    Astrology has been my hobby for more than 40 years. I have written programs for astrology purposes which are very time sensitive. That is the reason I would like to verify the source.


  2. I respect private correspondence on SM, Bob. I have no need, nor desire to be evasive with anyone. That would be a waste of my precious time and yours as well, I’m sure. You left two comments with the same question on two different pages on this blog. I replied to both.

    Contact Jonni McElroy direct if you wish – she is on Facebook. You might also note that she is also in my closed facebook group “Astrology in Crime with Mountain Misst”.


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