Kristi Cornwell

The iPhone software app, Siri was still in R&D in August 2009. It wouldn’t be until 2011 when we would be introduced to the technology of what we now take for granted – our cellphones interacting with GPS technology. The automatic response these days when someone is reported missing, is call for the pinging results, however that wasn’t even on the priority list for law enforcement officers when Kristi Cornwell disappeared.

On 11th August 2009 the software app, Siri was unknown, however there was an asteroid #332 that went by the name of Siri orbiting in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroid Siri had been identified and named by astronomers more than a century earlier and the background to the name – it’s Norwegian and a short form for Sigrid – meaning beautiful girl.

Kristi-CornwellAt 9:20pm in the heavens above Georgia, USA on this warm August night, asteroid Siri crossed the ascendant while Kristi Cornwell was on her cell phone talking to her boyfriend. The astrology coordinates against the backdrop of the zodiac were 9°Pisces.

Ironically, at that same degree in the heavens that night Siri was keeping company with another asteroid – ‘tis iPhone (Tisiphone) #466. Both had just risen above the horizon; into view.

Kristi wasn’t curled up on her mother’s sofa chatting to her boyfriend, but out in the night air walking on Jones Creek Road, Blairsville when a vehicle came up behind her. The phone line stayed open and her boyfriend, Douglas Davis heard what turned out to be – Kristi’s abduction.

Her shoes, glasses and cellphone earpiece were found at the scene where she had been abducted while her cellphone itself was found discarded a few miles away. It took more than a year for her family to learn that an analysis of the phone held a story.

On New Year’s Day 2011, Richard Cornwell found his sister’s burned remains following a ground search he had undertaken within the two square-mile radius of the tower where pings of Kristi’s phone had been recorded.  The pings had been not long before midnight, on the night of her abduction and some two hours after her abduction.

This tower was nowhere near where her phone was found on the side of the road days later.

As is so often the case, the phone had been offered up by the perpetrator in an effort to divert attention away from somewhere that might identify him. We see this time and time again with victim’s possessions.  It appears to be instinctive survival behaviour in the beast.

MAP-phone-journeyclick on maps and charts for full size

So where can we go from here? As astrologers we cannot walk away from the clues left for us by the heavens, so we begin an enquiry from the cellphone’s point of view and see where this takes us. Firstly the map of the land to get us up to speed.

  • Address where Kristi Leigh Cornwell had set out from, on her walk.
  • Middle point – location of the abandoned cellphone
  • Farthest north – location of her burned remains

We now generate a bi-wheel at 9:20pm 11th August 2009; Blairsville, Georgia as the inner wheel with the natal chart for Kristi Cornwell as the outer wheel. Kristi was born 20th December 1970.  A mid-range Moon is used for this enquiry as we are not privy to her time of birth.

920-KCornwellHighlighted yellow in the outer wheel is Mercury, planet of communication and our cellphone; orange is Kristi’s birthdate, the owner of the phone.

  • tr Venus (pink) in the 5th house is opposite natal Mercury – talking to her boyfriend on the phone
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis in 12th house – traumatic abduction while mentally distracted
  • tr Neptune is also square natal Jupiter – inflating the action of abduction.  It would have been so fast that she did not have an opportunity to defend herself (everything is in the 12th house – the mind). 
  • tr Uranus opposite natal mid-range natal Moon (blue) – ditto
  • tr Moon quindecile natal Uranus – that Aries Moon supporting the aggression and speed needed to create the sudden changes likely overwhelmed the victim.  She was subdued very quickly.
  • tr Mars opposite natal Sun – a struggle ensued; albeit brief, but overheard.
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Moon – grim reaper is present
  • tr Saturn quindecile natal Chiron – the grim reaper has challenged her self-control.  

 Note the 1st house is empty of any natal planets apart from Chiron at 5°Aries. This position is symbolic of self-control wounds. Did Kristi hesitate to defend herself?

  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Sun – overpowered.

Our attention is drawn to the locator angles outside the bi-wheel – Mercury (yellow) and Sun (orange) in the outer wheel.  These angles have been emphasised by us due to the tension from Venus (pink) and Mars (red) in the inner wheel.  As we are enquiring of the cellphone, then these locator angles can be nominated as tracking angles; searching for Kristi’s phone.

MAP#2-phone-journeyBoth of these angles will be significant when we take our next step and interact with cartography (method) where we flip this bi-wheel and superimpose it over the location of the victim’s remains.

The two locator angles on the chart align to our locator angles on the map; the cellphone tells its story.

No-one has been held to account for this abduction and murder of a beautiful young woman, although I believe the Georgia Investigation Bureau officers have a POI; James Scott Carringer born 26th December 1967.

Unfortunately Carringer cannot be interviewed as he took his own life; suicided in April 2010, during a law enforcement confrontation over a separate kidnapping and rape.

However we can consider his natal astrology chart in the same manner as above, because we know that the perpetrator handled Kristi’s phone at least twice – once when he picked it up at, or nearby where Kristi’s remains were recovered and secondly when the perpetrator attempted to lay a false trail by discarding the cellphone onto the roadside on Notley Dam Road.

If there is an emotive response to the event of the abduction, then we can reveal Carringer’s story…. and there certainly is.

920-CarringerThis man was not at home in front of the TV. His natal Lunar nodal axis identifies his need to be out in public.

When we consider his natal horoscope, we are aware that his mid-range natal Moon is also close to the Lunar South Node revealing likely unresolved issues in early childhood with his primary nurturer. The position of Chiron in his natal chart will hold the key to his wounds in this regard.

Uranus Rx at the time of the abduction is conjunct his natal Chiron 25°Pisces in the 1st house identifying disassociation with society surfacing; aspects of the personality that don’t conform to parental, societal or other conventional expectations – in plain language ‘a deviant’. Being Uranus, we also know that it is likely a mental aberration of the psyche marginalising this individual from friends and family.

This Uranus-Chiron conjunction is not creating tension just on this particular night in Georgia; Uranus takes many months to transit natal positions. This would have started at least 4-5 months previously when Uranus was first in conjunction with Chiron. By turning retrograde, this tells us that the pressure has internalised – a personal struggle becoming unbearable and so it is projected outwards; by committing an act of violence on this occasion.

We can be sure that this conjunction is behind his actions when we turn to see which house this is in – the 1st house; his ego. Natal Saturn is also in the first house symbolically identifying that self-control is under obsessive/compulsive tension by transiting Saturn – the grim reaper is his companion urging him on.

We note that Kristi’s natal Chiron is at this 5°Aries point in the zodiac as well. The wounds of both perpetrator and victim are bound together by the quindecile aspect of obsessive-compulsive behaviour – Carringer’s Uranus – manic behaviour and Kristi’s appointment with the grim reaper.

Her inner strength could not combat the perpetrator’s mania.  As for the tension in the bi-wheel of the abduction and the natal chart of the alleged perpetrator…

  • tr Sun opposite natal Mars in 12th house (mind) – heightened energy to the mind; adrenaline would be pumping
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) – power of persuasion PLUS
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Sun (orange) – exhibitionism; change in demeanour lets the beast out
  • tr Jupiter (green) square natal Venus (pink) – germ of the idea manifests
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Neptune – subterfuge, disorientation
  • tr Moon (blue) intersects the Lunar nodal axis – driving need emotionally based PLUS
  • tr Moon opposite mid-range natal Moon – intensifying the emotive aspect of death and transformation.

As for the locator angles, we have them in common with Kristi Cornwell’s cellphone chart. We can therefore suggest that the Georgia investigators were correct in their suspicion that this man was responsible for the abduction and murder of Kristi Cornwell.

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One thought on “Kristi Cornwell”

  1. Thank you Mountain Misst for generating the chart on Kristi Cornwell. I read through this quickly in anticipation of learning your findings…which brought tears to my eyes. You chose the perfect picture of Kristi. A beautiful woman, taken and murdered in the beautiful mountains of north Georgi. Heartbreaking. My words are not enough to express appreciation to you for taking this on.


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