Tara Grinstead

TaragrinsteadFeminists remind us that beauty pageants objectify women, so when we hear of the apparent murder of such a beauty, we can rightly consider that someone has objectified and trashed her, without concern for human life.

A 2005 unresolved disappearance was brought to our attention some time ago. We have been building the FA enquiry behind the scenes for many months.

Tara Faye Grinstead was born on 14th November 1974 in Hawkinsville, Georgia.  We don’t have a time of birth and so a mid-range natal Moon is used in this enquiry.  Tara was aged thirty at the time of her disappearance – probably around 11pm on 22nd October 2005.

Event-GrinsteadWe generate a bi-wheel (method) from the perspective of the planetary positions overhead at 11pm in Ocilla and combine Tara’s natal chart as the outer wheel.  Before we look to the character of this young woman, we note the transiting Mars-Mercury opposition is conjunct her natal Sun.

The general impression of this bi-wheel (method of calculation) is that due to the main activity being in the 5th house, plus awareness of Mars in the 11th, we are talking about friends and lovers as well as possible enemies.  Often, it’s both.

  • Tr Sun (date on the calendar) is exact conjunct Jupiter (green) in the heavens plus conjunct natal Uranus – forensic indicator plus sudden changes; a highly inflated boost of illumination to a possible crime scene.
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Sun – this usually represents common sense being utilised by a character (Tara), however Mercury can also indicate a method of communication. Could be a ruse in this position particularly as Mars is in opposition – making plans.
  • Tr Moon is at the ascendant – emotions running high. This also brings the focus onto personal needs and relationships to fulfill those needs.
  • Tr Moon square natal Pluto – over-dramatisation evident; even obsessive about the importance of a relationship to her home.

If this case is indeed that of a murder having taken place and not just a disappearance, then from experience of past cases, we can comment that some ‘charts’ go quietly to ‘their maker’, others light up like a Christmas tree.  This is a quiet chart.

Tara has not put up an obvious emotional/hysterical struggle with her assailant, however midpoints may indicate more subtle detail. It would appear that some abducted women believe that they can talk their way out of a dangerous situation.  Often times it depends on their upbringing.

Note: What is highly significant in this bi-wheel is that natal Saturn does not appear to be under tension by transiting planets in this chart; well not at 11pm, anyways.  Natal Saturn always is an indicator of the presence of the grim reaper plus used in forensic astrology as a locator of where a body might be located. We would have to enter the realm of conjecture if we were to continue to follow ‘the norm’.

Background data on persons of interest to this case follow.

Marcus T. Harper : Tara’s long-term (6years) ex-boyfriend and prime suspect. 30 years old at the time of her disappearance. Ex-Ocilla police officer (4 years service) and Army Ranger (combat veteran, Afghanistan). According to all accounts, Harper returned from Afghanistan ‘a changed man’, and that’s when his relationship with Tara started its downward spiral.

Their official break-up occurred approximately one year before Tara’s disappearance in October of 2005, though the two displayed some pattern of continued involvement until Tara disappeared. The grapevine report is, that although it was Tara who formally ended their intimate relationship, she just couldn’t seem to let go or get over it and move on emotionally. His last known officially-documented contact with Tara was on October 14, 2005 when they were last seen in company.

Heath Dykes: Perry Police Dept Captain and married man presumably engaging in an illicit affair with Tara at the time of her disappearance. He is likely to be the person whom made 20 or more calls to Tara around the time of the disappearance. It was his business card found wedged in the front door of Tara’s home following her disappearance.

Dykes was the last known person to be at Tara’s door – 12:15 am Monday morning, 24 October 2005.

Anthony Vickers: A 20 year-old former student of Tara’s and resident of Wray, Georgia, who had engaged in some form of intimate personal relationship with Tara up until about 6 months prior to her disappearance.  Tara had she called the police and made a written complaint for belligerence at her home and trying to force his way inside.

Vickers was considered a prime person of interest early-on by authorities, but after checking both him and his alibi out thoroughly, they moved him to the back burner of their enquiry. He worked in Milledgeville, Georgia.  We have not been able to acquire his birth data.

Bennie Merritt: A neighbor of Tara’s known for his erratic behavior. He became the subject of a police call shortly after 2:45am while Harper and Fletcher were riding together the night of Tara’s disappearance.  He had allegedly walked into the home of a frightened couple residing on West 4th Street and refused to leave.

By the time Harper and Fletcher arrived at the scene Merritt had vanished, and they spent some time afterward searching for him. Merritt was eventually apprehended by a sheriff’s deputy after allegedly frightening the clerk at an all-night gas station and market about a mile outside Ocilla. Authorities said Merritt appeared intoxicated.

Michael Lankford: Former law-enforcement officer with both the Ocilla PD and the Irwin County Sheriff’s Dept. A house he was “watching” mysteriously burned up on 7th November 2005 (2 weeks after Tara’s disappearance) along with his vehicle, which was due to be repossessed.   We have not been able to garner this man’s birth data.

And so to work…  All bi-wheels are generated from the same perspective of 11pm on 22nd October 2005.

duo-Grinstead-familyThe first bi-wheels incorporate the natal charts of Tara’s sister, and her brother-in-law; Anita and Larry Gattis.  As we would expect in a sibling’s chart, there is unfinished business in their childhood; nothing surprising in that. Interacting with siblings is part of the socialisation learning process.

  • Tr Moon (blue) in the inner wheel opposite natal Jupiter (green) – thrown into the limelight; publicity.
  • Tr Pluto conjunct Sun (orange) – ditto; sudden prominence.
  • Tr Saturn square natal Neptune (turquoise) – in denial; wanting to give up under the stress.  It’s all overwhelming.

Larry Gattis’ chart is more reactive, revealing the tension as a result of the news of Tara’s disappearance. He is less hopeful than his wife with the nodal axis present and lack of Neptune.

  • Tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Uranus – shared grief of the trauma
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Venus (pink) – ditto
  • Tr Moon (blue) square natal Venus – highly sensitive to the loss
  • Tr Moon ~conjunct natal Uranus – emotional tension; mood swings
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Pluto – demanding new perspectives in the enquiry/search.

duo-Grinstead-girlfriendsThis pair of bi-wheels are of close female friends of Tara; natal charts of Maria Woods (Hulett) and Suzanne Conner.  Each reveal their unique emotive reaction to the disappearance of their friend.  We are not aware of birth times and so Moon placements in the outer wheels are mid-range (calculated at noon).

  • Tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Pluto – trauma generates powerlessness
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct mid-range Moon (blue) – ditto futility
  • Tr Moon (blue) in the inner wheel opposite natal Venus – grief for the loss of her friend

Suzanne is the wife of Tara’s boss, Robbie Conner. Her chart is more reactive; reveals a more volatile personality.   No less or more caring, just a different response.  Suzanne is prone to be obsessive/compulsive and with an Aries Moon, likely relates the trauma back to herself.

  • Tr Sun opposite natal Moon (blue) – personal loss immediately highlighted
  • Tr Jupiter opposite natal Moon – inflated sense of needs; emotional
  • Tr Jupiter quindecile Lunar north node – obsession with a higher purpose/spiritual understanding
  • Tr South Node quindecile natal Moon – ditto suggestive of how one lives determines once’s reward; potentially a judgemental response.
  • Tr Mercury conjunct natal Saturn – sense of heavy responsibiliity

duo-Grinstead-neighboursNeighbours of Tara whom appear to have strong emotive reactions to her disappearance are firstly Bennie Merritt and secondly, Joe Portier.  When we see the action in the charts, it is not the least bit surprising that they came to the public’s attention.

We’re getting a whiff of possible corruption in authority figures with the first bi-wheel revealing a transiting Saturn (authority) conjunct natal Pluto (power/powerlessness) and a mid-range natal Moon (blue) in the 2nd house.

Bennie is particularly nervous and his chart would indicate that he knows more about what happened than he lets on.  If I might suggest, this is more than likely based on fear of retribution by those in positions of authority.

  • Tr Venus (pink) opposite natal Mercury (Yellow) – Uranus conjunction in 12th house – spontaneous mental distress likely
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Venus (pink) in the outer wheel and 1st house – aware of the tragedy
  • Tr Mars square natal Mars – PLUS
  • Tr Mercury square natal Mars – there’s a lot of talk about money in this chart.  Let’s hope it’s just talk.

Next-door neighbours, Joe and Myrtle were asleep; confirmed by this second bi-wheel.  Again we have obsessive reactions; quindeciles are present in this man’s chart.  He is likely a Sun-Moon in Gemini, if I might suggest; a particularly nervous disposition.

  • Tr Sun quindecile natal Venus (pink) – illumination; focus on his female neighbour
  • Tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Venus – disappearance of his neighbour fears
  • Tr Neptune quindecile natal Mars – wants to take action to search for her
  • Tr Pluto opposite natal Sun (orange) – feelings of powerlessness likely; stymied.
  • Tr Venus (pink) in the inner wheel quindecile natal Jupiter (green) and mid-range Moon (blue) – relating emotively
  • Tr Uranus conjunct Lunar nodal axis – grief of traumatic situation needs to be talked through

duo-Grinstead-misc-malesForensic indicators are not present in either of these bi-wheels.  We can call this pair, ‘males of interest’ whom will not be of any further interest to us in our enquiry.  We include them at the request of others.  The first is Rhett Roberts and the second is Heath Dykes.   Rhett was a previous suitor/romantic partner of Tara’s.

  • Tr Lunar node opposite natal Sun (orange) – this calendar date is make as a traumatic event
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis opposite natal Mercury (yellow) – communicates in the public arena; likely speaking out for the need to search for Tara.  
  • Tr Moon (blue) square natal Sun – highly emotive
  • Tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Uranus – likely irritable that the mystery is not solved
  • Tr Venus (pink) conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) in the outer wheel – suggestive that this man believes that subterfuge is at play.

Heath Dykes is a married law enforcement officer suggested as an intimate friend of Tara’s at some stage.  His chart does not reveal any personal attachment, although the Pluto/South Node = IC would suggest that the media attention likely upset things at home; the karma wheel came full circle.  All those phone calls to Tara were likely an endeavour to cover his butt at home, rather than the mirrored house in the chart; his career.

  • Tr Moon (blue) square natal Uranus in the 4th house, home – sudden changes on the home front affecting his career.

duo-Grinstead-LEThese next two males are indeed sinister charts.  The first bi-wheel contains the natal chart for LE officer Sean Fletcher and the second is that of Marcus Harper; the boyfriend.  We need to be sitting upright for these two characters’ charts.

Note: Quindecile aspects in the charts of law enforcement officers indicates that we have a matter beyond their training.  This is personal.

The first bi-wheel is Sean Fletcher’s natal chart/emotive reaction to the event of the disappearance of Tara. He was in the company of Marcus Harper for a considerable time that night – in a vehicle doing the rounds; on-patrol presumably.

  • tr Moon exact conjunct natal Sun (orange) at the ascendant – he’s on the line as far as we’re concerned; a POI.
  • tr Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) 5th house – scheming/subterfuge in the house of friends.  Is this man constructing an alibi for his companion?   PLUS
  • tr Mercury is quindecile natal Venus (pink) – Venus represents his peer group/ fellow LE.  This shows an obsessive connection to his fellow LE officers; likely drilled into them at training IMO.   PLUS
  • tr Mars opposite natal Neptune – suggestive of the demand to him to support his companion.   PLUS
  • tr Uranus square natal Venus – identifies a need to be appreciated for same.
  • tr Venus (pink) in the inner wheel square natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction – note that tr Venus is in the house of ethics and morals and square to 2nd house naturally occurring challenging aspect in this man’s chart would suggest manipulation.

The second bi-wheel to view through the 11pm perspective and translate from classic astrology texts, is Marcus Harper; ex-boyfriend and prime suspect in her disappearance.  Again given his career background we would expect a stoic chart, however it’s not with forensic indications paramount.

  • tr Moon (blue) conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) at the ascendant – he’s not alone.  This is the top priority in this chart. Is this creating an alibi when he doesn’t need one, or is this more sinister than it seems? PLUS
  • tr Moon square natal Pluto – intensity of power of persuasion.
  • tr Saturn (grim reaper) square natal Mars in 11th house – this is a primary FA indicator for a perpetrator of a murder; action and self-control.
  • tr Sun conjunct natal Uranus –  date on the calendar is relevant; plans afoot for at least last 24hours  PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis in 10th house quindecile natal Uranus in 5th house – choosing his companion for his intensity of potential relationship.

duo-HarperWe reproduce Marcus Harper’s bi-wheel again and put it beside that of his father, Larry Harper for comparison and interpretation.

We do this exercise as we are aware that LE have searched their rural property extensively over the years.  These pair remain LE’s primary suspects in the disappearance of 30 year-old Tara.

  • tr Moon conjunct natal Saturn – primary forensic indicator of involvement in the death PLUS
  • tr Moon square natal Neptune (turquoise) in 4th house of the home territory – any wonder that LE have been searching the Harper property.
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Pluto – taking control of the situation
  • tr Sun conjunct mid-range natal Moon in 5th house (children) – wants and needs fulfilled first; blood runs thick on the ground.

Postscript January 2017 – arrests have been made of two persons in relation to the disappearance and murder of Tara Grinstead…

Bo Dukes and Ryan Duke.


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5 thoughts on “Tara Grinstead”

  1. Fascinating! So you don’t think the latex glove with the DNA (of unknown person at this time) is worthy of considering or do you think it’s a red herring? Many think if a match is found the killer will be found.

  2. There is a show on Discovery ID tonight called Beauty Queen Murders that is featuring Tara even though she is missing.

  3. This is a very thorough examination of the people connected to Tara in one way or another. Have you studied the chart of John David Anderson? He processed Tara’s car and originally introduced Tara to Marcus Harper.


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