Pistorius judgement

We may not be consciously aware of it, however the entire heavens and all it represents crosses our threshold every day at some point in time, influencing our human existence.

In any 24-hour period the astrology wheel takes us through the entire gamut of emotional experience. We get to interact with every asteroid; every fixed star; every planet and item of space-junk in the heavens. Most of it rarely raises a strand of dna in us, let alone a mane of hair, we are so inured to the regularity.  That is, until something of significance enters our lives to create tension.

lionesses-colourThe lion sleeps tonight, however when the ancient Roman Goddess of Wild Animals, Cybele enters stage left into a dramatic situation such as a courtroom, her accompanying lions roar, announcing her arrival.

Note: Cybele is regularly portrayed with a pair of lions drawing her carriage. We’ve shared her story previously

110914-pretoriaclick on charts for full size

At 10am on 11th September 2014 in Pretoria, South Africa, the asteroid group Cybele #65 will be at the threshold; the ascendant.  Cybele enters at 29°Scorpio with Pretoria #790 located at 3°Sagittarius, just minutes behind her.

Not to be outdone, we note the asteroid Valentine #447 will be exact the mid-heaven at 16°Leo; another leonine symbol. The heavens sure know how to set the scene with purrfect timing.

  • the crime: Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp
  • the time: Valentine’s Day, 14th February, 2013
  • the place: Pretoria, South Africa.

Note here: Our previous enquiry of this case – Pt1 for the crime and Pt 2 for the trial.

Asteroid Nessus #7066 continues to hold a tight rein as it has throughout the trial, at 28°Aquarius, squaring Judgement Day’s ascendant; keeping our attention.

Nessus is wholly about motivation and our ability to grapple with what drives us. When we are off-course, or if we are wholly leaning in one direction or the other (the innocent victim, the utter tyrant etc.), we attract Nessus into our lives in order to jolt us out of complacency; keeping us on the edge of our seats, as it were.

As for this day ahead, 11th September 2014, when Justice Masipa hands down her judgement on the case, we have much more than Nessus of concern, in the charts of our characters. We can pose the question, “what is judgement, if it is not what goes around, comes around?”  The answer of course, is karma.

10am110914The driving need in this horary chart on 11th September is represented by the Moon (blue) transiting exact conjunct the Lunar South Node; in the 5th house, for our ‘entertainment’.

Mercury (yellow) in the needy position (11th house) is square Pluto (2nd house).  There is a lot riding on this decision ie 2nd house issues – money, personal assets, self worth etc.

Venus (pink) in the public careers house has Neptune (turquoise) in opposition at home/hearth; offering the potential for delusion; disappointment.

A level head is needed here, as this is just the first of the curtain calls. Following judgement, the case adjourns again, before returning for sentencing arguments and sentence from the bench. Depending on the outcome, a possible appeals process will follow.

This could drag on ad infinitum with Pistorius avoiding incarceration; such is a Venus opposite Neptune aspect, however we know that Venus will move on within days and the tension will ease off.  What we do note for those whom faith is tested at this point in the proceedings, is that the presence of Cybele in our little enquiry has another rather sinister meaning, far greater than a lion’s roar. There could very well be a nasty bite from her lions.

In the ancient cult of Cybele lies a whiff of male castration; self-mutilation is a given from her eunuch followers. Where Ceres represents the harvest; Cybele represents barren seed. We trust that the result of this judgement does not manifest literally.

I say this very softly; with caution, as transiting Cybele (on this date) features very strongly in both male natal charts as well as transiting Mars in the heavens on 11th September 2014. We trust the humiliation/emasculation is merely a directive from the bench.

We remind ourselves that the asteroid Cybele is at 29°Scorpio exact conjunct the natal Sun of Oscar.  This is indeed a warning of what lies ahead for this man who shot and killed his girlfriend.

110914-PistoriusOnce again we see all the action on the left hand side of the bi-wheel (method); defensive and totally focused on self, not on the victim or justice for the victim.  Remorse is not on the agenda for this man.

  • tr Lunar nodal axis is exact conjunct the reversed natal Lunar nodal axis – a traumatic event in public has come round to fruition; ie crime comes to judgement.
  • tr Moon (blue) conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – emotional expression of need likely present PLUS
  • tr Moon-Node quindecile natal Venus (pink) – this may appear bizarre to an observer as Pistorius is likely to swoon (eg into a foetal position) ie a child’s need for the maternal nurturer.
  • tr Jupiter (green) inflates by squaring natal Mercury (yellow) – mental torment
  • tr Jupiter opposite natal Ascendant (we know his birth time) – inflates his self-projection; his ego – by enthusiasm.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Sun (orange) – feeling under attack PLUS
  • tr Mars is also square natal Mars – aggression.  Can he contain this rage?

There is one more point of interest to us in the 1st house of Oscar Pistorius’ ego – the midpoint of natal Saturn/Uranus = 16° Sagittarius and what is orbiting through this particular part of the zodiac on 11th September 2014, but the asteroid Karma #3811.

Turning our attention to the man in black; defense counsel Barry Roux, we can view what emotive reaction is evident for the actor behind the mask.  His birthday is just one day apart from Oscar Pistorius’, so he will also be experiencing Cybele at his door plus that transiting Mars – feeling under attack, personally.  That is not wise, as he would need to remain detached from any public opinion of his role as defense counsel.

110914-RouxWith a natal Sun square Pluto we have the tradition ‘blanket over a hand-grenade’ personality.  He will certainly be struggling with Cybele creating tension in this mix.

  • Roux will need all his strength of will to contain himself, particularly with Jupiter transiting opposite his mid-range Moon (we do not know his time of birth).
  • tr Mars square natal Pluto creating tension; wanting to pull the pin on that hand-grenade.
  • tr Sun (orange) in the inner wheel represents the date on the calendar and is under tension with his natal Venus-Node conjunction in the first house – that need to be trustworthy is on his agenda yet again.  The responsibility of fulfilling the trust that Pistorius’ needs, lies heavy with this man (we wrote about this in Pt.2).

110914-MasipaJustice Masipa brings her personal chart to our bench for scrutiny on this occasion, as well. Note: Any interpretation we make of her chart is subjective and remains in the court of opinion; without prejudice.

  • Natal Jupiter is exact conjunct Cybeleinflated  female outrage. This will be contained within her judgement, rest assured.
  • Natal Pluto is conjunct Nessus and the mid-heaven – all that we wrote above about Nessus will apply to this woman whom today, wears the robes of a judge.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) in the inner wheel is quindecile Saturn (10th house) – at risk of obsessively being martyr to the cause (as in the role of the judge).
  • tr Pluto is also in quindecile; this time with natal Uranus – attainment of great goals through great effort. Rising to the enormity of the task.
  • tr Pluto is also square natal Neptune – this is a risky aspect as it can involve death threats when we interpret through a forensic astrology lens.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Sun – projected onto the public stage is a traumatic experience for this private woman; her private life can never be the same again.
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal mid-range Moon – need for mental control over personal sense of authority.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – making waves effectively.

feministThis case is creating an enormous amount of stress for all those involved. Excessive curtain calls won’t be likely to add to the applause, however they are certain to create a clamour in the stalls.

Update: 21st October 2014Pistorius sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison, with a three-year suspended term for firearms offences.

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8 thoughts on “Pistorius judgement”

  1. Thanks MM. Of the either 2 outcomes do you think it will be guilty of culpable homicide or guilty of murder. I think murder.

    Hey good news that John Chardon is now in jail for child rape.

    Hope you are well and keeping warm today.

    Cheers Alioop

  2. Absolutely fascinating, Mountain Misst. Wow. I cannot wait to see how it all plays out! Just one thing: Gerrie Nel strikes me as an interesting character, and one who is surely playing his part in this drama. Would his chart bring something to bear? (I realise this is asking yet more of you!)

  3. Hi, MM, I’ve had a good look and Gerrie Nel’s birth date really doesn’t seem to be in the public domain. (Unless anyone else can help?) I’ll still keep an eye out. Nonetheless, the pieces of the puzzle fit together very nicely!

  4. I put in a request at the Adv Gerrie Nel Fan Club facebook page. They have followed the case from the beginning and there are some very interesting articles there like this one http://www.citypress.co.za/news/oscar-pistorius-insulting-zuma-family-led-night-club-fight/. As near as I can tell the fight took place Saturday night July 12, 2014, as another article written on July 14 refers to “Saturday night.” Hope you don’t mind I put a link to your page there.


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