Alfie Wright

Apart from the recovery of the Columbia Space Shuttle’s nose cone in 2003, there were other matters of concern waiting to be found ten years later in Sabine County, East Texas. But before we go out into the woods, this small community of Hemphill has a shady history we need to share.

In 1997 the local police chief and two of his deputies were found guilty of beating a man to death while he was in their custody in the county jail. The 34 year-old truck driver had been arrested on Christmas Day on a drink-driving charge.  Resolution for the family came three years later.

zebraThat case provoked civil rights protests and racial tension in the region and so when in 2013 another local sheriff and law enforcement officer were offhand with their statements to the media about a missing person ‘of colour’ in their area, a shadow palled over the community once again. Trust built up over a generation; in tatters.

The official search party had found the missing man’s clothes scattered around a field and tangled on a barbed-wire fence, however sniffer dogs had lost his scent at a nearby creek. He disappeared on a Thursday evening and by Monday the search was called off.

Alfred Wright’s body was found following a private search undertaken at the instigation of family and friends some two weeks later.  The 28 year-old man was found stripped to his boxer-shorts/underwear and shoes; cellphone tucked into his one remaining sock. From that, much has been reported:

That his eyes, tongue and one ear were missing; that his throat had been slit; that a single silver coin was found near the body.

We are not unduly surprised to read of the degradation of the body; eighteen days of decomp, insects and animals can create a lot of havoc with a human body left in the woods. However, all manner of conspiracies were touted; that there was a cover-up by LE etc etc.

There would be an element of truth to all reports, so there is no point on our commenting beyond the fact that the idea of conspiracy was taken seriously enough for the New Black Panthers, together with this young man’s family to hold a rally and march through Hemphill in protest against the apparent inaction by the authorities concerned.

The family struggled to accept that their son, a college graduate, happily married, with little children; a man with no known history of drug abuse, could have died as they were told.  An autopsy report stated that his death was due to a lethal mix of drugs. Their son worked as a physiotherapist; in a healing modality… no way José; no way would he ruin his life by taking drugs.

Alfred Wright’s body may have been interred at that point with community unrest having returned to an undercurrent of hostility, however the enquiry into the matter and manner of his death wasn’t buried under the files of the Texas Rangers and the FBI. No Sir-ee.  Today we have news of an arrest.

The victim, Alfred Wright wasn’t local to Hemphill. His vehicle had broken down outside a store about 45 minutes from home while he was off doing his home visits with clients. After ringing his wife at 5:20pm to arrange a ride home, he was seen by the store clerk out–front for quite some time, before suddenly taking off on-foot running full-pelt down the road.

According to the clerk serving at CL&M that day Alfred stayed outside talking on his cell, leaning against a wrought iron post out front and drinking from a bottle before suddenly taking off about 20 minutes before his parents arrival to collect him at 6:45pm.

We now have some insight into Alfie’s behaviour, plus an event time for a horary chart; 5:20pm in Hemphill Texas – a snapshot in time of the planetary positions overhead. The Sun had just moments before crossed the horizon line; ending the day.

520-HemphillWe interpret through the lens of forensic astrology, looking for weaknesses; cracks in the ether where darkness may slip in. There’s nothing rose-coloured about our view.

It may be subjective and pseudo-scientific in origin, however we offer our perspective for what it is, a classic interpretation of planetary tension in the heavens at a given point in time.

The setting Sun at 15°Scorpio has the grim reaper leading the way – Saturn conjunct Sun has slipped into the dark of the night and into the 6th house of ethics and morals.

  • Sun/Moon midpoint is at the cusp of the 8th house (death and transformation) – primary indication of a forensic event.
  • Sun/Neptune midpoint = Pluto – illusory deception (drug induction; seeking power/energy)
  • Saturn/Neptune midpoint = Pluto – depression; delusional fear
  • Uranus square Pluto – note here this is not just a short-term aspect in the heavens for this particularly night, nor just for Hemphill, however the classic indications are that it is a window of opportunity for introduction of drugs/alcohol dysfunction.

With the general atmosphere on-board, we now generate a bi-wheel (method) with the inner wheel our event time and the outer wheel the natal chart for Alfred Wright with a mid-range Moon (birth time unknown). We now consider the tension that this man’s natal horoscope might have to share, together with this already challenging pattern in the heavens.

At Sunset we automatically have the Sun opposite the Ascendant, highlighting the personal ego. That’s why we see so much ‘psychedelic’ activity at Sunset. It’s little to do with how pretty the sun is as it lights up the clouds and the sky; more a case of highlighting our purpose for being; the romance of our human existence.

520-Wrightclick on chart for full size

This is not the chart of someone whom has been murdered. We know immediately, not just from experience, but the lack of forensic indicators present in the bi-wheel.

Note: The man’s behaviour is also somewhat reminiscent of a recent case written up previously (Mike Herdman).

As for whether it is suicide or misadventure, we need to explore further looking in particular for Uranus activity, which can reveal instability of the psyche.

  • Tr Uranus opposite natal Moon (blue) – not having a birth time, we are challenged to make the call here, as the transiting Uranus tension is with Alfie’s driving needs (Moon) in the 6th house.  On this occasion transiting Uranus is in the 12th opposite natal Moon in the 6th and would therefore be more related to the ‘overcoming any moral or ethical conflict within’, rather than the other way around.  Ie not suicide.
  • Tr Mars opposite natal Sun – driving need for love (as in drug-induced rapture)
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Pluto – persuasion (of self)
  • Tr Venus (pink) conjunct Neptune PLUS
  • Tr Venus square natal Mercury (yellow) – again seeking rapturous ‘love’ (drug addiction)

The other tension is by midpoint analysis:

  • Tr Moon/Saturn = cusp 8th house – death wish; dance with the devil.
  • Tr Mercury/Neptune = Neptune – fantasyland and all the delusion that goes with it.

We can suggest that his family’s lack of cooperation with LE and inability to accept that their son had a flawed character is partly revealed in Alfie’s natal chart. It is with no disrespect, we note the challenges of a Saturn retrograde; the total weight of all natal planets in one hemisphere; a Pisces Sun combined with a Libran Moon. That’s a heavy load to carry for any one of us.

On 7th November 2013, his world collided with the heavens and everything went lopsided. Alfie was enraptured by a toxic mix of drugs and exited this life via a cardiac arrest; death by misadventure.

Just three days ago, on 6th August 2014, Shane Dwayne Hadnot was taken into custody and indicted by a federal grand jury – charging him with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance, resulting in death. If convicted he will face from 20 years to life in a federal prison.

An analysis of Alfie’s cellphone was presented at the indictment sharing the downward spiral he was on. During the two-day period before his death, Alfred Wright and his drug dealer had exchanged 20 text messages culminating in a 12:36 p.m order to Hadnot before Alfie began his visits on that fateful day:

‘1 gino and a 20 and 3 handles.’  To you and me, that interprets as ‘one gram of cocaine, $20 worth of methamphetamine and three Xanax tablets’.

Hadnot’s reply was a simple, ‘ok’.

May this case result bring some peace to the community of Sabine County and leave any righteousness to the damned.

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