Anne Josette Hill – Pt.1

Not long turned sixteen, Annie Jo still had her teeth in braces. From all accounts there is no apparent reason for a voluntary missing situation and yet that’s what we were faced with. Friday night 10:21pm, 11th April 2014, Anne Josette Hill exchanged texts with her mother, rang a friend 30 minutes later, then it becomes vague as to what happened next.

VenusRxWith no suspects identified and Annie Jo’s social media peer group putting up a wall of silence, we are on alert. Our suspicions that the teens knew something was confirmed when there was a flurry of ‘awol teen’ reports among parents.

LE remained tight-lipped and the teen’s car was found mid-week some miles away in a residential area.  All is not well in Edmond, Oklahoma.

As there are minors involved in this case whom we are morally obliged not to identify, we therefore leave their part in this disappearance behind the scenes of this post. There was not a lot for us to work with, but nevertheless we were able to undertake an enquiry of the heavens with the information we had, before hitting the ‘pause’ button.

This last week we have been informed of that elusive gem, a time of birth.  We now have Anne Josette Hill’s complete natal data.  It is one thing to view how an individual might react emotively in a given situation; viewed through the perspective of a given event. It is quite something else to be able to explore their natural traits, given a time of birth.

As our enquiry is of a forensic nature, we seek the weaknesses in an individual; usually a perpetrator, in order to have some understanding of their behaviour. Given the birth data of a potential victim, we still look for the weaknesses in the natal chart, as this can enlighten us to some degree as to what a perpetrator’s motivation might be based on.   Has this possibly been a power play, or an act of revenge?

11pm-AnneHillOur original bi-wheel (method) has been generated from the perspective of 11pm on the night of 11th April 2014.  The outer wheel is the natal chart of our missing teen, Annie Jo.

Pluto is opposite Jupiter (green) in the heavens that evening – inflating power plays. The Moon (blue) is directly overhead and in Virgo – intensifying needs. The Moon, coupled with an Aries Sun; not in the least bit sensitive.

  • Tr Moon (blue) in the inner wheel is conjunct the natal Lunar Nodal axis at the mid-heaven.  Annie Jo is likely in a public place at this time. The 10th house is usually career oriented/ public arena.
  • Tr Pluto opposite natal mid-range Moon (blue) in the outer wheel – an over-inflation notion of personal power and desire to express it is a driving need. We can suggest that Anne is testing the boundaries set by her mother e.g. about being out late.  Is she pushing the envelope too far?
  • Tr Venus (pink) conjunct Neptune (turquoise) indicates a gullible situation in the 3rd house of communication.  This aspect is square natal Pluto.  Anne is likely out of her depth in a social situation.
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) is in the 4th house square the mid-range natal Moon in the 8th house  – this would usually be an indication of a communication coming from home in relation to a transformation of the teen’s situation.  Was there a follow-up text from her mother around this time?  If so, it would appear that Annie Jo has not replied.
  • Tr Uranus (red) conjunct natal Saturn in 5th house.  This is a VERY dangerous aspect.  Uranus indicates sudden changes and Saturn as we all know represents control of one’s own situation/ grim reaper.  Being in the 5th house a friend is suddenly not a friend anymore. Whom was she with?
  • Tr Sun (orange) is square natal Sun highlighting the teen’s ego; her Capricorn Sun – this transit weakens/ is at odds with, the ego.
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis (south node in particular) is square natal Venus (pink) – there is likely peer pressure involved in this decision to not return home on time.

Without going further into the realm of asteroids, fixed stars and the subtleties of midpoints, that was our basic result several months ago.

Three months later we take up a deeper astrology analysis given the new data.  Please be reminded that the following is a forensic astrology enquiry, not an interoperation of a natal horoscope.  Astrology is subjective and pseudo-scientific in origin. We share the interpretation as an example for forensic astrology study.

  • Natal Moon is in the second house (self worth) as the handle of the fan controlling the rest of the planets in the spread. Moon in the 2nd house reveals an emotional attachment to value of oneself (both positive and negative), plus this placement also suggests an attraction for ‘shiny things’.

If Annie Jo was suddenly keeping bad company; out of character, then it would be the 2nd house Moon driving the action – the need to reinforce her (illusory) lack of self-worth.

We then turn to where Venus is in Annie Jo’s natal chart – Venus Rx.  Born during a Venus retrograde is not all that rare, however it does reveal that we would need to be aware of an individual’s tendency towards self-sabotage, particularly in love relationships. Mixing with the wrong crowd would certainly feed this negativity.  There may be an underlying feeling of not being good enough, attractive enough, or loveable enough. Such deep insecurities can lead to eating disorders – that’s another expression of this planetary tension in a natal chart.

Where Venus is in our charts reveals what we need from those around us. Venus is in Annie Jo’s 9th house (higher values), revealing of the company she would successfully mix with. That knowledge, together with her natal Venus Rx conjunct Neptune, would suggest that she would do well to put her faith in aesthetic/artistic types, rather than the other side of the coin of Venus and Pisces – money and drugs. She would never find her way among the latter.

AHill-SAIt is when we generate a progressed chart (solar-arc method), we can see what tension is in her life by the planetary spread and a timely progression peaking at age sixteen. We can suggest that this change in her behaviour is not recent. It has been progressively building for some months, but let me explain by interpreting this new chart.

Having a birth time we have the advantage of knowing the houses where these tensions are taking place. A solar arc progression is far stronger than a transit by an orbiting planet.  The SA tension is like driving a car with one foot flat to the floor on the accelerator with the other foot on the brake, just waiting for that green light/ transiting trigger in the heavens to break the tension.  We have to read both a solar arc progression and the transits side by side in order to comprehend the story, however we’ll follow it one step at a time to identify the accelerating tension first.

Immediately we have the motivation for what this whole case is most likely based on. We have a major planet progressed to an angle; the mid-heaven – a change of lifestyle and not for the better, I might add.

  • Neptune (turquoise) has progressed to the mid-heaven, identifying a very important time of life – the ego disappears as an independent entity and becomes lost in situations; disregarding all responsibility through drug/alcohol abuse.  Note this likely started as an emotional defensive mechanism (Moon).
  • Progressed Venus (pink) is following close behind (by six months) giving this person a perceived raise of status; seen as a step up the ladder (likely financial).

But it’s never that simple is it… Other major aspects are also taking place at the same time, also by solar arc progression.

  • Sun (orange) has progressed to conjunct Uranus – independence; revolutionary spirit. Erratic; behaving out of character.
  • Lunar nodal axis has progressed into 5-11 axis to conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) – scheming with friends.
  • Uranus has progressed to conjunct natal Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel – the big break; boundless optimism
  • Jupiter (green) has progressed to conjunct Lunar South Node – the karmic wheel spins out of control.

However we must turn our attention to what planets were transiting at the time of her disappearance in an effort to identify the triggers for these progressions – the timing for this event that has brought about her demise.   Immediately we see that same conjunction again orbiting in the heavens – Venus conjunct Neptune (minus the retrograde).

AnneHill-eventJust fifteen minutes before 11pm on 11th April 2014 the fixed star Algol (where we can lose our heads) was at the descendant allowing the 7th house to contain the zodiac of Gemini; the twins. This is suggestive that Annie Jo has left the company she was in with someone whom is not whom they appear to be. Whether she was lured by a phone call, or already in the company of this person, we are assured nothing good happened once the event was set in motion.

This bi-wheel is the same tension as in the first chart we reproduced, however we now view from the perspective of the individual rather than the event. I.e. we can now personalize the interpretation.

  • tr Pluto = midpoint of Mars/Pluto – overpowered
  • tr Pluto (guardian of the underworld) is in the 8th house of death and transformation within range of the natal Sun – this is one of the primary forensic indicators; we cannot expect a positive outcome to the disappearance.
  • tr Pluto opposite natal Moon (blue) – big plans for a new venture
  • tr Jupiter (green) conjunct natal Moon – opportunity proposed
  • tr Mercury (yellow) in the 11th house of friends/enemies square natal Moon – flattery, no doubt offering to fulfill the victim’s needs
  • tr Moon conjunct 4th house Lunar nodal axis – likely offer of professional contacts
  • tr Lunar nodal axis in 6th house square natal Venus Rx-Neptune conjunction – relationships become unclear in their value structure; blurring of boundaries of friendship.
  • tr Venus-Neptune is the focus point of the Venus/Saturn midpoint – thinking the grass is greener elsewhere; pretense in a relationship regarding a career shift.

This aspect can be indicative of peer-groups and drugs just as much as anything else, however we have to leave that to others closer to the case, to interpret. The tension does relate to work that will generate an income, of that we can be sure.

  • Tr Venus-Neptune square natal Pluto in 7th house – highly emotive notions of a relationship
  • tr Uranus conjunct natal Saturn both in the 11th house – a friend is not a friend. This is the primary forensic indicator of Annie Jo’s demise.
  • tr Sun square Sun – date on the calendar illuminates the ego
  • tr Sun square natal Venus Rx-Neptune – victim’s rose-colored glasses are dazzled by the Sun’s rays; conned.

There is a lot more to this case involving drugs and drug dealers. There are those locked up in the big-house and those on the streets; minors included. Anne Josette Hill has not been found and LE are not talking.

Continued Pt.2…

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