Oscar Pistorius on trial

Before the Honourable Justice Masipa, the criminal case of The State versus Oscar Pistorius was due to commence at 10am, 3rd March 2014 in Pretoria, South Africa, however the heavens had not yet aligned for this to happen. Timing is everything; time and place.

A court interpreter required to translate witness testimony had taken one look at the massed ranks of lawyers and photographers; the melee of global news networks; satellite vans and a camera drone hovering above the entrance to the high court of the land before her eyes opened wide and she fled – in tears.

op-rsWe would all wait until the clock reached 11:34am when the asteroid Africa #1193 settled into the position of the mid-heaven. Mother Africa took her seat in the heavens and the fixed-star, Algol crossed the ascendant.

Algol is a warning of the presence of the ghoul; Al Ghul.  At the ascendant, Algol is a reminder ‘not to lose our heads’.

Within the science of astronomy; the star, by its brightness and fading action, the effects of which we can see with the naked eye, teaches us how stars interact and die.  It can be suggested that Algol is a metaphor for the life of the star that was Blade Runner – shone brightly in the sky for a short period under the skies of Africa, only to fade before us now.

  • Algol – 26° Taurus (fixed)
  • Africa #1193 – 29° Aquarius (3rd Mar 2014)

Oscar Pistorius, accused of the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on 14th February 2013, appeared in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria and entered a plea of ‘not guilty’.

We made a forensic astrology enquiry into the crime at an earlier date Oscar Pistorius where the asteroid Nessus #7066 featured strongly. Nessus is a character in Greek mythology, representative of ‘an abuser of women’. When we look deeper into the symbolism of this asteroid, this exposes a crippled, deep longing for love that can manifest as a poisonous jealousy; erupting into rage.

  • On the day that Reeva Steenkamp was born, Nessus was at 7°Leo; conjunct the masculine planet of Mars.
  • On the day that Oscar Pistorius was born, asteroid Nessus was at 5°Virgo; conjunct Reeva’s natal Venus; the feminine symbol.

The life challenge came initially as ‘nature’ for each person; it would have taken the maturity of ‘nurture’ for them to overcome what lay ahead on Valentine’s Day, 2013. No doubt the wheel will turn again, unless the cycle is broken.

  • On the opening day of the trial, Nessus was at 28°Aquarius, conjunct Oscar’s natal Mars and also the fated, Africa at the mid-heaven.  This is suggestive that the trial likely highlights the abuse of all African women; not just Reeva Steenkamp.

It is the symbolism of Oscar Pistorius’ natal planet Mars that is on trial; the masculine symbol that he does not seem to be able to control. During a recess in the trial, Pistorius has been out night-clubbing; raging and argumentative; a man far removed from the sobbing, retching performer in the courtroom drama.

The curtain is about to rise on the third act; the silks are due to present their closing arguments to the bench on 7th August. The trial is not over yet, by any means. Pistorius, however, has stepped down from the witness box, so we can explore how he performed during his time centre-stage. We generate our first bi-wheel (method).

trial-OPclick on charts for full size

The inner wheel/our perspective reveals what lay ahead during the trial; a snapshot in time at 11:34am 3rd March 2014, while the outer wheel is the natal chart for Oscar Pistorius (birth time as per the public record).

Oscar Pistorius

  • Tr Sun conjunct natal Jupiter (green) in the 10th house of public appearances – the date on the calendar reveals inflated opinion; centre stage.
  • Tr Sun square natal Saturn (red) in the 7th house of public relationships – self-control is at odds with being under the spotlight; this is a critical audience, rather than an admiring crowd.
  • Tr Mercury opposite natal Moon (blue) in the 3rd house – driving need for all communication skills to shine (Leo) during the performance.

The midpoints reveal the subtlety; the less obvious focus according to astrology. With Algol at the ascendant, we are reminded that this is where it is important not to lose one’s head, or where someone, might (lose their head).

  • Moon/Jupiter = Ascendant – inflation of primary motivator of needs to be well-accepted.
  • Jupiter/Uranus = Ascendant – optimism and personal self-confidence with the expectation of success.

At the mid-heaven we have Nessus and Africa waiting for the human element; Oscar Pistorius.

  • Moon/Pluto = Mars – frustration and anger; intense emotional crisis
  • Uranus/Pluto = Mars – fanaticism is possible with the enormous energy of coercion present.
  • Mercury/Neptune = Mars – putting the fantasy into practice; inspired planning of a defense strategy pays off.

As for the man’s impact on transiting Saturn in the 6th house of morals and ethics we have a final midpoint to reveal, in relation to the accused; Oscar Pistorius.

  • Venus/Saturn = tr Saturn – learning to trust in a relationship.

This classic midpoint is poignant, for when we look at the natal chart of Pistorius the handle of the fan of all his natal planets is the Moon; symbol of trust, security etc. With transiting Saturn the focus, we can suggest that trust and self-control in relationships has been a major flaw in this man’s character; a flaw that has brought him to face justice for his crime.

trial-RouxDefense lead advocate, Barry Roux has his part to play in this courtroom drama. His role is as a professional advocate for his client; to guide the defense’s argument towards a successful conclusion. We can incorporate Barry Roux’ personal astrology into this enquiry, in an effort to reveal the machinations of the man.

Barry Roux

All planets are weighted on the RHS of this bi-wheel; this is not personal for Barry Roux. His focus is on others’ needs; his client’s. The tension is all pretty much above the horizon line; above board, with the obvious exceptions – Neptune (all that is hidden) and Mars (his actions) in the 5th house of creativity.  All is as we would expect so far.

  • His sense of justice/Jupiter is at the IC – mirroring Nessus and Africa.
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct Neptune – this identifies Roux’ position as defense counsel; subterfuge is required in public, in relation to a traumatic event.

The midpoints reveal further subtleties, but before we do, we note a Saturn return in his natal chart – time waits for no man. This is the time of harvest; what he has sown, so he will reap. There could very well be health issues for Barry Roux towards the end of the trial with the 6th house in play.

However that’s all very personal and not the focus of this trial; but the two are inter-related as they are operating behind the actor’s mask. His personal emotive reactions are exposed as well.  As a man, he cannot be absolutely detached.

We also note a peregrine Jupiter in his natal chart, plus natal Venus is conjunct his Lunar nodal axis. We have to ask how was his relationship with his primary nurturer – was she his mother?  What sort of role model was she for him as a little boy?  That would be a conversation starter of some magnitude, I would suggest.

What is a focus, worthy of our attention and related to his client relationship, is the reverse of Pistorius’ midpoint with transiting Saturn. The classic astrology interpretation is that Roux has the need to prove that he is trustworthy in his public relationships; whereas Pistorius’ need, is to trust.

  • Venus/Saturn = tr Saturn – learning to trust in a relationship.

The trial midpoints focusing on the man continue with Algol in the mix again; risk of losing one’s head. Perseus holds up Athena’s shield to mirror the gorgon Medusa’s image.

  • Sun/Mercury = Descendant – sharing ideas; ie risk of going OTT with communication.
  • Mid-range Moon/Venus = tr Pluto in the 8th house – complications in relation to the death of the victim likely generate a waste of emotional impact.
  • Tr Sun/Pluto = mid-range natal Moon – attempts to project power and persuasion are seen as a motivator in this case.  Is his heart not in it?

All of the above are interpretations from classic astrology texts and as we know astrology is not accepted in a court of law, so our critique can only flesh out possible emotive reactions within the character of the actors in our play.

The first of the curtain calls is Judgement Day, 11 September 2014

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7 thoughts on “Oscar Pistorius on trial”

  1. Thanks Mary. I guess I’d better get to work then. The asteroid group Cybele (including Pretoria) will be at the ascendant 10am that morning plus conjunct Mars – I fear there will be great outrage by the lionesses/women of Africa against both Roux and Pistorius. Perhaps I am preempting the result of my astrology enquiry.

  2. The South African legal process reveals that ‘the judgement’ is just the first of the curtain calls. Nevertheless I shall continue with the enquiry.

    After judgement, the case adjourns again, before returning for sentencing arguments and sentence. Depending on the outcome, a possible appeals process will follow.

    Pistorius is on bail and living at his uncle’s house and likely to remain so until the entire process is concluded, according to the media.

  3. Hi Mountain Misst, what an interesting site! I’m fascinated to know whether you mean the lionesses will be outraged at what they consider to be an incorrect or lenient verdict, or whether they are outraged at the crime. Will you be posting more, I hope, on the portents for 11 September, even though as you’ve just said ‘the judgement” will be just the beginning of the sentencing process?

  4. fascinating and captivating, indeed! Your analysis makes this case much more intriguing then it already is.


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