MH17 missile attack

The asteroid Ukraina (Ukraine) was discovered 16 August, 1925 and given the number 1709. It is one of the main belt asteroids that occasionally come up as possibly threatening to wipe out the human race. Just last month 1709 Ukraina got a mention in the US media, with NASA issuing a statement that it was not likely that the asteroid would enter our atmosphere in 2032; a 1/48,000 chance of impacting.

mh17-ruinsWhat did impact over the Ukraine this week, was a ground to air missile and a commercial jetliner; a missile fired from within the Ukraine downing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 with all 298 lives on-board lost. The plane; a B772, was travelling at 490 kts at 33,000 feet (10km) four hours into its flight out of Amsterdam, en route Kuala Lumpur.

The date, 17 July 2014 is the anniversary of another commercial aircraft brought down by a missile – TWA800, on 17 July 1996.

8:31pm on the 17 July 1996, TWA flight 800 out of New York bound for Rome via Paris crashed into the Atlantic just 12minutes after take-off; killing all 230 souls on-board.

There is another synchronicity with this date 17th July. The current downed MAS Flight MH17 rolled out of the Boeing hangar in the USA on 17 July 1997. That was the date of 9M-MRD’s maiden flight – she lived and died on the same date; seventeen years apart.

Undertaking a forensic astrology enquiry, we turn our eyes heavenwards from the position of the downed plane and the time when communication was lost; the place and time.

  • 48°7′56″N 38°39′19″E
  • 14:15 hours UT / 2:15pm GMT

ukraine-rebelsIt would appear that MH17 was brought down by a pro-Russian/anti-Ukranian government group within the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine.  These two groups together, are commonly called The Donbass.

From this information, it is obvious to us that we have to include asteroids in our enquiry.  We check our ephemeris for their location at this time in space.

  • Ukraina #1709 – 02°Cancer 25’
  • Donbass #19916 – 22°Cancer 31’
  • Russia #232 – 16°Scorpio 34’

Was the targeting of this plane intentional or perhaps a case of mistaken identity? We have to consider other possibilities as we turn to the Arabic Parts in astrology for their possible inclusion in our charts. These are calculated from the date/time/planetary positions at a given point in time.

  • Identity – 22°Cancer 49’
  • Danger – 0°Leo 25’
  • Assassination – 0°Leo 35’

MH17-crashAnd so to charting and interpretation – the first chart is a snapshot in time from the ground at the crash site.  Click on charts for full size.

The nebulous star Al waid (who is to be destroyed), is the Eye of the Dragon guarding the constellation of Ursa Minor at 12°Sagittarius. In Greek mythology, we are entering the realm of the Hesperides. I.e. That suggests that we can expect a messy investigation to follow (Wreck of the Hesperus).

  • Fixed star Al Waid conjunct Ascendant – destruction.
  • Sun square Mars – possible accident
  • Sun (orange) in the 8th house square Lunar nodal axis – identifying a traumatic situation in a public place.

Note: Serbian astrologers would tell us that the cusp of the 8th house at 18°Cancer is diabolical for the human race.

  • Moon square Mercury – the need to communicate is in tension with the planet of communication; a communication meltdown.
  • Midpoint Mercury/Venus= asteroid Ukraina – Ukranian rebels are responsible for the rocket attack (Venus=peer group)
  • Jupiter (green) in the 8th house conjunct Arabic parts – danger; plus assassins.

In astrology, Jupiter represents long distance travel/a flight and on this occasion is situated in the 8th house of death and transformation.

  • Asteroid Icarus #1566 (29° Sagittarius) opposite Venus (pink) – the boy that fell from the sky; portending the loss of lives.
  • Saturn 16°Scorpio conjunct asteroid Russia#232 – grim reaper is situated at Russia’s door

crash-9M-MRDIf we can sweep all 298 souls into our arms and place them into the plane, we interpret 9M-MRD as representative of all on-board. We therefore generate our first bi-wheel (method) with the inner wheel that of the time of the destruction of the plane and the outer wheel the maiden flight of the plane; a horary chart generated at noon on that date.

  • Tr Sun conjunct natal Sun (orange) in 8th house – transformation of a life, well lived.
  • Tr Sun opposite Neptune (turquoise) – victims of subterfuge
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Sun – traumatic situation in a public space
  • Tr Mars square Sun – possible accident
  • Tr Saturn square Mercury (yellow) – this relates to the method of death
  • Midpoint of Sun/Saturn= Lunar north node (9th house) – a difficult meeting with others during a long journey.
  • Tr Moon quindecile Lunar north node – an overwhelming need to enter the supernatural realm.

17Jul2014-MASOur third chart/second bi-wheel is from the same perspective and the outer wheel is the date that MAS commenced operations 1 October 1972. MAS; Malaysian Airline System is the flag carrier of the nation of Malaysia. We note that this is not a private company; a nation rides with this airline.

All indications are that this is a crisis time for the airline and may well be its death knell when we look at the overall picture in astrological terms.  We also note that this is where the asteroid Donbass and Arabic Part Identity come into the picture;  They are both positioned at 22°Cancer.

Serbian astrology identifies the 22nd degree as the assassin, while the zodiac of Cancer, identifies the homeland.  There is one further asteroid creating tension in this chart for MAS, likely relating to the investigation.

  • Tr asteroid Chaos #19521 conjunct MAS Saturn in 7th house – upheaval with international relationships likely
  • Natal mid-range Moon and South node conjunct 22°Cancer (in the 8th house) – a karmic event for the airline; MAS will be identified with the Donbass for evermore.
  • Natal Sun (orange) is at the MC and opposite the home (4th house cusp) – highlighting Malaysia on the world map; also mirrors MAS back to the nation’s need for a flag carrier.
  • Tr Sun (orange) intersects/conjunct Lunar nodal axis – trauma in a public place (8th house death/transformation).
  • Tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal mid-range Moon (blue) – a nation’s driving needs are highlighted.
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis square natal mid-range Moon and South node – ditto – a karmic decision.
  • Tr Mars square Lunar nodal axis – combined efforts will pay off.
  • Tr Moon opposite Pluto – exaggerated emotional intensity drives new plans
  • Tr Uranus opposite Mercury (yellow) in 10th house – improved communication

blackribbonRIP all souls on board MH17.

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  1. Great post! I do a lot of work with asteroids, and here are some additional factors to ponder – asteroid Hollandia 1132 (for the Netherlands, origin of flight) 2 Cancer exactly with Ukraina, also conjunct Mercury and asteroid Nemesis at 5 Cancer. Asteroid Amsterdam 11945 (city of departure) 16 Aquarius Rx, exactly squared Saturn/Russia. Also asteroid Rip 7711 (for acronym RIP, Rest in Peace, a common tombstone inscription) exactly with Icarus 29 Sag. Asteroid Phaeton (named for mythic son of Helios shot from the sky) 9 Gemini exactly semisquare Sun 24 Cancer, sesquiquadrate Mars 25 Libra.

    Malayasia (9.16.63) is currently undergoing a Saturn return, with natal Saturn 17 Scorpio fitting into above square and forming a T-Square with natal Ukraina 17 Leo. Natal Amsterdam 5 Leo opposed natal Atropos (named for Greek Fate who severs thread of life at death) 4 Aquarius. Natal Phaeton 10 Cancer has been stressed by Uranus/Pluto square, with transit Pluto opposing from 11 Cap at crash, and natal Hollandia in square from 9 Libra.


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