Michael David Robertson

Following the scent, or as some one say; one’s intuition, can oftentimes take you to some interesting places. I was in court last week towards the end of a murder trial, when an expert witness took the stand. It was close to the end of the list, however my interest had not waned.

M-RobertsonPrior to the defence’s expert witness’ testimony, the accused had taken the stand, likely against advice from counsel. We had noted the Sagittarius Moon influencing the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay’s decision to speak in his own defense; i.e. insistent on having his opinion heard and respected. It was not a dull performance.

That aside, one of the expert witnesses did not have the air of authority that I expected to see. In my opinion, his evidence appeared to be more useful to the prosecution argument, rather than the defense, but I’m no authority in such matters. Was it because of his place in the list; that he had followed the accused to the witness box? Or was he just having an ‘off’ day I wondered? Either way, it was enough for me; I tagged him for further attention.

I was very surprised to learn that someone whom continued to stake their career as an ‘expert witness’ in the courts of Australia, had an arrest record in the USA; had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in the USA; had refused to take a polygraph test in relation to a murder in the USA; had not followed correct procedure in relation to the handling of toxicology evidence in a US murder investigation.

Note: a toxicologist analyses bodily fluids to determine whether drugs are present in a sample. The question they must ask of any evidence is,  “When does therapeutic become toxic?”

Now why would a scientist risk his career; go beyond therapeutic and enter the realm of toxicity, himself? Because he was personally involved in the case, that’s why…

This case in Brisbane must’ve re-awakened a few memories, as there are parallels in the two cases.   The Brisbane case is a man on trial for murdering his wife, with a lover in the wings. In the case of our toxicologist, he was the lover waiting in the wings in another murder case; a murder where a woman was found guilty of murdering her husband. Both cases also hinged on the claim of suicide by the defense, with the victim supposedly despondent over their marital problems.

A graduate of Monash University, Melbourne – Ancora Imparo (still I learn), Michael David Robertson could do well to heed those words and learn to leave the judicial system to those of high repute, but that’s just the opinion of an astrologer. We turn to the heavens to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry into that original murder case in which he was involved.

Having two sets of the United States Court of Appeals documents to hand, wherein Rossum petitioned the court for a writ of habeas corpus, we take up the challenge to unravel the cosmic point of view. The defense claimed it was suicide; the prosecution, murder and it all came down to the toxicology.  In December 2002, Kristin Margrethe Rossum was found guilty and convicted of first degree murder of her husband Gregory T. deVillers; the criminal penalty – life without parole.

Australian, Michael Robertson was the Forensic Toxicology Laboratory Manager and Chief Toxicologist of the Office of the Medical Examiner in San Diego, California, a position he only held for seven months before it was terminated; one month after the murder. Robertson flew back to Australia, never to return.

His lover Kristin Rossum had a chemistry degree and worked in the laboratory under Michael Robertson. Both married, they were in the midst of an illicit affair. DeVillers (Rossum’s husband) and her lover, Michael Robertson were aware of Kristin Rossum’s drug-taking history; her taste – methamphetamines.

Four days after confronting his wife about his suspicions of her affair and recurrence of drug use, Gregory deVillers died from a dose of a synthetic opiate. Not Methadone, which works by keeping the pain-receptors filled, rather Fentanyl, which would hit you like a ton of bricks, once the levels in the blood reached a toxic level; stopping the ability to breathe.

Following deVillers’ death, the Office of the Medical Examiner audited its impounded drugs and discovered that fifteen Fentanyl patches and ten milligrams of Fentanyl standard were missing (all Rossum’s area of responsibility). The Office of the Medical Examiner also determined that quantities of methamphetamine, clonazepam and oxycontin were also missing.

Methamphetamines aside, these same three toxins were found in the victim’s blood sample; Clonazepam, Oxycontin and Fentanyl. The autopsy also determined that the Fentanyl was possibly administered over a period of up to twelve hours prior to the 911 call at 9:22pm, 6th November 2000.

On that fateful day at 7:42am, Rossum called her husband’s employer reporting his being ‘sick’ before setting off to work herself. She stated that she returned home at lunchtime ostensibly to check on her ailing husband, before spending the afternoon in the company of her lover. Rossum again went home at 6:30pm; then out again, before finally returning at 8pm. It was not until after 9pm that she noticed her husband was no longer breathing.

Note: There had been plenty of opportunity to top-up the drugs during the day; the verdict of murder, substantiated. The trial came down to a matter of whom had access to the drug. DeVillers didn’t; Rossum did.

There now is the unanswered question of whether the autopsy samples were contaminated in the laboratory, or whether the Fentanyl was in the original blood sample.   Rossum’s attorneys did not follow this line of enquiry in her trial and so we ask the all-important question of the heavens ourselves.

Was Michael Robertson involved in any premeditation of the murder of his lover’s husband, or even did he contaminate the autopsy evidence? 

Note: Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law. We reproduce charts of planetary positions in the heavens at a specific point in time and comment according to textbook interpretations. All information is on the public record, should anyone wish to check.

922-RossumWe generate our first bi-wheel (method) and view through the perspective of the 911 call as reported; 9:22pm on Monday 6th November 2000. The outer wheel is the birth chart for Kristin Rossum. Birth time is not known and so a mid-range Moon is used (noon).

Kristin Rossum has a stellium of natal planets with the handle of the fan, peregrine Jupiter. This is a person extremely OTT in whatever they do, be it drugs or romance. She also has Sun conjunct the nodal axis, which invariably indicates childhood issues with her nurturer. I should imagine this child would have been a handful, when we look at the astrology.

This bi-wheel has the stellium of natal planets revealed in the 4th house of home/the heart’s desire at the time of the 911 call; Venus-Moon and Neptune in the 5th house of pleasure (affairs) and all managed by this rampant Jupiter in the 11th house – seeking love and approval from a lover (5th house).

It is when we bring the transiting planets into the mix, that we get to understand the emotive reactions under tension. The forensic indications are all present to support a guilty verdict.

Transiting Sun (orange) in the inner wheel is the date on the calendar. This is where the impulse/highlight reveals why the event occurred on this particular day, but first we can see that the commitment to take action was likely made four days earlier when the transiting Sun was conjunct natal Mars; 11°Scorpio.

  • Tr Sun square natal Saturn – the presence of the internal grim reaper is highlighted; under tension
  • Tr Pluto conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – power of subterfuge. Note also that Neptune is the drug flag.
  • Tr Neptune in 7th house of marriage square natal 10th house Lunar nodal axis – her career is likely a motivating factor behind the trauma.
  • Tr Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter – grim reaper/timing joins the natal ‘peregrination factor’ already in her chart
  • Tr Jupiter opposite mi-range natal Moon (blue) – inflating personal needs.

As for Michael David Robertson, we repeat the process, although with the finer detail of midpoint analysis added to our interpretation. But first, we must comment on two aspects in his natal chart – a Saturn retrograde phenomenon (lack of childhood male mentoring) plus this same Saturn Rx quindecile Venus (a tendency towards obsession and authority of ‘the feminine’; women).

922-RobertsonImmediately, we note the activity in this bi-wheel is entirely focused on the 5th house – the lover. The weight of planets is on the RHS – consideration of ‘her’; his lover. His Saturn-Venus obsession is ruling the day.

So to the hard aspects in this bi-wheel:

  • Tr Neptune square natal Saturn Rx – subterfuge of the self-control; forensic indicator
  • Tr Moon (blue) conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – emotional trauma present
  • Tr Saturn opposite natal Neptune – forensic indicator/grim reaper together with subterfuge/drugs.
  • Tr Jupiter (green) opposite natal Mercury – inflated communication
  • Tr Sun (orange) square natal Mars – date on the calendar is highlighted as the day of action.

Note: This aspect refers to the date of the murder, not the date when he had access to the autopsy specimens. I would suggest that this answers the second of our questions.

  • Tr Venus in the 6th house opposite mid-range Moon – ethics and morals are under tension by personal needs. The Moon take precedence as it is a driving need; his choice.

Note: Even before considering the midpoints, the house placement and tension in this bi-wheel, is suggestive of discussion/collusion of the implementation of drugs by his lover (natal Venus in the 5th).

Midpoints of transiting planets impacting on natal planets are heavily weighted in Sagittarius (opinion) and Scorpio (control of power) suggestive of Robertson’s input into planning, however fanciful.

  • Sun/Pluto=Neptune 28°Scorpio – self-sacrifice in a relationship/to a cause
  • Mars/Neptune=Sun (orange) 3°Sagittarius – new plans illuminated; situational change
  • Mars/Uranus=Mercury (yellow) 9°Sagittarius – strategy; planning
  • Mercury/Pluto=Venus 20°Scorpio– promotions of any kind plus ‘up front’ sexual expression

Any wonder this man gets nervous when he is in a courtroom where drugs, subterfuge and extra marital affairs are on the agenda.

Michael Robertson returned to Australia before the trial of Kristin Rossum. He was named as an ‘un-indicted co-conspirator’ in Rossum’s original trial, however he has never been indicted for Gregory deVillers murder. I should imagine that he dare not step foot on American soil; for fear of arrest – heaven only knows why…

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6 thoughts on “Michael David Robertson”

  1. Fantastic post MM, so well written too (as always)

    Wow, how and why did he make his way onto the stand in Australia for the GBC Trial? It is as if he is the only expert in this field in Australia. Surely defence team did their due diligence?

  2. Thanks MM. Looks like he couldn’t get a job so went independent. I didn’t realise he was originally Australian though. So what are your predictions on GBC verdict. I am predicting murder.

  3. Mountain Misst,
    I discovered your site owing to my interest in Baden Clay case. Your work is intelligent and fascinating. I am gratified observing your wholistic approach to analysis. You combine historical data with astrology, myth and jungian themed psychology brilliantly IMO. I have spent unintended hours locked to the screen today reading many of your cases.

    I couldn’t find a place here specifically for requests so I hope blog protocol permits making a request in a comment. I wonder if you would be interested in looking at the Lloyd Rayney case i(Western Australia) if/when time permits. Mr Rayney was a Western Australian Public Prosecutor and later high profile Defense Lawyer who was acquitted of murdering his wife in a judge only trial on Nov 1 2012. .An appeal by prosecutors against Mr Rayney’s murder acquittal was dismissed in the WA Court of Appeal. on Sept 23 2013. Lloyd Rayney’s wife, Corryn, disappeared on Aug 7th 2007. Her body was found in a shallow grave in Kings Park, Perth, eight days later on Aug 16th. The case was IMO very strong circumstancially like the GBC case, infact the motive and opportunity were extremely strong, there was also some strong forensic evidence and no other reasonable explanation for her death. Many observers in WA believe Rayney has got away with this murder, myself included. Additionally, n appearance, interviews and reactions to Corryn’s disappearance and the subsequent discovery of her body, Rayney displayed a demeanor and lack of empathy consistent with psychopothy. . As with Allison Baden Clay, Corryn’s daughters have been left motherless. As with Allison, Corryn’s reputation was smeared by Rayney’s defense. Unlike Allison, Corryn’s family and friends had no opportnity to counter the smear through a trial process. Corryn’s daughters must suffer in ways I cannot really fathom. As far as I am aware they remained in the custody of their father, though both would be 18 years now, Could you help Mountain Misst?

    On a brighter note thank you to the Jury and the QPS. Allison Baden Clay, justice has been served. You may rest in Peace. Bless you, you children and your family.

  4. Apologies MM, I’ve just found your analysis of the Lloyd Rayney scenario. Thank you, it gives me hope that justice will be served on him. one way or the other in due time. I pray that Corryn’s family and daughters find their own peace and are on their proper paths towards healing. xo

    Edit – link to our post: Line dancer, Corryn Rayney


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