No flight of fancy

A post without astrology, heaven forbid...

ImperialAirwaysA trial is in progress before the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Australia as I write.  The accused Gerard Robert Baden-Clay stands accused of murder of his wife Allison June Baden-Clay. I’ve written many, many posts on this case; scouts honour.

One of those posts was called Flights of Fancy where we exposed a ridiculous claim in the District Court in 2000 by Gerard Baden-Clay against his ex employer Flight Centre Ltd.  A claim that Flight Centre was prepared to defend submitting documents to the court with that intention, however they settled out of court in the end.  Sometimes that’s wiser. We are not privy to the amount of settlement, however it did happen according to the public record of the District Court.

Well I’ve been called upon to back up our claim made on 6th October 2012, following the evidence given in court yesterday by the accused.  He returns to court on Monday so if you want the facts, then here they are.

As is our norm on this blog, we do not generate rumour or untruths; we rely on information from the general public as well as the media. In order to avoid rumour, we check the public record where possible for all facts and birth data of our persons of interest. It is only the astrology interpretation that can be considered as subjective, however that too is based on classic texts. In this case in particular, we have the receipted documents before us, purchased at the personal expense of myself from the Queensland Courts in 2012.

A quick recap:

On the married couples return to Australia in the last quarter of 1999, Allison Baden-Clay returned to work for Flight Centre Ltd , however Gerard Baden-Clay remain unemployed for the first six months of their return.  He approached his wife’s employer on several occasions after their return to Australia seeking employment, unsuccessfully I might add, until in March 2000 he was taken on by Flight Centre with a standard contract of employment, in a new position; the position of Systems and Communications Manager in the fledgling operation; Global Online.

The accused signed a written contract as a member of a project team with Flight Centre Ltd; a team whose purpose was to investigate and identify business opportunities within the internet area.  We all know that these days, in 2014, it’s the norm to buy flight tickets online.  It is a huge business, generating squillions for the travel agencies.  But step back in time folks – it is March 2000, the internet is taking off as a marketing arena, however by August, the company made the decision to wind up the Global Online business.

It is not for us to give the reasons why they chose to wind-up the operation, however they did so and all in the space of one day. That in itself raises a flag for us; hello?  Pick up your pencils and go.  There is a story behind this, however we cannot repeat that here.  Whatever happened, Flight Centre swept the broom straight through and the accused was made redundant.  The date is August 18, 2000.

Gerard Baden-Clay had lasted five months and twelve days at Flight Centre. Note here – there was no other position made available to him. The accused was out on the street with his redundancy monies (as per his contractual agreement), which included four-weeks pay in lieu of notice. We can suggest that the accused’s ego would have been in tatters.

It’s what happened next that will get stuck in anyone’s throat.  Gerard Baden-Clay stewed for a couple of months and then ruined any chance of Allison’s future at Flight Centre.  He put together a fanciful claim for breach of contract against Flight Centre weaving his wife into the story in his personal claim for just under $60,000.  In this claim he included such ridiculous items as storage of furniture and rent of his home.

Anyway I’ll let you read it all. It is proffered without prejudice, by demand from the public.

  • FlightCentreClaim by Gerard Baden Clay filed in Brisbane on 20 December 2000 District Court of Queensland
  • FlightCentreDefense Notice of Intention to Defend filed in Brisbane on 7 February 2001 District Court of Queensland


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2 thoughts on “No flight of fancy”

  1. Thank you MM for all your work.
    According to yesterday’s sermon, GBC was pretty much God’s gift to Flight Centre.
    However according to your research;
    Not only he was sacked, but tried to screw Flight Centre for big dollars.
    Not content with that, he muddied Allison’s good name through a court case.
    Flight Centre has spoken very highly of Allison Baden Clay.
    Flight Centre has spoken not one single word of praise for Gerard Baden Clay.
    I do wish that Flight Centre personnel who knew both, would be called as character witnesses.

  2. Brilliant – thank you for those documents. Another example of a big noting nothing of a man who self promoted himself into a position he wasn’t up to then has to sue them to make a point. What a jerk. Allison really got dragged down by this loser.


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