Port Arthur

Rosh ha Satan; Satan’s head, is its name in Hebrew mythology. In Chinese texts it’s Tseih She; the Piled-up Corpses. We mostly know it from Greco-Roman mythology as Algol, the star in the forehead of Medusa; the gorgon in the constellation of Perseus. Across all mythologies, ‘be wary’ is the catch-cry of those whom turn their gaze heavenward when it comes to this star.

The position of Algol can be the most dangerous region in the heavens for the unwary.  Its presence can be as minor as an indication of a maker of mischief; to the extreme – a violent monster casting a shadow on a forensic astrology enquiry. The name of the gorgon also reminds us that Athena is never far from our shoulder in the battle against crime.

gorgonWe know that Athena loaned Perseus her battle shield; how the hero held it up in opposition to Medusa, mirroring the gorgon’s reflection. Medusa saw in her reflection what she had become, and was defeated. It’s classic good versus evil stuff handed down to us via mythology and like all myths there is an all-important truth in the story.

The fixed star, Algol is on the cusp of 25°Taurus in the heavens above us, here and now – fixed there for everymore against the backdrop of the astrological zodiac. Asteroids and planets are another matter altogether, as they are in orbit around the Sun; their positions against the zodiac continually change, so we need to refer to an ephemeris to learn of their location at any given point in time.

At this current point in time, we follow on the shirt tails from previous enquiries of spree killings addressed here on this blog and look back upon one particular event, a spree killing that changed the gun laws in Australia.  The year was 1996 and the place Port Arthur, Tasmania.

A twenty-eight year-old man shot and killed 35 people, injuring 23 more.  I say ‘man’ loosely, as a psychological assessment scored him as having a verbal I.Q. of 64 and non-verbal reasoning and cognitive functioning of 68, giving a full scale I.Q. of 66 – in the bottom 10% range of an 11 year-old (90% of 11 year-olds would score higher).

But Martin Bryant wasn’t stupid by any means; cunning would be a better description.  He had enough ‘upstairs’ to know not to apply for a gun licence, or a driving licence for that matter either.  Due to his illiteracy, he was aware that he would be rejected for both, if he were to apply. At the time of the Port Arthur massacre, Martin Bryant owned and drove a car, plus had a stash of hand weapons and ammunition; all bought legally.

Martin Bryant didn’t have a criminal history, however he did have a disturbing childhood psychological profile full of clues for us in hindsight.  However, we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that there would have been many thousands of other babies born on the same day as Martin Bryant, so it’s not a case of his birthday being problematic. There is always so much more to it, when it comes to a mass murderer.

Natal Sun in company with Algol together with the asteroid Pallas (Athena) in close proximity, plus the seven sisters; the constellation of The Pleiades, Martin Bryant was born in dangerous company.  That besides, his natal Sun is exact conjunct the asteroid Hades; gateway to hell. We are immediately on alert to potentially being in the vicinity of evil.

Bryant-asteroid-duoclick on charts for full size

The first of these charts is the natal horoscope for Martin Bryant. As we are not aware of his time of birth, we calculate with a mid-range Moon (midday) – angles and houses cannot be interpreted.

  • Moon in Aries – we’ve been here before. It’s all about ‘me first’ – my needs; narcissistic tendencies.
  • Mid-range Moon opposite natal Mars – assertive about own needs taking priority; tendency to be hyperactive, disruptive – tantrums.
  • Pallas is at 28°Taurus conjunct the fixed star constellation of Pleaides: Alcyone and her sisters. In a positive chart we could have a military commander, however the presence of this group can also portend evil, of a military nature. 

Note: Martin Bryant had no military training; it was instinctive in him.  He fired mostly at close range, so he couldn’t miss.

  • Pallas opposite Vesta – Vesta is symbolic of ‘keeping the home fires burning’ and so with Pallas in opposition, we have someone whom would lean towards being a warrior for their family.  Martin Bryant was a single man and so his sense of loyalty remained with his immediate family; in particular his father.
  • Saturn and Venus are both peregrine planets – there were no reins held over personal control, nor money.

Note: Money was no object, for by the age of 25, Martin Bryant had inherited a substantial amount from a benefactor. Despite his father’s attempts at controlling the young man’s inheritance, Martin Bryant led a rather bizarre lifestyle.

The second chart is the event when Bryant started his crime spree, the massacre of thirty-five souls. This chart is the atmosphere in general in the heavens above Port Arthur. There are no grand trines of blocked energy seeking a release, however Mercury (yellow) is at 27°Taurus conjunct Algol and The Pleiades.  Unfortunately Mercury, as the symbol for communication, also indicates the presence of a method of communication, as in this case – firearms and ammunition.

  • The MC, mid-heaven reveals the commencement of the crime spree with the midpoint of Sun/Mars = MC – fighting for one’s principles.

Note: The initial murder of two persons was a revenge for a perceived grudge against his father/family. However Bryant had no intention of stopping there. He continued on to a tourist venue nearby where most of his victims met with their demise.

  • Lunar Node/north node is quindecile this midpoint – mission to revenge this perceived slur on his family.
  • Lunar Node/north node is quindecile Saturn – obsession due to loneliness; likely blames his first victims for his father’s suicide.
  • Lunar Nodal Axis square Jupiter (green) – inflating all of the above; traumatic and in public.
  • Asteroid Pallas exact opposite Mars – holding up that shield of Athena to Mars is likely Bryant seeing himself as Perseus; the hero.
  • Pallas is also square to Neptune (turquoise)– deluded into believing that he is a hero.
  • Moon (blue) is square Pluto – driving needs are under tension by the power symbol.
  • Neptune square Mars – more delusion and subversion.
  • Uranus square the date on the calendar (Sun) – inflated energy; today’s the day.

port-arthurAll of that was in the heavens, an apocalyptic event with all forensic indicators present and we haven’t even brought the shooter into the picture yet.  We have interpreted from classic texts, albeit with the advantage of hindsight, however that’s how it was, on that day in Port Arthur.

Sunday 28th April 1996 was the day that evil befell the old convict settlement and tourist venue; Port Arthur. Men, women and little children all unknown to the killer, were all purposeful victims, hunted down and executed. There was no spray of bullets, or separation from his acts by the tyranny of distance and sniper fire; Martin Bryant’s crime was of a despicable nature with the details – beyond comprehension.

When we combine the event chart of when Martin Bryant killed his first victim and the natal horoscope of Satan’s warrior, we can interpret the added tension he was under, apart from the apocalypse in the heavens.

Event-BryantThe inner wheel identifies the transiting planets at the time and the outer wheel is the natal horoscope of Martin Bryant; the two charts above put together as a bi-wheel (method). Upon consideration that we all have a pretty good idea of what’s going on by now, we leave the asteroids and stars behind for this interpretation.

On first viewing of the bi-wheel, we are met with an inflated sense of self with Jupiter in the 1st house, however the action is mostly generated from the 10th house, a public spectacle.  Natal Mars is in the 3rd house – communication by taking action and the karmic South Node and Neptune (turquoise) are in the 4th house – home/heart.

  • Midpoint – natal Mercury-Lunar Node= transiting Sun – putting together a philosophy of life; or at least that’s how the killer saw it.
  • Tr Sun (orange) date on the calendar is conjunct natal lunar nodal axis – a day for out-of-doors, in public generating a traumatic event
  • Tr Sun quindecile natal Neptune – today is the day to create subterfuge.
  • Tr Sun conjunct natal Mercury – identifying the shooter.
  • Tr 12th house Venus (in the mind) is square natal 2nd house Uranus (assets) – Venus represents money in this role. Bryant considered that his first victims had cheated his father on a purchase of a business (swindled money).
  • Tr nodal axis intersects natal Aries Moon-Mars opposition – ‘me and mine’ action drives the trauma.
  • Tr Jupiter (green) square natal Moon-Mars – an inflation of – ditto –
  • Tr Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal Jupiter – subterfuge inflated/flattered his ego.
  • Tr Saturn quindecile natal Mars – grim reaper obsessively in action.

Martin Bryant was taken into custody the very next day, following a siege.  He is currently serving 35 life sentences plus 1,035 years without parole in the psychiatric wing of a prison in Tasmania.

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4 thoughts on “Port Arthur”

  1. A lot of Australians who are aware of this case believe that the government or a related ‘agency’ carried out this crime, and as you have noted, Martin Bryant was certainly not intellectually capable. There is a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that it was simply not possible for this man to have carried out these crimes, and that even the most experienced sniper could not have done it alone. The Australian government is a terrorist organization.

  2. You could do that.. Just as I could suggest that it is IGNORANCE, the refusing to see the truth of matters, that is at the heart of suffering.. Truth is not scaremongering, truth is just truth.


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