Baden-Clay trial Pt.3 – crown v the dock

brisbaneAn Aries Moon in a natal chart always waves a red flag in forensic astrology cases. It’s indicative of someone whom puts themselves above all else in their drive to succeed; numero uno. Be it the centre of attention of a narcissist, or someone whom is top of the tree in their field of endeavour, we note recurrence of an Aries Moon in the horoscopes of many successful people. This is a perfect example before us today.

The Honourable Justice John Harris Byrne, presiding judge in the Baden Clay trial has a chart that we couldn’t resist taking a look at, given that his birth data is on the public record. As our first bi-wheel, we use a mid-range Moon for his natal chart (time of birth not known), however I have no doubt that he was born with an Aries, rather than Pisces, Moon. This is a man whom is top of his peer group.

The trial by jury before Judge Byrne, is for the murder of Allison June Baden-Clay; the alleged in the dock – her husband Gerard Robert Baden Clay. We undertake an astrology enquiry here on this blog from a pseudo-scientific perspective. The interpretation is based on ancient methods, no longer considered to be relevant in a court of law.  All interpretation is from classic astrology texts and presented without prejudice to any parties.

Continuing to use the opening time of the trial, 10am on 10th June 2014 as our perspective to view the planetary tension, we generate a bi-wheel (method). The inner wheel is the clock on the wall when the court opens and the outer wheel is a snapshot of the heavens at noon on the day that John Harris Byrne was born.

GBCtrial-judgeclick on charts for full size

Initially, apart from noting the exemplary Moon, we were surprised to see that there are two quindecile aspects present; likely quirks in the judge’s personality. This led us to review John H. Byrne’s horoscope, where we note two peregrine planets (Mars and Pluto).

We have no need to explore this man’s personal character traits in any detail more than that; commenting that he’d not be a man to suffer fools, particularly in the witness box.

The following is the planetary tension between this man and the trial of Baden-Clay, on Day One. Some aspects will change during the period of the trial, due to planetary transits-over-time (particularly tr. Moon) and other tension, particularly that involving the outer planets, will remain for the entire trial.

  • Tr Uranus quindecile natal Mercury (yellow) in the outer wheel – compulsive in relation to acuteness of thought, inspiration, provocative ideas.
  • Tr Venus (pink) quindecile natal (peregrine) Mars – highly impulsive and passionate; unpredictable.
  • Tr Jupiter (green) square natal Sun – ego recognition rewarded
  • Tr Moon (blue) conjunct natal Mercury-South Node – operating instinctively (we suggest that this ‘instinctive sense’ is inherent in this man)
  • Tr Moon opposite Lunar nodal axis – building cooperation and harmony in a public venue
  • Tr Pluto square natal Neptune (turquoise) – application and hard work puts a strain on health.

Before we step down from the bench and turn to face the dock, we can undertake a synastry study of these two characters; the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay’s view of the judge. We are reminded that this is a trial by jury; not a ‘judge-only’ trial so no outcome hinges on their relationship; irrespective of any tension in the chart of the accused.

GBC-JHBTheirs is a public relationship, declared in the outer chart by two very obvious aspects:  The IC-MC axis of the accused is conjunct Judge Byrne’s Lunar nodal axis; together with the judge’s natal Mercury (yellow), exact by conjunction with the accused’s natal Venus (pink).  From the accused’s perspective the tension is in the first four houses; all about me, mine and unfinished business in ‘my childhood’.

The driving need (natal Moon) of the accused is in the 5th house seeking love, however he’ll get none from the bench.

  • 1st house accused’s Lunar South Node conjunct judge’s Saturn – there are several levels of interpretation here and all karmic in origin.  We have the judge’s Saturn representative of authority, of a father figure plus of course, symbol for the grim reaper although we can eliminate the grim reaper; there is no death penalty in Australia.
  • A’s. Mars conjunct J’s Saturn – an unsatisfactory ‘relationship’ as far as the accused is concerned – action and control; a stalemate.
  • IC/ 4th house accused’s Venus (pink) conjunct judge’s Mercury (yellow) –  this is quite bizarre to find in this position as it appears to reveal a romantic notion in the mind of the accused.  Does he attempt to seduce by charm?
  • A’s Jupiter (green) conjunct judge’s Lunar South Node – a karmic connection revealed.  These two have faced up before.
  • A’s Neptune (turquoise) conjunct J’s Mars – again an attempt at making a connection.  As this is in the 4th house, I would suggest this is an attempt by the accused to use an army reservist, or ancestral connection.  Either way it involves ‘family’.

Once the wig goes on, John Byrne is no longer the man; he becomes the crown.

GBCtrial-GBCGerard Baden-Clay is under scrutiny on the opening day of his trial for murder, after some odd two years on-remand in the Arthur Gorrie Correction Centre.  We suggest that the lack of Christmas tree lights is indicative of his ‘emotional self’ likely dulled by inaction.

Day one will be pretty much taken up by the court’s housekeeping, however we can interpret his H-factor into the trial per se.  As the Moon and personal planets of Venus and Mars continue to transit the heavens over coming weeks, the resulting evidence will reflect in his chart by their tension.  Every day the wheel will turn, running the gamut of the accused’s emotions.

  • Gerard Baden-Clay’s natal Saturn is exact at the MC – as previously discussed in Part 1 – conjunct transiting Juno; protector of families and children.

With natal Saturn in this position it reveals several issues of interest to us, as astrologers. The classic interpretation is a major change in the family; death concerns within the family circle and an extremely important time in life development.

Interpretation of this aspect can also follow that the accused believes that he has authority as the head of the family.  This aspect can be construed to be a particularly arrogant position. This is where interpretation enters the realm of neurosis.

With a Saturn retrograde in his natal chart, indications are that the accused lacked male mentoring during childhood development (discussed in great detail in previous posts), resulting in the boundaries between gender roles being blurred.  We are not aware of the results of any psychological assessment while the accused was on-remand in order to know if any therapy has been undertaken in this regard.

Saturn at the top of the chart in the current climate; opening day of his trial, can also indicate that this man is more concerned with authority, than justice.

  • Transiting Moon (us the people) is in quindecile aspect to this natal Saturn.  With the reaction being in the accused’s chart, we can suggest that he is well aware of the public’s perspective and considers their interest, obsessive.
  • Transit Sun opposite natal Moon – the date on the calendar projects his needs onto the agenda.

 The trial is expected to take up three to four weeks of the court’s time.

Note: family members charts in relation to the trial

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9 thoughts on “Baden-Clay trial Pt.3 – crown v the dock”

  1. Well today moved along a bit faster than I expected. I guess I am not the only one who was surprised by photos of Allison being shown pretty much straight away. I doubt the jurors would have prepared themselves for that. The BC’s seemed less arrogant than usual by their photos. I loved the Dickie’s announcement to the press and hope they will oblige her requests, especially the one about not photographing the children.

  2. After reading your posts MM, I needed to ‘debrief’ and have a laugh. This song popped into my head in relation to this case, very relevant to GBC. Have a look at the name of the ‘reserved seating sign’.. Brilliant. I hope you get a laugh out of it as much as I did.

  3. In the same above movie, there’s a character called Frau Farbissina. Can anyone see the uncanny resemblance to a certain mistress??
    Anyway, that’s my debrief and I’m now ready for more.

  4. Oh sheesh, MM I felt slightly uneasy wanting to clarify something on my natal chart this morning so I had a look… Eeeepp Aries Moon. I’m slightly confused now if that’s a good or bad thing according to this post, or is it more a red flag for forensic?
    Still learning so will probably get to that at some stage.

  5. hehehe Lucky you, Bec – means that you’re a high achiever; wanting to be top of your game.
    Aries Moon is a warning to keep away from spending too much time looking at your reflection in ponds — don’t let life pass you by.
    Also, have you got a penchant for flowering bulbs like daffodils, or the lovely narcissus perhaps? Just teasing… 😉 😉

  6. MM, Guilty of enjoying flowering bulbs in my 20’s… but time moves on, events happen, people pass on – so now enjoy taking the time for a whiff amongst the roses rather than the daffodils 🙂

    Played with an anagram app and guess what it came up with?! For GBC:
    Bad. Greedy. Carnal.


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