Baden-Clay trial Pt.2 – housekeeping

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justice-scales:bellsIn Part 1, we shared the planetary spread in the heavens above Brisbane, Australia 10am on 10th June, 2014 where the Queen of Heaven presides over the upcoming trial; the asteroid Juno is at the mid-heaven.  In Part 2 we continue to interpret this chart, garnering the symbolism of each of the planets in our solar system in order to create a coherent storyline to our forensic astrology enquiry.

The basis of our enquiry is scientific in origin (the position of the planets orbiting in our solar system as determined by astronomy), however the interpretation of the planetary symbolism plus tension created by their relative positions is considered to be pseudo-scientific and therefore not accepted in a court of law.

GBC-trial-day1click on charts for full size

Bringing forward the same chart from our previous post, we continue to enquire as to the general atmosphere on the opening day of the trial where Gerard Robert Baden-Clay stands in the dock accused of the murder of his wife Allison June Baden-Clay.

We now include interpretation of the tension between the planets as our main focus; fleshing out the bones of the case together with getting a whiff of the air on Day #1.

  • Asteroid Pallas is in the 1st house – the intent of the participants of this trial is to utilise the tactics of wisdom. We also note that Pallas holds up the mirror, by opposition to the planet Neptune (turquoise) in the 7th house of public relationships; those on the stand. Neptune is symbolic of all that is hidden; subterfuge and deceit.

This point in the zodiac is all-important, because 7°Pisces (Neptune) is also the vertex of this chart; the likely turning point of the trial – suggesting that the exposure of deceit will make, or break this case.

  • The planet Mars represents action/the masculine principle and is in the 2nd house of money/personal assets. Mars is also in quindecile aspect with the Lunar Nodal axis (South Node) in the 9th house of higher learning – suggestive of members of the legal teams sharing a karmic connection; by obsession, with ‘the principles of law’.
  • A power struggle is also likely considering that Pluto is in the mix with Mars; by square aspect – offside.

We do have a clue as to what this matter relates to, as the challenge comes from the 2nd house Mars. The karmic connection will likely relate to financial matters, plus due to Mars’ close proximity to Vesta and Ceres, housekeeping will probably need addressing, on the first day.

  • The Lunar nodal axis originates in the 3rd house of communication – i.e. communication in a public venue; court is open to the public.

This also relates back by aspect to the wigs and gowns in the 2nd house and the Mars aspect with the Lunar South Node – perhaps there will be a very public spat, although that would be a bit of a stretch for the senior counsel. Time will tell.

  • In horary astrology, the Moon’s placement usually relates to the people and with the Moon being in the 3rd house – i.e. vox populi on this occasion. That’s basically us; you and I. There will be plenty of coverage across all media, no doubt.
  • Saturn is also transiting the 3rd house bringing focus, discipline and hard work in the realm of communication. Steely cold use of fear will likely stimulate the vocal chords of those whom resist speaking out.

wheel-of-fortuneThe Arabic Part of Fortune can only be interpreted successfully when we have a specific clock-time to work with and we do, so we can call upon Destiny for her input. 5th house matters relate to the house of creativity, fun and illicit affairs; the wheel of fortune spins. Gerard Baden Clay’s affair with Toni Cheri McHugh will be exposed within this house.

  • The point at which this Part of Fortune is in heavens on the 10th June 2014, is 27°Sagittarius – exact by conjunction with the Venus-Vesta conjunction in the heavens on the day that Toni McHugh was born. This woman’s future is bound up in the outcome of this trial, as sure as night follows day.

I would even go so far as to suggest that if Cookie doesn’t have immunity against prosecution; together with a possibly guilty outcome of this trial, we could see further charges being laid. Would such a charge be attempted obstruction of justice, incitement to commit a crime, or even  ‘accessory to murder, after the fact’? 

Such is the intensity of the Arabic Part of Fortune, when it appears in an horary chart. We do not take its presence lightly.

  • When we step into the 6th house, we are in the arena of ethics, morals, duty etc. The power broker, Pluto is in the 6th house, plus is in square aspect with Mars in the 2nd house. We’re already aware of the Martian influence, so how does Pluto view the trial as an independent cosmic entity? In the right place at the right time, I would suggest.
  • The 7th house sadly shelters Neptune and Chiron – open wounds, subterfuge, deceit and scapegoats; a sickening mix.

I’ve written quite a lot about Chiron and the Sun lately; creating havoc in the heavens. When the Sun is in hard aspect with Chiron in a natal chart (or horary for that matter) and the Sun (character) is weak, then Chiron is severely compromised; wounds are open.  We can suggest that during this trial it will be a case of the strong standing tall, while the weak fail us, in the witness box.

  • Uranus in the house of transformation; the 8th, will add that buzz of energy as it mirrors Mars-Vesta in the 2nd. We can expect revelations that we haven’t yet heard about in previous hearings, particularly in relation to modern technology.
  • A Taurean Venus i.e. 14°Taurus, opposite the Moon at 7°Scorpio likely relates to money in this instance as Taurus likes to be ‘flush with the readies’ and the comforts of life.  Are we expecting someone to sell their story, or are they sitting atop their high horse?
  • The Sun and Mercury reside in the 11th house mirroring the 5th house matters (eg mistress plus responsibility for Baden-Clay children); a very sober judge and jury.

What does lighten the gloom, is that the Sun is exact conjunct the minor asteroid Nemesis 19°Gemini on the opening day – trial and retribution. This would suggest a successful outcome to this trial.  Plus Mercury at 2°Cancer is exact conjunct  the minor asteroid, Hades.   Hades in conjunction with Mercury – what could this be? Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned perhaps; we wish…

  • Jupiter is in the 12th house just where he should be; hidden. As representative of justice, none of us wants to see any pre-judice. The outcome of the trial remains unknown to us mere mortals.

Midpoints-Day1As for Day #1 as an independent day within the trial, we turn to the subtleties in the chart; the midpoints. There are as many as six midpoints involved with the angles in this chart, likely indicative of the formalities of the opening of a trial, however it will be as the day progresses that will hold more interest for us. For that we focus on interplanetary midpoint tension.

There are four issues to address; the Moon, Pluto, Venus and the Sun. We know that the Moon represents the public; Pluto would relate to power issues i.e. ethics etc; Venus in her peer group role would have dual roles – the jury selection as well as representing a group; eg the media and any application they may make on the public’s behalf; release of documents. The Sun would likely be symbolic of the crown; the judge, in his role.

When we refer to the textbook interpretations of these midpoints and then follow with relative interpretation, they share their message.

  • Moon = Saturn/Lunar North Node – appealing to senior persons; qualifying for responsibility.

Apart from the obvious ‘jury selection’, we can suggest that this midpoint could also relate to the public right to knowledge (Moon and North Node) then Saturn brings in the sense of responsibility to the mix. As well as the empaneling of the jury, this is likely the authority to release information in a responsible manner. This aspect is likely an appeal by the media for a formal framework of the release of information in this trial.

  • Pluto = Saturn/Neptune – awareness of potential loss.

With Neptune in the mix we can expect this matter to relate to ‘that which is hidden’. I would suggest this is likely relative to legal procedures and housekeeping taking up quite a chunk of the day.

  • Venus = Jupiter/Neptune – optimistic in relation to tricky legalisms, rumour and scandal.

Again we have Neptune’s ‘that which is hidden’ in the mix. Plus Jupiter would relate to ‘inflation’ i.e. reining-in any excessive release of information. Then Saturn brings a sobering element into the equation. I would suggest that this midpoint relates to interaction with mainstream media, as well as His Honour’s address to the jury.

  • Sun = Venus/Jupiter – goodwill; success.

In all, a successful day I should imagine.  With housekeeping in order, let the trial begin.

continued Pt.3

For previous posts written on this case, the list: Scouts honour, under the stars

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  1. At last, I hope everyone involved is suitably scared witless even though it seems to suggest at least one person is on their high horse – Nige? Time will tell. Thanks MM.


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