Isla Vista

If you had been invited to stay-over for the weekend, but decided not to; then subsequently learned that everyone there that night had been murdered, odds are that you would be thanking your lucky stars. How did you manage to escape the Grim Reaper?

That’s what happened for twenty-two year old Californian, Philip Bloesner. Thoughts of ‘what if’ and ‘what could I have done’ would come later, once the initial shock had passed. Philip Bloesner is probably still in the early stages of dealing with the horror, as we write this post.

Transiting Jupiter in the heavens, ‘Lady Luck’ if she’s in the right place, can certainly indicate fortuitous events, however this is not a happy occasion. Transiting Jupiter is certainly in the mix of the charts, however the role of the planet in the heavens on Friday 23rd May 2014, is to compromise the natal charts for those concerned; inflate the terror.


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This first bi-wheel (method) is generated from the perspective of the perpetrator, Elliot Rodger and is of his relationship with Philip Bloeser.  We are not aware of Elliot Rodger’s time of birth beyond ‘in the morning’ and so we elect to use a mid-range Moon placement of midnight/midday = 6am; in London, England.

Born on different continents and a month apart, the invitation profferer and Philip Bloesner have the outer planets in common in their horoscopes, however we would need to turn to the social and personal planets to reveal their character differences. What is immediately obvious is that Bloesner has the advantage of having his natal Moon (blue) in the outer wheel in the opposite hemisphere to his planetary spread; driving his needs, whereas Elliot Rodger has a void – lost in his navel-gazing; self-absorbed with unfinished business in his childhood development.  There is no natal mirror in the perpetrator’s chart to reflect back his growing isolation from reality.

Even though we don’t have the time of birth for Philip Bloesner either, we do note that his mid-range and potentially peregrine, Taurus Moon would indicate that he likely put his own needs first on that fateful Friday night. So Lady Luck per se, didn’t have a whole lot to do with his escape.

From the astrology, we can interpret the inter-relationship for ourselves.  The houses and angles cannot be relied on to be accurate in this first bi-wheel, with some astrologers plumping for Elliot Rodger having a Virgo ascendant, rather than Leo (winding the clock/calculating a time of birth).  We leave it to others to interpret the relationship between these two characters.  For us, it is enough to note the Moon placement aspect in Philip Bloesner’s chart.

Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted within the current law of the land.  We can only interpret planetary positions in the heavens from interpretations used over a millennia or more.  Suggestions and questions are as far as we can go, however the interaction does reveal a story of the apparent emotive reaction in horoscopes; both personal and horary.

Santa Barbara, California, 9:27pm on the Friday evening of 23rd May, 2014; a 9-1-1 phone call was logged with LE. A drive-by shooting was taking place in Isla Vista; war on the streets.

Elliot Rodger was on a murderous rampage, having killed three young men known to him in their shared apartment, before taking to the streets; apparently seeking out female UCSB students. In all, six young people were killed, before Elliot Rodger turned a gun on himself.  We immediately turn to Pallas Athene – symbolic Goddess of War in Greco-Roman mythology. Her dark side is bound to be exposed tonight.

pallas-coinThe asteroid, Pallas symbolically represents wisdom in war. In Greco-Roman mythology as Pallas, she shared the skills of warfare with Zeus’ daughter, Athene. The story goes that Athene killed Pallas by accident. In her grief Athene then merged the two entities in order to carry her victim within her; i.e. never to lose touch with the tyranny that war can bring. Athene thereafter became known as Pallas-Athene.

When we hear of ‘war on the streets’, we are obliged to seek out the asteroid Pallas in the heavens as we seek wisdom within the madness. Symbolism and astrology texts describe this asteroid Pallas as the interceder between intellect and action, thereby providing the ability to enter that sacred space between cause-and-effect and karma – the opportunity of choice; free will.  We could suggest – to make war or not.

For the mind, Pallas grants intellectual rigor, impartiality and the ability to operate in the physical world. For the field of action, Pallas grants ethics, strategy and the methodology of action. At her best, Pallas is perceived as the fierce protector of truth, logic, freedom and peace. When she is compromised, the other side of the coin manifests – deception, violence, tyranny and war.

As the synapse between thought and action, Pallas is an integral part of our conscience; the capacity to translate into action what we know to be true. It is said that Mercury, compromised by Pallas, reveals one whom lacks the capacity to apply thoughts into real life. And further that Mars, without the favour of Pallas, is described as a dumb brute.  From this, we can accept that we sure would like her on our side, rather than in hard aspect in our horoscopes. So when we hear of a mass slaughter of souls, we are sure to witness the other side of the coin; a compromised Pallas.

230514-asteroidsTaking a snap-shot of the heavens by generating a horary chart at the time of the 9-1-1 report, we note that the asteroid Pallas is in the 8th house (death and transformation) at 1°Virgo and square to the Sun (orange) at 2°Gemini. From this we can interpret that Pallas is blind-sided; the synapse is not operating.   It would appear that there is no freedom of choice; wisdom is lacking in the realm of warfare.

We also note that transiting Pallas at 1°Virgo is also the midpoint of Mercury/Mars in Elliot Rodger’s natal chart = making plans for war.  Is this what influenced the writing of his ‘manifesto for retribution’?

As if this is not enough, there is a second aspect present in the heavens ; a quindecile between Pallas and Chiron; an obsessive focus on no-compromise – violence and war. Chiron is not in a position to influence healing in this aspect.

  • The ascendant is at the ominous 22 degrees – the Serbian astrologer’s curse of the assassin.
  • Moon is at the IC and in the zodiac sign of Aries – numero uno; #1, ‘me’ at any cost.
  • Mars is at the Mid-heaven – the rampage is at its peak; a public statement.
  • Mars quindecile 4th house Venus (pink) – obsession-target in our case at this time is for females in their sorority houses and perpetrator’s perceived ‘peers’.
  • 3rd house Moon opposite Mars – driving need to communicate action; in this case the gun is the messenger. Mars is in the 9th house (a higher calling).
  • Moon opposite Mid-heaven – driving need for public recognition.
  • Venus quindecile Mid-heaven and Mars – seeking inner-peace; difficult for us to imagine seeking peace through war, however not so for the person making war.
  • Uranus square Pluto – upheaval of the power-powerless struggle; intensification of ego awareness.

230514-RodgerWhen we generate a bi-wheel from the perspective of the 9-1-1 call and with Elliot Rodger’s natal chart as the outer wheel, we can see that this afflicted Sun-Chiron in the heavens above is also a focus within the natal chart of the perpetrator. Both Sun and Chiron were at zero degrees Leo when Elliot Rodger was born; in exact conjunction.  Zero degrees of anything is indicative of a raw, inexperienced energy for an individual according to the Serbian astrologers.

This twenty-two year-old college drop-out and raw, immature adult – a boy who ‘would-be-if-he-could-be’, king (Leo), is suggestive of a tyrant waging war – a martyr to his cause.

Those with the Sun in direct aspect to Chiron may know on a profound level how the unfairness of life can damage the spirit; and if they are able to take on the challenge of this combination of planets, they may also dedicate their considerable energy and strength toward leaving the world a much better place than it was when they entered it. Only trouble is they are not meant to do so by removing their fellows.

If Chiron works against and overwhelms the Sun, the result can be depression and loss of confidence. Expecting failure and because one expects it, one may very likely set up rejection albeit, unconsciously. A sense of being victimised or scapegoated can be very intense; projecting one’s ‘woundedness’ onto others; thereby victimising or scapegoating them in turn.

If we fail to acknowledge this inner sense of bitterness and wounding, arrogance follows – basking in our greater spiritual achievement, looking down on those whom we deem to be less evolved than ourselves. We may also become intolerant, even cruel toward those who inadvertently remind us that we are hurting. And so the wound festers in the darkness.  Such is Chiron.

Apart from this affliction caught up in the transiting Pallas scenario, there are other hard aspects creating tension in the perpetrator’s natal chart. We only include one further midpoint as it reinforces the focus on his peer group. The absolutely classic interpretation is straight out of text-book astrology.

  • Transiting Mercury/Saturn= Venus – frustration in romance; fickleness, plus needing reassurance.
  • The expected obsessions are present; date on the calendar; Sun (orange) quindecile natal Pluto – ego obsession with power.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) quindecile natal Saturn – inflating the obsession with authority – a suggested tyrannical boy-king psychosis.
  • Transiting Jupiter intersecting (exact) natal Lunar Nodal Axis – in public, traumatic plus a dramatic exit. Note the karmic flag – lunar south node conjunct by Jupiter.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct Neptune (turquoise) – empowering the subterfuge

230514-victim-duoWhen we consider two of his drive-by shooting victims, we generate bi-wheels from the same perspective and interpret the hard aspects at the time of the 9-1-1 report. The first is Katherine Cooper.

We are not aware as to whether Katherine was shot and killed prior to 9:27pm or later, however the chart would indicate that natal Mars crossed the ascendant (mirroring the exit point of the Descendant) within a couple of minutes of that time.

  • Lunar nodal axis/Neptune (turquoise) = transiting Pluto – this likely indicates an awareness of a higher meaning; her perspective is not that of a victim, but a calling. I apologise if this appears bizarre, however it is the classic interpretation of this midpoint. The following aspects reinforce this suggestion.
  • Transit Mars square natal Lunar nodal axis
  • Transiting Uranus square natal Neptune
  • Transiting Mars square Lunar South node – karmic element.

These aspects would indicate to me that Katherine Cooper is likely a spiritually-evolved soul. Her emotive reaction is admirable, to say the least.

The second bi-wheel is that of Christopher Martinez with a stellium of planets in the 1st house. We can suggest that there was likely communication between this young man and his peers at the time when he was shot and killed.

  • Transit Mercury at the descendant opposite natal Mercury-Venus conjunction. When we see these planets in the mix, we are made aware of idealisation taking place. I’m sure there will be a story behind his actions. He would not have gone down quietly.
  • Saturn/Sun=natal 3rd house Saturn – a testing time of his maturity.
  • Sun/Moon=natal 4th house Moon – thoughts turn towards home.
  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal lunar nodal axis – traumatic event in a public place. Also note the karmic element of Sun conjunct South Node.

There is bound to be more astrology we could share in relation to this event, however we close our enquiry at this point, for now.pallas-symbol

Rest in Peace

  • Cheng Yuan (James) Hong
  • George Chen
  • Weihan (David) Wang
  • Katherine Breann Cooper
  • Veronika Elizabeth Weiss
  • Christopher Ross Michaels Martinez


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2 thoughts on “Isla Vista”

  1. Have you heard of the Tara Grinstead case in Georgia, USA? I searched your site and did not see if maybe you did a reading on this case. I would be interested if you would give it consideration! She’s been missing since 2005 and has not been heard of since. A google search will bring up her case.
    Thank You!

  2. Hi LisaB – yes I spent quite a bit of time on this case to no avail. Birth data lacking on POIs that I was interested in. Anyone else not on the list – just let me know. If you want to research for me I’d be much obliged.

    I need birth data in order to continue:
    Marcus Harper (16 Jul 1975 – need to confirm)
    Anita, Tara’s sister (Dec 1960 maybe)
    Brother in law – Larry Gattis (27 Aug 1951 – need to confirm)
    Heath Dykes (Nov 1969 maybe)
    Anthony Dewayne Vickers aged 28.


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