Caroline Reed Robertson

The ultimate identity theft…

An almighty obsession, together with the perceived attributes of ‘an other’ compounded by an intense hatred of ‘the other’ for possessing those attributes, increasingly consumes an I.D. killer. This overwhelming, over-the-top desire overrides any rational consideration of the practical unreality of their achieving that which they desire.  Any sense of reason goes out the window.  In sentencing the court explained,

ID-killer“The simple reality is that, contrary to your distorted perception, there are no perfect lives or perfect people, for that matter, but each of us, whatever our situation or status, is unique and irreplaceable and in our society the life of each is inviolate and none can be unlawfully taken.

That is both a profoundly important moral principle and a proposition of law based, in part, on sheer necessity, if we are to live together in a decent and civilized community.”

Caroline Reed Robertson will be just 40 years-old when she completes her full sentence of twenty years for such a murder. Despite having been up for parole, with one application refused in 2013, she’ll be free to re-enter Australian society in the not too distant future. Any attempt at rehabilitation of such a person would be fraught with danger; once the screws were removed from the hinge – so softly, softy needs to be our approach.

A throw-away line of a Freudian ‘sexual drive motivation’ is not likely to be the answer here. We note that during Robertson’s sentencing there was reference to her receiving psychological and spiritual support, whilst on remand.

“Robertson became increasingly involved with the teaching and practices of a Buddhist monk who visits the prison. She had profited from the confluence of psychological liberation, the supportive nature of therapeutic interaction and her spiritual development.”

From that comment, we are alerted to the fact that the concept of karma is likely to play a major role in this woman’s rehabilitation and it naturally follows; her astrology charts as well.  However we must not lose sight of the fact that there is always the risk of a perpetrator projecting the blame for their crime onto the ‘karma concept’ itself, rather than accepting moral responsibility for their own actions.  But that’s not our call…

Robertsonclick on charts for full size

Note: time of birth is not known for either party, so houses and aspects in the charts cannot be considered in any interpretation.  Despite this, the natal chart of Caroline Reed Robertson can confirm that karma is involved in her horoscope. This karmic challenge will be a lifelong companion for the grim reaper (Saturn) together with the symbol for karma, the Lunar South Node are in quindecile aspect in her natal chart.

This is one chart where knowing a time of birth would be mighty handy in order to interpret which way the pendulum of ‘driving needs’ (the Moon) swings. Is the need aligned with Sagittarius’ Neptune or Mercury-Mars; bewilderment of opinion (born in the early hours), or that of dominant communication (born in the evening)?

If this perpetrator is manipulative, she could swing both ways. However in hindsight, I’d plump for an evening birth as more likely. Either way, it’s a hugely challenging aspect to live with.

  • Midpoint Mercury/Pluto=Sun – the skill of communication is a gift, however –
  • Mercury (yellow) conjunct Mars (red) – reveals a schemer

So even before we consider Robertson’s childhood, we have a pretty good idea of her nature. Her character would develop as a result of this nature and again from the sentencing records, we have a window of opportunity to see how she developed; the nurturing aspect.

Note: Don’t lose sight of the fact that much of the following content is of her own view of her nurturing and not an objective assessment.

“Caroline Reed Robertson details a home life that is characterised by conflict between her parents, frequent criticism and denigration of herself and emotional and perhaps physical abuse from both parents. Her mother preferred her oldest sister and suffered from significant mood disorder, especially at the time of her birth. Her father has been a more constant person in her life, but she remains ambivalent about him. She has experienced him as constantly angry or controlling and authoritarian. She thus has a life-long history of poor relationships with both her parents.

Her journal writings support the notion that she developed a very poor self-image – at times those writings refer to her loathing of herself and her situation. They support her description of feeling unhappy, and miserable, all her life.”

When we engage with a forensic astrology enquiry and explore the nature aspects of perpetrator and victim by interpretation of their charts, we hope to acquire some understanding of this relationship between Robertson and her victim, Rachel Barber. This first pair of bi-wheels is highly subjective, however the inter-planetary aspects reveal the synastry of the relationship.  The predator was aged twenty and her victim, just fifteen years-old.

Barber-RobertsonAddressing the first chart, we have a bi-wheel with the inner wheel – the horoscope of the victim and the outer, her predator and ex baby-sitter, Caroline Reed Robertson.  These snapshots in time are of the planetary positions on the date of individual births.

From this bi-wheel (method) we can gain the natural tension present in their relationship. (We  must ignore the angles and houses for interpretation) Immediately we note that both charts are totally weighted on the one side of the wheel; both persons are isolated from reality plus in similar areas of experience.

Rachel’s driving need, Moon (blue) in the inner wheel, is conjunct the predator’s Venus (pink) – Rachel looked up to the elder girl, however in Scorpio we also know that there would be an element of control between the two, with the ‘I am right’ symbolism of Rachel’s Moon likely impacting her response to the relationship.

  • Natal Mars (red) is also square this aspect for Rachel – pressuring this ‘belief in self’.
  • Rachel’s natal Jupiter-Uranus is conjunct the predator’s Moon (plus Mars and Mercury) – this is where the driving need and fascination comes in. The child appears (in the predator’s eyes) to have the freedom and ‘zest for life’ that the predator lacked.
  • Natal Neptune square Robertson’s Lunar nodal axis – the illusion that this relationship is significant and important is present with this aspect.
  • Natal Mercury conjunct the Lunar nodal axis (plus square natal Neptune) – reveals an alert imagination in the child; again creating envy and potential rage.

Note: This is likely the aspect where the predator seduced her victim – the suggestion of a visualised meditation process. With the victim’s eyes closed, the killer could ‘morph’ without challenge. If we are to believe Robertson’s statement of confession, she tells us that is how she ‘walked through the looking glass’.

The next step in an effort to comprehend the synastry of a relationship, is to generate a composite; our second chart of this pair. Through studying the composite chart of a relationship, we can gain important insights into the dynamics of a couple. The composite chart is the chart of the relationship itself. It is derived by determining the mathematical midpoints between each person’s planets and points and is an entirely new chart altogether—the chart of a relationship.

We must pay attention to such factors as predominance or lack of aspects, un-aspected and most aspected planets. For example, an un-aspected Sun in the composite chart can indicate a feeling that the relationship lacks direction. There may be difficulty seeing where the relationship is heading, and there can even be questions as to why it exists in the first place.

The intensity of this particular composite chart is remarkably clear. We have a stellium of planets (jumbled energies) with just one aspect, the ‘opportunistic’ trine, between this stellium and that fateful Lunar South Node; a recipe for karmic prophecy. Choices, choices, choices…

Event-RobertsonAnd so we move on to the last chart and bi-wheel. Click on image for full size

With the gift of hindsight – i.e. knowing the location of the crime scene as well as that of where Rachel’s remains were recovered, we generated a locator angle using both natal charts.  That, together with other information, allowed us to wind the clock to a likely time of her murder.

This event time has the support of a witness statement; enough to satisfy our requirements. We elect to exclude nominating the event time we have used in this enquiry; respect for the victim’s family is uppermost.

The inner wheel is our perspective and the outer wheel is the natal chart of our I.D. killer.  There’s not a lot of emotion impacting the chart, understandably so; it’s been a long time coming for Carrie Robertson.

  • Transiting 2nd house Sun (orange) in the inner wheel is quindecile 8th house Lunar North Node – self worth of the 2nd house likely believing in a spiritual reason for this traumatic event – the blending of the two souls perhaps.
  • Transiting Sun opposing natal Saturn – heightening her sense of authority; that she is in control of her self-worth.
  • Transiting Sun square natal Moon (blue) – tension (at its peak) between driving needs and the date on the calendar; tonight is the night.
  • Transiting 11th house Pluto conjunct natal Moon – driving need to be loved.
  • Transiting 10th house Mars conjunct natal Sun – change of public image.

 RIP Rachel Elizabeth Barberlittle-ballerina

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5 thoughts on “Caroline Reed Robertson”

  1. can I just say that I knew both families well for many years. My kids played with theirs. Gail Robertson, Caroline’s mum, was one of the lovliest people you could meet, who loved her girls and really did the best she could. It was the father who was absent, and selfish. Gail is a really kind and beautiful person and this was hideous for her also. My sympathy is also with her, as well as the Barber family, and of course Rachel.. Caroline was never QR. Gail tried everything . No one could have forseen this.


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