Kylie Blackwood

Until recent times there were horse sale yards in Pakenham; horse trading played a large part in the economy. Melbourne’s urban sprawl put an end to that local practice; but the hard-bargaining need not have stopped. There’s still a local racetrack and the horses’ official birth date in the southern hemisphere is still celebrated in some quarters.

horsetradingWhen we heard that a vibrant young mother, Kylie Whitta Blackwood had been murdered on that same date, the First of August, the candles were lit for a different reason and with no celebration.

There would be no more hats and high teas for Kylie; no more fashion stakes to look forward to on Oaks Day, come November. Kylie was dead; murdered two months before the 2013 Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.

The Victorian police investigation initially focused on a burglary gone wrong – or so it was reported in the media. A tradesman working in McCaffrey Rise at the time of the murder contacted police, providing a statement that he had seen a hooded man acting suspiciously near the Blackwood’s family home in the late morning. It is this statement that would become crucial and relied on by detectives, rather than a traditional approach apparently.

Weeks passed and LE seemed no closer to catching her killer; media reported that police had all-but discounted the suspicious hooded man seen in the area. The investigators also appeared to be casting doubt on the burglary-gone-wrong theory, stating they did not know if anything had been stolen. What was that I just read? Surely not…

The killer had a two-week start on the investigation and his/her luck is still with them, as no-one has been arrested for Kylie’s murder nor anyone named as being of interest to the case. Had the horse already bolted?

There are no named suspects; no apparent persons of interest, not a lot to go on, apart from information received that the time of Kylie’s death was suggested as being between 10am and midday, plus a couple of birth dates.  Despite this, or perhaps because of this, we have been asked to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry.

We remind all whom read this post that astrology is a pseudo science; an ancient method of derivation involving planetary positions in the heavens, symbolism and a backdrop of the zodiac. Astrology is not accepted in a court of law or the realm of science. We can make suggestions and ask questions from interpretations from the classic texts, nothing more. It is an exercise in astrology – for astrologers and those interested in the old pathways.

If we consider an event time as being the midpoint of a time of death; in this case 11am, we shall at least get a mid-range to work from and generate the first chart for interpretation; our first snapshot. The astrology will reveal itself, so if we need to wind the clock to refine the time within those 2 hours, so be it.

We generate an horary chart at 11am on 1st August 2013 at Pakenham, Victoria; a freeze-frame in time of the planetary positions, against the backdrop of the zodiac. As a stand alone horary chart, this will not tell us anything more than the general air at the time and so we do not initially include the hard aspects (they can wait).  We will produce the trine aspects in the chart – revealing what ‘opportunities’ are present.

Event-Blackwoodclick on charts for full size

Trines are measured by 120° between planets – energies that are working together. Salespersons are sensitive to these aspects, as are gamblers and those seeking luck. The only time when a trine gets tricky is when there are three of them in aspect at the same time, forming a triangle; trapped in their own version of reality.

We have one such group of trine aspects here in this horary chart; this date on the calendar – a Grand Trine in the element of water – Scorpio-Cancer-Pisces.  We have Saturn in Scorpio – Jupiter (+Mars) in Cancer – Neptune in Pisces. I’ve written many times about Grand Trines needing release valves for the energy.   Because the blocked energy is in the water element on this occasion, we know that the energy will therefore be emotional in origin.

Each of these trapped energies has a potential release valve already transiting in the heavens, which means that as the day progresses, so the areas where the energy can be released will change (i.e. the houses in the astrology chart). We follow the arrows to reveal the outlet at 11am on that fateful day in Pakenham.

At 11am, this water Grand Trine is made up of 1st house Saturn in Scorpio (ego self-control); 9th house Mars-Jupiter in the zodiac of Cancer (inflated action driven by needs) plus the 5th house Pisces Neptune (subterfuge in 5th house matters).

  • Where the energy build-up is at 1st house Saturn (self-control or lack-of meets emotions) the outlet is in the opposite position of the Lunar South Node in the 7th house (a relationship that is publicly known eg a spouse).
  • Where the energy build-up is at 5th house Neptune (children/entertainment/affairs meets subterfuge/hidden emotions) the outlet is Venus in 11th house (friends and enemies).
  • Where the energy build-up is at 9th house Jupiter-Mars (impatience meets hot temper) the outlet is Pluto in 3rd house (communication/short journeys). This is where one needs to go for a drive, rather than have a confrontation.

Some may note that there is a second Grand Trine in the shadows behind the Water Grand Trine in this horary chart. That would reveal a deeper motive to this murder, however we won’t go there unless we need to, with this enquiry. We must also mention that, as are enquiring into a murder, we are looking for sinister motives in this Water Grand Trine, rather than innocent activities of entertainment or computer-games.

It will be when we bring in the human element, that we will begin to see the story of the energy of these trines. There will be the added natal planetary positions interacting with the already challenging planetary line-up in the heavens.

Our first KBlackwood-duobi-wheel (method) is that of the victim, Kylie Blackwood. We put this bi-wheel beside the horary chart in order to share the Grand Trine tension she was experiencing (apart from the hard aspects in the first chart).

We are immediately aware that this murder is not a burglary-gone-wrong; this is personal and likely, highly emotive. This wasn’t a bash over the head, or a swift thrust through the ribs sort of crime. The victim attempted to defend herself with many wounds to her hands in an effort to deflect the attack.

  • Natal Sun (orange) in the 3rd house is the outlet for that transiting Mars-Jupiter trapped energy of ‘impatience meets hot temper’ – victim is the target for the attack.
  • Natal Saturn in the 7th house is the outlet for ‘lack of self-control meets emotions’ – personal authority challenged.
  • Natal Moon in the 5th house is behind the blocked energy of transiting Neptune (turquoise) – this reveals a strong sense of the dramatic taking place with subversive matters relating to extra-marital affairs or children.

We would need to know more of what went on behind closed doors in this woman’s marriage in order to be more specific re motives. We note that there is no outlet in Kylie’s bi-wheel for the blocked energy. Had she turned to friends/hidden enemies and exposed the frustration of her home situation?  There’s always someone ready to poison the waters.

As for the first bi-wheel, the aspects speak for themselves as to the crime of her murder. (Note the locator angle/red line through the chart)

  • Transiting Mercury at the MC – we can suggest that this is likely very close to the time of the murder.
  • Transiting Sun quindecile natal Lunar nodal axis-mid range Moon – the date on the calendar reveals the obsession of 5th house matters being a likely motive for the murder.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Sun – argument likely with a power struggle taking place.
  • Transiting Uranus square natal Sun – sudden changes in communication/during argument.
  • Transiting Uranus opposite natal Uranus – mental buzz creating confusion.
  • Transiting 7th house Lunar South Node (karma) quindecile natal Jupiter – this is likely related to obsession by a spouse with underlying Scorpio traits.
  • Transiting Moon in the 8th house – opposite natal Neptune – bewilderment in the victim; not understanding the needs for the attack.
  • Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Sun – inflating the defense of self.
  • Transiting Mars opposite natal Sun – under personal attack.

Despite the fact that we know it was a cold-hearted killer who left this mother of three to be found by her twin 11 year-old daughters when they came home from school, we do not automatically discount the children’s father from our enquiry.

PBlackwood-duoWith this information to hand from the victim’s bi-wheel, we are obliged to consider Kylie’s husband Peter Blackwood as a possible suspect. We’ll follow the same method of interpretation (again note the locator angle in-common with Kylie’s chart).

This man has a stellium of planets in the 12th house – acute mental activity.  We note that the 12th house opens in Virgo (nit-picking), however it has the zodiac of Libra (society) hidden within.  There are several underlying messages here, however we can suggest that social position was likely uppermost in this man’s mind.

  • Natal mid-range Moon is behind the trapped energy at the top of the chart creating the driving need to take action… PLUS
  • Natal Mars in the 3rd house is the outlet for that transiting Mars-Jupiter trapped energy of ‘impatience meets hot temper’ – release of blocked energy by personal action.
  • Natal Saturn in the 7th house is the outlet for ‘lack of self-control meets emotions’ – personal authority challenged.
  • Natal Venus in the 11th house is the outlet for transiting Neptune (turquoise) – this reveals a strong sense of the dramatic taking place with subversive matters relating to 5th house matters (children/affairs/having too good a time etc)

With Venus being the outlet in this man’s natal chart, we can reveal obsession in relationships are likely in this man’s character. Is he obsessive about his children? Was he obsessive about his wife?

As for the aspects in the bi-wheel, we have a large number of midpoints indicating the intensity of this man’s actions (his model of reality) at 11am on 1st August 2013 in relation to this crime. ..

The hard aspects flow naturally with classic astrology interpretation used. Natal mid-range Moon at the mid-heaven is opposite natal Mars in the birth horoscope and so the man’s needs are likely paramount; he would ‘let it fly’, be disruptive at the slightest provocation.  He may wait until he is behind closed doors to let fly, however the inclination is there in the natal chart; there is no denying it. The astrology malefics are present st the time of his wife’s murder

  • Transit Sun square natal Saturn
  • Transit Pluto square natal Sun
  • Transit Pluto conjunct natal Mars
  • Transit Uranus opposite natal Sun
  • Transit Jupiter-Mars-Mercury conjunct mid-range Moon

MAP#BlackwoodNote: If a person of interest ‘comes to light’ who may be connected to the murder of Kylie, we are more than happy to implicate, or exonerate according to astrology’s model of reality.  We just need a date of birth.

It is almost as a postscript when we generate a map of the land with the assistance of Google Maps, however the locator angles in the chart require that we provide the information.  We connect the residential address of the couple/scene of the crime and Peter Blackwood’s place of business in town; just a 4 minute drive away.

We draw a red line between the two places; as the crow flies and bring in the astrology cartographer (method). Fliipped wheels, centred over the red-line reveal the connection we must follow.  It is as if the heavens point the way, as we seek out Kylie’s killer.

We could use either of the bi-wheels; it’s a winner each-way, however let’s give Kylie the opportunity to collect. The locator angle in the charts is: Transiting Mars-Jupiter opposite Pluto in the heavens in direct contact with Kylie’s natal Sun and her husband’s natal Moon and Mars.  Is this his need to take action, we have to ask…

Folks, this is no Fine Cotton affair; disguising a horse for a win with the bookies. There is no money changing hands, either.  It’s high time someone picked up the loose reins…

Postscript:  I have been advised that Scott Alan Murdoch (38) has been arrested for the murder of Kylie Blackwood; an apparent robbery-gone-wrong.   If I learn of his DOB I will certainly include his astrology chart and interpretation

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  1. Very interesting reading Misst, as we have another one of those grand trines in the sky today with Saturn in Scorpio (albeit) reversed and Jupiter in Cancer, and Neptune in Pisces. Hopefully this will be a healing experience. So sad for this woman and even sadder for the children who found her.


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