Boynton Beach

neptune-societyFour miles from the shores of Miami’s South Beach is a place where tears are shed on the surface and the afterlife begins sixty feet below. 

We are welcomed to Neptune Memorial Reef; it’s unlike any other dive site where the mythological city of Atlantis comes to life.

Massive sculptures and statues are surrounded by 44 columns, and scattered around the heart of this sacred place are 200 plots housing the cremated remains of those who choose this as their final resting place.  One of those whom finally found peace here is Carol Anne Burger.

As is our want to do, the facts of this case have been garnered from the public domain and the astrology interpretation from classic sources; again available in the public arena. We just put the two together.  Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law.  We can ask questions and make suggestions – there is nothing sinister in our intent.  This case study is presented for aficionados of astrology.

Carol was an award winning photojournalist who specialised in the credit union industry. At the Credit Union Times, she wrote in-depth stories as well as issues relating to consumer financial privacy. As well she was an avid diver; a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer while she lived in Boynton Beach, Florida with her partner Jessica Kalish.


From this little information we have a lot of clues for an astrology study of the hard aspects in her natal chart. Not having Carol Burger’s birth time, we have used a Sunrise chart (suggested time of birth at sunrise) purposefully in order to share the life-challenges; the nature aspect.

All angles and houses must be ignored in any interpretation of this natal chart.

We immediately note that, apart from the entire layout being run from Jupiter as the handle of the fan, there are four planets in either zero or the first degree of a zodiac sign. The Serbian astrologers tell us that this is a basic energy when planets are at the beginning of a zodiac sign; lacking finesse.

Note: We are not inferring that the woman lacked finesse in her life, rather that the energy is likely not ulitised effectively.

  • 1°Cancer Sun conjunct Uranus at 0° Cancer – a raw, independent rebellious spirit
  • Sun-Uranus sextile (work easily together) Saturn at 1°Virgo – struggle against routines resolved by contractual employment likely
  • 0° Aquarius Jupiter (green) quindecile Pluto – usually optimistic though without forethought
  • Mercury conjunct Mars – nervous energy; quick to flare in temperament
  • Mercury-Mars trine (seems natural to be together) Neptune – fantasy channelled into creativity; a leaning towards lying by omission

Following on from those little challenging aspects, we have a couple of feral planets in the picture as well; Venus and the Moon. Both are peregrine planets in this chart, although they are mutually receptive. Sounds good, right?

Sorry… no. That’s like saying these two are propping each other up on the way home from the pub after too many drinks. There’s nothing to say that they’ll get to where they are going, just that they have someone to lean on. So what do we mean by mutual reception?

Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus and the Moon rules Cancer. The planets in this natal chart are in each other’s territory. Carol’s Moon is in the zodiac of Taurus while her natal Venus is in Cancer.  Useful on another day, but not so on this occasion.  Two pilgrims make two pilgrims, nothing more.

The peregrine Moon has a disconnection with life and when feeling insecure or stressed, it would be natural to retreat to that safety bubble of an under-sea life; an amniotic desire fulfilled. Whereas peregrine Venus is both strong yet insecure, dominant yet vulnerable to isolation in all that Venus has to offer with her astrology symbolism.

You may well ask how, with all these challenges, did Carol get to be such a good journo and the answer is because of this spread. Taurus is the planet ruling the area of her expertise and the Moon is a security aspect. So it would be the driving need of her Moon that led her to specialize in the credit union industry and her Mercury-Mars conjunction can be interpreted as ‘communication in action’; a journalist.

There are much more dangerous underlying psychological issues going on in this chart than that simplistic approach though. We also know that Mercury-Mars together is indicative of someone quick to temper and that Sun-Uranus conjunction is equally dangerous; a character answerable only to themselves.

Uranus conjunct the Sun indicates an apparently open-minded character, however if things get too personal, they can be difficult to deal with. This is largely due to the fact that they cling very tightly to their personal space and their personal sense of freedom. Anything that seems to threaten their individuality brings up resistance in these characters and the ice-maiden reveals herself.

Carol reached a situation where her relationship had disintegrated with Jessica Kalish; her partner was leaving her and their assets needed to be liquidated. It was October 2008 when the planets aligned and the ice-maiden took up her symbolic ice-pick; a Philips-head screwdriver.

Burger-duoclick on charts for full size

In a frenzy lasting twenty minutes Carol Burger stabbed her partner more than two hundred times; 222 stab wounds that resulted not only in the death of Jessica Sydney Kalish, but a bloodbath before the killer was spent.

Carol Burger then removed the body to a separate location, dumping it outside a medical centre in an effort to appease her conscience, no doubt. That didn’t work and two days later Carol Burger killed herself by putting a gun to her own head.

The first bi-wheel is approximate to the time of the murder with the natal chart for Carol Burger as the outer wheel – a noon-time birth for a mid-range Moon. We are close enough with the timeline for the houses to be accurate in this chart.

We note that the motivation for the killing is likely the Sun-Uranus conjunction (the ice-maiden) in the first house ‘me, me, me’ in quindecile aspect by transiting Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel – inflating that sense of self and insecurity.

  • Transit Lunar nodal axis aligns to conjunct natal Pluto in the 3rd house – a sense of powerlessness communicated.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) quindecile natal Jupiter – inflation of the urgency.
  • Natal Saturn is at the IC – the grim reaper is in the home
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – operating instinctively at a base level.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) square natal Jupiter – date on the calendar illuminates the action.

We note that those isolated peregrine planets are not in the mix of the act of murder – they’re isolated enough I should imagine.

The second bi-wheel is at the approximate time of the suicide thirty-six hours later around noon. The grim reaper has done its work although the pressure is still on with Jupiter and the Sun-Uranus conjunction at the Descendant. Carol is also still operating instinctively with Mercury continuing to conjunct natal Neptune, albeit at the mid-heaven now.

  • Peregrine natal Moon is now in quindecile aspect by transiting Mars in the 5-11th house axis of giving-receiving of love – love lacking due to this isolation; self-inflicted by the act of murder
  • Transiting Moon square natal Mercury-Mars – driving need to still that inner rage.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) square natal Jupiter – date on the calendar inflates the powerlessness obsession and trauma.
  • Transiting Mars also activates this aspect even further. Dare I suggest mentally unbalanced by now.

Jessica Sydney Kalish was ready to move on by October 2008 as she had met someone new. Jess was successful in her own right as a software executive. When we generate a bi-wheel at the time of her murder we can share the planetary aspects adding to her story as victim of a spousal murder.

Event-KalishWe note that Jess also has the natal Sun-Uranus conjunction in-common with Carol plus also in the same zodiac sign of Cancer.   The difference in the pair being that transiting Jupiter at the time of her murder is in opposition rather than in obsession/quindecile aspect for this ice-maiden.

This Sun-Uranus conjunction is in the 2nd house of the victim whereas the perpetrator is driven from the 1st house of self projection.Jessica’s value as an autonomous being rather than her self-expression, was on the line.

I suspect that the union of these two women unfortunately resulted from a similarity of flaws in their characters, rather than a balance of strengths and weaknesses.

I would suggest that domestic conflict at home would find both women freezing the other out of their lives. With no-one to melt the ice, there would likely have been long periods of silence in recent times as they continued to live under the same roof. Jess would suffer more as a result of this, as Carol was already familiar with isolation due to her two peregrine planets.

Coming home from the gym in the evening, Jess didn’t even get out of her car before the frenzy began.

  • Transit Jupiter is also opposite natal Venus in the 2nd house – money is likely a conflagration of their final argument.
  • Transit Moon (blue) conjunct natal Pluto-nodal conjunction – a powerlessness issue with her maternal nurturer as a child is likely an issue for this victim.  This childhood memory has likely created a frozen response ‘in fear’ to this attack by her partner.
  • Transiting Neptune is also behind this same aspect conjunct the natal lunar nodal axis – deluded by the trauma of the murder
  • Transit Mercury in the 5th house square natal Sun – act of murder likely perpetrated by a loved one.
  • Transit Sun quindecile natal Jupiter – illuminating the ice-maiden mental state on this date, in particular
  • Transit Pluto quindecile natal Sun-Uranus – the obsessional power struggle within her relationship with Carol is shared by both women.
  • Transit Uranus square natal mid-range Moon – likely mood changes present; emotional tension present.






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3 thoughts on “Boynton Beach”

  1. Rather gory ending. Classic example of an emotional murder. Do you know if Carole was interviewed over the murder before her own suicide?

  2. A reporter noticed Carol’s avoidance of eye contact when she was interviewed about Jessica’s disappearance (before her body was found), however Carol managed to avoid the investigators in the intervening time between making the 911 call (in the morning after she’d killed Jess, dumped ‘the body’ and cleaned up) to report Jess missing and when they finally knocked on her door to report the find the following day…


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