Fort Hood, then and now

memorialWhen a man comes home from a war where he was a truck driver behind the scenes and not in the front line – is it a big fib, or just a wish to be seen as a hero, if he describes non-existent ‘experiences in direct combat’ on his social media page?

At the very least, it is a psychological indication that Puerto Rico native Ivan Antonio Lopez-Lopez was likely insecure in his self-image. This is not a teenage boy or a young man that we are discussing, Lopez was by now 34 years of age and married; a father and male role model for his four children.

On 2nd April 2014, this man whom had joined the US Army in 2008 went on a rampage killing three fellow army personnel and wounded sixteen others on-base at Fort Hood, Texas. Ivan Lopez did not have a permit to carry a firearm on the base, so the crime was obviously premeditated. Lopez took his own life before anyone could overpower him; suicide.

This was not the first mass shooting at Fort Hood. 2009 is a horror story with thirteen people killed and more than thirty wounded; also on-base, only some years earlier – 5th November 2009. US army major and psychiatrist, Nidal Malik Hasan did not suicide after his slaughter. He was wounded, arraigned in July 2011 and court-martialled. Hasan was convicted – sentenced to death on 28th August, 2013 and currently a death-row inmate at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Military policy prohibits soldiers from carrying personal firearms inside Fort Hood and all other bases. Military weapons are used only for training or by base security; personal weapons are to be kept locked away by the provost marshall.

The earlier rampage in 2009, lasting ten minutes, has been described as a terrorist attack with Hasan claiming that it was a religious jihad. If that is the case then his chart will likely support his claim.  Either way, the bi-wheel will have a story to tell.

Being 39 years-old at the time of his crime, Nidal Malik Hasan had been born in the US, a son of Palestinian immigrants.  He remained unmarried (reportedly had been a single-parent at some stage), was socially isolated and a practicing Muslim. His family reported that he had stated that he wanted to leave the military, however he did not reveal any radical or anti-American views to them. Among his medical peers however, he was more outspoken about his religious beliefs.

Hasan was due to be deployed to Afghanistan at the end of November 2009. This appointment likely brought things to a head.

We generate our first bi-wheel (method) at 1:34pm 5th November 2009 when terror erupted at Fort Hood. The transiting Sun and Mercury in the heavens are exact conjunct at 13° Scorpio – communication and ego inseparable; power and control on the agenda in the 9th house of higher-calling.

FH2009-Hasanclick on charts for full size

The outer wheel is the natal chart of Nidal Malik Hasan as per the public record. We note that there is no hard aspect between Hasan’s natal chart and Sun-Mercury in the 9th house aspect; no tension is triggering his actions as to a higher-calling.

Hasan’s natal chart does reveal a weighting of planets in one hemisphere though; Saturn the handle for his bucket, plus a stellium of planets in Virgo – this man likes to control his environment. We also note Mars is conjunct the Lunar South Node in this stellium of planets – karmic undoing likely as a result of his own actions.

This Mars-Lunar Nodal axis also reveals that this man’s relationship with his mother was likely one of tension; in relation to his actions (Mars).

We further note that a Saturn retrograde is also present in the natal chart. This may well suggest that the hemisphere weight is in the lower half of the chart; unfinished business in the home. Nevertheless we use a mid-range Moon for generating his natal chart.

This opinionated Sagittarius Moon (and by association, his mother) would have been the drive to achieve the academic qualifications that he held as a psychiatrist. The astrology suggests that he had a driving need to be authoritative, however when we look to the bi-wheel, we can see that the action is not driven by religious fervour, or even personal needs.

  • Transiting Uranus in the 1st house is the trigger for the insanity of his actions – opposite the 7th house of public relationships.
  • Transiting Uranus quindecile (obsessive behaviour) natal Uranus in 8th house of death and transformation – suggestive of suicidal and mentally deranged behaviour.
  • Transiting Uranus opposite natal Mercury (yellow) in 7th house – communication with persons in a public relationship with this man; by the means of a gun in his hand.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) in Gemini square natal Mercury (yellow) – this position of the Moon is a statement of ‘how you can show others how much you know’… “I’ll show them”, we suggest.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) is quindecile the natal Mars-South Node karmic element – inflating the obsession to take action; mental drive.

Note: I’d be curious to know more about this man’s relationship with his mother. Was she the religious fanatic, rather than he?

In my opinion, according to the astrology and this interpretation garnered from tradition astrology, this slaughter of his fellows was not a religious jihad; rather an undiagnosed mental aberration in Nidal Malik Hasan.

FH2014-LopezJust a few months after Hasan was convicted, Ivan Lopez walked into the same gun store in Killeen, Texas and purchased the firearm that would kill further military personnel on the same base; Fort Hood. Now if that’s not a chink in the armour, I don’t know what is.

In 2014, Ivan Antonio Lopez-Lopez suicided when confronted and so we do not have his words to support or disclaim any motive as to his reign of terror. We generate our second bi-wheel from the perspective of the event at 4pm, 2nd April 2014 with the natal chart generated with a mid-range Moon.

This time, transiting Sun is conjunct Uranus in Aries; a wake-up call to one’s self. This time the conjunction is in the 8th house of death and transformation. Not death as in killing people, but rather transforming an ending into a new beginning.

  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) in the 7th house is quindecile (obsessive behaviour again) the Lunar Nodal axis (traumatic event in a public arena) at the horizon line; conjunct the ascendant-descendant.

We know that the man was illegally armed with a firearm, just awaiting the trigger to use this weapon. This astrology aspect identifies the awaited trigger; Lopez was denied a leave of absence (Mercury).

  • Transiting Mercury oppose natal Saturn – a call to action by the grim reaper.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Sun (orange) – reveals that this man would commit a traumatic event in a public place, driven by his ego. Being in the 2nd house, the likelihood is related to self-esteem.
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) outer-wheel (3rd house of communication) is also mirrored by the reflection of the transiting Moon (blue) – driving need to control by communication is present.

We all know that a gun is a means of communication when in the hands of one deranged.

  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) is at the descendant – Neptune at an angle invariably identifies a mystery; the unknown. On this occasion likely identifying the mystery around this man’s specific motives, although we know that he was on prescribed medication for a depressive disorder.

Of the 2014 victims, we include bi-wheels of their natal charts with the same perspective of the event at 4pm, 2nd April 2014. The bi-wheels tell the individual story for each man.  I leave to others to interpret with hard aspects all highlighted and indicated. All charts have been calculated at noon as birth times are unknown to us.


  • Daniel Michael Ferguson (39) born 17th November 1974 – a Sergeant First Class whom served his country in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Timothy Wayne Owens (37) born 21st September 1976 – a Sargeant whom attempted to talk down the perpetrator while on his rampage.
  • Carlos Alberto Lazaney Rodriguez (38) born 6th August 1975 – a Staff Sargeant and Puerto Rico native; as was Lopez.

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4 thoughts on “Fort Hood, then and now”

  1. I’m not really up on the Fort Hood murders except I grew up around the military and moved as far away as possible because it seems to have become more and more of a cult some are willing to follow and never does the blood of innocents enter their conversation. I wonder what you could make of this case, Misst, if you had all the birthdays. I have none for Jean McConville, abducted and murdered mother of 10, nor Delores Price, now deceased who admitted to being a driver in the abduction, December 1972. Gerry Adams born October 6, 1948 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Do you have any followers in Ireland who might be able to get more information? Just a suggestion.

  2. Mary – I doubt we’d get the Northern Ireland birth records for Jean McConville. At best, if we get the date that she disappeared, we can check the charts of Gerry Adams and Dolours Price (born 21June1951).
    To date, the date of abduction/murder not been published.

  3. Thanks Misst. I think it would be a good one to chart if the details were known.I know of another chillingly similar story in the American Indian Movement. I have been a supporting member of her daughter’s page for over 10 years. I could probably get all the birthdays together, but the exact date is not clear. Her name is Annie Mae Pictou-Aquash and the NYT recently ran an article on her. As far as I’m concerned, we in Indian Country know for a fact that these heinous acts are carried out to terrorize followers into place by corrupt leadership.


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