MH370 Pt.2

Mankind versus the Gods…

plane-godsIt would seem that the combined resources of humanity, prayer and sheer willpower are challenging the God of the Ocean, Neptune. No matter how deep or how wide the range, the search for missing Flight MH370 continues; full steam ahead.  It’s a case of need to know, as well as an opportunity for military might to exercise their muscle without answering to national budgetary restraints, I’m sure.  Go, international team!!

Since our last post in relation to this mystery, we have welcomed further data on passengers, plus information in relation to satellite activity; that last ‘partial handshake’ with Inmarsat.

12:41am 8th March 2014 – departure of Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The passengers…

Generating bi-wheels (method) from the perspective of the time that the plane departed from Kuala Lumpur at 12:41am 8th March 2014, we have a framework from which we can interpret the passenger’s likely emotive reaction to the event of the disappearance of this flight. At least according to the theory of forensic astrology to which we subscribe to, we can.

Astrology is a pseudo-science and as such must be viewed through the lens of the ‘rational skeptic’. We make no scientific claim to its accuracy and conduct our enquiry with the textbooks of classic astrology at our side.

We have several passenger’s data to hand, thanks to our alert companions on this journey. Until we hear otherwise, we consider that all passengers are victims of this tragedy.  It is yet to be determined as to whether it is a crime of mass murder or an accident of Jupiter’s proportions.

Paul Weeks, a passenger on Flight MH370 had left his watch and wedding ring behind with his wife, with instructions for them to be given to his boys should he not return. Did he have a premonition that he wasn’t coming home, or was it just as reported, that his job required that he wear no jewellery?  The romantic ‘me’ goes for the former, the skeptic; the latter.

1241-Weeksclick on images for full size

So inside wheel is 12:41am and on the outside of the bi-wheel, we reproduce the natal horoscope of Paul Weeks from data provided (mid-range natal Moon used).

Paul Weeks had left The Shaky Isles after the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ only to meet his fate a few years later, almost within coo-ee of where he’d relocated with his family; in Perth, Western Australia.

Following on from Part 1 of our enquiry into the disappearance of Flight MH370, we find aspects on the locator angle in-common.  Transiting Jupiter (the flight) is opposite Pluto (forensic indication of the ultimate loss of power); the 10-13° Cancer-Capricorn axis.

Note that this 10-13° Cancer-Capricorn axis in the 2nd-8th house placement comes up time and time again in hard aspect to the natal charts of this enquiry and will be sure to have significance during our enquiry – beyond the natal charts.

  • Natal Mercury (yellow) at 12°Capricorn is opposite transiting Jupiter (green in the inner wheel) with the God of the Underworld between them – it’s as if Pluto had whispered in Paul Week’s ear in relation to this flight.
  • Midpoint of natal Jupiter/Saturn = transiting Moon – hypersensitive to the order of things.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if a message was discovered amongst the wreckage from this passenger due to Mercury being heavily in the action.

  • Transiting Jupiter (green) opposite natal Mercury – time for travel is the classic interpretation, however Jupiter also is symbolic of the flight – a communication in-flight.
  • Transiting Mercury square natal Lunar nodal axis – the exchange of ideas; suggestive in company because:
  • Transiting Venus (peer group/passengers) is opposite natal Saturn in 8th house. This suggests to me that the passengers were not immediately disabled.
  • Transiting Uranus opposite natal Pluto – forensic indicator of death; the last opportunity to ‘rally the troops’.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis square mid-range natal Moon (blue) – comfort to others
  • The midpoint natal Mars/South Node=descendant gives us the final karma – camaraderie. This military-trained man stood tall when he was needed most.

1241-PWood#2American IBM exec, Philip Wood was in the process of relocating from Beijing to KL. This was apparently to be his last trip back to finalise matters in China.

He had everything to live for; only his life to lose. The data for this natal chart is revised, following release of the birth data of crew and passengers by China airlines and researchers more skilled than I.

  • Again we have a mid-range natal Moon. I comment on this particularly, as it is in the mix and in the 1st house plus being at odds (square) with the date on the calendar (transiting Sun).  The natal Moon represents one’s driving needs and uses the luminosity of the Sun in order to activate those needs.  This is not a smooth flight by any means.
  • Transiting Pluto opposite Jupiter (green) both in the inner wheel are conjunct this man’s natal Sun. That’s ‘death’ and ‘plane-flight’ symbolism – suggesting that he had a date with the God of the Underworld on this flight perhaps.
  • Transiting Sun – orange in the inner wheel and date on the calendar is opposite natal Mars in the 10th house, as well as quindecile natal Uranus.

This man is far from home on this day and with natal Pluto (his life’s travelling companion between Mars and Uranus), he is also likely aware that matters in the public realm (10th house) are beyond his control; under attack. His faith in a higher power is strongly aspected in this bi-wheel with transiting Sun quindecile natal Uranus in the 9th house – rallying a revolutionary spirit.

  • Transiting Saturn square natal Saturn (both in Rx) – overcoming that childhood lack of mentoring issue, we have a man called to a sobering communicative role (3rd house) and making the grade.
  • Transiting Uranus (sudden changes) square natal Sun at 12°Cancer plus:
  • Transiting Pluto-Jupiter opposition conjunct natal Sun – with his natal Sun in the action, this man is certainly not quietly sitting in his seat awaiting his fate. He may be destined to go down with the plane, but I doubt he went to meet his maker without making an effort to right wrongs.

1241-RezaThanks to information released by Interpol, we have the first of the two ‘Iranian refugees’ who were travelling on stolen passports. Travelling independently although aware of each other, these two men managed to slip through the lax Malaysian passport check.

How they were going to get past the Chinese authorities in Beijing, I can only suspect that, as they were continuing on to Europe, they’d possibly be waived through.

Delavar Seyed Mohammad Reza; aged 29, had travelled from Iran to Malaysia – enroute freedom in the West. Born in Iran, 21st September 1984, we are not aware of his motivation for refugee status, unless we include the interpretation of his mid-range natal Moon.

  • At 5°Leo, natal Moon is opposite transiting Venus – indicating possibly a sociological/political motive (Venus represents peer groups) behind his relocation.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) is in quindecile aspect to natal mid-range Moon as well – indicating that perhaps his voice/political beliefs were stifled under the Iranian regime.
  • Transiting Sun opposite natal Mercury – freedom of speech highlighted likely supporting earlier aspects. This man is utilizing common sense under the traumatic circumstances of the flight.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Pluto – a traumatic death in a public place. He is among friends (5-11th house axis). This is also supported by transiting Venus in hard-aspect with natal Pluto.
  • Transiting Moon (inner wheel); the driving need at the time of take-off is opposite natal Uranus – this man’s expectations are to be turned upside down.

Note the stellium of natal planets in the 1st house. In fact his natal hemisphere analysis is weighted to one side; not a simple life for this man.  We also note that there is no link to the transiting Jupiter-Pluto opposition.  I would suspect that one of his angles at the time of his birth were likely on this axis.

1241-MehrdadBorn in Iran, 30th April 1995, our second Iranian ‘refugee’ travelling on a stolen passport, Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad was 18 years of age when he slipped through the passport check, sending a short message; ‘I’m safe’ via social media before boarding MH370.

I often find with Uranus and Neptune in close proximity when ‘in the action’, that we have a faith/religious aspect to interpret. I am not privy to this young man’s personal life, beyond that his mother was waiting for him in Frankfurt. I suspect his refugee status is connected with his beliefs at odds with the Iranian regime.

  • Natal Jupiter/Pluto= ascendant is usually related to being a special achiever – I suspect this relates to his ‘I’m safe’ message sent through social media.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green in the inner wheel); the flight at 10°Cancer is in quindecile aspect with natal Neptune (turquoise) – connects this young man with scandal i.e. a suspected terrorist – obsessively so from some quarters.
  • Transiting Venus (peer group again) conjunct natal Uranus – the emotional upheaval of the event likely creates mental confusion.
  • Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Venus in 5th house – likely bonding with fellow passengers under duress.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) opposite natal Mars – should his phone be recovered there’s likely communication from him recorded. He would have been planning a way to get a message through, I’m sure.

A breakdown on the axis phenomenon –

  • MH370 flight 8 March – transiting Jupiter 10°Cancer and Pluto 13°Capricorn
  • Maiden flight of 9M-MRO (the plane) has natal Jupiter 13°Cancer – opposite transiting Pluto and ~conjunct Jupiter (plus Vertex at 12°Capricorn)
  • Passenger Paul Weeks has natal Mercury 12°Capricorn- opposite transiting Jupiter and conjunct Pluto
  • Passenger Philip Wood has natal Sun at 12°Cancer – conjunct  transiting Jupiter and ~opposite Pluto
  • Passenger Pouria Mehrdad has natal Neptune quindecile transiting Jupiter
  • Captain Zaharie Shah has natal Saturn quindecile transiting Jupiter
  • Co-pilot Fariq Hamid has natal Neptune ~opposite transiting Jupiter

8:11am 8th March 2014 – ping from Inmarsat satellite

Not having the GPS co-ordinates of where the ping actually took place because the plane didn’t identify its position to the satellite, Kuala Lumpur co-ordinates were used for generating of bi-wheels.  We explored this time-frame in-depth, in our first post.

With further information, we have now learned that there were further pings between 9M-MRO and the Inmarsat satellite; seven in all, if I’m not mistaken. The last being, what has been termed as a ‘partial handshake’, at 8:19am.

From that information, the might of many nations undertook the search for the black box voice recorder and cockpit data. Ships and planes, helicopters and who knows what else has been deployed.

8:19am 8th March 2014 – partial handshake as per Inmarsat satellite

OS-13aprAgain there were no GPS coordinates in the handshake, but thanks to recent developments, we can share the results of Australia’s ‘Ocean Shield’ and ‘HMS Echo’ prior to their launching a submersible robot.  It appears that the searchers are homing in on the coordinates 21.00°South and 104.00°East.

Postscript: underwater pings have since been discounted.  The disappearance remains in Neptune’s realm; a mystery.

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10 thoughts on “MH370 Pt.2”

  1. Misst, you wrote

    “…Paul Weeks, a passenger on Flight MH370 had left his watch and wedding ring behind with his wife, with instructions for them to be given to his boys should he not return. Did he have a premonition that he wasn’t coming home, or was it just as reported, that his job required that he wear no jewellery? The romantic ‘me’ goes for the former, the skeptic; the latter…”

    He was going on a long journey to another culture in the east, into a job where he probably needed a watch, in case his mobile phone ran out of battery.
    Leaving your wedding ring behind is a big thing also. You would be holding on tight to your foundations and homebase. These are very small possessions which could have been easily placed in one’s pocket, or carried in one’s brief case, if not worn.

    Thus I would argue that he must have had a premonition of sorts, to leave these two very important private possessions back at home. Also along with directions, that if he died, what to do with them. The skeptic can remain not tuning in on any level except for mundane, that which is in front of the eyes.

  2. The ex-wife of Philip WOOD has her birthdate published on her facebook page … 17 Oct 1960.

    Because of the conjunct Suns, I think it would be interesting to look at astrology charts for people having birthdays around the flight day.

    Time is money, so in my experience, most businesses don’t waste time figuring out the EXACT age per month the way astrologers would. Here is an example of that in action … we have confirmed that passenger Philip WOOD was born on 04 Jul 1963, but on the passenger manifest he is cited as @51 years old. Because of the high volume they have, they probably have a computer progam that takes the present year of 2014 & subtracts his birth year of 1963 to get the age of 51 (not paying attention to birth month). However in truth, Philip WOOD was ONLY 50 years old & would not actually turn 51 until his July birthday later this year. So given THAT, here are some more passenger birthdays for astrological charting …

    1961 Mar 07 @53 Wong Wai SANG born=Malaysia res=Kuala-Lumpur suburb #77 on list
    1972 Mar 08 @42 Ruixian ZHENG born=China #218 on list
    1993 Apr 09 @21 Dong FENG born=small village in southeastern China edit by MM: date is 1993 Mar 09 #100 on list

    If needed I can supply links to corrobative news reports.

  3. Is there a listed date of birth for the two Iranian passengers whose charts are shown without them? I’d like to look too independently and comment on here. Thanks Piknics for the other dobs shown. 🙂 That helps. … Also MM I love your little image of the helping hands, that is so creative!

  4. thanks, MM 🙂 I hope the others are located as to their dates. I found a lot on the internet tonight for both mentioned, the artist traveled with a contingent of 36 other artists and wives. But still no date of birth yet, just that he was the eldest in the entire group at age 77. His wife was 73. Here is a photo of the younger man, the stunt double Yu Kun, just the night prior to the fateful trip according to the article: Ju Kun Stunt Actor:
    In this photo taken on Friday, March 7, 2014, provided by Brian Ho, stunt man Ju Kun, left, poses with John Fusco, creator of the show “Marco Polo” (see link below)

  5. From the massive list of passengers birth data just to hand, I have one born in 1935 so reckon that would be the calligrapher Liu Rusheng. It is #141 – 21 April 1935 (I can’t read the name as it is in Chinese script)

  6. Mm, I have posted on mh370 3 times this afternoon and each time it disapears. I do have links to you tube and a media site on my post Is that an infringement? It was prior to royal baby post which you saw.

  7. When there are comments (with links) unrelated to the post content then they go to moderation Sips. Were they about astrology and MH370? If not then they’d be rejected automatically from this page. Unrelated links need to be on the chatterbox page.


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