Iowa cousins

When a strong emotive reaction in the chart of a missing child is not present, we immediately have to ask ourselves the question – is this a matter of nature or nurture? Is it due to the character of the child, or a learned behaviour?

cook-collinsThis is what came to mind with the following case, particularly given that we had two charts to study. We have two young girls, aged just 10 and 8 years of age; Lyric Ray Lynn Cook and Elizabeth June Marie Collins.  They disappeared together in the summer of 2012 in Black Hawk County, Iowa.

Evansdale prides itself on being a City of Good Neighbors, which made this disappearance even more tragic. A neighbourhood search found the discarded bicycles quickly, but not the young girls. Their bodies were not found until the following winter; some 20+ miles away.

Having the birth data of both girls; albeit lacking times of birth, we generated bi-wheels at a reasonable event time of their abduction. They had left their grandmother whom had been baby-sitting at Elizabeth’s home, about 12:15pm on a Friday afternoon; had been caught on CCTV riding their bikes through town after 12:30pm, plus a visual sighting near Meyers Lake soon thereafter.

By 1pm there would have likely been action and so we can generate our bi-wheels at that time – accepting that the angles are not necessarily pertinent, however we will still get a reliable hemisphere analysis and general atmosphere of the time of their disappearance.

We can generate bi-wheels (method) from the perspective of this timed event with the natal horoscopes of Lyric and Elizabeth in order to reveal any tension between planetary bodies.  These hard aspects can then be interpreted according to classic astrology and symbolism; in an effort to understand what went wrong in this case, if not find a resolution.

In each others company, plus in a situation of a traumatic event such as an abduction, we would expect hard aspects a-plenty in their charts, but they’re lacking. Is this because of the nature of the girls themselves; a nurturing reason, or a skilled abductor?

We knowcook-collins duo that ten year-old Lyric has an unstable home-life with parents involved in the manufacture and use of drugs/meth amphetamine, however both children’s charts appear to be relatively quiet, but is it a case of a duck on a pond with feet paddling like mad under the water in an effort to escape?

Despite the fact that we are undertaking this forensic enquiry in hindsight, the FA indicators (red highlights) have always been there to support abduction and death/murder, however there has to be more to this case than meets the eye.

We have to expect that this will not be a straight-forward ‘who done it’ as it is nearly two years later.  The abduction and murder of these two young girls remains unsolved.  We have little to go on, apart from the basic facts, birth data of persons of interest (thanks P), plus our basic toolkit. Due to the tender ages of the victims, little has been released to the media.

Astrology is a pseudo science and as such is not recognised by the courts.  Any outcome of this enquiry can only be considered as speculative.  Please remain skeptical of the results and you’ll not go wrong, however we will interpret planetary positions by classic astrology rules.  This method has proved to be fruitful in the past.

Lyric was born with the Sun in sociable Libra together with an Aries Moon.  An Aries Moon always, always indicates ‘me first’.  Lyric would have been the leader undoubtedly in this exploration of the trail around Meyers Lake; far from home.  Elizabeth meanwhile, was born under a vibrant Leonine Sun and most likely a Virgo Moon (rather than a double Leo).  The Leo Sun would be out ‘on the range’ quite confidently with her Moon’s zodiac revealing a need for a more intense adventure.  Either way both girls had no hesitation in extending their horizons by being where their bicycles were found.  They’d likely been this far from home, previously.

Lyric has a Saturn retrograde (lacking a male mentor in her early life) in her natal horoscope plus a more complex natal chart than her younger cousin, however there is nothing untoward in either of their characters to indicate any suggestion of a voluntary disappearance.  So why no strong reaction in their charts?   Did they know their abductor?

1pm-CookCollinsclick on charts for full size

Before we extend the enquiry to family and persons of interest, we must look at the more subtle indicators; midpoints between planets.  These will reveal the underlying paddling feet.  We use the same charts as above, however this time with a fuller picture of what is going-down on that fateful day in July 2012.

Immediately we note that Elizabeth is the primary focus/target with her natal Sun (orange) in the outer wheel being under serious tension.  Being the younger, did she appear more vulnerable?  These midpoint interpretations give us a better understanding of the situation when the girls were seduced/abducted; however let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Chart #1 Lyric Cook

  • Transiting Moon (blue) in the inner wheel square natal Uranus in 4th house – emotional upheaval relating to home life; was she seduced into entering a vehicle because something was supposedly wrong at home (4th house)
  • Transiting Uranus opposite natal Sun – sudden changes in environment (FA indicator) and mental state: was she rendered unconscious?
  • Transiting Pluto square natal Sun (orange) in 12th house – overpowered; again we question as to whether she was quickly rendered unconscious (FA indicator).
  • Midpoint of transiting Sun (orange) /Venus (pink) = natal Lunar nodal axis in 9th house – classical interpretation here is making new friends in a public place, however the Lunar nodal axis is also indicative of a traumatic occurrence.  Things started out friendly, but quickly changed to trauma is a more likely scenario.
  • Midpoint of transiting Moon (blue) /Mercury (yellow) = natal Lunar nodal axis in 9th house – sharing emotions in a public place.  Again I would suggest that Lyric put up a very vocal and emotional objection to her situation in this public place.  Did no-one hear her?
  • Midpoint of transiting Neptune (turquoise) /Pluto (red) = natal Neptune in 4th house – abduction by deception.

Chart #2 Elizabeth Collins

  • Transiting 3rd house Pluto opposite natal Saturn – FA indicator of death; Pluto is symbolic of the underworld and Saturn, the grim reaper.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) opposite natal Neptune (turquoise) – FA indication of abduction. Mercury represents children and Neptune, subterfuge.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise in the inner wheel) conjunct natal Uranus – deception
  • Midpoint of transiting Sun (orange) /Mercury (yellow) = natal Venus (pink) in 10th house – suggested reprimand for being so far from home (opposite 4th house)
  • Midpoint of transiting Moon (blue) /Saturn (1st house) – natal Sun (ditto) – instilling of fear (far from the safety of home)
  • Midpoint of transiting Venus (pink) /Mars = natal Sun (orange) in 10th house – excitement/fear
  • Midpoint of transiting Mars /Uranus = natal Saturn – struggle for control of environment.  Did Elizabeth attempt to flee?

Neither bi-wheel has been particularly significant in interpretation beyond a successful seduction apart from the obvious question – did the perpetrator/s know that the children were far from home/ know where their homes were?  Or possibly, the abductor using their own childhood experience as part of their M.O.

We have been provided with birth data of several persons whom might be of interest in this case (thanks P):

  • Daniel Eugene Morrissey, father of Lyric; drug manufacturer and convicted felon.
  • Jason Curtis Stolfus – associate of Daniel Morrissey (drugs)
  • Chelsea Colleen Beahr – associate of Daniel Morrissey / partner of Jason Stolfus (currently incarcerated)
  • Michael James Klunder – possible relatives in the area;  a convicted felon – abductor/killer of children.

Plus two extras for elimination whom we must consider first:

  • Misty June Cook-Morrissey – Lyric’s mother and drug user.
  • Tammy Bertch – a relative whom has had ‘a lot to say’ in relation to the disappearance

1pm-Bertch+CookMorrisseyAgain the same perspective and the emotive reactions to the event by firstly Tammy Bertch.  We note that her natal Sun (orange) has the Aquarian catch-cry of ‘I know’ plus the conjunct Mars is a lifetime of the ego promoted by this woman.

With a Capricorn Moon (blue in the outer wheel), this further impresses upon us Tammy Bertch is assertive, by nature. ‘I know how to proceed’ is the Capricorn Moon, plus with the Moon being at the cusp of the 4th house, this woman believes that she needs to step into the role as the family representative.  I don’t think we need to interpret her chart further.

Misty Cook-Morrissey is mother of Lyric.  Her bi-wheel reveals more of a self-interest than welfare for her child, however the focus is in the 12th house and mental activity; the mind.  There are likely mental-health struggles and substance abuse in this woman’s life.  With natal Pluto so close to the Lunar nodal axis, we also have to ask how her relationship was, with her own mother.  This abduction event is likely evoking memories of perceived criticisms from her own childhood; projection for any responsibility, likely.

  • Transiting Mars (12th house) square natal Jupiter (green) – mental aggravation highly inflated; disbelief.
  • Transiting Mars conjunct natal Sun (orange) – overwhelming sense of self
  • Transiting Pluto (3rd house) square natal Sun – illumination of the power, or lack of, in communication
  • Transiting Uranus (6th house) opposite natal Sun – sudden changes to everyday activity; break in routine
  • Midpoint Mars / Saturn (1st house) = natal Pluto – lack of control, strong anger.

Michduo-Klunderael Klunder is our next person of interest.  He has since committed suicide following an abduction of two girls in 2013 (one was murdered and the other escaped).  This predator has a criminal history of abduction of children.

We can generate dual charts – firstly at our suggested event time and a second bi-wheel at the time the cousins’ bodies were found many months later.

The natal chart of this male reveals two aspects of interest – Jupiter conjunct Neptune (inflated delusion) and Taurus Sun conjunct Saturn (controlling ego); a bully and a sneak.  His cowardly perverse attraction is, as we would expect, children.

The aspects in the first chart are not strong enough to indicate that he might be the abductor/murderer in this case and neither does the second bi-wheel reveal action beyond talk and thought.  I suspect that when an offense such as a child abduction and/or murder is publicised in the media, then all the predators get a flush of excitement with their own perversions surfacing; revealing their emotional response to such an event.

1pm-BeahrIt has been suggested that Jason Stolfus and Chelsea Beahr may have worked the abduction together, due to their drug association with Lyric’s father Daniel Morrissey and their relocation from the area, shortly thereafter.  We therefore generate their charts at the suggested event time, for interpretation of the astrology.

Chelsea Beahr is certainly not in the mix.  I doubt she is even aware of the abduction, due to her natal Neptune-conjunct Sun; self-inflicted misery.  Transiting Moon is opposite natal Pluto in the 2nd house of self-esteem, plus transiting Uranus is opposite her mid-range Moon.

An unfortunate placement of natal planets with a stellium of punches to roll with, there is a likely mental-health problem with this young woman.  No point in our continuing; she is ‘out of it’.

Jason Stolfus is a different matter entirely and certainly a person of interest to us.  A quick review of his bi-wheel reveals that he was certainly up to no good on the date of the girls’ abduction. Perhaps it is wiser if we look at his ‘partner-in-crime’ and father of Lyric’s chart first: Daniel Morrissey. It has been suggested that Daniel Morrissey possibly took the fall for Jason Stolfus, when he plead guilty to the manufacture of meth/amphetamines.  Now why would he do that?

We have to consider both these men’s charts more closely in our enquiry, irrespective of the parental connection to the elder of the girls.  Firstly our duo of events and the natal chart of Daniel Morrissey. Note that the natal chart is the outer wheel.

DanMorrissey-duoGemini Sun and likely Pisces Moon is a rather unfortunate mix as at their worst, both signs are known to be slippery with the truth.  Slippery quicksilver and drugs…  Plus a natal Sun-Venus exact conjunction – not a particularly rare aspect, however usually reveals a hedonist. We could say, ‘he who is here for a good time rather than a long time’.

The leaning towards substance abuse is also evident in this man’s natal horoscope, with this Sun-Venus conjunction in quindecile aspect to natal Neptune.  Drug abuse invariably makes a mess of any forensic astrology interpretation, as the emotive reaction present can be impacted by the chemically induced ‘highs’ in the person of interest.

We have a father whom we would expect to have a strong but focussed reaction of his responsibility as a parent and we have a dog’s breakfast of a bi-wheel. All that is missing, is his taking direction from transiting Mars backed up by the strength of Pluto; the masculine energy has not been utilised.   Nonetheless we interpret the aspects present in this bi-wheel.

  • From the 10th house in public view as opposed to at-home, midpoint of transiting Sun/Mercury = natal Saturn – sadness; depression revealed in public. He is not a private man.
  • Midpoint of transiting Venus/Saturn = Mars again in public view – purposefully separating himself; driving a wedge in relationships.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) square natal Lunar Nodal axis – Mercury is representative of the child and the nodal axis is the trauma of the situation
  • Transiting Neptune square natal Mercury (yellow in the outer wheel) – aspect is compounded by transiting South Node bringing in the karmic element and all in Gemini; likely communicating fantastical theories as to the abduction.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) conjunct natal Jupiter – inflated emotional reaction.
  • Transiting Uranus opposite natal Pluto in the 12th house of the mind – mental process of intensification of responsibilities (ungrounded)

This man protesteth too much, however is likely due to his personality, rather than being associated with any involvement in the girls’ abduction and murder.  The second bi-wheel relates to the time that the bodies were found and his H-factor. His reaction is dulled although it is still there.  He had likely steeled himself to the outcome by whatever means he used in order to disconnect from any emotional involvement.

Daniel Morrissey’s connection with his daughter Lyric is a Neptune-Pluto conjunction in their natal charts at 12° Sagittarius, which brings substance abuse to the surface.  We cannot ignore the possibility of underhanded manipulation of his daughter in this regard.

Stolfus-duoBut back to Jason Stolfus, another male whom abuses his body, imbibing in chemical substances.  What can his bi-wheels tell us?  There is supposedly no connection between him and our young Iowa cousins and yet there is an awful lot of the H-factor going on, around the time of the abduction.  Plus even when the bodies were found, we have considerable emotive reaction.

His personal connection with Lyric Cook according to astrology, is a Sun-Pluto connection at 6° Libra – his Sun, her Pluto illuminating power needs; the need to control.  If they had contact at her parent’s home, little Lyric would have pressed his buttons without even trying.

This man has a connection with young Elizabeth Collins as well; Venus-Jupiter at 24° Leo – his Venus, her Jupiter.  Did he see her as an inflation to his coffers; a money pot?  This is the strongest connection to the case that we have so far, but is it enough to indicate that this man is responsible for the crime?

  • Transiting Sun (orange) is the date on the calendar is conjunct natal Saturn – this is a forensic indicator; as well as authority symbol
  • Transiting Sun is also square natal Jupiter and mid-range Moon – inflated primary need to control a situation
  • Transiting Mars conjunct natal Pluto in 12th house of mental activity – another control indicator
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis quindecile natal Mercury (yellow in the outer wheel) – an exchange of ideas in relation to a higher purpose
  • Transiting Pluto (3rd house) opposite natal Sun – another control indicator
  • Transiting Uranus (6th house) square natal Sun – excitable/erratic
  • Midpoint transiting Sun/Uranus = natal Lunar South Node (8th house of other people’s assets) – connection with new people; a karmic connection
  • Midpoint transiting Venus/Moon = natal Lunar South Node – need for money drives this new connection/cooperation
  • Midpoint transiting Venus/Neptune = natal Jupiter plus mid-range Moon – a ‘creative’ outlet intensified by personal needs
  • Midpoint transiting Mercury/Jupiter = natal Sun – illumination of ‘creative’ idea
  • Midpoint transiting Saturn/Pluto = natal Lunar nodal axis (3rd house) – VERY strong forensic indication in the communication sector of the wheel; shared suffering

From this interpretation I would want to know exactly whom Jason Stolfus was in contact with on 13th July 2012 and what he may have been involved in discussing on that date.  The subtle indications are that he is connected to the disappearance of these young girls in some way.  Whether this is due to his connection with Daniel Morrissey i.e. a close friendship, or something more sinister, we cannot say.  That is for LE to determine.

We continue this enquiry with an astrology analysis of the second bi-wheel – Jason Stolfus and when the girls’ bodies were found.

  • Transiting Saturn (body locator) quindecile natal Jupiter and mid-range Moon – this case has an obsessional element to it for this man
  • Transiting Pluto (death) opposite natal Sun (4th house) – this drives an identity change; awareness of mortality
  • Transiting Neptune (mystery/abduction) square natal Lunar nodal axis – change in lifestyle possible
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) opposite natal Neptune (9th house) – communicating rumour and scandal

From the data we have been given, this case unfortunately remains inconclusive, but not for the want of trying…

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2 thoughts on “Iowa cousins”

  1. Thank you, Misst, for trying to make sense out of what is known from this terrible case. Back in February 2013, there was a facebook page called Blackhawk County Mugshots or something similar. ( I don’t think it’s up anymore ) Lyric’s father had just been booked AGAIN for drug charges. There was a lot of chatter surrounding this. I asked if anyone knew if Dan Morrissey had attended his daughter’s memorial which was held Dec. 29, 2012 and was completely closed to the press and off-limits to the public, unlike cousin Elizabeth’s memorial which was completely open. I was honored and surprised by a personal reply by Elizabeth’s mother Heather, who informed me that “Yes, he attended, if you can call it that. He was barely there and high on more than one thing.”

  2. I forgot to include my reply to Heather. “Heather, I just saw this. I had to do a double take that it is you. Thank you so much for responding personally. Well, I want to tell you so very much how so many people across this land are keeping you and your family in our prayers. I can’t imagine the terrible blow of your loss but I know you know Elizabeth is watching down on you with her arms around you. And Lyric, too. It is no comfort except to know that we will be reunited that beautiful day when we go to the spirit world ourselves. My heart is choked in my throat and this sadness, I hope you know, is shared by many, so that it is all our duty to grieve when children are taken and that we are haunted by it. I send you beautiful energy and light in your efforts to keep strong for Elizabeth and Lyric to have justice. And a great big hug from Portland, Oregon. Take care and ♥ Mary.


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