MH370 Pt.1

The clock on the wall at Kuala Lumpur International Airport read 12:41am 8th March, 2014.  Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, aka China Southern Airlines flight 748, departed Selangor, bound for Beijing, China. After signing off from connection with the Malaysian Control Tower, direct contact was lost.

1241-MH370click on charts for full size

Transiting in the heavens at departure time, we have the following hard aspects with the Moon/driving needs of primary import at this time.  Is this the demand to keep to a schedule? 

  • Moon (blue) conjunct descendant/opposite ascendant –  focus is on fulfilling needs
  • Moon square MC – watching that clock
  • Moon square Neptune (turquoise) – clarity lacking/confusion, focus on awareness needed.
  • Mercury (yellow) quindecile the midheaven – timing ‘compulsively’ is top of the agenda.
  • Mars (red) conjunct the Lunar nodal axis – combined efforts needed/teamwork.
  • Jupiter (green) square Uranus – boundless optimism, heading for greener pastures.
  • Zeta (ζ) Ophiuchus, Han, is a small star situated near the left knee of the Serpent Holder in the heavens at 07°Sagittarius.  With Han at the ascendant according to the ancients, as recorded by Robson – we can expect this to bring trouble and disgrace to those involved. That together with the opposition to the transiting Moon, brings a further falling from grace to that ruled by Sagittarius; the military.
  • The asteroids, Moira (destiny) at 6° Gemini together with Thetis (Goddess of the Sea) at 7° Gemini, support the transiting Moon.

1241-MalaysiaWhen we generate a bi-wheel (method) at the time of departure with the outer wheel the national chart for Malaysia (founded 31 August 1957 with the capital as Kuala Lumpur), we have an immediate story.

We know that we will have a nation in mourning when we interpret the angles, the primary indicators.  All four angles are in the action.

  • Natal Sun (orange) at the mid-heaven of 5° Virgo – the detail of the event will struggle with pride (5 degrees) and will be of national significance (Sun represents the nation).
  • Transiting Moon exact the descendant of 7° Gemini – a highly emotive event driven by mischief/lies in the social realm (7 degrees) relating to communication (Mercury is the planet ruling Gemini)
  • Natal Saturn exact the ascendant; 7° Sagittarius – authority of the military (Sagittarius) in control of the social realm.
  • Transiting Neptune at the IC of 5° Pisces – a disappearance involving the element of Pisces (the ocean).  National fleets of ships will have pride at stake with this search.

Note: With Neptune at the angle, we have the ominous indication that the plane may remain lost/unrecoverable.  This anomaly is found to be the case in forensic astrology when we have victims whom remain missing.

  • Secondary to the angle interpretationthe midpoint Moon/Saturn=Sun is the major aspect in this bi-wheel – sobering times for Malaysia and her people; taking responsibility.
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Saturn (primary forensic indicator) – a highly emotive event, as we are well aware.
  • Transiting Moon square natal Sun (orange) – emotional outpouring for a nation.
  • Transiting Sun opposite natal Mars – calendar date determines action will need to be taken.
  • Transiting Saturn square natal MC – a conservative approach is top of the nation’s agenda.
  • Transiting Pluto square natal Venus (pink) – Venus represents the populace in a nation’s chart so Pluto in detriment would interpret as the populace feel powerless; of losing face.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal Sun – hypersensitivity to illusion/delusion

Inmarsat satellite report indicates that MH370 likely continued to signal/fly until 8:11am

We wind the inner chart of a bi-wheel until it reaches 8:11am.  Amazingly this brings the angles of perspective/snapshot in time to what astrology refers to as the Aries Point.  The four angles are at the cardinal points of the astrology ‘compass’.

  • Ascendant – 0° Aries
  • Descendant – 0° Libra
  • M.C. – 0° Capricorn
  • I.C. – 0° Cancer

9M-MRO took to the skies on the day that the Sun was at 23° in the zodiac of Taurus, 2002. Her last flight was when the grim reaper held up the mirror, less than twelve years later; Saturn transited on the opposite side of the heavens.

811-planeThis bi-wheel is generated at 8:11am when we are advised that her last signal was transmitted.  The outer wheel is a mundane chart generated on the date of the plane’s maiden flight.

Missing flight MH370 reveals her destiny with a series of midpoints; the natal planets in the outer wheel.

  • Natal Jupiter (green)/Pluto = Descendant at 0° Libra – a spectacular departure;  e.g. worldwide event.
  • Natal Mercury (yellow)/Saturn = transiting Moon (blue) at 11° Gemini – loss of communication is fearful; that the end not be known.
  • Natal Neptune (turquoise)/Pluto = transiting Pluto at 13° Capricorn (10th house) – subterfuge/death matters overly dwelt on.
  • Natal Uranus/Neptune = transiting Mercury (yellow) at 20° Aquarius; Mercury is the indicator of communication (signal) – mind playing tricks; common sense required.

As for the hard aspects within the bi-wheel:

  • Transit Sun (orange) in the inner wheel square natal Lunar nodal axis – on this date a traumatic event will take place in the public arena.
  • Transit Moon (blue) conjunct natal Mercury-Saturn-Node-Mars – a whirl of emotions:; disruption, isolation, communal comfort needed (likely passengers supporting each other).
  • Transit Saturn opposite natal Sun (orange) – as referred above – death.

We have the birth data for the Captain and his co-pilot.

1241-pilotsTwo men trained to act calmly in a crisis are not going to give us the ‘hysteria factor’ that we look for in bi-wheel, however we will see, what we shall see.

We generate bi-wheels at the time of departure from KL as this will reveal any prior intent, if indeed there is any between their natal charts and the planets transiting at the time.

12:41am: Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah

Hemisphere analysis doesn’t provide anything untoward in relation to this man. A Pisces Moon and Leo Sun containing a Capricorn Saturn is a conservative and responsible person as we would expect this 52 year-old male to be.

There is only one midpoint of great significance initially in the bi-wheel at the time of take-off. Natal Venus (pink) in the 7th house (fellow crew)/natal Saturn = transiting 5th house Uranus – suggestive of a tension in relationships within the crew at the time of take-off; especially as natal Saturn is under considerable tension from the hard aspects.

The second midpoint relates to the time of the last ping-back from the satellite at 8:11am, seven and a half hours later. Natal Uranus/natal Neptune = descendant at 0° Libra – use of underhanded means to do the job (this requires consideration for interpretation).

  • Natal Pluto is conjunct the Midheaven/MC; cusp of the career house – responsibility as Captain of the aircraft instills a sense of power. Is this lacking in other areas of his life?
  • Natal Mars in the public 10th house opposite the transiting Sun (date on the calendar) – note natal Moon is in the 4th house as well suggestive all is not settled at home.
  • Transiting Moon (at the descendant) square natal Pluto – intensity of self-application; avoid distractions.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green quindecile natal Saturn in the 2nd house – excessive responsibilities weighing on his shoulders; possibly financial matters.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) conjunct natal Jupiter – likely confirming and inflating the last interpretation in relation to financial matters.
  • Transiting Mars square Saturn (and also Mercury) – natural slow reaction to making decisions is pushed into taking action. Could this lead to errors in decision making?

12:41am Co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid

Hemisphere analysis is in the lower half of the chart indicating unfinished business at home. Has he brought this to work? An Aries Sun and Taurus Moon is a very different personality from his Captain. Is this 27 year-old fulfilling his mother’s dream (note the Sun conjunct Lunar node) to be a high achiever? With natal Venus and Mercury in Pisces he may have had another career in mind, although the status of pilot, fulfills the Taurus driven Moon.

There is one midpoint of note; Natal Mars in the 6th/natal Neptune (turquoise) = 17° Pisces Sun (date on the calendar). So what’s special about this particular date? Personal magnetism is illuminated, however so is a loss of focus in everyday routines.

  • Natal Venus is at the IC; cusp of matters of the heart/home. Plus the conjunction by transiting Neptune (turquoise) – feelings of unrequited love amplified.

Transiting Uranus bat 11° Aries and in the 5th house plays a major role in this bi-wheel. Uranus can be a dangerous indicator in forensic astrology as it represents sudden changes and mental instability and in this case it is operating in the realm of affections and entertainment activities.

  • Transit Uranus conjunct natal Sun (orange) – is there a breakdown in a relationship; a rejection creating a blow to the ego. It is very much caught up in the relationship with his maternal nurturer/mother.
  • Transiting Uranus square Neptune (turquoise) in the 2nd house – clouding self-esteem.
  • Transiting Uranus intersects the natal Lunar nodal axis – bringing his personal problems into the public arena; creating trauma.
  • Transit Jupiter (green) square natal Sun – inflating his ego; personal projection.
  • Transit Pluto square natal Sun – exhibitionism
  • Transit Saturn opposite natal Mars – indecisive action as a result of sobering thoughts; potential errors in everyday routines.

Whether either of these charts reveal a motivation for the demise of MH370, requires further consideration. What is significant, is that neither bi-wheel gives us a locator angle that is remotely connected to the ‘arc’ appearing in the current media reports.

To date all that we do know is that whomever was flying the plane, had a cool head.

 Locating the plane:

A birth date for passenger Paul Weeks has a story to tell.  We have an angle of significance in the search for the missing aircraft, crew and passengers.

When it comes to astrology communicating with cartography, we have a clash of systems.  North on ‘a map of the land’; an atlas, is at the top whereas north in astrology is at the bottom.  We need to flip our astrology charts vertically to have them ‘on the same page’. (method)

MAP-MP370weekslocatorclick on map for full size

Putting our priorities in order, we reproduce a map with a locator angle superimposed over the point of departure of MH370; Kuala Lumpur.  When we combine this with the satellite ‘ping’ radius, we have a likely location in the southern Indian Ocean off the SW coast of Western Australia (rather than the northern route).

This is a general direction and not to be taken as X marks the spot.

That out in the open, we can share the story of how we come to this conclusion.

We use what charts we have to hand in an effort to find a locator angle in common.  We could use the 12:41am time and the cockpit crew, in which case we would have the transiting Sun (date on the calendar) at take-off, mirroring the pilot’s natal Mars; or even the Co-pilots bi-wheel where the transiting Sun is conjunct natal Mercury.

However at the time of take-off, the “Sun” was the guiding light and we have a more sinister approach to make.  We elect to use the bi-wheels of the plane and our passenger, Paul Weeks.  You may choose to do something different again, however this is our take on things.

811-plane+weeksChart #1 is from the perspective of the ‘ping’ at 8:11am and the outer wheel is the maiden flight of the plane again – 9M-MRO.

Pluto, in symbolic terms, is the guardian of the underworld, Tartarus and is a primary forensic indicator in astrology as well as Greco/Roman mythology.

Jupiter, when we are discussing anything to do with air travel represents the flight itself (flight of the arrow from Sagittarius’ bow).  So we have transiting Pluto opposite natal Jupiter giving us a locator angle.

There is a secondary angle as well that also points south, which likely refers to the demise of the plane, however at 8:11am 9M-MRO appears to still be airborne, or so the satellite tells us.

Chart #2 is a map of the heavens at 8:11am again together with the natal chart of our passenger Paul Weeks as the outer wheel.  The angle again intersects transiting Pluto plus transiting Jupiter (green) with natal Mercury (yellow); communication.  Jupiter emphasizes Pluto’s symbolism.  Note that there is the same secondary angle, which we can address at another time.

Bending the space-time continuum:  A physical body can appear to be at more than one location at the same time.

Taking my astrologer’s hat off for a moment and speaking from my academic knowledge within belief systems, I’ve had several requests in relation to the YouTube video tracking the plane on a radar screen until it disappeared off Vietnam (with another plane in close proximity to it at the time suggesting that it may have been downed)…  Plus as well, the very loud sound of a low flying plane and sightings at low altitude in the Maldives Islands at 6:15am.

Indications are that the passengers and crew were aware when the initial trauma eventuated – that’s the tension in the astrology charts.  As to whether all or some were alive through the entire journey, I am of the opinion that they were.  And why?

Because of the sightings.  Have you ever heard of bi-location, or the story of Padre Pio turning back the American bombers in Italy in WWII saving the hidden art treasures?

I’m not referring to religion, what I am referring to is that the power of prayer can do amazing things.  When we consider the number of people on the missing plane all conversing with their maker at the same time and their prayers are answered, not as they expect or as we expect.

The people in the Maldives did see and/or hear the plane at dawn, plus the man in front of his radar screen did not falsify his video. There were blips on military radar screens, plus the confusion as to whether the plane veered right or left.  It probably did both, depending on which screen they were watching. The phenomenon is what is known as bi-location.

It’s not usually talked about openly outside of theological, or academic circles, however there are orders within most mainstream religions that follow the belief of bi-location. I am aware of Catholic, Anglican and Buddhist orders, plus I am sure there is also, in Islam.   As for the psychological explanation, I’ll leave that alone.

As an astrologer, I return to the basics for my answer – Neptune is conjunct the IC at the time of departure; the disappearance remains a mystery. It is even possible that the plane may never be recovered.

Continued Pt.2

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Mountain Misst

navel gazer

20 thoughts on “MH370 Pt.1”

  1. Sadly, it looks as though you may be on the money MM. I’ve been following ( Professional Pilots Rumour Network) and the last few postings are congruent with your scenario. Can’t link but posts #6344, #6354, #6359 in particular.

  2. Due to delete on PPRuNe the #6354 post is now #6353 posted by ReadMyAcars at 01:27, whereby they have provided a map of data with possible routes- MAS370.

  3. I guess you don’t have the time as then we would have an accurate ascendant. If you do, please share. It will help to know their exact longevity, time of death and how they died.

  4. Sanjay… No I don’t have times of birth for either men.

    We know that the Captain and wife had been through a marriage breakdown in recent times. If we knew when the breakdown was, I could get closer with transits – however with solar arc progression method, Pluto progressed to ascendant (marriage breakdown) with a ~ midday birth time.

  5. Mountain Misst.
    Was that you on the Astrodienst forum?
    Before I got so rudely banned, we were discussing that the media has said that the FO Fariq was 27 years old last month being March. Thus he would have turned 28 on the 1st April 2014. ie. born in 1986.

    There are a couple of Australian bullies on that forum. I am Australian.

  6. G’day Heather… Yes I use the same name everywhere. There are some precious egos alright. Tiptoe through the tulips hon. Thanks for your input – I caught it. I’ve also noted that the Captain also had the wrong birth year according to the astrologers.

    I’ve remade the charts on the blog’s working page today and reinterpreted aspects accordingly – . I’ll have to fix this post when I get a chance as well. Will do maps tomorrow.

  7. Misst,

    Just for the records, that mobile phone call from Fariq was the media speaking. The Acting Trade Minister Hishammuddin refutes the claim here

    We are so starved of information, it seems like we’ll believe anything. The media is on to it, though.

    That last faint ping on the satellite records, 8 minutes after the final one, looks interesting. Using the lat. and long. for last full ping at 8:11am, this faint ping at 8:19 am has a very close aspect of Uranus biseptile MC 1′ orb. That could mean something rather unusual, perhaps the opposite to what it appears to be. TNO Logos is right on the ascendant. This can mean on the mundane level “thought, reason, data, statistics and their use, rhetoric, belief that humans are superior because of reasoning abilities”, according to Philip Sedgwick. Sure the satellite info fits all the bills here. However it also means disassembly & reassembly.

    Sometimes with a car, you can turn it off and it will kick start again, like it has a life of it’s own. Did someone get the plane on to the ground, and try to disconnect the wiring on those engines, thus the faint signal 8 minutes after the last ping, like a protection to ping back if it was sabotaged. Or did the engines die to kick start again before it hit the water? Uranus is a rule breaker, and biseptile the MC…something very unusual. Someone said “Deus au Machina” effect.

    The 14th harmonic chart for the last faint ping has Uranus cj MC right over MC of the MH370 take-off chart. MC is culmination point and coming to a head. Cochrane has the 14th harmonic as a shared sense of inner discipline and focus. I am tending to think there has to be some very lateral and unusual thinking about those satellite pings. Am probably not “tiptoeing through the tulips” though. 🙂 Heather

  8. Piknics, Misst,

    far as I know one guy on plane was Paul Weeks out of Perth, Australia born in NZ.
    The one who curiously left his watch and wedding ring at home.

    Other guy on plane was Philip Wood, the guy born in Florida, US who was meeting his partner Sara Bajc already in China and working there. She has been vocal on the media, and upfront and open about what was going on. Philip thought he was due to fly the next night but Sara reminded him that it was that night when she communicated with him by mobile in Malaysia. He must have been tuning in to some underlying survival intuition.

    The relatives of a woman from Queensland on the flight, said that their mother kept stressing and worrying about flying Malaysian Airlines. This is a reputable airline, so I see that this was a woman intuiting something. It’s all very sad.

    They have now gathered some oil from an oil slick in the area where the pings were heard, but it will take a few days to test it. However if the fuel ran out on the plane, then machine oil or hydraulics oil would be there to leak, I guess. The unmanned submarine with sonar and photographic capacity, is now being put down, but there is a lot of silt on the ocean bottom.


  9. Piknics – thanks for the info re Philip Wood data.

    Am aware of that birth date put forward by astrologers, however the reason I am staying with the Feb birthdate on this blog, is because his partner Sara Bajc was reported in the media as having just recently celebrated her Philip Wood’s 50th birthday prior to the plane flight.
    I continue to doubt that they were possibly still celebrating 8 months later…

    The result of this enquiry has a continuous thread woven through all the charts and not rely on just one chart, so really at the end of the day…

    ps. I plan to post a part 2 asap.

  10. Thanks Piknics – My aim is integrity so I’ve taken down the Wood data and replaced it with Weeks (his personal data is to hand).

    All these birthdate problems and mis-quotes of ages is very Neptunian activity. What was all the story in the media about Wood’s recent birthday celebrations then??? Bizarre…

    Am currently struggling with these new GPS coordinates according to the latest pings – they’re not behaving themselves either as to the location of the plane. (need an emoticon for a hair-pull – lol)

    Thanks for the offer of help. Yes I’d be more than happy to put up some different charts if you can give me names, birth places and dates please. Also would appreciate the Philip Wood data if you can send to me.

    You can always email me if you’re having problems getting a comment up – Cheers

  11. At worst I may make errors, however we don’t resort to ‘concocted’ birth data on this blog. So – no I’m not using the February date for anyone, Piknics.

    Paul Weeks birth data has come from social media – FB. Is in the comments on the working page.

  12. Hi Mountain Misst ~ I’ve miscalculated! I saw Heather’s message further below and then I checked my math. Please disregard my previous comment! BTW, much of what you said about Fariq jibes with new information gleaned from the Factual Report and what I have learned from my own investigation. Thanks again ~ LG

  13. Hi Mountain Misst ~ According to the Factual Report (page 14, Section 1.5.3), Fariq was born in the State of Kelantan, not Segamat (State of Johor). Does that have an effect on his astrological chart? Thanks ~ LG

  14. As we do not have his birth time, it doesn’t make any difference exactly where he was born in Malaysia, LGH. That’s why I continue to view the charts through an event time.


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