Horry County Pt.2

Heather Elvis continued from Pt.1

PTLandingHeather Elvis is a twenty year-old young woman from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Last heard from during the early hours of 18th December, 2013, the search continues to find her.

Heather’s abandoned car was found the following evening; a 15min. drive from home at a boat ramp.  Law enforcement advise that Heather drove herself to that location, however a search of the immediate area came up empty of any evidence of foul play. On 28th February, LE held a reenactment at the site, again with no reported evidence found.

In part one, we learned that Heather was in the midst of an affair with a married man eighteen years her senior and that his wife was creating a ruckus on social media during the aftermath of her rival’s disappearance.  Tammy Moorer had been doing her level best to get attention from the public; once her young rival in love had disappeared.  I doubt that this yearning for attention is something new in this woman’s life.

I would have considered a battle between a forty year-old wife who has three children at home and a twenty year-old slip of a girl, was a no-brainer.  The man would be less inclined to leave the wife and kids, although of course it happens every day, as we know.  But this is not just a change of partners, this rivalryescalated; rage erupted.

We already have an idea that the connection between Heather and Sidney Moorer is likely of karmic origin, however that’s not enough to explain the violence in Heather’s and Sidney Moorer’s bi-wheels.  What of Tammy Moorer?  How does she fit into this scenario?

As is our want, we disclose that astrology is a pseudo science and any interpretation is as a result of classical training – all of which is available on the public record.  Please treat this enquiry as suggestion only.  We do not claim to be in the realm of science, nor is anything written here acceptable in a court of law.

Tammy Lorinda Moorer nee Caison was born on 8th March, 1972 when the Sun was square the Moon; her parents were likely at odds when she was  conceived; suggestive of an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy.

Born with a Pisces Sun and Sagittarius Moon, we can suggest that too much of the time Tammy’s ideas would be vague, hypothetical and intangible. In many ways she could be considered an ‘impractical visionary’; thinking in broad, general terms rather than dealing with specifics and details. It can be suggested that as a result, bullying would cover up any discrepancies raised, if she were challenged.

Anger would likely build as the frustration of this Sun square Moon tension continued;  ‘wants’ are at odds with ‘needs’.  This gives us the ‘champagne taste on a beer budget’ personality and with her Moon in the opinionated fire sign of Sagittarius, Tammy would not be backward about coming forward, in relation to her needs.

In fact, we can see that in evidence as the weeks go by, following the disappearance of Heather Elvis.  Tammy Moorer is very vocal across social media when it comes to any suspicion of her husband’s involvement in the disappearance of Heather; back off, she rages, I’ll sue.  Is this the hawk protecting the dove, or just another social-media bully?

During her ranting on social media, Tammy Moorer disclosed that a private number called her husband’s phone six times on Dec 18th between 3:17am and 3:41 am, stressing that only one of those calls was taken by her husband.  The inference is that it was Heather, whom made those calls.

Apart from questioning how many people would be likely to call Sidney Moorer at that time of the night; 3.30am, we know from Heather’s phone records, that Heather is likely our caller and so we generate the first bi-wheel for 3:41am on 18th December, 2013 (method).  The outer is a snapshot in time of the planetary positions at birth of Tammy Moorer (noon birth time used for a mid-range Moon).

341-TMclick on charts for full size

We are immediately in forensic astrology mode  having Sidney Moorer well and truly in our sights for Heather’s demise (see Pt.1). Is Tammy involved directly with Heather’s demise?

Aha! There is that 19°Taurus we were looking for…

Tammy’s natal Mars is conjunct this point in the zodiac. We also note that the 7th house (marriage) at 3:41am encloses this natal Mars.  Yes, we can be pretty darn sure that Tammy is in the mix.  She’s not tucked up in bed, sleeping.

If we step into the realm of interpreting asteroids and fixed stars for a moment, we know that the star Botein is always at the zodiac degree of 19°Taurus; a fixed point in the heavens. The ancients share their knowledge of Botein:

Hearts are never content with what is theirs; minds are bent on plunder and will banish all sense of shame – such is their desire for venture.

  • Sidney has the karmic indicator/ Lunar South Node at 19°Taurus – Botein has a message for him in relation to karma.
  • Tammy has natal Mars at 18°Taurus – Botein’s message is in relation to her actions.
  • Tammy also has the asteroid Hades at 19°Taurus in her natal chart conjunct natal Mars – she is hell-bent on getting her way, it would seem.
  • Heather, meanwhile, has the dwarf planet, Chaos at 20°Taurus in her natal chart.  The Moorer pair create total chaos in this young woman’s life – their particular form of chaos is contained within the symbolism of Botein.

Oh my, what it takes for the heavens to get everything lined up!  But back to the business at hand – Tammy Moorer’s bi-wheel at 3:41am.

With the wife calling the shots in her household, natal Saturn in the 7th house at zero degrees Gemini, reveals a raw energy.  We can suggest that this woman; Tammy Moorer is most likely a compulsive liar who lacks self-control and reacts impulsively.

  • Transiting Saturn (our primary forensic indicator/grim reaper) is the focus of the midpoint = natal Moon (blue) /Uranus (in the outer wheel) – intensification to fulfill needs (Moon-Uranus) meeting the grim reaper (transiting Saturn).  I would go so far as to interpret this as doing a deal with the devil.
  • Transiting Saturn also is opposite natal Mars – that Taurus conversation above, joins us here plus indecision; clash of hot and cold.
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) conjunct Moon – mental stimulation driving the need; driven by perception rather than fact.
  • Transit Mercury square natal Sun – communicating the ego/wants; driven by self-esteem issues.
  • Transit Sun (orange) conjunct natal Moon (blue) – ego drives emotions with this particular date on the calendar.
  • Transit Pluto illuminated by the Moon in opposition – exaggerated plans.
  • Transit Moon (blue) square natal Mercury – following senses rather than rationality.
  • Transit Moon opposite natal Jupiter (green) – inflated emotional drive.
  • Transit Jupiter (green) square natal Uranus  – inflating the midpoint with transiting Saturn.
  • Transiting Mars opposite natal Mercury – the navigator/she who directs the action.

Two months after Heather Elvis was reported missing by her family, Tammy and Sidney Moorer were arrested on charges of indecent exposure and obstruction of justice. “Creating false, misleading and/or inaccurate information regarding the disappearance of Heather Elvis and their activities in the early morning hours of December 18th, 2013 causing the investigating agency to divert resources.”

The mug-shot of Tammy Moorer still had a grin on her face, so she was enjoying the attention; naïve to the reality of the situation.  Social media buzzed and sleuthing became even more intense with other family members joining the fray; tempers flared as the pressure built.

Detectives had access to search premises and seize vehicles, so a bond hearing was put on hold and the couple remained in custody. We note that the wife was booked at 8:50am 21st February and her husband was booked at a later time; 11am.  We have something to work with…

On 21st February, the transiting Moon was at 22° Scorpio and for those interested in the synchronicity, the Moon was in the same position of the zodiac as the day that Heather Elvis was born. This happens once every 28 day cycle, however it is noted; Moonchild’s day in court.

Moorer-bookedChart #1: Transiting in the heavens at the time Tammy Moorer was booked, Saturn is in the 8th house and transiting Pluto is in the 10th with the two planets creating a focus on Tammy Moorer’s natal Moon (blue).

With this aspect, Tammy likely considers that she has control (Saturn) of the power (Pluto), however when we turn to classic interpretation of this midpoint we reveal the underlying emotion  of the event – the threat of loss in her routine/domestic situation drives an emotional coldness; a shut-down of emotions – denial of the reality.

As for the hard aspects in her chart, the truth of the matter:

  • Transiting Moon at the time of her booking (7th house) is opposite natal Mars (1st house) – personal needs are given priority.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) square natal Neptune (turquoise) in 8th house.  Date on the calendar (day of the arrest) – in fantasyland; likely delusional.
  • Natal Uranus at the descendant – behaviour likely indicates the need for a psych assessment.
  • Transiting Sun is also square natal Saturn in Gemini – self control under intense pressure.

Chart #2: Transiting in the heavens at the time Sidney Moorer was booked later that morning, we have the ominous ascendant and the fixed star position; Algol in the mix.

Algol threads the fine line between life and death, madness and wisdom and Algol at the ascendant can be a truth serum, or it can be involved in the worst of lies. Which way would Sidney swing, when confronted by the charges of indecent exposure and obstruction of justice?

The clock has wound forward from when his wife was charged by more than two hours. Again we have a midpoint, a focus for analysis that reveals which way the swings went; Algol and Sidney in collaboration of the worst kind.

  • Transiting Neptune/Pluto = natal Mercury (yellow) – interview in relation to a death; attempted deception is the likely stand taken by the defendant.

As for the tension in the heavens, natal Saturn retrograde is in the 3rd house (communication) squared by transiting Lunar nodal axis – no-one in the courtroom believes this man for a moment. He is totally alone as he faces the seriousness of the situation.

  • Transiting Jupiter (green) square natal Pluto – the big picture is before him and yet he remains optimistic.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) is exact conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – here we go again with the karma story.  I would expect this man to realise what is going down at this point in time.  ‘Moonchild’ is in the room.

Three days later warrants were drawn up and further charges laid against the pair.  Both parties were charged:

  • Kidnapping: the suspects did unlawfully seize, confine, kidnap, abduct or carry away Heather Elvis by any means whatsoever without the authority of the law.
  • Murder: the suspects did unlawfully, without just or sufficient cause, murder Heather Elvis with malice forethought.

Dare I say, this story continues to intrigue us as we step into the future for the first time on this blog and wind the clock forward, bend the space-time continuum and endeavour to see what is ahead in this case.

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15 thoughts on “Horry County Pt.2”

  1. Do you think there will be much information shared on the 17th MM? Do you know which courthouse they will be appearing in?

  2. J Reuben Long Detention Centre Courtroom, as far as I know Ozmo. As for information that might be shared… your guess is as good as mine.

    We can, but explore the hysteria factor by those present and their extended circle – then surmise from that. I shall stand corrected though, should something come of our enquiry.

  3. Ok thanks, I seem to recall that the delay and lack of specific date for the murder bond hearing was because serious crimes had to go before a different type of judge. I presumes that to mean a different court as well. Similar to us having magistrate courts and a Supreme Court.

  4. amazing! Do you do charts upon request? There’s a Canadian man named Jeff Boucher missing since Jan. NO clues to his whereabouts.

  5. fyi the pre-trial set for the 28th has been cancelled due to grand jury. also, gag order issued today on the case. now, do you think the girl found in florida today could be her ? i know, you’re not a psychic-just wondering if there was a way to chart this. sure wish i could learn to do this myself, but, my house would need a maid.

  6. Are there any further findings? I see the father died this week, knowing that you seen the stress an issue for him. I have prayed that one of these people would crack and spill the beans on the other. With the car Moorer car only at PTL for minutes are there other speculations on what could have happened? Was Tammy the master mind? I am just curious, seemed as tho SM may have had true feelings for her.

  7. Stacy – the stumbling block for me has always been the clock. I’ve not drawn up locator angles in an effort to track the whereabouts of Heather, because we have always been told by LE that there was phone activity at 6am. Until we can get confirmation on the final activity by Heather, I cannot go further in this regard.

    I should imagine that Tammy was behind the murder, as she is the aggressor. I’ll generate further charts if there is any news – https://astrologyincrime.com/avachat/myrtle-beach-south-carolina/

  8. Yes I can see the confusion. I seen the evidence on the bond day on the elvis page and another page about convicting the moorers and there is speculation as i think you even mentioned, HE last communication was at 341 after that, it is presumed another is making the contact with her phone.
    I am just so heartbroken over this family not having their child at home for proper burial.
    Please keep us posted and i realize u have to be mindful of the ongoing case.


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