Horry County Pt.1

Heather Elvis…

The following is a case that we have had running behind the scenes since the beginning of the year.  As we await a bond hearing on St Patrick’s Day, 17th March 2014, I’ll bring you up to date.  Oh what a tangled web of intrigue it is.

PTLandingHeather Elvis was last heard from when she returned home from an evening out; a first date with a young man who wasn’t a stranger to Myrtle Beach.  Her roomie was away in Florida for Christmas and so once back in her apartment, Heather phoned her girlfriend to share the news of how the date went.

This was around 2am on 18th December 2013.  We believe that Heather accessed her social media site through her phone with activity until 3:41am, then silence…

Heather’s abandoned car was found the following evening; a 15min. drive away at Peachtree (boat-ramp) Landing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The waters are black, the swamp, tidal.

Initial searches, as we would expect, were focused on the waters around the boat landing, before extending out into Horry County as days passed.  Our thoughts are troubled, as are those of a close-knit family.

It might be winter in mid December, but it doesn’t snow in Myrtle Beach; think palm trees and sub-tropical paradise. Sub tropical it may be, but paradise – it’s not.  It’s an relaxed place to live, with golf courses to attract the tourists and lots of eateries watering holes with waitresses scantily-clad to keep the customers happy.  Nothing untoward in that, however you get the picture.  Myrtle Beach attracts the flotsam as well as the jetsam, on its beaches.

There are other missing girls and unsolved murders in Horry County, so I had the idea to check the stats and was mortified to learn that there are 175 registered sex offenders in Myrtle Beach alone.  The ratio of number of residents in Myrtle Beach to the number of sex offenders is 183 to 1, so when we were asked to look into this missing person case, we knew that it would be an uphill battle if indeed, the young woman had been abducted by a sex offender.

Nevertheless, we undertake the enquiry as it appears that we have the information we need.  Astrology is a pseudo science; not accepted in a court of law. It is subjective and we ask that those who read this report remain skeptical of all interpretation, even though the origin is from classic astrology.

  • Date of birth of Heather Rachelle Elvis 30th June 1993
  • Time of phone call to flatmate 2:09am, 18th December 2013
  • Locations in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (residential apartment plus the site of abandoned vehicle)

209-MyrtleBeachGenerating an astrology wheel gives us a clue as to the atmosphere; the tension created by the transiting planets. We can get a general feel, in forensic astrology terms, of what it might have been like at 2:09am in Myrtle Beach on 18th December.

As we are purposefully approaching this enquiry from the position of a crime likely having taken place, we look for the aspects that are in detriment, rather than favourable.

  • Moon (blue) and Jupiter (green) are in the zodiac of Cancer and the 9th house directing the action – inflated emotions; there is a need to ‘go with the flow’.
  • Moon square a Libran Mars and Uranus in Aries (both red) gives us a midpoint in the heavens – a strong need for love and desire for social recognition.
  • Moon opposite Pluto – intensifies the emotions even more, exaggerating any plans that might be made to satisfy needs.
  • Lunar nodal axis quindecile ascendant – obsession with karmic connection in relationships.

209-HeatherElvisclick on charts for full size

Generating a bi-wheel (method) with the inner chart/ the event of 2:09am when Heather was on the phone to her flatmate and the outer wheel is her natal chart, we can take the next step and view the interaction of tension; interpret by classical astrology symbolism.

Note that we do not have a time of birth for Heather so the natal Moon (in the outer wheel) is mid-range, however the position is crucial – highlighted blue and at the cusp the 2nd house.

Following on from the observation of the transiting Moon midpoint (in the first chart) – we note that this Full Moon in the heavens at 2:09am is building to conjunct Heather’s natal Sun (orange).  In fact by daybreak, the luminaries will be exact by conjunction.

The midpoint we interpreted in the first chart is now intensified, dominated by the solar energy in this natal chart; Heather’s ‘wants’ overshadow her ‘needs’.

As for the tension in the bi-wheel:

  • Mars/Uranus= natal Sun – dominance of willpower attempts to make something happen.  This aspect is not a fleeting moment in time; it has been building for days.  We could suggest that Heather believes at this stage that she is invulnerable; that her willpower alone will overcome all obstacles.  This is dangerous in the mind of one so young.
  • In the inner wheel Transiting Pluto (red) in the 3rd house is opposite transiting Moon (blue) – Pluto in hard aspect with either of the luminaries is a stifled emotion that can explode easily.
  • Transiting Pluto is opposite the Moon in the heavens as well as Heather’s natal Sun (orange).  This is like a blanket over a hand grenade heightened by emotions.  Not something a 20 year-old could likely control easily.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) opposite natal Mercury (yellow) very close to the IC/MC axis – Venus represents a peer/social group and Mercury, communication. We already know that Heather is on the phone to her flatmate at this time.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal Mars in 5th-11th axis of friendship – is Heather making plans to bring her romantic dreams into fruition?
  • Transiting Uranus in the 6th house square natal Sun – sudden changes and indecision re morals is driven/overruled by the ego.
  • Transiting Moon square natal Jupiter (green) in 12th house – the mind is in an inflated turmoil of emotions.
  • Transit Mars in the 12th conjunct natal Jupiter – emotional turmoil in the mind is being driven to take action.
  • Transit Saturn is on the cusp of the 2nd house conjunct natal Moon – controlling her emotions is based on self-worth issues.

We must comment at this point that all the forensic indicators are present in this bi-wheel.  We cannot expect a positive outcome.  It initially appears that we have a 20year-old girl who is about to put herself into a situation, where she will meet with her demise.

We turn to social media in an effort to understand these impulsive tensions in Heather’s bi-wheel.  A story begins to emerge when we follow her conversations across several social media sites.

With a Cancerian Sun sign, we know when we have Heather’s page, not just by her personal photos, but the pseudonym Moonchild. (Classic astrology symbolism/ruling heavenly body for the zodiac of Cancer is the Moon)

  • 7 July 2013 … the guy who builds things at my job makes me cream myself. One of these days I will drag that man into the mop closet and have my way with him Lord have mercy.
  • 10 July … Oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my gawwwwwdddd   … You’re almost as good as my shower.
  • 11 July … Also Sydney [sic] will be there tonight so you know I gotta make an appearance.   ...Baby did a bad thing  … I’m in way too deep. But watch me get in deeper.
  • 21 September … Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love.  It did not end well.

In time, we learn that there was discussion during the 2:09am phone-call with her friend, of Heather’s ‘on and off’ affair with a married man. That she was upset, plus he had told her that he was leaving his wife.  This explains the tension in the bi-wheel;  her turmoil of emotions.  We can therefore suggest that her struggle led her to follow the Sun rather than the Moon.

With a Saturn retrograde in Heather’s natal chart, we can understand somewhat as the retrograde invariably indicates a lack of understanding of male/female relationship boundaries.  Plus Saturn (self-control) in a natal chart at zero degrees is a basic energy; inexperienced.

Once Heather’s car had been located the following evening, her phone records were accessed revealing that communication had continued during the night back and forth between her and a ‘married man’ – until 6am.  We read that police spoke to the married man/Sidney Moorer who initially stated that he had not seen Heather since October.

Confronted with the evidence on the phone records, he admitted to having spoken to her on the phone during the night.  Further, Moorer stated that he had told Heather ‘to quit calling him’. This statement contradicts what Heather supposedly told her flatmate earlier in the night – that he was leaving his wife.  I’m starting to hear alarm bells;  my hinky meter is ‘going off’.

Thanks to information from fellow sleuths, we can take the next step and generate a bi-wheel with the natal chart of ‘the married man’; an obvious person of interest to us now.  His full name is Sidney St Clair Moorer; born 14th January, 1976.

EventElvis-MoorerRather than confuse the issue, we use the same perspective as the bi-wheel above; when Heather was on the phone to her flatmate i.e. 2:09am.  (Noon birth time used for natal chart)

When we view this bi-wheel through the lens of forensic analysis, Saturn is on the scene intersecting with the Lunar nodal axis/traumatic indicator.  This secret affair is now in the public arena plus the grim reaper has revealed himself. 

On a personal note, it appears that this man is lacking self-control in public; throws caution to the wind. Self-control needs restraint, when transiting Saturn intersects with our natal nodal axis.

  • 2nd/8th house cusp axis is exact natal Lunar nodal axis; ominous to the ‘enth degree – 19° Taurus and intersecting transiting Saturn – this plus the following aspect suggests that we have the perpetrator in our sights.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis exact conjunct natal Uranus in the 1st house. Even at 2:09am the tension is there for us to see that our ‘Moonchild’ has a date with the Grim Reaper.

Note: Heather’s natal Moon is also at the cusp of the 2nd house – so her Moon is therefore exact by conjunction with the natal Lunar nodal axis of Sidney Moorer. Everything has connected at 19° Taurus.  Experience tells me that aspects around this point in the zodiac will likely keep coming up during this enquiry.

We can therefore suggest that these two people are bound together by karma and with Saturn in the mix, Sidney Moorer would have to be the primary suspect in Heather’s demise.

There is a strong karmic connection between these two and for those whom follow this belief system, the indications are that Heather and Sidney have been together in previous lives. His throwing caution to the wind, has led her astray.

As is our usual practice, we would now draw up a locator angle from these pair of bi-wheels and superimpose each one over a map and make an analysis/give us an indication of where Heather could likely be located, however we have a problem –  the location of her abandoned car.  The 2:09am call was at the apartment.

Do we locate our charts at  the apartment, or Peachtree Landing?  2:09am is not the only event time. Where was Heather when she rang her lover?

We need to find out whether the abandoned car location is a red herring; whether the perpetrator has moved Heather’s car in an effort to throw investigating officers off the scent. In time, we learn from the media that the police are insistent that Heather had driven herself to Peachtree Landing where her car was found.

Logic tells us that the police have must have evidence to support their line of enquiry and so we concede defeat and go back to the drawing board.  Meanwhile social media was hotting up with Sidney Moorer’s wife stomping her foot and making wild accusations across the boards. She was even reported to be out and about intimidating volunteer searchers, getting her name up in lights wherever she could.

Temptation is beckoning as Shakespeare’s words come to mind… the lady doth protest too much, methinks.                            Eh Ozmo!

continued Pt.2

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