Santa’s little helper

Miranda Dean spent her formative years in North Pole, Alaska.  No prizes for guessing the big employer in town – Santa Claus.  Miranda was introduced to a world of fantasy early with a holiday job answering letters; one of Santa’s little helpers…

“She is not a prostitute,” Elf said.

“What Miranda does is meet men who have broken marriages, or have no one in their lives.  She meets with them and has a delightful conversation.”

Hello? What toadstool have you been under, Elf?

Apart from shaking my head, there is a big clue in that media grab for us astrologers: ‘a delightful conversation’.  We can be darn sure of a strong Mercury in Miranda’s natal chart, plus the recognition of same, in Elf’s chart.

They had been married just three weeks when the planets aligned; the newly-weds pre-meditated and followed through, with the murder of forty-two year old Troy LaFerrara. However they’d been scheming a lot longer as it turns out.

Elf confessed to detectives that he, together with Miranda, had planned to kill before, but their plans had never worked out.

Troy Ferrara just happened to be the poor sod who answered Miranda’s advert in Craig’s List in their opinion.  He wasn’t personally targeted; they’d never set eyes on him before, however the charts will have other things to say about that I’m sure, when we get to our enquiry.

elytte-barbourSince their arrest, Miranda claims to have been indoctrinated into a satanic cult at the age of thirteen and killed more than twenty people across several states; a serial killer.  That’s pretty busy for a slip of a girl who had not yet turned nineteen at the time of the crime.

This image of Elf likely reveals he too, shared Miranda’s interest in the occult/alchemy. Unfortunately both went to the extreme, becoming deluded.

According to our research of the public record, Miranda spent time at North Star Behavioral Centre in Alaska in her mid teens before relocating to North Carolina; before her ‘Elf’ encounter, so her words could very well be off-the-wall.  I suggest we keep our feet on the ground and our faces heavenwards, while we interpret Elytte and Miranda Barbour’s charts.

With Elytte concealed under a rug in the back of their SUV, Miranda had picked up her client in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania before driving less than fifteen minutes to where the ‘delightful conversation’ was to take place.  At a signal from his wife, 22 year-old Elytte slipped a cord around the victim’s throat, while Miranda undertook a frenzied attack with a pen-knife.

Troy LaFerrara was a large man and did not die quickly despite some twenty stab-wounds.  The pair stole his wallet before pushing their victim out of the vehicle  to die, alone in a Sunbury back street.

It didn’t take too much detective work to catch this murderous pair.  A phone call between victim and perpetrator confirming their meeting was the last call on Troy LaFerrara’s phone. We have our data.

Our first bi-wheel has been generated when Troy LaFerrara met with his demise as the perspective of our enquiry; his natal chart as the outer wheel (method).

When we review this victim’s natal chart, we can note very specific aspects in his character that give us some understanding of why a married man might meet with a teenage prostitute for casual sex; in the front seat of her car.

  • Natal Sun (orange) conjunct Mercury (yellow) and both in Gemini is a very strong mix; the result is much intelligence and communication ability plus a lot of ego invested in his intellectual capacities. An easily bruised ego comes to mind.  We could suggest that this type of man would appreciate an uncomplicated ‘delightful conversation’.
  • Natal Mars conjunct the Lunar node.  This indicates a clash of egos with his mother during his nurturing years, which would result in a lack of confidence in male-female intimacy.
  • Natal Saturn at zero degrees Gemini opposite zero degrees natal Neptune in Sagittarius reveals a very basic energy in relation to self-control, opinions and the realm of fantasy.

Event-LaFerraraclick on charts for full size

As for the bi-wheel and Troy LaFerrara’s murder at the hands of these pair of ‘would-be serial killers’, the grim reaper was not going to let this victim get away.

  • Transiting Saturn at the MC is square natal Lunar nodal axis – that’s it basically, in a nut-shell. Death results from a traumatic event in a public place.
  • Transiting Sun in the inner wheel represents the date on the calendar and is square natal Mars-Nodal axis (see above natal interpretation for this aspect).
  • Transiting Moon square natal Venus – the exchange of money in the 5th house of entertainment ‘in need of love’.
  • Transit Uranus-Mars midpoint = natal Mercury-Sun – heightened nervousness/bruised ego.

It appears that the grim reaper was ready and waiting for Troy LaFerrara that Monday in November 2013.  The combination of his life up to that point, led to the meeting in Pennsylvania with a girl from North Pole, Alaska.  And so to our perpetrators…

Event-MBarbourMiranda Barbour has Mars at zero degrees Virgo and square natal Jupiter – she likely ‘paints with a broad brush’; no eye for detail.  That would explain the lack of forethought in relation to phone records giving away her connection to the victim.

Her planets are also heavily weighted in one hemisphere with just the Moon/emotions having a hold on her life.

With the action in the left hand side of the chart we have an uncompromising situation between the event and the native; in this case Miranda Barbour.  She is not likely to pay any attention to what anyone else thinks and with Sun conjunct Mercury (similar aspect to the victim), it’s my way or the highway.  With this conjunction particularly in Sagittarius, we undoubtedly meet an opinionated egotist.

The Sun conjunct Mercury in her natal chart is also where Elf get’s his idea that his wife is a good communicator; capable of ‘a delightful conversation’.  Sadly she has Moon within range of her Lunar nodal axis indicating emotional difficulties with her maternal role model, during her formative years.

  • As for the transiting planets on the calendar, Sun-Pluto generates a midpoint focusing tension on the natal Sun-Mercury – an empowering of sorts, in a bizarre sort of way; ‘lording over the situation’. We could suggest an exhibitionist extraordinaire.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) plus Mercury (yellow) = natal Venus (pink) – more of that Sun-Mercury energy, this time focused on natal Venus; self-worth with sexual undertones.
  • Transiting Moon-Neptune similarly adds to the loss of self-control, focusing the midpoint on natal Saturn – ambition fantasies (of being a serial killer).
  • Natal Neptune-Uranus is at the ascendant – fantasy and madness likely blur into the ego; delusion looking for sympathy.

I would suggest that the perpetrator likely has little memory of her frenzied attack.  Not that this would have stopped her from repeating the crime, given the opportunity.

Event-EBarbourElytte Barbour meanwhile has his input to the murder.  His natal chart is also handicapped with clustering of planets, again in an uncompromising position at the time of the murder.  Natal Mercury (yellow) in the outer wheel is in Sagittarius revealing his opiniated comment in relation to his wife’s communication skills.

We also have another maternal-nurturing damaged child with Uranus conjunct the Lunar nodal axis in the natal chart.  Perhaps a psychologically-challenged mother.  We note that natal Moon is also within range of this Node-Uranus aspect creating emotional upheaval, assuredly carried into adulthood.

For the third time in this enquiry we have a natal Sun conjunction – Mars this time. Elytte Barbour even has that classic Scorpio symbol; the moustache. Oh boy, doesn’t he think he’s the ant’s pants.

This Sun-Mars tells us that Barbour likely exuded confidence even if he didn’t have it; ‘cocky’ to you and I. He would have loved the ‘Elf’ tag.  This Sun-Mars aspect reveals someone who would get right to the point; not impulsive, more bullish about it. Elf wouldn’t simply wait around for something to happen; he would want something to happen – now.

Big on birthday celebrations this boy; HIS birthday!  Especially with Pluto basking in that Scorpio energy in the natal chart, it wouldn’t be a good idea to forget HIS birthday. You would never hear the end of it.

  • Transiting Sun (orange) on this natal Sun-Mars aspect – ‘today is the day’ that we are going to kill someone.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Uranus-Lunar nodal axis – likely recreating the powerlessness of his maternal struggle.
  • Natal Neptune-Saturn = ascendant and containing the natal Moon in there as well – feeling wronged by his mother, hence the classic Scorpio response – revenge.

From these aspects, we can suggest that Elytte Barbour is likely using the victim as a surrogate for his emotionally immature maternal struggles.  In his mind, projecting blame for his actions onto his mother.  His relationships with females were likely seeking a maternal replacement and when his partner produced a child, her change of priorities would have led him to seek another – Santa’s little helper.

In all, we have to acknowledge the detectives solving this case, as I have no doubt that these two would have become spree killers, given the opportunity.

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