Jack Kelsall

a family dynamic…

Astrology is subjective and open to misinterpretation. As a result, it is not accepted in a court of law and we suggest that those who read this interpretation keep their skeptic hat well and truly planted on their head.

family-dynamicOur person of interest in this case is Daniel Jack Kelsall; the son of a New Zealand couple, Mark and Lynne Kelsall.  Jack is the second of three adopted children.

Straight up on the whiteboard:  potential inner-conflict of abandonment; query a lack of bonding and/or sibling rivalry; check the reasoning behind the decision to relocate to Australia.  And that’s before we look at any charts.

We have the birth data of the family thanks to a fellow sleuth, however we do not have the birth time of any of the individuals.  That considered, we are not stymied altogether. We can endeavour to interpret the inter-relationships through the perspective of a particular point in time. On this occasion, the point in time is a murder allegedly committed by young Jack Kelsall. He is currently on remand, awaiting trial in Sydney, Australia.

Before we enter into interpretation of his character, or motivation for a crime, we need to address the event of the crime itself; get a feel for what criminal intent might be in the air, according to the heavens.  We could say… the crime.

We generate an horary chart (a snapshot in time) for Neutral Bay, Sydney at 2:30am on Sunday, 8th September 2013.  This is a a relevant time for when the attack was likely initiated; an attack which led to the death of Morgan Huxley.

Note that this is not the suggested time of death of the victim.  A physically-fit 31 year-old, Morgan Huxley took some time to die.

event-huxleyclick on charts for full size

Initially we can see that there is plenty of tension.  The only thing missing in the action is Neptune (turquoise) in the 8th house.

The good news is that this indicates drugs were not involved in the murder, however the bad news is that Neptune is peregrinefantasy is likely running rampant.  The 8th house represents death and transformation as well as other people’s assets – in classic astrology terms.

  • The need press; the reigning need at this point in time is to be liked and told that they are likeable – Moon in Libra is in the 3rd house of communication.
  • Water Grand Trine; Sun/Lunar South Node/Pluto – death/traumatic event is locked-in; the only way of release is Pisces Chiron in the 8th house of transformation – sex therapy.

Note: This interpretation is not a moral statement in relation to homosexuality.  The astrology is indicating that the therapy is more related to the lust for sex; an insatiable sexual drive – a sex addict.  I suggest that this aspect likely relates to the victim, rather than the perpetrator. (i.e. the moggie with the fat black book)  Perhaps it relates to others in this case, we have yet to find out.

  • Midpoint Mercury(yellow)/Venus (pink)=Moon (blue) – focus is the Moon’s driving need, ‘to be needed as likeable’ gains a creative expression (sex).
  • Moon (blue) opposite Uranus – sudden changes in needs; ie once the sexual act was completed there was no further need of the other’s presence.
  • Pluto (red) conjunct Descendant – the ultimate loss of power; death is at the point of exit.
  • Mars square Saturn…  etc etc

Daniel Jack Kelsall and the murdered victim, Morgan Huxley were in contact on a casual basis for what appears to be a consensual sexual encounter; a booty-call. Whether this was an ongoing relationship of mutual interest, we do not know at this time.  The hook-up was likely made through social media.

These two males were not related by family, or moved in the same social circles. They didn’t work in similar industries; didn’t drink together at the pub, nor read the same books; they paddled very different canoes in their public lives.  It would appear that their relationship was no deeper than fulfilling their lusts.

Jack Kelsall was openly homosexual.  Morgan Huxley was a very different matter with 14 gorgeous female kittens in his black book; some of whom were open to a booty-call. His mates called Morgan Huxley by the tag of Mog; to me he will always be Moggie, a tomcat of indeterminate origins (am not referring to genealogy here).

230-JackKelsallOur first bi-wheel (method) is generated from the perspective of the event as above.  The inner wheel is a snap-shot of the planets at the time of the crime and the outer wheel is the natal chart of the alleged perpetrator, Daniel Jack Kelsall.

Time of birth is unknown and so a mid-range moon is calculated for our POI.

Following our tried and true method, we interpret the all-important angles first, followed by midpoints, then the big bells and hard aspects.

With the 8° ascendant/descendant axis, the Serbian astrologers would immediately inform us that we are at the gate of the underworld, Tartarus. 

  • Transiting Pluto is at the descendant in the inner wheel – this crime is likely related to power (Pluto) and control (Saturn); the two brothers of mythology walk hand in hand.  Neither one works totally alone.
  • Natal Mars at the ascendant – time to take action/actions speak louder than words
  • Transiting Venus nudges the IC – a Libran Venus is social and at the cusp of the home, this likely relates to the hook-up; a home visit.
  • Transiting Chiron at 11° Pisces (see above interpretation for Chiron’s visit) is conjunct the asteroid Lilith in Jack Kelsall’s natal chart.  The energy of the asteroid therefore shares the role of a release valve for the trapped energy of the grand trine on the night of the event.

When discovered by astronomers, the asteroid Lilith was named to honour the french classical composer, Lilith Boulanger, a child prodigy whose talent became apparent at the age of just 2 years-old.   Lilith was blighted by ill health from an early age and died unmarried, at 24; youth frozen in time. In astrological terms,  the asteroid Lilith represents eternal youth; the Peter Pan complex and asexuality.  Rather apt, considering the circumstances…

Midpoints reveal the subtleties of an investigation – motivating indications.  There are plenty for us here in this bi-wheel with many of the roads ‘leading to Rome’ ie natal Mercury (yellow) in the outer wheel.  Mercury, in Roman/Greek mythology is the cup bearer; messenger of the Gods.

This position of Mercury at 25° Aquarius and opposition/the mirror, 25° Leo will likely be the thread, weaving this case together; a leit motif.

When viewing through a bi-wheel with forensic astrology, we expand the interpretation of the standard planetary symbols. Mercury is symbolic of communication generally; we extend the method of communication ie in relation to a crime.  In this case the communication becomes the stabbing murder of the victim; the perpetrator is communicating with the victim for reasons known only to him.  It is up to us to determine his possible reasons for committing the murder.

  • Transiting 2nd house Sun (orange) + 1st house Mars (red) = natal Mercury in the 8th house – ready for action
  • Transiting  9th house Uranus (red) + 7th house Pluto (red) = natal Mercury – forcing individuality into focus.
  • Transiting 3rd house Moon (blue) + 7th house Pluto (red) = natal Pluto  in the 5th house – intensity of self-application of power.

As for the nature of Jack Kelsall we can see the obvious midpoint that he lives with throughout his life – Natal Sun (orange) + Mercury (yellow) = Saturn (red) – clinical depression.

  • Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Moon (blue) – inflation of  driving needs for security; in search of a safe harbour.
  • Transiting Moon conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – a sense of importance.
  • Each of the above two aspects are also in hard aspect to each other by square – inflating the tension; multiplying the intensity.
  • The big bells; the forensic planets reveal transiting Pluto which is conjunct the descendant is opposite natal Mars – this aspect directs the urge to kill.  It is an egotistical matter (1st house), rather than emotional.

Event-MarkKelsallThe next bi-wheel is again from the same perspective with Jack’s father, Mark Kelsall’s natal chart, the outer wheel (noon-time birth used).  We are not suggesting in any way that this man is involved either before or after the event.

Note: Classic astrology interpretation is used in this analysis.  Please do not lose sight of the fact that this information is subjective; astrology is a pseudo science. We can only ask questions and make suggestions.  All interpretation is as per texts available on the public record.

We generate this chart in an effort to come to some understanding of the nurturing aspect, as Jack was still living in his parent’s house; at home.  At 59 years of age, Mark Kelsall worked in the real estate industry. Sales had been his career.

Immediately we note the 25° Aquarius natal Moon – exact conjunct his son’s natal Mercury.  There is mental stimulation between these two; father and son.  Did they play chess together?

  • Natal Neptune (turquoise) is at the IC – utter confusion reigns in the home; disruption in the home/feeling lost.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) conjunct natal Neptune at the IC – idealised love is out in the open; holding high the image of what love should be.
  • Transiting Uranus (red) quindecile natal Neptune at the IC – depression sets in; self-rightousness is likely.

Midpoints reveal the next layer of interpretation.  Note that all the focus is on himself, rather than his son.

  • Transiting Pluto (red)/transiting Sun (orange) = natal Sun – focus is Mark Kelsall’s ego, which is brought to sudden prominence by the date on the calendar (the event dis-empowers him as a result).
  • Transiting Mars/Sun = natal Pluto – feeling personally attacked.
  • Transiting Uranus/Pluto = natal Moon – emotional conviction to overcome and transform the situation to meet his needs (~rightousness).

230-LynneKelsallThe third bi-wheel is again from the same perspective with Jack’s mother, Lynne Kelsall’s natal chart, the outer wheel (noon-time birth used).  We are not suggesting in any way that his mother is involved either before or after the event.

Again we advise that astrology interpretatioan is subjective; a pseudo science. We can only ask questions and make suggestions.  All interpretation is as per texts available on the public record.

The eldest child in her family, Lynne Jeanette Double was a public-health nurse when she married Mark Kelsall. The family lived in New Zealand, relocating to Australia in recent years.

  • Natal Jupiter (green) – Pluto (red) conjunction in the regal zodiac sign of Leo – an inflated sense of personal power; a queen complex.  Is she a benign, or tyrannical queen? Does she swing between the two?

Note the position of these two planets. They are conjunct 25° Leo – in opposition to 25° Aquarius.  Lynne Kelsall’s inflated sense of personal power (tyrant) is firstly opposite to her husband’s Moon, indicating that his driving need is for her to ‘inspire’ him. Does the regal queen call the shots, or what?

Lynne Kelsall’s ‘tyrant’ position is also in opposition to her son, Jack Kelsall’s natal Mercury – ‘inspiring’ his communication.

According to astrology tensions, when we see that this Mercury point 25° Aquarius in Jack Kelsall’s chart is a primary consideration in relation to the murder of Morgan Huxley, we can easily suggest that Jack Kelsall has had an overly-dominant mother, which has led to mental aberration in the child.  (We have to consider him a child as he appears to have taken refuge in the Peter Pan syndrome as a coping mechanism). 

The damaged child’s rage likely erupted on the night of 8 September 2013; a frenetic stabbing attack of Morgan Huxley during, or following sex. The larceny that followed would be tied up with self-worth and 2nd house matters. The nitty-gritty will undoubtedly come out in the trial.

But back to the interpretation of Lynne Kelsall’s natal chart and her personal response to the tension of the event, according to astrology.

  • Natal Moon within range of opposition to natal Neptune (depends on time of birth as to the intensity of this tension) – life is an emotional roller-coaster ride.  Lofty hopes for her children, perhaps she set the bar too high, plus she may be likely to sidestep difficult issues and sweep other’s dreams aside..

The strongest interaction with the event of her son committing a crime is at the cusp of the 8th house.  Natal Sun (orange)/Mercury(yellow) = point of transformation – ego denial of the event having taken place. 

  • Natal lunar nodal axis is at the 6-12 house cusps – I should imagine this lady is tipping towards a mental crumbling.
  • Transit Sun (orange in the inner wheel) is the date on the calendar.  It is square natal Lunar nodal axis (House 5-11 axis) – a mother’s love is traumatised on this calendar date.
  • Transiting lunar nodal axis conjunct Saturn (public perception of the murder) sits right on natal Moon (blue) – refer Moon-Neptune interpretation and take it to another level.  I trust the lady is getting mental health support.

So much for family dynamics….

GrindrMental Note: Daniel Jack Kelsall – likely Peter Pan syndrome, plus sexual dysfunction issues to address. Arrested emotional development in early teens likely.

Would need a rectified time of birth to interpret further.

Jack Kelsall was found guilty of the murder of Morgan Huxley on 18 March 2015; currently serving 40years imprisonment.

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  1. Good Grief! Asteroid “Morgan” transiting at 26 LEO. Considering LK’s chart, it’s some coincidence. Since JK has nothing that I can find at that degree, it’s downright diabolical that of all days he should find his victim opposing his Mercury.


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