Dr Teleka Patrick

When the snows melt ….

Dr Teleka Patrick had graduated from med school in California and taken up a four-year residency in psychiatry at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.  With the world at her feet, we would not expect her life to go off the rails.

She has not been seen since the evening of Dec. 5, 2013, when she was dropped off at her car in the parking lot of Borgess Medical Center. Her gold-coloured 1997 Lexus ES300 was found later that night in a ditch along westbound I-94 near Portage, Indiana.  The accident was called in at 10:02 pm EST (9:02pm CST); Teleka Patrick was not found in her vehicle.

Bringing a fresh pair of eyes and some knowledge of belief systems to the story, we immediately note that Teleka appears to have constructed her own version of reality.  As the aspect of quindecile is absent from the following charts, I would suggest that this is not a case of obsessive-compulsive behaviour, we are more likely experiencing a psychosis-in-action.

TelekaIn September 2013, Pastor Marvin Sapp requested and was granted a personal-protection order against Teleka Patrick by a Kent County Circuit Court judge. In an affidavit that accompanied the request for a restraining order, Sapp said Patrick had joined his church, turned up at his home and made claims that he was her husband.

He also said he had in his possession more than 400 pages of communication from Patrick, none of which he responded to.

Teleka Patrick also wrote thousands of tweets on her twitter account, some of which implied that she and Pastor Sapp had a telepathic connection; often tweeting that Sapp’€s thoughts woke her up at night.   The night before she disappeared, Teleka apparently wrote that Sapp was communicating with her through a demonic power.€

This young woman appears to have a dysfunctional relationship with an Apollo archetype with Pastor Sapp being her ‘Apollo’.  We cannot consider this man to be a suspect in her disappearance – although I did check the charts for those who doubt.

On learning that Teleka has the middle name of Cassandra, we are not surprised at her concocted belief system/ psychosis.  In Greek mythology, Kassandra was the daughter of the King and Queen of Troy. Her name literally means, she who entangles men.

A common version of the Kassandra story is that Apollo, wanting to seduce her, granted the power of prophecy and then cursed her when he didn’t get his way. Or if you like, there’s the benign version – Kassandra fell asleep in a temple and snakes whispered in her ears so that she was able to hear the future.  Kassandra had the power of prophecy and the curse of never being believed; she died insane – in the realm of Greek mythology.

In Jungian psychology, there is a metaphor for the Cassandra syndrome; we can use those guidelines here, as we attempt to unravel the mystery with the toolkit of astrology.

The following charts are snapshots in time through which we view the tension between orbiting planets.  This manner of enquiry is commonly called ‘forensic astrology’. A forensic astrology enquiry is subjective and not accepted in a court of law; is suggestion based on classic astrology interpretation.

Portage, Indianaclick on charts for full size

We are likely witnessing a psychotic episode in the life of Teleka Patrick. The pattern in the heavens that night in December gives us an inkling of what might have been going on, in Teleka’s version of reality.

Uranus and Neptune are in full-flight in the heavens. They’re not a stable pair of planets to be directing any individual’s action at the best of times with Neptune symbolic of the realm of dreams/ the unconscious plus Uranus – sudden changes/manic activity.

  • Uranus is square Pluto (both red) – generating sudden changes/swings of power/powerlessness
  • Moon (blue) is opposite Jupiter (green) – inflating desires
  • Mercury (yellow) is square Neptune (turquoise) – creating demonic voices
  • Lunar nodal axis is at the MC/IC axis – a traumatic situation away from home
  • Saturn (red) is square the ascendant/personality – the grim reaper is present

We generate a bi-wheel (method) from the perspective of the time when a call was made to police  by a member of the public, reporting that a car was in a ditch off the I-94.  We then add Teleka’s natal chart to the story.    As we only have the one person in the enquiry, we may need to rely on midpoints for detail, however we generate our first chart and see how we go.

902-PatrickImmediately we note that the overall picture is in the lower half of the chart; hidden.  We also note that the natal chart (the planets in the outer wheel) are all on one side of the wheel; they have no planets on the opposite side of the chart to balance this person’s life.

This natal layout is traditionally called a fan, or a bucket without a handle.  Such an individual relies on others to motivate their action or transiting planets to nudge them along out in the real world.

We may wonder then, how Teleka might have achieved so much academically?  The answer is that there is no lack of tension internally.  An academic life is contained in a womb and structured accordingly. The framework was provided for Teleka to achieve her highest potential.  Not so out in the real world.

  • Natal Mars is square Pluto as well as Saturn.  That’s a drive for power and also control (of her own life).
  • Natal Jupiter is peregrinestrong opinions
  • Natal Uranus is peregrine – independent, changeable – unstable.

With a Leo Sun and Libran Moon, Teleka’s personality would have been sunny and apparently sociable, masking a difficult internal state.  How many of us really look beyond the exterior of those in our lives?

As for the interaction in the bi-wheel, apart from aspects already mentioned:

  • Transiting Mercury (internal voices) conjunct natal Jupiter – inflating the psychotic episode.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) square natal Mercury – we are unlikely to be able to interpret this aspect – it relates to the mental tumult and that particular date on the calendar.
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Mars – mental activation (12th house) of driving need – lost in space.  Note: this is also our locator angle…

I suggest this last interpretation is due to geographical similarities.  In order to get onto the I-94 from the Borgess Medical Centre in Kalamazoo,  the road in the vicinity of the on-ramp is Portage Street.  There is also an area just south of the I-94 at that point; Portage, Michigan, which may hold significance for this young woman.

If we were to consider that a mental white-out then took place with Teleka heading westward on the I-94, we note that the place where her car ran off the road into a ditch was at Portage, Indiana.  Teleka was not familiar with that region of the US.

It wouldn’t take much to get confused – Michigan City is in the state of Indiana – she had not long passed that turn-off the highway. That would have been signposted.  Then another familiar name ‘Portage’ comes up on the signage.  The only problem is, Teleka Patrick is not in the state of Michigan; she is in Indiana.

Portagex2Once in the ditch and just east of the Porter/Burns Harbour exit, Teleka left her vehicle; presumably on foot.  I suggest that, in her confused mental state, the two destinations, “Portage” merged and Teleka set off to complete what she considered, an ‘interrupted’ journey; i.e. not realising the time gap.

Those more familiar with this case will, I am sure have an idea as to which direction she might be thinking that she was heading in, if she were in the state of Michigan rather than Indiana.  We are not privy to any private addresses.

We astrologers can only turn to the charts and a map of the land in an effort to suggest a direction to follow.  The aspects in the charts can give us a direction to follow.  In this case the indication is coming from the transiting Moon in opposition to her natal Mars. This suggests that Teleka is independent in her actions; flying solo.

click on image for full size.

MAP-PatrickWhen we convert the bi-wheel to align with cartography (method) just eastward of exit 22A on I-94 where she left her vehicle, we find that the locator angle points onto Highway 20/Melton Road – westbound.

We suspect that our missing person likely crossed the interstate to the southside.  Not being in a rational state of mind, we cannot expect rational action, nor can we make sense of her actions from that point forward.

The night was not bright by any means, with just a sliver of light from the Moon. She won’t have travelled far on foot and if there is no record of other persons sighting her, then I propose that she likely succumbed to the elements, that night.

As I write this blog entry, there’s four feet of snow on the ground in that part of the world. We cannot therefore expect searchers to come up with a result before the snows melt in the Spring;  a long wait for the family of Teleka Patrick.

ps: 10th April 2014 – Teleka’s body was recovered from a pond, close to where she left her car.  She didn’t make it across the highway.

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7 thoughts on “Dr Teleka Patrick”

  1. Thank you MM for your insightful interpretation of the events surrounding Teleka’s disappearance, and as always your thoughtful and tactful delivery of the information.

  2. Just to give you an idea. They don’t really identify the pond in the story but it is exactly on you locator line. Her chart covers it in your graphic. But is exactly between Interstate 94 and US 20 and with this map you can see the two truck stops they talk about and the pond with the berm and the fence. RIP Teleka. You were a brilliant angel. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Washington+St+%26+Berg+St/@41.6093057,-87.0952963,290m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x8811bcfb3abd2ae7:0x573135eb40ce30d


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