Knock on Wood

When we have an intriguing case without an event time, we have a quandary.  To start a forensic astrology enquiry or not, is the question.  The event was a death in 1995 when a young woman’s body was discovered on the rocks below a cliff at The Gap, Sydney; a so-called ‘lover’s leap’.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe death was assumed to be a suicide – standard scientific procedures were not adhered-to prior to recovery; the body was not photographed in situ, nor the location photographed. Mistake number one in a series of errors.

That dreaded word ass-u-me came into play; the tragedy continues to reverberate even today.  It is nudging twenty years later continuing to consume two family’s lives.  The effects ripple out to the extended community.

As is my want to do, in order to consider whether to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry or not, we seek out the birth data plus get the gist of what’s going on before cranking up the engine. We rely on the public record and if the information is retrievable, then we proceed.

Thanks to Wedgetailegal, we now have what we consider to be reliable birth data and generate charts for this particular case. That information gathering had stumbling blocks of its own along the way, so I was on alert for any ‘fishy smells’ in the journey ahead.

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the record about this case as it became a cause célèbre. Firstly we had the assumed ‘suicide’; followed by two inquests – the second resulting in an open finding.  Then with the new millenium, a police enquiry began.

Six years on, the young woman’s boyfriend was arrested for murder.  The planets continued their orbit around the Sun until thirteen years after the death of Caroline Byrne on the 3rd December 2008, Gordon Eric Wood was given a custodial sentence of 17 years, with a minimum time in prison of 13 years.  He had been found guilty of extinguishing the life force of Caroline Byrne.  He appealed the sentence.

On 24th February 2012 after serving less than four years of his sentence, Wood was acquitted of Caroline Byrne’s murder and his release from jail was ordered.  Gordon Wood walked free and back to the bosom of his family.  Not so for the Byrne family; they were devastated.

We note that there were red-herrings a-plenty throughout the legal process, as well as our research; with many errors on the public record as well – enough to fill an ocean.  I could bang on about the stuff-ups during the police investigation, the trial and appeal; of careers and egos that were on the line; or in front of the camera, however that’s not the focus of this blog.

We do the charts and follow what the heavens have to say, not the experts.  Science is only as good as the latest research and continues to re-invent itself when something knew is proven to be bigger, better or more right.  As an ex-academic, my irreverence of science amuses even me.

After wading through the available material, there is still no definitive event time, in my opinion.  It depends on whose memory or ‘evidence’ we accept.  This creates that quandary I was talking about earlier; to continue with the case or walk away, when we don’t have a timed event?

In previous cases where something similar has happened, we relied on the locator angle existing between the place of residence of the victim and POI and the ‘scene of the crime’ to create the story and it has proven reliable.

MAP#1Knockonwoodclick on map for full size

Relying on this tried and true method, we connect the dots and produce an angle to work with and start winding the hands on the clock.

Warning:  It is of vital importance under similar circumstances to generate an event time prior to interpreting any personal charts, otherwise bias and human frailty will rue the day.  Approached the other way around, just leads to madness; trust me I’ve crossed the line before.

Astrology is a pseudo science; is subjective and interpreted by this blogger according to the classic guidebook. If you adhere to the world of science alone, this enquiry is likely to upset your apple cart. We therefore suggest that you suspend your belief system for the duration.

Please note that none of this outcome or interpretation is acceptable in a court of law.

Interacting with the charts of the victim and POI we immediately note that the forensic indicator is not Saturn; the grim reaper on this occasion, as is often the case.  Our forensic indicator is transiting Pluto; guardian of the underworld in Greco/Roman mythology.  It appears that this death is about power (Pluto) rather than control (Saturn); a power struggle between two individuals.

Aiming for relevance, we have calculated an event time and generate bi-wheels accordingly.  The ‘why this particular time’ will reveal itself as we go along.

Generating a snapshot of the planets against the backdrop of the zodiac we have the time at 5:47pm on 7th June 1995.   The Moon is waxing gibbous – a week off full.  It’s a bright night with the Moon due overhead in an hour.  In fact it’s almost a Super Moon when the moon is at its closest point to the Earth.

When Pluto meets Uranus at the ascendant, we have a situation where the status quo is overturned.  This is exactly what is happening within these charts and so will undoubtedly reflect in the interpretation and outcome – hence my warning.

Byrne-eventclick on charts for full size

Coming back to Earth and the astrology charts, angles and midpoints take precedence in interpretation.  Note the cardinal angles of the opening minutes of a Capricorn-Cancer axis (highlighted in red on the horizon line).

Note: Zero degrees invariably indicate a primitive energy is present and so the primal brain kicks in; instinctual behaviour takes over for the individuals concerned.

  • Transiting Pluto represents the power/powerless struggle and being in the 12th house of the mind, this is likely an unspoken struggle.  There is a quindecile present with Mercury (yellow) – OTT power-communication interaction.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) is also in the mind – inflating mental power struggles/mind control.
  • Transiting Uranus is in the 2nd house of self-worth/personal values.  The planet of sudden changes shares the house with Neptune creating confusion, however they are not in conjunction.  The relationship is there but it is not overpowering.
  • Saturn is in the 4th house/the home – Saturn in this position represents male authority in the heart and hearth.  It is opposite to the transiting Moon – emotion and driving needs are reflected.
  • Sun (orange), Mercury (yellow) and Venus (pink) are in the 6thcommunication is likely in relation to financial matters.
  • Sun and Mercury square the IC cusp of the 10th house at 11°Virgo – the detail of careers is likely to be discussed.
  • A Virgo Mars transits the 9th – ­opinions, debate and argument about details is likely.
  • The Moon (blue) is in the 10ththe future and careers are bound to be a focus in the charts of one or both individuals.

event-G.WoodThat’s the general feel of what’s in the air.  The bi-wheel of the event and Gordon Eric Wood will tell a more personal story.  It is generated with the inner wheel a snapshot of the heavens and the outer wheel the natal chart for the individual.

The time of birth is not known and so the natal Moon is at midrange with a noontime birth; as is our norm on this blog (toolkit).

One thing I must point out in this man’s natal chart; a lifetime aspect.  Gordon Wood has Sun square Pluto (ego meets power).  This aspect always, always indicates a blanket over a hand grenade character.

This is a man who claims to have no knowledge of the event that was unfolding at The Gap; was getting ready to take a nap in front of the tv for the next four hours – out of contact with the world.   What!  Come on Gordon Wood who are you kidding?  With the excessive emotion/hysteria factor in this bi-wheel we can declare that this man is telling porky pies; he is on the scene with Caroline, the heavens say so.


  • Natal Pluto (red) is at the mid-heaven confirming the power agenda plus the first house is devoid of planets.  This is about mind-power (12th house) rather than an ego struggle – a battle of wills.

Significant Midpoints:

  • Natal Neptune (turquoise) is the midpoint of natal Mars/Saturn –paranoid tendencies.  At the time of this event that midpoint is in the 11th house (friends and enemies) – relates to the couple’s joint assets.
  • Neighbouring natal Mercury (yellow) and natal Venus (pink) = transiting Pluto in the 12th house of the mind – the argumentative position.

Note that particular point in the wheel – transiting Pluto at 28° Scorpio (in the 12th house) – this is the forensic indicator I spoke of earlier.  It will appear directly on the locator angle between the two venues.  Wait, it will come after I’ve interpreted both charts.

Hard aspects:

  • Transiting Uranus in the 2nd house conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – mood swings in relation to money/assets/self worth are likely; creating a traumatic event and in a public place.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) is quindecile natal Sun (orange) – this man’s ego is obsessed with the female/Caroline.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) opposite natal Sun – his communication is dominant.
  • Transiting Mercury square natal Pluto at the MC – suggesting the dominance of his communication is uppermost in the argument.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) opposite natal Mercury (yellow) – this man is in a torrent of rage, verbalising.
  • Transiting Mars (9th house) conjunct natal Uranus – opinionated to the extreme creating irrational action.  We can suggest that he is likely being violent at this stage.

Note the absence of the transiting Moon’s input – this event is about cold hard facts, emotion is not driving the action, however the individual emotional reactions are something else.

  • Transiting Pluto square natal Moon in the 3rd house – mental power drives the man over the edge and into paranoia.

This suggestion of paranoia would determine the outcome of the event.  Every forensic indicator in his natal chart is present.  There is no apparent reason to suggest that Gordon Eric Wood was not involved in the outcome of this event, according to the charts.  So what does Caroline’s bi-wheel have to add to the story?  Can she clarify what happened?

event-C.ByrneThe bi-wheel of the event and Caroline Byrne is generated with the inner wheel a snapshot of the heavens and the outer wheel her natal chart.  Again the time of birth is not known and so the natal Moon is at midrange.

Any wheel covers the 24-hour period and so at some stage every day the natal Moon is at the ascendant and this is such a time.  There is no coincidence.  With this aspect; at the angle, the driving needs of the individual are on the table.

It is a time when the individual is trying to get the message across, is the classic interpretation. With that as our starting point, then any midpoints take priority over all other aspects:

  • Transiting Uranus/Pluto= natal Moon – change in the status quo through force; breaking through the ego and into primal instinctive behaviour.

Note: Caroline’s nurturing aspect will come into play; her background will influence how Caroline handles the emotion of this situation.  Knowing her family history from the public record, I choose not to comment in any detail, however we must address the Saturn retrograde in the natal chart.

With male mentoring lacking; for whatever reason (we are not apportioning blame here) – Caroline Byrne’s idea of traditional male roles is likely skewed at worst and at least, she would be uncertain about the boundaries of gender roles.

Before we continue, note that our forensic indicator, Pluto is in that mix. So continuing on with the interpretation of the bi-wheel:

  • Transiting Saturn (red) quindecile natal Uranus – this suggests a compulsive desire to make changes to the home situation in relation to authority – challenging her previously held role-model (parents inter-relationship).

A natal Mercury-Pluto conjunction indicates a powerful and stubborn mind.  This can be positive and negative as we would expect.  Being in the zodiac of Virgo, it’s all in the detail.

Research would come naturally to this individual, however so does suspicion and mistrust.  The internal dialogue would continue to scan, looking for hidden agendas.  This natal aspect is very much in the mix at this event.

  • Transiting Moon (blue) is conjunct natal Pluto-Mercury – the driving needs of the natal conjunction are uppermost for Caroline, whereas the transiting Moon was lacking any interaction in Gordon Wood’s bi-wheel.  They are not even on the same page with this subject.
  • The transiting Moon is also square natal Moon – a highly charged emotive situation.

MAP---ByrneThe last step is to bring heaven down to earth (method) and reproduce Caroline’s flipped bi-wheel onto the locator angle for our outcome of the enquiry.  Transiting Pluto is on the red line.

At 28°Scorpio in the heavens, Pluto is conjunct the fixed star Bungula. If that’s not an indication of something being bungled up, nothing is.  As above, so below.

And so what’s on the line?

  • Gordon Wood: Transiting Pluto = Natal Mercury/Venus – mind power games with his female partner.
  • Caroline Byrne: Transiting Uranus/Pluto= natal Moon – change in the status quo through force; breaking through the ego and into primal instinctive behaviour.

I would therefore suggest that Caroline’s instincts took over – a combination of nature and nurture.  Where it went from there – interpret as you will.

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Mountain Misst

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10 thoughts on “Knock on Wood”

  1. Hi Mountain Misst,
    could you please explain how the following passage relates to finances?
    Sun (orange), Mercury (yellow) and Venus (pink) are in the 6th – communication is likely in relation to financial matters.

  2. I’m not sure if you are asking an open-ended question in relation to astrology, or relative to the case, Aileen. If you have a varying opinion on interpretation I’m more than happy to hear it. Please, do share.

  3. Just a question as to how you associate the particular planets/houses in this case with finances. That’s all…..

  4. For me, the planets have a set of basic meanings – meanings that come from classic astrology texts and then the particular combination used is relative to the whole chart, not just one house or a random aspect.
    It is a holistic decision as to which combination I use; holistic in relation to the entire chart and the situation. The decision comes from my knowledge base and experience. I trust that answers your question.

  5. Sorry. Maybe I did not ask you the question properly regarding your comment:
    Sun (orange), Mercury (yellow) and Venus (pink) are in the 6th – communication is likely in relation to financial matters.
    I can understand communication with Mercury involved but cannot see the financial matters. Could you elaborate on this?

  6. This is how I see it when it comes to Venus in this chart we are discussing. Firstly, Venus is symbolic of several things – one of which – is money.
    Secondly, Venus is the planet ruling Libra and Taurus. Consider the natural house for Taurus – which one is it? Answer – the 2nd house, which represents personal assets and money.

    From that, the texts suggest that ‘Venus in Taurus’ is often-most related to money when this ‘Venus in Taurus’ is positioned in other houses. The agenda for this money discussion is related to the 6th house.

    However when we come to discuss bi-wheels with this aspect in the inner chart, the interpretation goes up another notch. It becomes a juggling act. 🙂 Are we on the same page yet?

  7. Yes, we are on the same page 🙂 but that has not answered the 6th house which has nothing to do with finances. Pls dont think I am questioning your ability just trying to learn.

  8. No worries Aileen, happy to help if I can.

    The 6th house is the agenda – where the interplay is being experienced. Think about what the 6th house means in classic terms and then bring in the symbols we have already identified i.e. money and communication.

    e.g. – May I suggest that you put the money (Venus) in your hand – walk into the symbolism of the 6th house and talk about (Mercury) money in relation to where you (Sun) are – what’s happening? (be objective) Visualisation is an excellent tool until things becomes instinctive.

    Here’s another example: At the stage in the story when I wrote the interpretation of which you speak, we had no characters in the mix (not a bi-wheel), so we had an empty room (6th house) plus in our pocket – money, a means of communication and a person who is not yet identified. We toss into that room the 3 things – a person, money and a means of communication. It will depend on what is written on the door to that room, as to what happens.
    PLUS before I go – did you find out what Mercury in Gemini is suggesting? Answer – it’s often a load of porky pies when we are talking in forensic astrology terms. So with that we now have – a person, some money and a load of bullshyte going on – within the walls of the 6th house. 😉

    Interpretation is a personal journey – my telling you will only give you half the answer. Experience is your best teacher.

  9. This is my version:
    The sixth house is traditionally associated with one’s attitude towards work, personal projects, routines; of seeking orderly and tangible results (Virgo traits). The natural ruler of this house is Mercury eg efficiency.

    Looking at the first chart in the series, Venus is not in hard aspect to the other planets in the 6th, however the energy of ‘Venus in Taurus’ is in the room (the financial situation of the couple in this case) – the pink ‘elephant in the room’. This is also reinforced by Taurus being the sign at the cusp.

    Also in the sixth is transiting Sun-Mercury. In this case I would suggest – puffed-out chest/braggard energy or putting it gently, ‘fairy dust abounds’.
    Opposite the 6th is the 12th – the house of the mind. So we must ask, what is in the 12th house? Both Pluto (red) and Jupiter (green) are there across the road – power and hot air.

    Oh dear, a recipe for a lot of strutting about and posing.

    When we get a bit further into the post, we can see who interacts with this energy – Gordon Wood’s natal chart reveals his naturally puffed-out chest (natal Sun-Mercury) seeing himself (projecting) in the mirror (opposition aspect) with the pink elephant (finances).

    But there isn’t a clear view – transiting Pluto-Jupiter create a curtain. If you were a paranoid personality you would see this as a threat to dis-empower you and expose your lack of finances/ability to be a provider etc. This is exactly what is going on at the time, in my opinion.
    I make this call from observation of the astrology aspects in the bi-wheel.

    Caroline Byrne’s bi-wheel has Neptune in the 12th – confusion. She has no transiting planets in the mix that might come to her aid. Her driving need (Moon) is on the cusp of the 1st house – taking charge of her situation. The midpoint Uranus/Pluto=Moon on this occasion IMO, indicates the lover’s leap.


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