Alan Bassett and the detective

It’s not a good look when a detective of police becomes obsessed with a case.  Some cases just get under your skin though, don’t they.  This is such a story.

800px-2007_0806klklk0048During our enquiry into the Wanda Beach murders of teenagers Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt, we had a person-of-interest in the case whose birth data was elusive; Alan Raymond Bassett.

We were unable to implicate or exonerate this POI whose name came up in the police investigation.  By the end of our astrology enquiry, we knew it was unlikely that Bassett was involved in the girls’ murders, however he does have relevance for us now, in hindsight.

The information of his birth data has since come to hand and we are able to exclude Bassett from our enquiry into the Wanda Beach murders, however he doesn’t get off scot-free.  We need to consider how Alan Bassett came to the attention of the police; became a person of interest in the case.

Eighteen months after the murders of the teens in the sand dunes and only a 45minute drive south of Wanda Beach, Alan Bassett raped and murdered Carolyn May Orphin in Wollongong.  It was a frenzied attack, however the modus operandi was  different.  That aside, the social situation was vastly different as well. Alan Bassett had met Carolyn Orphin at a dance and seduced her with the offer of a lift home.  He was twenty-one and she a year younger; aged twenty.

When confronted with evidence, Alan Raymond Bassett confessed and spent twenty-nine years under lock and key for the crime, however there was always that lingering doubt as to whether he was involved in the Wanda Beach case.  He was under a cloud of suspicion for other murders as well, however he consistently claimed his innocence.  His father didn’t believe him though.  Mr Bassett Snr knew the nature of the beast.

EventWanda-BassettA member of the detective squad from the unsolved Wanda Beach case kept in contact with Bassett over the years while he was in Morisset.  I have no doubt that the convicted murderer played Detective Johnson along; enjoyed the attention.

We only need to generate a bi-wheel of the Wanda Beach crime and the natal chart of Alan Bassett to see what he’s getting out of it.  There are no forensic indicators present to implicate him in that particular crime; the chart is passive enough, although with the natal Moon in the mix we can expect emotions are heightened by recalling the thrill.

  • Natal Mercury (yellow) is communicating aplenty and there is a quindecile (obsession) with death in the picture – natal Jupiter (green) inflates the obsession with transiting Saturn (grim reaper).  Transiting Pluto is conjunct natal Jupiter as well.  A deadly brew is bubbling in his cauldron in January 1965.

Eighteen months later in Wollongong, Alan Bassett’s cauldron boiled over.  We can generate a second bi-wheel, this time at the time of the murder of Carolyn May Orphin on the Mount Ousley By-pass Road.

It is 3:30am when we take a snapshot of the planetary positions overhead; the time confirmed by a witness.  The outer wheel is again the natal chart of rapist and murderer, Alan Bassett.  Despite the time difference in the two events, the ascendant is only one degree different revealing Bassett’s Sun (orange) is in the first house, his ego at stake.

Any wonder our POI is getting a buzz with the detective – connecting the two crimes.  He’s vicariously reliving the thrill of his crime, every visit.

EventOrphin-BassettLooking firstly at the outer wheel; the natal chart – apart from the Sun square Pluto (at the IC), which tells us that we have a blanket over a hand-grenade character – someone who can pull the pin and go off at any time, we have to sit up and take notice.

Natal Mars is of interest for it’s cardinal position.  The planet is at 00°Aries.  His masculinity is likely clumsy and immature.

Whenever we see a natal planet at zero degrees, we can accept that it is likely that the individual has no experience with the energy of this zodiac sign it is entering.  In Bassett’s case, Mars is in the opening minutes of Aries – fire, masculine, assertive, action etc.

Aggression is likely to be present in Bassett’s character and together with the Sun-Pluto square, there is no surprise that his father kept a short rein on this 21 year-old fitter and turner, who was still living at home.

The Sun-Moon combo of Taurus-Capricorn produces a personality that is bullish and shrewd. Under the genial front of smiles and good humor lies a core of steel, strength of purpose, and ambition. Bassett seduced Carolyn at a local dance, swept her into his Mini-Minor, then drove her to within cooee of home, but she didn’t get out the car door.

Bassett tied her hands behind her back and stole her away to somewhere where he could undertake a frenzied attack without witnesses. He had his prey.

Carolyn Orphin’s body was found three hours later in full sight of the road. There had been a trail of witnesses of the vehicle’s movements through the night.  Confronted with damning evidence, Alan Raymond Bassett confessed.

Something must have come over me… I’d like to ask for a plea of manslaughter, he told the court.

The jury deliberated for just sixteen minutes – guilty of murder.  The sentence – life-imprisonment, however following the trial Bassett was assessed as being schizoid and served his time in a unit for the criminally insane in Morisset Psychiatric Hospital.

As we said, Bassett’s father knew the true nature of the beast.  He provided family support for his son through the period of incarceration, however Mr Bassett Snr did his best to stop the authorities from releasing him when the convicted rapist and murderer came up for parole.

Alan Bassett paintingFast-forward ten years from the time of the crime.  Our ‘just a tad obsessed’ detective is still visiting Alan Bassett in Morisset.  The prisoner had been in art therapy and produced a painting, which he gifted to his visitor.  Our detective took it home and hung it on the wall – not a good idea Cecil.

The law-man spent too much time looking at the painting and began to believe that there were sub-conscious clues to other murders in the image.  Maybe there are; who are we to suggest differently.

We can, however generate further charts for the other unsolved murders in Wollongong in the lead up to June 1996 when Alan Bassett raped and murdered Carolyn Orphin; vicious murders that the detective suggested Bassett may have perpetrated. Was Carolyn May Orphin his only victim, as he claimed?

Duo-BassettWhen we check, there were two violent murders of women in Wollongong prior to June.  The first was at 4am on Saturday 29th January, the first day of the Australia Day long weekend and the second – a midnight appointment 16-17th February, 1966; midweek.  Both are cold cases; unsolved.

Wilhemina Kruger was 57 years-old, a contract cleaner of an arcade in town.  She was on the job, when she was brutally murdered.  The ominous 22 degrees is at the ascendant.

The second victim Annya Dowlingkoa (born Elizabeth Anne Dowling) was a prostitute plying her trade.  She was just 27 years-old.

Interacting with the planetary movements, we note that the outer planets of Uranus and Pluto are still brewing in our suspect’s cauldron with natal Jupiter (green) inflating that dangerous mix of a transiting Uranus-Pluto conjunction.

Forensic-astrology-speaking – sudden changes (Uranus) and power (Pluto) in conjunction gives us a clue that anyone with power issues/traits in their character is likely to be rattled during this long transit.   Plus in Bassett’s case, Jupiter in the mix inflates whatever it touches.

Interpreting the astrology bi-wheels, I suggest that Alan Bassett was not likely to have been on the scene of either murder, nor is it likely that he could be held responsible for these two murders.  The forensic indicators are just not present in my opinion.

And what happened to the obsessed detective?  He apparently went to a police psychologist about his theory of subliminal messages in the Bassett painting and the psychologist recommended that he retire from the police force because he was becoming paranoid…  Cecil Johnson took the advice and went fishing.

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3 thoughts on “Alan Bassett and the detective”

  1. Wish there was a larger pic of the painting. The first thing that hit me when I saw that pic was that it was a view from the psychiatric hospital with perhaps Eraring Power Station on the left and the landscape could possibly be post-bushfire.

  2. His picture ls so dreary, the landscape destroyed with a big crocodile on the bank of the river, waiting to pounce. Wonder where he is now? The asylum has fallen into ruin. Out since ’95.

  3. Morisset is far from the warm waters of crocodile country, Marcy. You’ve picked a nice metaphor for a predator tho, I must say!!
    Bassett had a supervised integration back into society at the age of 50. Don’t know if he’s still around.


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