Western Australia

The Nation Speaks on 7 September 2013; however the heavens determine the outcome.

Note: Any suggested outcome is as a result of interpretation by this astrologer, of the tension between planets at given times and on given days.  These bi-wheels (method) are created at the time of the closing of the polls in the nation’s capital Canberra, ACT.  The inner wheel is a snapshot of the planetary positions over Canberra at that time and the outer wheel is another snapshot in time; the natal chart of each candidate.  The information for the birth dates comes from the public record.  E&OE.

WAHouse of Representatives: for this enquiry we consider that there are eight marginal seats in Western Australia.

  • ALP=Australian Labor Party
  • LIB=Liberal Party
  • GR=Greens
  • NAT=Nationals

click on charts for full size

Brand:Brand Of these two candidates, ALP should win this seat

  • ALP Gary Gray
  • LIB Donna Gordin


Canning:Canning LIB should retain this seat.

  • ALP Joanne Dean (data needed)
  • LIB Don Randall



Fremantle:Fremantle This chart is not strong.  We can suggest that incumbent will lose.

  • ALP Melissa Parke
  • LIB Matthew Hanssen (need data)


Hasluck:Hasluck LIB candidate should hold this seat

  • ALP Adrian Evans (need data)
  • LIB Ken Wyatt


O’Connor: main candidates (sitting member retired)  Luck of the draw re who wins here…

  • LIB Rick Wilson (need data)
  • NAT Chub Witham (need data)

Perth: Perth(sitting member retired) Due to lack of data from all candidates, we cannot interpret the outcome.

  • ALP Alannah Mactiernan
  • LIB Darryl Moore (need data)



Stirling: Lots of talk but no action.  We are unable to call this win.

  • ALP Dan Caddy (need data)
  • LIB Michael Keenan


Swan:Swan Preferences will play a large part in the outcome of this seat. LIB likely to take it.

  • ALP John Bissett
  • LIB Steve Irons


The Senate candidates chosen for this enquiry  (6 to be elected)

  • Joe Bullock ALP (need data)
  • Louise Pratt ALP
  • Peter Foster ALP (need data)
  • Scott Ludlum GR
  • David Johnston LIB
  • Michaelia Cash LIB
  • Linda Reynolds LIB (need data)
  • Slade Brockman LIB (need data)


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