The Nation Speaks on 7 September 2013; however the heavens determine the outcome.

Note: Any suggested outcome is as a result of interpretation by this astrologer of the tension between planets at given times and on given days.  These bi-wheels (method) are created at the time of the closing of the polls in the nation’s capital Canberra, ACT.  The inner wheel is a snapshot of the planetary positions over Canberra at that time and the outer wheel is another snapshot in time; the natal chart of each candidate.  The information for the birth dates comes from the public record.  E&OE.

VicHouse of Representatives: this enquiry is of ten marginal seats in Victoria, plus one of interest.

  • ALP=Australian Labor Party
  • LIB=Liberal Party
  • NAT=National Party
  • GR= Green Party
  • WKP=Wikileaks Party

Note:  click on bi-wheel images to view in full size

Aston:Aston This seat does not look like the LIB candidate will win.

  • ALP Rupert Evans (need data)
  • LIB Alan Tudge


Batman:Batman a seat of interest rather than marginal. Sitting ALP member retired. It would appear that the new ALP candidate will do better than GR

  • ALP David Feeney
  • GR Alex Bhathal
  • LIB George Souris (data not to hand)


Casey: CaseyLIB candidate appears to do well.

  • ALP Cathy Farrell (need data)
  • LIB Tony Smith


Chisholm: ChisholmHotly contested with preferences influencing the outcome.

  • ALP Anna Burke
  • LIB John Nguyen (need data)



Corangamite:  Again preferential voting will affect this outcome – possibly LIB win.

  • ALP Darren Cheeseman
  • LIB Sarah Henderson (data unknown)


Deakin: DeakinPreferences in the mix again. ALP win probable.

  • ALP Mike Symon
  • LIB Michael Sukka (need data)


Dunkley: DunkleyWin to LIB candidate

  • ALP Sonya Kilkenny
  • LIB Bruce Billson


Higgins: HigginsLIB should take this seat.

  • ALP Wesa Chau (need data)
  • LIB Kelly O’Dwyer




La Trobe:  Of these two candidates LIB is stronger, thanks to preferences.

  • ALP Laura Smyth
  • LIB Jason Wood


McMillan: McMillanPreferences go to LIB candidate.

  • ALP Anthony Naus (need data)
  • LIB Russell Broadbent


MelbourneMelbourne: GR candidate should hold this seat.

  • Cath Bowtell ALP (data needed)
  • Adam Bandt GR
  • Sean Armistead (data needed)


Wannon:Wannon LIB should hold this seat.

  • ALP Michael Barling (need data)
  • LIB Dan Tehan

The Senate candidates chosen for this enquiry  (6 to be elected)

  • Gavin Marshall ALP
  • Jacinta Collins ALP
  • Janet Rice GR
  • Mitch Fifield LIB
  • Scott Ryan LIB
  • Helen Kroger LIB
  • Marty Corboy NAT (need data)
  • Julian Assange WKP


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